Wolf Moon

I am Wolf.

Quietly I will endure,

Silently I will suffer.
Patiently I will wait;
For I am a Warrior.
And I will Survive.

== About Me: == Edit

Black Wolf

Name: Nyx

Nickname: Nyxy

AJ User: 12345wolfbud12345

Wolf Breed: Alexander Archipelago Wolf

Age: 24 moons old (2 years old)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Pack: None

Rank: Loner

Former Packs: Pack of Torn Howls (Disbanded) Hounds Of Odious

Former Ranks: Loner, Trainee, Gladiator

Mentor: None

Mate: None

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: None

== Personality: == Edit

Nyx is loyal, empathetic and independent. He's shy at first glance, but when you get to know him better he's rather curious and bold. But for all the loyalty and kindness he shows to his pack and friends, he's cruel and merciless towards his enemies and your worst nightmare in a battlefield. Even if he doesn't show it, he relies a lot on his friend's opinion on pretty much anything. He's highly intelligent and secretly studied battle strategy but most other wolves don't listen to him because of his quiet outward personality.

Loves to creep around the shadows and overhear conversations and rumors.

== Likes: == Edit

Rain & Snow: 100%


Waking up at     dawn: 90%
My Pack members: Yes 100%
Lightning Storms: 80%

== Dislikes: == Edit

Powerplayers: 100%
Traitors: 100%
Being Ignored:

80%  Most of the time

Drama: 100%
Being underestimated 100%

== Fears: ==Edit



and forgetfullness:


Loud noises 

Ex: fireworks



== Description: ==Edit

Pelt: Black with few random white streaks


Eyes: Cold, cunning, intelligent but welcoming at the same time. Ice-blue with slight white markings around

Scars: A long line on both front paws and a single ring of puncture wounds around left back ankle

Extra: Is lean and slim and strong, has an unusually long tail

== Statistics: == Edit

Leadership: 9.8/10

Hunting: 9/10

Leaping: 9/10

Speed: 8/10

Stealth: 10/10

Strength: 7/10

Stamina: 6/10

Agility: 10/10

Defense: 9/10

Offense: 10/10

Climbing: 6/10

Swimming: 8/10

== Backstory: == Edit

The night his mother died Nyx was sleeping peacefully under the moonless summer night. He woke to bloodthirsty howls and growls. Nyx looked into the protective amber eyes of his mother and when a dark shadow reared up behind him and slam down onto his hindquarters. He could only watch as his mother saved his life at the cost of hers. Dark red blood seeped into her neck fur and she soon died. His Birth Pack fled their territory with few remaining pack members.

That night they howled at the moonless night and mourned the fallen.

== TIME LAPSE: ==Edit

Fallen leaves coated the ground as the exiled wolves marched in a zigzagged line. Their defeated eyes and skinny bodies betrayed their hunger. The youngest member was barely two moons old and was struggling to catch up, often stumbling and yelping to the rest to slow down. On the first snowfall of the season, Nyx was cold, hungry and tired when he stepped on and sprung a metal Trap. The ice cold metal teeth dug into his skin, piercing up to the bone. He yelped and cried but only one of the Pack went back to help him. His young friend, Ghost, circled him and tried to free him; eventually giving up and curling besides Nyx. In the first week, Ghost hunted for Nyx and kept him from starving. In a slight lull between snowstorms, Nyx saw his puppyhood friend return with the best catch in ages, a young lynx. They shared the kitten and went to sleep.

Nyx was once again awoken to enraged screams; this time from the mother lynx. His friend Ghost fought the lynx off enough for it to flee but then decided to give chase. It was more than the animal cloud take, and completely mad, the cat rose and struck down Ghost. With a mourning howl, Nyx pulled himself to his companion ignoring the bleeding wounds across his paws. Nyx fell into a deep sleep with the images of Ghost's red eyes and snow white pelt.
Black wolf trapped

Nyx laid down on his side, refusing to look at the bloodstained snow around him. He stared up at the stars then shifted his gaze to the silent, ominous forest around him. He spotted a pair of Ice blue eyes looking at him coldly. He became afraid and started shaking, which only aggravated the pain in his paw. The unknown wolf stepped out into the moonlight. She had a light grey coat, almost like the ash after a fire. The she-wolf helped him out of the trap, cutting herself in the process. "I will care for you while you heal, but I cannot stay with you afterwards."

He nodded and limped after the she-wolf with a sad glance to his fallen friend. True to her word, the she-wolf stayed and hunted for him while he healed for four moons and later guided him out of the woods. They stopped to rest the night and by the next morning the ash-furred wolf had disappeared as surely as the stars in the night sky. Tail drooping, Nyx set out to search for a new pack to join or if not, a land he could stay and hunt in peace.

== Favorite Quotes: == Edit

Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance,

my calmness for acceptance

or my kindness for weakness.


Fate whispers to the Wolf:

"You cannot withstand the Storm"

And the Wolf whispered back:

"I AM the Storm"


And I was in the Darkness

So Darkness I became.


The price of being a Sheep is boredom;

The price of being a Wolf is loneliness;

Choose wisely.


"I am the Storm"


Nyx searching for a new Pack