Our pack quote:We do what we need to. Jet black leaders follow their word.
  • Jet, Leader.
  • Maple, deputy
Nightcore- Between The Raindrops04:14

Nightcore- Between The Raindrops


Scarletdagger <3

Hunting With the Dark Wolf Wild Yellowstone03:07

Hunting With the Dark Wolf Wild Yellowstone

Rules Edit

you must be half cat or half dog, or either. (NOTE: yes, halfcat/dog can be possible. Smaller dogs and cats)

Cats and dogs must be YOUNG, Kits/pups

You must be under the age of 6 moons to join.

Why this pack was created Edit

The reason this pack was created was that Jet, the leader, was a pack member of the Neffara, a small group/pack, that hated cats, and he was half-cat. He let go of his dreams to fit in in that pack, and created neffara (0.2) pack. He will be grateful if you called him Kou, or Jet.

-Maple's editing :3

Just A Note From Jet Edit

Hi! I am Jet, or Kou. I am very grateful to the members of this pack for joining! See, This is why we need each other. We need each other's strength to do things. Another reason why I created this pack was because we need more packs in this world. Cat clans don't bother me, but, they do annoy me. Maple, my deputy, knows a lot of things, and you may not. ALSO, yes, cat/dog crossover can be possible.