Hello! Today, I am making a Guide to Naming!~

Anyways, before I begin, I want to point out to you that this is simply a guide. You don't have to follow it if you don't want to. Is anyone forcing you to? No.

Anyways, let's get started! So, I found that a problem in the roleplaying world is names- they're mostly taken from the books. They're either...

A. Claimed as one's own

B. Said that it isn't copyrighted

C. Used on an "oc" that doesn't look like the real character at all

Anyways, if you are roleplaying as the character from the books, that's fine. I'm just angry when people take it and they aren't the character from the books.

Anyways, for leaders, apprentices, and kits, there's an exception- you don't have much choice for a suffix. Naming yourself, or a new warrior/medcat in your Clan can be TOUGH. At first. But, here's a list of reminders!!:

  1. The suffixes Thunder, River, Shadow, Wind, Moon and Sky are sacred, meaning you can't use them.
  2. Don't name any cats after the prefix of the Clan name. (Ex, Swampkit and SwampClan, Mountainclaw of MountainClan)
  3. If you are leader, and you are founding the Clan, make sure to have the same prefixes. (Darkstar of DarkClan, Parrotstar of ParrotClan, Mountainstar of MountainClan)
  4. However, your Clan can be named after the terrain or setting. (MountainClan of the Mountains, CaveClan of the Caves, IslandClan on the Island)

We're still focused on cat naming. Here's some things to focus on:

Why did this cat receive their ceremony? (Strikingclaw)

What does this cat look like? (Dappledfur)

What is this cat's personality? (Raggedsnarl/Willowheart)

Ok, now that is done with, Clan names!

Is your Clan peaceful? You should go with soothing, or a relaxing name.

Is it vicious? Give it a name that gives others a feeling of dread or horror.

Where is it located?

In a Mountain? MountainClan

In a Swamp? SwampClan

On an Island? IslandClan

Near a River? StreamClan

On a Beach? OceanClan

Near a place that floods easily? WaveClan

Make sure it's appropriate, and make sure people people are able to say it. And remember, we don't need a SwampClan located in a desert.