Welcome! I heard that a lot of clanners are creating their own OC page, so I decided I guess i'll give it a try!


So my OC is Lunarstar, the leader of AuroraClan. Go ahead and click the link for more information :) I will add her backstory, theme song, relatives, friends, and many more. Enjoy! 🌠Lunarstar🌠

🌠Lunarstar's OC🌠 Edit

"I will never forgive your sins for as long as I live, Xabni. I promised I would avenge Petalcloud, and thats exactly what i'm going to do.." ~Lunarstar

🎵Theme Song🎵 Edit

Strike Back- By Fairy Tail LYRICS (Sang in Japanese, translated in English Sub)

Fairy Tail Opening 16 Subs CC-001:30

Fairy Tail Opening 16 Subs CC-0

Lunarstar's theme song- Strike back- By Fairy Tail

------------(Strike Back)--------------

Even if the odds of making a difference are incredibly low,

if you had a 1% chance, you's still fight for it, yeah?

Or should we just accept it as "fate"? No, I won't!

I'm gonna turn this around, because I wanna see the future with you.

Bring it on! Cuz i'm just gonna grow up into battle HEY!!

Blasting the cloudy day!

Still burning my fire, thunder tears in the sky,

I gotta banish this nightmare, I just wanna see the future!

Past, future, and the present we live in,

I ain't scared of my past and now for the tomorrow that's in my hands,

Screaming out for my pride!!

I don't wanna see any tears, so i'll keep shouting out! Forever...

(I'm never falling down with the wind at my back i'll blow away destiny!)

Because I wanna protect the smile that's right behind me! Forever..

(I gotta blast off the pain for you and me! Sadness can go rest in peace!)

As many times as it takes..

🐾Warrior name(s)🐾 Edit

IN USE- Lunarstar


  • As A Warrior- Lunarsky
  • As A Apprentice- Lunarpaw
  • As A Rouge- Lunar
  • As A Kit- Lunar (Rouge At That Time)

🐱Relatives🐱 Edit

  • Mother- Petalcloud (Deceased)- IMFORATION- Clan deputy for about a short day, Rest is currently Classifed.
  • Father- Scarredfeather (Different Clan, Deceased)- IMFORMATION- Classified.
  • Sister- Azeleapool- IMFORMATION- She was separated from Lunarstar and Xabni when Petalcloud gave her to a fake kin to act as her mother and father. She never knew anything until many moons after she joined AuroraClan as a rouge.

🌙Friends🌙 Edit

  • Raindrop- Swagnessforever
    Lunarstar New
  • Lightningpaw- Lablover152
  • Moon- Wolfygirl0846
  • Azeleapool- Wild246
  • Indigo- Superbananalady
  • Shade- Noodleking
  • Kashra- Xxfadedmemoriesxx
  • Sky- Kelly28816
  • Magicspellgirl25
  • Spikestar- Macandmom
  • Bootsthehunter- In memory of not being on for the last 8 months

🐺Strengths🐺 Edit

  1. Pride, Confidence, and belief- Lunarstar couldn't get through her life without these encouraging feelings. They will run in her blood forever, and as long as she lives.
  2. Friends- Lunarstar won't be able to do anything without the support from her friends. "Without comrades, or to put it better, friends, whats the point of life?" ~Lunarstar. This strength is one of the only things she can count on. Its better than a wish, dream, or desire.
  3. Pain- "If pain didn't exist, we couldn't learn from our mistakes. If we couldn't learn from mistakes, how could we get through losses, deaths, or sickness? Pain is a feeling that all of us require to live. Its ok to feel pain, because like I said, It happens to all of us." ~Lunarstar
  4. Agility and Intelligence-

🌟Statistics🌟 Edit

This will be on a percentage rate from 0-100%

  • STRENGTH- 85%
  • AGILITY- 97%
  • DEFENSE- 45%
  • ACCURACY- 50%
  • ENDURANCE- 88%
  • PEACE- 30%
  • CONFIDENCE- 100%
  • BELIEF- 100%
  • PRIDE- 100%

🐤Likes🐤 Edit

  • The Aurora-Filled Skies
  • Friendly Birds
  • The Stars
  • -Part of her Family
  • Comerades
  • Friendship
  • Privacy
  • Peacefulness
  • Happiness, even though Lunarstar knows she won't get it for quite a long time

🌿Dislikes🌿 Edit

  • Her Brother (Severely)

🌌Quotes🌌 Edit

  • "Without comerades, or to put it better, friends, whats the point of life...?"
  • "If pain didn't exist, how could we learn from our mistakes? If we couldn't learn from our mistakes, how could we get through losses, death, or sickness? Pain is a feeling that all of us require to live. Its OK to feel pain, because like I said, it happens to all of us."
  • "Xabni.." She hissed, "I thought you were my kin.." Furiously, her eyes shot with anger. "You should of known better... your kin is always here when you need it... but now your going TO PAY!"
  • "Petalcloud, NO!!" Lunar's claw stretched out widely, as her eyes blanked into fear. "Remember, i'm always here, don't back down from what you believe in.. goodbye, Lunar.." Petalcloud acknowledged as her claw released from the cliff, as she smiled. "PETALCLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A tear drifted from Lunar's face, as she screeched in horror.
  • "Dont back down in what you believe in..." Lunarstar echoed the very same words that her mother told her during her death. "That WAS the sign- wasn't it StarClan?" She questioned as her eyes crystallized against the moon. "Wasn't it..."

🌠Lunarstar's Appearance🌠 Edit

  • Name- Lunarstar/Lunarsky/Lunarpaw/Lunar
  • Race- Fae (Feline)
  • Gender- Female
  • Species- A rare Siberian Shorthair, with the appearance of a Puma Concolor (Cougar)
  • Affiliation- AuroraClan
  • Previous Affiliation- The Pack Of Eclipsing Moons (Most members deceased, Sheltered Lunarstar for one moon before it disbanded)
  • Occupation- Arche (Leader)
  • Theme Song- Strike back- By: Fairy Tail

🐯Description🐯 Edit

The midnight rain dances the the pattern of the stars, and the stars dance to the pattern of the moonlight, as Lunarstar follows the path that the rain, stars, and moonlight combine. She follows the path of belief, all led by her mother, Petalcloud.

Lunarstar is a fierce, muscular fae who would endure herself and fight through anything that interrupts her path. As she trots in, a single scar is displayed on the side of her forearm, as her unusual pelt catches most eyes. Her underbelly is a rare color of base, with small patches of brown underneath. A pure black presence on her overcoat is lined with another color of lighter base stripes that dance with white stripes, as well. With all of those luminous colors combine, when Petalcloud first saw Lunarstar when midnight struck, the moon seemed to crystallize against her fur, and that's when she earned her name, 'Lunar', given by StarClan's call itself. As Azelea and Xabni had slightly the same relation, Azelea got her name after the reflection of an azelea flower, and Xabni currently is unknown on where he got his name.