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But loyalty isn't rooted in friendship. It's much stronger than that by far. It comes from being born and raised under the same sky, from walking the same path as our ancestors, and from sharing the warrior code. With this life I commit you to upholding the warrior code, whatever challenges you might face. This is the wisdom of our ancestors, all our traditions distilled. Trust the code to lead you along the right path." "We are friendly, but not weak. We are powerful, but not aggressive." "Those who underestimate us are exterminated. Those who respect us are spared." "We are daring like the thunder, we are strong like the earth, we are swift, like the wind. We. Are. Nightclan."


Your worn out paws thundered across the hard ground, you can feel your pursuers warm breath down your neck. You take the risk and look back immediately regretting it. A white shecat with orange spots , blue-back tomcat, and a grey tabby tom were right behind you! You put on a burst of speed, but it was too late the she-cat tackled you to the ground. You struggle to get up and defend yourself. The blue-black tomcat hisses and claws your nose. You growl and try to get up again then notice large white paws in front of you. You look up to see a tall imposing light brown tabby shecat. Behind her were two more cats, a siamese she-cat and a tan- brown Tom. They all looked at you coldly. You closed your eyes and trembled before them, waiting for their sharp claws to pierce your pelt and rip it apart. " I am Longstar" the light brown shecat said, with a strong voice. Longstar's tail pointed at the siamese shecat. "This is Fallstar" Fallstar, the blue black tom, and the Tan Tom with brown splotches stepped up. "This is Gnarldclaw, a warrior of ours, and Shardclaw One of our deputies" Longstar said as they dipped their heads. Shardclaw walked over to the white and orange spotted shecat, who had a torn face. "This is Sweetfern." she grinned at you. Fallstar pointed at the grey tabby tom with her long tail. "This is Riverfall." Riverfall dipped his head. Longstar helped you up, then asked, "Would you like to join Nightclan?"

Your eyes widened in bewilderment. Just a moment before it seemed like they were going to kill you and now they wanted you to join their clan! Realizing they were waiting for you response you eagerly accepted. "Before we take you to our camp, what is your name?" questioned Longstar "My name is Insert name here " She nodded and motioned you to follow. They brought you to their camp and pushed through a bramble wall, disappearing from sight.

You pushed through the bramble wall surrounding their camp and looked around in awe. There were cats everywhere! kits chasing leaves and tackling each other while their mothers watched nearby. Apprentices cleaning out the old moss from the nursery. Warriors going in and out of camp some carrying moss, others prey. You glanced at a den, and saw a reddish brown tabby she-cat with pine green eyes taking a thorn out of a tuxedo kit's paw.

That night as you curled up in your new moss nest you thought about all the cats you had met.

Longstar Fallstar Shardclaw Ghostpool

Riverfall Silentfall Pinesplash Gatorwhisker Thistlefur

Almondtail Tealberry Thunderfang

Firestrike Sunstripe

Blightfur Lakefrost Silverclaw

Droptail Leaffire Embertooth Applelight


Lightheart Blazingberry Whitefang

Deepwater Scorchface

Nightsplash Spidermist Duskshade

Mouseshine Lynxtail Lionstrike

Lightpaw Darkpaw Hollowpaw

Willowpaw Sprucepaw

(written by VidsbyFang)


Fallbird's birthed Nightpup, Spiderpup, and Duskkit. Congratulations! 12-1-17

Sunfern and Truffleshade are mates! Congratulations! 12-5-17

Gatorwhisker is expecting a litter of kits! Congratulations! 12-5-17

Due to Lightningcloud's vision and retirement, Webpaw's new mentor is Lightheart! 12-5-17

Mistyrose has left NightClan. May StarClan light her path. 12-5-17

Truffleshade is expecting her first litter of kits! Sadly, the father, Sunfern, died saving her from a Thunderpath. 12-9-17

