New Nimbus

=About Nimbus==

Name: Nimbus/Dapple(Former Name)


Breed: Siberian and Munchkin Mix

Current Clan/Pack: Pack of Faded memories Led by Kashra

Appearance: Creamy Brown Pelt, Brindled in black patches, And Sea-Blue eyes

Personality: Can Be shy, Quiet, Kind, Caring, Loyal, Curious at times

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Kovu

Kits: None

Age: 17 moons ( Or around that age )

Theme Song: Give Me A Chance by Gotye

Nimbus By XxImaginationdragonsxX

Backround: As a kit, ( Dapplekit ) She was some-what sometimes social with the kits in the nursery, She had the most wild dreams about being a warrior And having a full life. When She was around 9 moons her Camp got attacked, She fled, fearfull that she would die. Once she was 12 moons she met a tom named Stormfur when she was a rogue. They instantly Became good friends. After that, she found a pack and decided to join it, that pack was named, The Pack of Faded Memories. Here, she felt that she was accepted by her fellow packmates. She decided to change her name from Dapple to Nimbus and she decided to be a Monarch ( Queen ) so that she could make sure the future cats of her pack are safe.