My oc, Nightmare is the daughter of Scourge aka Tiny ( sorry X3). IDK WHY BUT I DON'T USE NIGHTMARE OFTEN!!! It's mostly Bloodstar, Crimsonmoon, Skeletontail and so on XDD. Anyways, Nightmare is obviously a black cat she has a white paw like her father and blazing red eyes. She has her father's collar and she is currently a rouge. Here is some info to help u out.

Parents: Scourge and ???

Siblings: Twilight, Moon and Soul.

Mate: Ashes.

Kits: Lunar, Lilytail, Foxface, Bone, and Frost


Nightmare had very abusive sisters: Twilight and Moon. Soul was the only tom and he understood how Nightmare felt. So she only told Soul that she was running away."Why are you leaving?" Soul asked. Nightmare sighed " Soul, I love you but I have to leave! Twilight and Moon are trying to KILL ME!!!" Soul drew his lips back into a snarl " I'll distract them... you run." Nightmare licked Soul's ear and whispered "I'll see you one day, brother." Soul nodded and snarled " GO!" Nightmare pelted away she could hear Soul snarl "Oh, she went to the twoleg place! " There was a very harsh voice " So she's a house cat now?! " It was Twilight. There was a raspy laugh "HA!! Wait 'till father hears that!" Nightmare kept running, she heard her own paws beating against the ground. She made it away from the twoleg place and kept running, she found an abandoned fox den and rested there. "You'll never try to kill me again.." she whispered. In the morning she kept running. She literally ran into another cat! The cat turned around wide eyed "SORRY!" Nightmare mewed " No I wasn't watching where I was going." They continued the journey together they stayed with some twolegs and continued. They had kits named Lunar, after Ashes' mom, Lily, joined a clan and became a medicine cat named Lilytail, Fox, joined the same clan as Lily and became a warrior named Foxface, Bone, after Scourge's 'deputy', and Frost after Nightmare's friend. That's Nightmare's story and she's currently still alive! Welp THE END!!!I'm your worst nightmare~ NightmareWatch your backs....~ Bone ( Nightmare's kit)I bet I'm faster and stronger than you!~Lunar