Gatorwhisker has given birth to Mousekit, Lionkit, and Lynxkit. Congratulations! 12-9-17

Skyfeather and Raspberrynose have been murdered. May StarClan light their paths. 12-10-17

Fadeglow is the temporary co. deputy! Congratulations! 12-14-17

Truffleshade has kitted Lightkit, Darkkit, and Hollowkit! Congratulations! 12-25-17

Truffleshade has commited suicide. May StarClan light their paths. 12-26-17

Nightpaw has been murdered. May StarClan light her path. 12-26-17

Nightpup, Spiderpup, Duskkit, and Winterkit are apprentices, their mentors are Grayclaw, Fadeglow, Ghostpool, and Clouddrop. Congratulations! 12-28-17

Fallbird has been promoted to Co. Deputy! Congratulations! 12-28-17

Sweetpaw is now a warrior, welcome Sweetfern. Congratulations! 12-28-17

Frogstar as died. May StarClan walk with her. 12-28-17

Riverstar is now leader, Fallbird has been ranked to deputy. 12-28-17

Riverstar has been deranked to elite warrior, Fallstar is now Co. Leader 12-28-17

Flightstone has joined the ranks of NightClan. 12-28-17

Shardclaw has been promoted to Deputy, Ghostpool has been promoted to Co. Deputy. Congratulations! 12-29-17

Clouddrop has been murdered. May StarClan walk with him. 12-29-17

Due too Clouddrop's death, Winterpaw's new mentor is Almondtail. 12-29-17

Deepwater and Grayheart are now warriors! Congratulations! 12-30-17

Jaykit has been excepted into the ranks of NightClan. 12-30-17

Tangledsoul has gone missing. May StarClan light his path. 12-31-17

Pumpkinfern left to live the life of a rouge. May StarClan light her path. 12-31-17

Mousepaw, Lynxpaw, and Lionpaw are apprentices. Their mentors are Fallstar, Lightheart, and Leaffire. Congratulations! 1-2-18

Sweetfern and Gnarledclaw are mates! Congratulations! 1-7-18

Grayclaw has been murdered due to the rouges that killed Clouddrop. May StarClan walk with her. 1-7-18

Echokit has been accepted into the ranks of NightClan. 1-7-18

Shadowpaw has been accepted into the ranks of NightClan! Her mentor is Leaffire. 1-12-18

Jaypaw is now an apprentice: Their mentor is Shardclaw. Congratulations! 1-12-18

Lightpaw, Darkpaw, and Hollowpaw are now apprentices: Their mentors are Gnarledclaw, Gingershine and Longstar. Congratulations! 1-12-18

Starlingggaze has died due to green-cough, May StarClan walk with him. 1-12-18

Whitefang joins the ranks of NightClan, Welcome. 1-15-18

Scorchface has joined the ranks of NightClan. 1-16-18

Lightningcloud has died due to an unknown sickness. May StarClan walk with her. 1-20-18

Wintercloud, Nightsplash, Spidermist, and Duskshade are Warriors! Congratulations! 1-20-18

VenomClan is now our Allie! 1-20-18

Briarheart has joined the ranks of Nightclan 1-20-18

Mosskit, Springpaw, and Froststrike have been exiled from NightClan. 1-27-18

Flamestream has joined the ranks of NightClan! Congratulations! 1-27-18

Copperpaw has joined the ranks of NightClan! Congratulations! 1-29-18

Lightray, Hollowlog, Darkstorm, and Shadowheart are Warriors. Congratulations! 1-31-18

Hollowlog as died due to a /kinda/suicidal cliff fall. May StarClan walk with her. 1-31-18

Lightray and Lynxtail are now mates (After a long time of arguing O,O)! Congratulations! 1-31-18

(HAHAHA) Lightray and Fallstar are expecting kits! Congratulations! 1-31-18

Gingershine has been found dead. May StarClan walk with him.

