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Moonclan symbol
Night Sign

Night Clan Edit

"We are NightClan, a big force who never go back! With good and brave cats, we will sure win.

We don't forget the cruel enemies, the helpful allies, and the wise cats who fight for Clan."


News Edit

05.01.2016- We create this clan on January 5, 2016

06.01.2016- Snowstorm (emily80442) was exiled from NightClan because she was leader at other clan.

07.01.2016- Stormheart (eujan80) became the leader of NightClan with his new name Stormstar and Echostar become the deputy of NightClan with her new name Echopelt; Berryleaf(sugarbunbun) joined NightClan with medicine and elder rank.

Members of Nightclan Edit

Leader: Stormstar( eujan80 )

Deputy: Echopelt

Warriors: Lightingpaw Monstervineseal ), emily80442( exiled ), Owlclaw ( funniestbunny101 )

Kits: None

Queen: None

Elders: Berryleaf ( sugarbunbun )

Medicine: Berryleaf( sugarbunbun )

Aprentice: stone paw (nimsie)

☀Territory: Aldan world : Sarepia and Zios.

Warrior code Edit

* Be honest and respect your clan.

* When a cat dies, he will start again as a kit.

* A cat from our Clan can't to have a mate from other Clan.

  • All members of the Clan get an equal amount of time to play, look after kits, hunt, and battle except for young kits.
  • Kits may not go to battle.
  • Clan members' age is not measured by years, but in moons, or months.
  • Elders may not hunt or battle.
  • Elders, Kits, and Queens must eat before anyone else, and apprentices may not eat before he/she has returned from training.
  • No one is allowed to trespass on a different Clan's territory.
  • A cat cannot be ranked deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.
  • The deputy will become Clan leader once the leader dies or retires.
  • After death or retirement of the deputy, a new deputy will be chosen before moon high.
  • A gathering of all four Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. A fight will not break out among the Clans during this time.
  • Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. You must challenge all trespassing cats.
  • No Warrior may ignore a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different clan.
  • The Clan leader's word is law.
  • An honorable Warrior does not need to kill cats to win his/her battles, unless they are outside the Warrior Code or if it is for self defense.

Dress code Edit

Animal- Bunny (kits and young apprentices); fox (apprentice); wolf, cheetah, arctic wolf(warrior, deputy, leader); snow leopard (medicine).

Head- Fox hat, raccoon hat hood with feather, skull or nothing. 

Back- Spartan armor, bows and arrows, elf armor, sword, worn or nothing.

Leg- Leg armor, glove, diamond gauntlets, elf bracelets or nothing.

Tail- Diamond tail armor, elf tail armor.
Night Clan

Theme Songs Edit

Official Song: Ragga Twins- Bad Man (Skrillex Remix)

Battle Song: Two Steps From Hell- Victory,Two Steps From Hell- Strength Of A Thousand Men[Instrumental Core Remix]

Relax song: NRG- Duck Sauce (Skrillex Remix)




How join? Edit


Leave a comment below if you want to join or send me a jam-a-gram: Eujan80

Information what we need-

Character name:

Animal Jam Username:


Rank wanted: