Introduction The sound of many paws echoed through the forest. Dusk was setting upon the vast green lands. A group of clan cats padded unsuspectingly through their territory on a final patrol for the day. The tabby she-cat who seemed to be the leader of the patrol stopped suddenly and mewed through her prey clenched jaws for her companions to do the same. The cats buried their prey swiftly and all scented the air warily. A worried expression filled the deputy's eyes. The rest of her cats looked on sternly as if reading their deputy's mind. "Nightmare..." The tabby she-cat gasped. " Akuru is com-" The deputy's yowl was soon cut off short as a massive shadowy form pounced on the tabby with unimaginable force. While the deputy was pinned, the anonymous giant feline clenched his structural jaws around the she-cat's neck, snapping the deputy's larynx. A sleek white and gray mainecoon warrior made a brave attempt in vengeance for his deputy and jumped on the atramental attacker. The next thing the warriors knew, their fellow warrior was flung uselessly against the trunk of an oak. " You fools," The antagonist cackled " your deputy is dead and you are good as dead" snarled the attacker. " Take one more step and receive the same fate as your precious Swiftclaw!" The patrol was stunned that the assassin knew their deputy's name. Without a second breath , the massive feline lunged on the warriors, snapping necks by the second and crushing their skulls viciously without hesitation. He felt his last victim fall limp under his crushing paws. He studied his kill with satisfaction, savoring the scent of ichor everywhere. A cold grin lurked on the killer's face as he half-heartedly tore Swiftclaw's stomach open. " How could you, Ravensong? I thought I knew you to be better than this.." Mewed Swiftclaw desparately and weakly. " The Dark Forest offers me much more power than Dawnclan could ever have." The feline spat malevolently.

Name: Akuru (Nightmare)

Gender: Male

Species: Black Jaguar

Personality: Cunning, ruthless, erudite

Appearance: Akuru has a shadowy, atramentous pelt with a dark gray underbelly. He has long, serrated claws, reinforced with crocodile teeth. Akuru bares cold, serpent-like scarlet, maroon eyes.

Kin: Dead, killed by Akuru himself.