Jayfrost{FINALLY}, Coppernose, and Seatail are now warriors! Congratulations! 2-17-18

~Two who's Claws Tangle and Gnarl at Cats Hearts will Rise, Bringing Death and Despair.~
Founder Darkstar
Founding Date 7-22-14/15
Status Active
Territory Ramu - Forest & Canyon

Drava - Temple

Beliefs Starclan/Darkforest
Camp Nightdragon2006
Species Domestic Cats and Small Amount of Wolves
Theme Song Warriors- Imagine Dragons
Editors Longstar(lightingshadow12),

Riverfall(majoracats881), Pinesplash(icepheonix419), Tealberry(Prettyghost2007), Wolftail(nightdragon2006), Ravenflight(catlove79575),


Picture Editors Longstar(lightingshadow12), Spiderstar(Bewars55), Brambleheart(Winterstream),

Tealberry (Prettyghost2007, Riverfall(majoracats881)



12:00a - Moonhigh

1:00-2:00a - Dawn

3:00-4:00a - Before Sunhigh

5:00-6:00a - Sunhigh

7:00-8:00a - Sundown

9:00-10:00a - Moonrise

11:00a - Moonhigh

12:00-1:00p - Before Dawn

2:00-3:00p Dawn

4:00-5:00p - Before Sunhigh

6:00-7:00p - Sunhigh

8:00-9:00p - Sundown

10:00-11:00p - Moonrise

*Roleplay times is from 11-9 AM/PM, Pacific Time*


Note to editors: Longstar doesnt want anyone to know what number of lives she has. So unless you are the leader, do NOT change the lives. The clan or anyone else, shouldn't know the live count. Only a small few should and do know and those are the other leaders or well trusted clan member's.


Leader Username Gender Mate Apprentice Lives
Longstar lightingshadow12 F N/A - X/X
Fallstar Nightdragon2006 F Leaffire Sprucepaw X/X
Deputy Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Shardclaw Icepheonix419 M Raspberrynose -
Co-Deputy Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Ghostpool Cows147 F Galaxysight(rouge) Willowpaw
Medicine Cat Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Pinesplash icepheonix419 F Beetlesight -
Gatorwhisker Avery8 F Gingershine -


Medicine Cat Apprentice Username Age Gender Mentor
Elite Warriors Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Riverfall Majoracats188 M Wolftail -
Silentfall Angrybubbles71 M Lightningcloud -
Leaffire Lightingshadow12 M Fallstar -
Gnarledclaw avery8 M Sweetfern -
Whitefang Majoracats188 M - -
Briarheart horsegal305 F - -

Warrior Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Crescentfang LostJumper11 M - -
Almondtail pikachu1470 M Tealberry -
Foxtuft Winterstream M Creekstripe -
Nightfur Chocolatebunny10 F - -
Thunderfang Thedoomdragon M - -
Firestrike Endanger74904 M - -
Nightrose Wolfeycrystal F -
Sunstripe omgilovepants M - -
Briarlight NaomiDusk F - -
Blightfur PrettyGhost2007 M - -
Lakefrost flowerlover68 F - -
Silverclaw majoracats881 F Tangledsoul -
Droptail Angrybubbles71 M - -
Applelight flowerlover68 F Fadeglow -
Lilysong swirlmix1984 F - -
Blazingberry TBA (Majoracats881) M - -
Sweetfern Nightdragon2006 F Gnarledclaw -
Deepwater {Insert} F - -
Scorchface Jammer9820v M Froststrike -
Wintercloud Cows147 M - -
Nightsplash Warriorcatawesome12 M - -
Spidermist Warriorcatawesome12 F - -
Duskshade Swirlmix1984 F - Echopaw
Lynxsoul Icepheonix419 M Lightray -
Lionstrike Vidsbyfang M - -
Mouseshine avrey8 F - -
Lightray nightdragon2006 F Lynxsoul -
Darkstorm Lightningshadow12 M - -
Shadowheart sillybaylee123 F - -
Flamestream burpyfire F - -
Jayfrost Vidsbyfang M - -
Coppernose Vidsbyfang F - -
Seatail Angrybubbles71 M - -
Apprentice Username Gender Age Mentor
Willowpaw Nightdragon2006 F 9 moons Ghostpool
Sprucepaw Cows147 M 9 moons Fallstar
Echopaw T1g3rll F 9 moons Duskshade
Queen Username Mate Kits
Sweetfern nightdragon2006 Gnarledclaw Strawberrykit and Tumblekit, foster mother of Rockkit and Fernkit,
Fallstar nightdragon2006 Leaffire Stormkit and Thistlepup
Lightray nightdragon2006 Lynxtail expecting


