I am both happy and sad... But I am still trying to figure out how that can be. ~Nightfall

Old: BlizzardClan, RoguePack, MockingJayClan, and ScarClan
Current: Forgotten Clan
Current Rank: Warrior
Last Rank: Queen
Mother: Autumnleap(Deceased)
Father(s): Cypher(Deceased)
Siblings: Hazelpelt(Deceased)
Mate(s): FalconMoon
Kits: Crowkit(AnimalsRule928)
Mentor(s): Pelk,PoppyStar
Apprentice(s): RustledPaw
Age: 20 Moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living
Roleplay Info
Roleplayer: Unknown

[NOTE:ForsakenHeart and Nightfall are the same person]

°NightFall Of Forgotten Clan° Edit


Name: Nightfall

Night Of Falling Stars

Species: Felius Catus

Breed: Bombay

Sex: Female(She-cat)

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 20 moons

Group/Clan: The Forgotten Clan

Past Mate(s): CloudFur(Deceased)

Current Mate: Falconmoon

Mother: AutumnLeap(Deceased)

Father: Cypher(Deceased)

Litter Mates: HazelPelt(Deceased)

Kits: Crowkit

Crush?: Falconmoon

Theme Song: Control By Halsey

Control Halsey Lyrics03:34

Control Halsey Lyrics

Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths

~ Quick Thinking

~ Large frame for intimidating enemies, prey,... etc

~ Great swimmer


~ easily flustered around Toms

~ Clumsy

~ Doesn't always like kits

•Nightfall's Appearance• Edit


[More Detailed]

Doll-Divine-Creation-wide.png new nightfall of course

Birth Season: Leafbare

Age: 20 moons

Breed: Bombay, Mackerel Tabby mix

Size: Nightfall is a sleek she-cat with broad shoulders, her slim features make her quick and sneaky

Brief Description: A slim, ragged, some-what fluffy, ebony and brown, pale-eyed she-cat with scars along her muzzle and ears

Scars: Battle scarred muzzle and ears


◊ - - Nightfall's body is large, and there is a lot speed behind her somewhat thick, ragged coat. Most of her speed comes from her legs of course, and is the main reason for her fast movement. As for abilities: she is cold and fierce, giving her advantage to a fight

Fur Texture/Fur Length/Fur Denseity: Nightfall is all black with a brown underbelly and smoky grey tabby markings nothing to speical

Her fur is thin and makes it easy for cat claws to get stuck in her fur, and if you think she is soft well, she is not. The hairs covering her are very tense and and ragged. But she does try to keep it in good condition.

Eyes: Her eyes are a pale green colour and other shades of green.

Body Type: large, thin, and kinda fluffy.

Special Features: She has quick hearing and sense of smell, better then some cats

Scent: As most warriors she smells like the forest but with a strong smell of rust.

Accessories: N/A

Current Tactics Edit

Technical Skill: Edit


Battle - 7/10

Hunting - 8/10

Swimming - 9/10

Tracking - 10/10

Stealth/Sneaking - 10/10

Climbing - 10/10

Physical Skill: Edit


Strength - 8/10

Speed - 8/10

Endurance - 10/10

Accuracy - 9/10

Physical Ability: Edit


Bulk - 5/10

Weight - 5/10

Height - 8/10

Flexibility - 8/10

Balance - 9/10

Agility - 9/10

Reflexes - 10/10

Mental Skill: Edit

-Your mom

Leadership Ability - 4/10

Battle Tactics/Strategy - 7/10

Observation - 9/10

Intelligence - 10/10

Cunning - 8/10

Focus - 7/10

Mental Strength - 4/10

Social Ability - 3/10

Mentoring Ability - 5/10

Warrior Experience - 10/10

Motherly Instinct - 0/10 (Prior To Nightfall's Bond With Her Mother)

Hunting Abilites: Edit


River Prey - 5/10

Woodland Prey - 9/10

Flying Prey - 6/10

Marshland Prey - 6/10

Mountain Prey - 5/10

Black catty

°Personality° Edit

Nightfall is a absent minded she-cat, known for her slacking she easily gets word around that normally leads up to her laziness but she has a very strong sense of justice, she never lets any sort of cat slip under her skin and make her displeasured. Her fierce attitude makes her a strong and intimidating cat, but she does have a soft spot for her mate and kits and cares deeply for her Clan and Clanmates, making her an easy going cat to talk to.

