Nightstar's FeaturesEdit

Nightstar is a a tomcat. His fur is a dark black, and he has icy blue eyes. Some cats get him mixed up with his brother, Birdstar, Nightstar has scars from his travels with his brother. Nightstar is strong, smart, swift and wily. His claws are lionlike and just as strong as a lion's. He wears a green collar made of trophies (claws, fangs) from his travels with his brother. (Birdstar also wore a black collar made of trophies from his travels). Nightstar's fangs are lionlike as well. Nightstar is a good hunter and fighter if need be.

Nightstar's Personality (+ Personal Thinking)Edit

Like most Clan cats, Nightstar would give all of his lives to help his Clan in a heartbeat. Unlike most cars, Nightstar loves water and likes to get his paws and peltage (fur) wet. Nightstar Respects Those Who Earn It and Not Because Of Ranks,Those Who Hurt His Clan Or Family, He Will Never Forget It and Never Forgive, Either. Nightstar Is Easygoing And Happy Most Of The Time, He Is Loyal To His Clan And Sticks Up For His Clanmates, He Is Also Brave In Times Of Peace and War, Nightstar Is Headstrong And Doesn't Back Down Easily.

Nightstar's KinEdit

Nightstar's Family Has a Father, Mother, Two Sisters and a Brother, Nightstar's Father Was a Black Tom Thats Fur Turned Silverish In The Moonlight His Name Was Bluefury and He Did Not Care For His Kits, Nightstar's Mother Was a Loving Calico Named Maplefur, She Loved Her Daughers More Then Her Sons, Nightstar's Two Sisters Are Both Calicos, Their Names Are Shadetail and Cinderfall, They Never Let Their Brothers Play With Them, Finally Nightstar's Brother Was a Strong Black Tom and Was Not The Brightest In The Clan His Name Is Birdstar, He Was Leader Of The Kits In The Clan and All Of The Kits Respected Him And Never Paid Any Mind To Nightstar.

Nightstar's History/Story     (Short version)Edit

Nightstar's Warrior Name Was Nightstone, He Was Once a Warrior Of SolarClan. His Brother and Him Left SolarClan To "Start Over" In Life. They Left All Their Friends and Kin Behind, After All Their Kin Never Liked Them, The Brothers Traveled For Many Seasons. Untill They Finally They Came To a Clearing With a River and Good Hunting, They Named This There Home. The Brothers Made a Clan Named RippleClan. Many Rouges Joined, Many Moons Past and RippleClan Had Enough Cats To Attack Clans and They Did Attack Clans To Gain Territory. Many More Moons Past and Many Cats Started To Leave Or Die. RippleClan Had Become Prey For a Stronger Clan, WhisperClan, a Clan Made By a Former Kittypet Named Whisper, Who Birdstar Had Attack As An Apprentice. Many Cats Died Untill Finally, Birdstar and Whisper Confronted The Other. Whisper and Birdstar Started To Fight In a Cave With No One Else There, Whsiper Won, a Moon Later His Clanmates Found Him In The Cave Dead, His Clan Scattered At Seeing Him Dead. That Day Nightstar Swore To Avenge His Dead Brother, By Taking Whisper's Life and Claiming Her Clan For His Own and Compine The Two.

Nightstar FactsEdit

  • Nightstar Was a Weak Kit In His Kithood
  • Nightstar Never Forgot His Kin and Friends
  • After SolarClan Was Destoryed He Welcomed His Former Firends, Honeyfur and Ravenflight To HIs Clan
  • Nightstar's Father Wanted Nightstar's Name To Be Amberkit
  • Nightstar and Birdstar Grew To Be The Strongest Warriors In SolarClan
  • Nightstar's Friend, Ravenflight Was The SolarClan Deputy
  • Nightstar Never Wanted To Leave SolarClan
  • Nightstar Tried To Rebuild RippleClan with the cats the Were From Here At the Start
  • Nightstar Has No Mate and No Kits But Loves To Be Alone.
  • Nightstar's Pelt Has Stars On It Meaning His Rank Of Leader. 
  • Clan Page - RippleClan
  • Nightstar Likes To Be Allies Rather Then Enemies
  • Nightstar Knows Anatomy and SOME TIMES will Use It

                                   (will Most likely Make a Full Vesion Nightstar's)History/Story)Edit