Kits Username Gender Age Parents
Strawberrykit avrey8 F 4 moons Sweetfern & Gnarledclaw
Tumblekit swirlmix198 M 4 moons Sweetfern & Gnarledclaw
Fernkit Jammer9820v F 4 moons (Sweetfern)


Rockkit Horsegal305 F 4 moons (Sweetfern)


Stormkit Jammer9820v F 2 moons Fallstar and Leaffire
Thistlepup Cloudy551 M 2 moons Fallstar and Leaffire


Elders Username Gender Age Mate

0/5 Allied Cats

Name Username "Rank" Gender Reason

*Ended/Exiled cats*

Username OC Gender Mate Rank Reasons
Jussica123 Nightstar F - Leader Blood Loss/Badger
Lightingshadow12 Nightclaw F Mudclaw Elder Fox
B1uebear Bluepaw F - Apprentice Marineclan
B1ackbear Midnight M - Apprentice Marineclan
P1nkbear Snowpaw F - Apprentice Marineclan
Castymc3 Sunstream F - Warrior Suicide
Warriorcatawesome Mudclaw M Nightclaw Elder Rouges
Superhero7 Duskkit M - Kit Exiled
Superhero7 Duskfur M - Warrior Ashwind
Jaisseyjet Shadestar M Silverwing Leader Badgers
Gcimino6 Sandflight F - Medic cat Fallen tree
Duchessdu Brambleeye F - Elder Old age
Sugarbrownie2005 Dewnose M - Warrior Fallen Tree
Len4545 Icebeam M - Medic cat Saving Amberstripe
Lightingshadow12 Ashwind F Lightningfur Co-Deputy Wolf attack
Sugarbrownie2005 Snowpaw M - Apprentice Monster
Silvergrasp Stormstrike F Darkoak Elder Greencough
Silvergrasp Windkit M - Kit Rock Fall
avery8 Amberstar F Bramblestar Leader Wolves
flowerlover68 Shadowclaw F Darkwind Elite Warrior Drowned
majoracats881 Darkwind M Shadowclaw Co-Deputy Tigerfang
T1g3rll Willowheart F - Warrior Monster
flowerlover68 Stoneclaw F - Warrior Sickness
cboyd Swiftstrike F Blazeshade Warrior Red-Cough
Nightdragon2006 Olivekit M - Kit Drowned
catlove79575 Ravenstrike F Frostheart Warrior/Queen Crowthorn
T1gr3ll Darkpaw F - Apprentice Blood loss
warriorcataweosme12 Blazetail M Longwing Elite Warrior Wolf Attack
majoracats881 Windstream M Stormbird Loner Arrow
cboyd Rockclaw M Trufflestorm Warrior Two-leg
Nightdragon2006 Trufflestorm F Rockclaw Elite Warrior Run off cliff by dog
Leopardfurwc Rosesong F - Warrior Arrow
pickachu1840 Hollowkit M - Kit Suicide
majoracats881 Thornwhisker F Ashblaze Warrior Kitting
Windscall Frostheart M Ravenstrike Warrior Drowned/Suicide
Icepheonix419 Shademoon F Shadowpath Deputy Sharptooth
Windscall Rosetuft F - Medic Rouge
Nightdragon2006 leopardstreak M Dawnsplash Warrior Unknown
Lightningshadow12 Nighthowl M Frogleap Warrior Saved Kit From Barracuda
catlove79575 Duskwing F Thistlefur Warrior Goldenray cough
warriorcataweosme12 Brackentail M Longstar Warrior Unknown
Shadowfire1212 Shadowpath M Shademoon Elite Warrior Brackentail

