Back story Edit

My past is rather dark, I was born to the loving pack of Canines Within Abyss Chain her mother being Ivory (Howlingforthewolves) She was Rather happy with her best friend/Aunt Crow. She Grown Up Ready To Take On Any Challenge Just Like Her Mother. Her Father Is Unknown. She Got Older And Left The Pack Due To Personal Reasons She Changed Her Name To Nova And Joined Mulous Pack (theemulouscat) Sovereignty of Baleful Creatures. Mulous Later quits the pack handing the leadership to Renegade (icefire345) The Preeminence of Rioting Canines. With Her Time Among The Pack She Slowly Upgrades To Lead Mercenary. A High And Loyal Rank The Alphas Right Hand. She Still comes In Contact With Her Mother, Ivory.

family and friendsEdit

My family is my pack everyone is kin. But my mother is Ivory, (Howlingforthewolves). Fade (Toxicthunder) is like my sister. she is everything I had wanted in a sister she is the lead shaman in my current pack.

My Friends Are Crow,Renegade (icefire345),Fade(Toxicthunder),Dove (rainbowhorse53). I do not trust everyone but if I was stuck in a hole I would want to be stuck in a hole with these Incredible Canines