Dislikes: Ungrateful Cats, and being woken up before sunrise

Likes: Snoozing, more snoozing, night hunting, and spending time with her family

•History/BackStory• Edit

[Going to be changed soon]

Nightfall's story began on a cold leaf-bare night where she lay in the crisp, cold grass only able to feel her parents breath and presence for only a heartbeat before they disappeared. She could only recall the moment of hearing there names being said nervously, Cypher and AutumnLeap and her siblings name HazelKit. Night and Hazel lay in the cold dying slowly, only a few rogues helped them to survive until they were able to hunt and fight for themselves. They first came across a two-legs nest(House) where a husky named Tip took care of them and helped them more in the arts of Hunting and Battle, but they couldn't stay long since they were cat-breeders and had to go on the run again. They explored other territories and Clans until they were able to settle in BlizzardClan. The Leader, PoppyStar became Night's mentor and another cat named SparrowWing became Hazel's mentor. But one night Hazel was harassed by other members which led onto a full-blown fight where she ended up killing them accidently and being afraid of the consequences she killed more and then a sick thought came to her mind, she was going to make Night help her kill the leader, her mentor. Night of course rejected the idea which enraged Hazel that led to the fight that killed her, sickened by the sight of her sisters body Night fled from BlizzardClan with cats hard on her heels until she was able to escape. Tired and starving she collapsed, it felt like a whole moon went by when she awoke to a Tom staring at her, she snapped at him to stay away but he only came closer from curiosity he was a couple of tail lengths away from Night and he meowed.

"Are you sure you want to scare me away? look at the condition your in. And have you thought I might be able to help you?"

Night of course didn't think of it in the time being and she only grunted and shrank away from him, but he came right up to her with a mouse in his mouth and he dropped it in front of her.

"Don't try to pamper me like a kit! I don't even know your name or who you are!"

"Oh sorry, i'm FalconMoon, but just call me Falcon for short. Now, take this mouse."

Reluctantly Night took the mouse and there friendship began to blossom. Night and Falcon traveled together, hunted together, and explored different clans like she did with Hazel. They didn't really find good clans like ScarClan, StormClan, or even MockingJayClan. They had 2 kits, but in separate litters. Crow in the first litter and Tiny in the second. So they traveled far with the 2 newborn kits who weren't able to walk yet or even open there eyes. So on there terrifying journey they still are hunting for a Clan to stay in where they can continue there lives and continue to grow.

HazelPelt 101


°Most Famous Sayings° Edit

" I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone "'

" It is better to stand and fight if you run, you will only die tired "'~ To Crowkit

" I don't talk for the pleasure of hearing my own voice, unlike some cats " ~ To Shadow(A long lost friend)

" There is always a second chance "~ To Sage/Pelk

" Oh yes BLOOD is everything, but the only blood im interested in flows from my ENEMIES "~ To HazelPelt

•Fun Facts• Edit

• Nightfall doesn't remember her Mother's or Father's scent

• She is mostly lazy throughout the day

• She tends to drift off and space out during clan meetings and gatherings

• Her kit(Crowkit), was named after a large Crow sat at the entrance to the den where she was kitting

♥Relations♥ Edit

♥FalconMoon(M)[WildWolves204]Mate/Loves/Cares Deeply For:

"Where can I start? FalconMoon has been with me for a long time, he has even seen my darkest times. Even when we broke up awhile back I still thought of him ♥ I couldn't let go of the feeling of never getting back together, I didn't really want another mate so I clung to the thought of never letting him go. FalconMoon is my everything, if I have never met him, I would be lost until now ♥ I love him so much."

♥Tinypaw(F)[xxDewStonexx]Blood Family/Loves/Cares For:

"My second kit, I love her a lot ♥ I won't let anyone harm her. She may be going through a tough war right now, but I will always be on her side, I will always choose family before Clan. I don't know what me and FalconMoon did to get such a good kit to be part of our blood line, but either way I will always be there, even in StarClan."

♥Crow(M)[Animalsrule928]Blood Family/Loves/Cares For:

"I feel I haven't seen my first kit in forever, I still love him and will always be there for him like Tinypaw. They are my everything. Crow is growing so fast and it is very sad to watch, but at the same time it makes me proud that I have 2 healthy growing kits to continue the family and the next generation, I will always be watching over my whole family, even in StarClan."