Hello! I am o0shadowdream0o. I have 6 OCs in all, and this is a page about all of them.


Ripple is my main OC, and she is second leader of the Pack of Towering Trees..

Backstory: She was born in the middle of a storm by her mother, Mist, who later died by drowning in the floodwaters. Her father, Stone, raised her and her brother, Aqua, and found a pack named Terminus for them to temporarily live. Several moons later, Terminus was attacked by another pack, which then destroyed it leaving Ripple and Aqua barely alive, with Stone dead. The two siblings lived in a deserted Twolegplace for about ten moons, but they decided to travel, and found the Pack of Towering Trees in a forest. They were welcomed into the Pack and lived in it for many moons, and Ripple became second leader after the former second leader died.


Solnedgang is a loner.

Backstory: Solnedgang was abandoned by her parents, Matahari and Koven, and was forced to live a life of Twoleg trash and crow-food. She was cornered in an alleyway most of her life, escaping dogs and foraging for food in large, metal boxes. But this life taught her to be strong, which made her a fierce opponent. She left her alley life behind, and explored the large Twolegplace, finding a large forest at the edge. Today, she lives in a hole under a large sycamore tree, and kills cats for sport.

Working on the pictures for the rest <3