Northstep who is now called North. He was a kit when Akage took over the pack he now leads, Pack Of Shattering Stars. He is kind, strong, and understanding to most things. North can be mean or aggressive when pushed to the limit. His mother was named, Hail and his father Nuke. North was raised in the ways of rouge life and how to survive on his own until he was stolen from his family by Akage. Thats when he was raised as a Pack cat.

Name: North

Gender: Male

Breed: Bengal Cat

Mate: Single

Mother: Hail

Father: Nuke

Pack: Pack Of Shattering Stars

Religion: Red Ghost

Rank: Leader

Life Quote: "Join us and become stronger...or go against us and suffer defeat"

Short Story Edit

The day was slowly fading into night. The navy blue sky's slowly turned into a dark grey and stars started to glitter the dark sky's. The Moons ray shine down on a small kit and his family, cold wind making the poor kit shiver. The mother quickly held her kit close as the cold wind hit her face. In the middle of the night snow slowly started to trickle down on the forest floor. The small get wiggled from his mothers grasp and batted his paws up in the air trying to catch the small Snowflake. He heard his fathers voice from behind him calling him to come back. Before the kit could react a strange figure scooped up the kit. The father yowled out in horror as he watched his kit disappear. He ran after the dark figure but lost the scent of his kit. The mother woke up to her kit gone and her mate walking up to her will sorrow in his amber eyes. He explained that their kit was taken and he couldn't catch up with the figure. The two parents were upset for days until the figure returned and killed them both in cold blood.