"Night of Darkness" Religion Edit

The "Night of Darkness" belief is a religion for cats and dogs. The "Night of Darkness" offers ten lives to Leaders and Alpha's. The "Night of Darkness" religions requires a dark related back and the ability end cats and dogs. The leader of the "Night of Darkness" religion is Night, A large Eurasian Lynx who got along with dogs. Night also had a feather from his first avian bird, which was a Jay. The feather gave him swiftness and the ability to defeat all who battled him for his leadership spot.

Happening After OC Meets Demise Edit

North greets you. If you killed your first catch with respect then you will be able to use your wings to fly after you die. If you don't,then you'll be stuck on the ground in the after-life. North then spreads out his wings,lifts you into the air soon after her lifts you into the heavens above. If you don't have your feathers, then you'll be stuck on the ground in the after-life unless it's taken from you.

Tales Edit

The three siblings: Edit

The three Siblings were Night the brave, Thistle the Strong and Mist the kind. Night was the oldest of the siblings and was the most strategic able to win at any battle. Night was gonna be Leader of the Bloodclan, for he was the son of Scourge and Scourge favorite. Thistle was the middle kit, Thistle was the strongest but not so strategic, for needing his strength to win a battle. Mist was Scourge's only daughter, Mist was kind, but will defend her clan is necessary, but Scourge saw this as weakness. Mist and Thistle agrued alot as kits, Thistle slowly gain a reputation of wanting to be leader. Night found an Jay at the longpaw park, and hunted it, catching it but was covered in feathers. He got all but one feather out, the last feather was stuck.

Later when Thistle and Night fought in a battle, Thistle attacks was so slow for Night, relazing the bird feathers gave him ability to defeat enemies by swiftness. Night beaten Thistle for leadership, Thistle trained he did everything to impress Scourge, it wasn't enough for Scourge liked his oldest son more. When Tigerstar came, Thistle decided to gain a following and end Night, so he could be leader. Mist knew Thistle plan and warn Night.

Scourge then went to the forest, leaving Thistle to gather his following. When firestar end Scourge, Mist and Night led the bloodclan cats to the twoleg place. Mist then left the Bloodclan, to make her own clan that that uses the feathers for swiftness.

Thistle strongest cat in his following was Ice and Snake, they was brothers. Ice, Snake and Thistle ended Night by trapping him in his den, for his feather was torn off by Thistle during the battle. Ice and Snake betrayed Thistle, ending him as well.

Mist had kits three name Sunkit, graykit and Redkit, Ice and Snake ended them all but the kits, the survivors of the attacks was forced to join bloodclan.