(In the dark forest)

Cboyd Beetlesight M - Warrior Wounds & Force of Impact
Nightdragon2006 Wolftail F Riverfall Warrior Unknown
Avery8 Coalfrost M - Warrior Drowned (In Darkforest)
Majoracats881 Creekstripe F Foxtuft Warrior Fell off Cliff
catlove79575 Ravenflight F Spurskip Warrior Fell to Death
Avrey8 Crowpaw F - Apprentice Killed by Unknown Rogue
Cows145 Sunfern M Truffleshade Warrior Killed by monster
Vidsbyfang Raspberrynose F Shardclaw Warrior Murdered
Vidsbyfang Skyfeather F Starlinggaze Co Deputy Pushed off cliff
Nightdragon2006 Truffleshade F Sunfern Queen Suicide
Lightningshadow12 Nightpaw F - Medicine cat apprentice Murder
Avery8 Frogstar F Nighthowl Leader Gave up (It wasn't suicide, btw :P)
majoracats881 Starlinggaze M Skyfeather Warrior Green-Cough
Icepheonix419 Hollowlog F - Warrior suicide
Vidsbyfang Gingershine M Gatorwhisker Warrior Snake

Leader's Word Is Law

The leader's word is the law. You must listen to the leader at all times, or there will be consequences.

No Double Clanning when Nightclan is on

You may join another clan, you must put Nightclan first and always stay loyal to the clan. You are aloud to join another clan while we are off but when we get back on quit your clan. If you are caught double clanning at the same time Nightclan is on, it will result in punishment, or in most cases, exile.

No Power Playing

You may not power play when battling, or anytime. It is considered cheating. Example: "Magically heals

wounds" Or "Bites And Ends". You will be warned if you power play. 3 warnings, and it's a punishment.

Appropriate Animals

Please use appropriate animals during roleplay. Don't walk into camp as an otter or raccoon. Check the 'Avatars Used' section of the dress code to see what animals we accept.


Please don't stress the leader. He/she worked very hard on making this clan, and they are doing their best to help the clan. If you see the leader being bothered by a lot of cats, be patient, the leader will get to you eventually, or call the deputy to help them out.

Be Serious

When we are roleplaying be serious, no goofing around unless the leader is goofing off or TC is taking the day off (look at our schedule for roleplay times). Especially during battles. If you have to be warned 3 times, a punishment will be given.

Leaving The Clan

When leaving the clan you have 2 chances of coming back. If you were exiled, you would have to talk to the leader about it. No matter how much you change your OC/character, you won't be accepted back. If you keep bugging us about coming back, that will lower your chances of being accepted back in.


Every cat can have 3 OC's but there are rules that applies.

Rule 1. Leaders, deputy, medic cat/medic cat apprentice can have 3

Rule 2. Higher ranked cat must be more active unless your an apprentice with a mentor

Rule 3. If apprentice, your mentor can't be yourself, same goes the other way

Rule 4. Once one of your OC dies, you can make another but start as kit

Rule 5. If you break any of these rule, you can only have 1 oc

Roleplaying Times

Every cat should be roleplaying at least 2-3 times a week, 1-2 hours per day. If anyone doesn't roleplay around that much without an excused, your'll get 2 warnings, then a punishment. If you can't roleplay, please tell Longstar or Fallstar or say it on the comments below so you can be excused.

Assorted Rules For Apprentices

- Apprentices must have at least 4 training sessions and their mentors approval before becoming a warrior

- Apprentices may not have a mate(crushes are fine)

- Apprentices may not leave camp without a warrior(unless permission)

Assorted Rules For Kits

- Kits may not leave camp, no exceptions. Unless with the leader says it is okay.

- Kits, of course, may not have a mate

- Kits must be over 6 moons to become an apprentice (6 real weeks with the clan)

- Kits can't be trained in any way until apprenticeship




♦Torn ear♦

♦Cleaning up the the camp♦

♦Cleaning all elder's stuff(moss, ticks, ect.)♦

♦Everyone eats before you eat♦

♦Apprentice duty♦


♦Not taking part in games or events♦

♦Prison for a few days♦

♦Treated as apprentice♦

♦Wear kittypet collar(days depending)♦

♦No food/small amount (days depending)♦


♦Treated as rouge♦

♦ Temporary Exile♦


♦In extreme cases, death♦

Head Neck Back Legs Tail
Fox Hat Deer fur Swords(All) Nm Gloves Elf Tail Armor
Flower Crown Spiked Collar Bow & Arrow Elf Bracelets Diamond Encrusted Tail Armor
Head Flower Leaf Necklace Cross Bow Freedom Bands Bone Tail
Skull Helment Fang Necklace Jamaaliday Bows Bone Claws Phantom armor
ButterFly Hair Clip Pinecone Necklace Spartan Armor Leaf bracelets All Diamond Shop's tails
Spring Flower Crown Studded Collar Worn Blakent Diamond Shop Gauntlets
Racoon Hat Spiked Wristband

*Leaders can wear anything that's clan/non clan related (moon necklace, necklaces, etc)*

*Basically what a cat would wear not wings not horn not nothing like that!*
Kits - Bunnies & Lynx
Apprentices - Lynx's & Foxes
Warriors - Wolves
Medicines - Wolves & Arctic Wolves
Queens - Arctic Wolf & Wolves
Elders - Wolves, Snow Leopard, & Cheetah
Kits - Bunnies
Apprentice - Bunnies
All Ranks Above - Wolves

*Anyone not the right animal, will get punished*

*If you want to be a different animal, ask Spiderstar*


Name tag Color: Black

Leader Icon: Star

Deputy/Co-deputy: Feather/Leaf

Medic/Medic Apprentice: Flower/Clover

Elite Warriors: Lighting Bolt

Warriors: Fox

Apprentice: Paw

Queens: Heart

Kits: Lynx

Elders: Seeds

Group Name Leader(s) Name Deputy(s) Name Server Member Count Species
SummitClan Nightstar & Wolfstar - - 50+ Felis Catus
HorizonClan Ripplestar, Echostar, Pinestar Riverheart, Wolffur, Skyberry, Sootclaw, & Amberpelt Cascade and Calle 90+ Felis Catus
Clan of Striking Stones Patchedstar Inkwish Amur 11 Cats, Wolves, Foxes
The Outlanders Avi, Koda, Purge Snake, Max Elbe 21 Canins Lupis
Fallingclan Dovestar Ivorystripe Alps 22 Felis


VenomClan Orbitstar Rainylight, Bearheart, Nightthorn Amur 81 Felis Catus

(List can include cats)

Rouge - Tysonrules01457


Trust me. You DONT want to be on here. (List can include cats)

Group Name Leader(s) Oc/User Server Member Count Species Reason
No Enemies currently.
Lets keep it that way.

OC's Name:

AJ Username:

Desired Rank:





Personality(least 4-5 sentence):



How you found us:

Past Groups:

Hunting Example:

Fighting Example:

Healing Example:

Loyalty Promise:

Picture of Cat/Description:

{If you can't send anything, send it to Longstar. The email is}

Group Name:

Leader's OC Name:

Deputy's OC Name:

Leader's Username:

Deputy's Username:


Member Count:


Reason For Alliance: