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Need a good name for your warrior cat OC? Have no idea what your name means? Well here is the place to be to find the meanings of warrior cat prefixes and suffixes!

Bold names are popular

Italic names are recommended

Prefixes Edit

Prefixes are the begging of the warrior cat's name. They keep it for life unless they get them changed. They usually describe what color, or feature the cat has. (Note: Do not have twoleg related things in you name, such as hammer, or pie. Also note that it doesn't always have to be the color of your pelt, it could be your eyes as well. Like heather for heather blue.


Acorn-Golden brown

Adder-Brown tabby, possibly spotted tabby

Albatross-Dark grey, or black, either with white

Alder-Brown tabby, speckled grey or gold

Amber-Ginger or golden


Ant-Black, possibly small



Ash-Pale grey, possibly flecked or a grey tabby

Ashen-Pale grey

Aspen-Grey, possibly a tabby

Auk-Black and white


Avocet-Black or tortoiseshell, with white


Badger-Black and white, or a black and grey tabby with white markings

Bat-Dark brown

Bear-A black, brown or white cat


Beige-Pale sandy gold

Bee-Golden tabby

Beech-Brown to gray (maybe speckled); or golden

Beatle-Black or brown (possibly mottled); probably small

Birch-Black and white, more white then black; alternately, black silver tabby



Blizzard-White, or very pale flecked silver or grey

Blue-Grey, grey blue; tabby otherwise

Boulder-Probably a large dappled grey or brown cat

Bourn-Blue-grey to brown cat, possibly tabby

Bracken-Golden tabby

Bramble-Brown tabby

Briar-Brown tabby

Bright-Mostly white with patches of a brighter color

Brindle-Tabby, any color

Brook-Light brown, possibly a tabby

Broom-Golden (In reference to the Scotch Broom plant)

'Brown'Bold text-Brown

Buzzard-Brown, possibly a tabby, and/or with white




Cataract-Grey and white

Cedar-Dark brown, or reddish-brown tabby

Cherry-Tortoiseshell, dark ginger, or white; alternately, a grey tabby or dappled



Cinder-Grey, dark grey, possibly patterned

Cloud-White or pale grey

Clover-White (Did you expect green?)

Condor-Black, possibly with a small amount of white, and/or ginger

Coot-Black, possibly with a tiny amount o white


Cougar-Light golden brown


Curl-Curley coat

Curlew-Brown tabby

Cypress-Brown, possibly tabby


Daisy-White, possibly with a small amount of light ginger

Dapple-Tortoiseshell, or spotted tabby

Dark-Any dark color, whether black, brown or grey

Dawn-Pale grey or ginger

Day-Grey (Possibly with white), or golden

Deer-Reddish brown

Doe-Reddish brown

Dove-Light brown or grey-brown


Duck-Brown tabby

Dunlin-Tortoiseshell and white

Dunnock-Brown tabby

Dusk-Dark brown or dark grey

Dust-Light brown


Eagle-Brown, possibly with a small amount of white

Ebony-Black, or very dark brown

Eel-Very dark brown

Egret-White, possibly with a small amount of ginger or cream

Elder-White, black, or light grey

Elm-Grey to brown tabby


Estuary-Light grey or blue-grey

Evening-Dark grey or grey and cream


Fallow-Light brown

Fawn-Light brown, possibly with a small amount of white

Fennel-Light golden

Fern-Golden tabby

Ferret-Brown with a small amount of white

Finch-Brown tabby

Fir-Dappled grey



Flare-Ginger or white

Fleck-A flecked coat of any color

Flicker-Brown spotted tabby

Flint-Dark grey

Flood-Blue-grey to brown

Fly-Black or dark grey

Fox-Ginger, possibly with a small amount of white

Frog-Brown spotted tabby


Furze-Light golden


Gannet-White, probably with a small amount of cream



Goose-Grey-brown or grey cat with white, or a white cat

Gorse-Light golden

Grass-Golden brown, or light brown tabby


Guillemot-Black with white

Gull-Grey and white


Hail-Pale grey spotted tabby

Hare-Brown and/or white

Harrier-Brown (possibly tabby) or pale grey, both with a white belly

Hawk-Brown, possibly a tabby, and/or with white

Hay-Light golden brown tabby

Hazel-Light brown

Heather-Pale grey

Heavy-The largest kit in the litter

Hemlock-Grey tabby

Heron-Grey and white, or pale tortoiseshell and white

Hickory-Grey tabby

Hobby-Tortoiseshell and white

Holly-White or dark ginger


Hoopoe-Tortoiseshell and white



Indigo-Dark blue-grey



Jackal-Tortoiseshell or golden brown

Jaguar-Golden spotted tabby (Or just spotted)


Juniper-Reddish-brown or grey tabby


Katniss-Cream and white; possibly with some black


Kestrel-Brown spotted tabby, or a tortoiseshell tabby

Kink-Curly coat, or a kinked extremity

Kittiwake-Grey and white


Lake-Grey to brown

Larch-Grey tabby

Lark-Light brown atbby

Leopard-Spotted tabby, likely golden

Lichen-Grey spotted tabby

Lightning-White or very pale ginger


Linnet-Ginger and brown, likely a tabby


Little-Exceptionally small

Lizard-Brown tabby

Loch-Blue-grey to brown

Long-Exceptionally large, often in reference to a body part (Ex: Tail)

Loon-Black and white

Low-A short legged cat



Maple-Ginger or grey tabby

Marigold-Light ginger

Martin-Black or grey-brown, with white

Merlin-Grey and cream

Minnow-Grey or dusky brown, possibly small

Mint-Pale grey

Mist-Light grey

Misty-Light grey

Mole-Black or very dark grey

Moose-Dark brown

Morning-Light ginger or grey and cream

Morrow-Any dark color, likely black or grey

Moss-Spotted tabby, probably brown

Mossy-Spotted tabby, probably brown

Moth-Speckled brown to grey

Mottle-Tortoiseshell or spotted tabby



Murre- Black and white



Newt-Tortoiseshell or brown spotted tabby



Oak-Brown to grey, probably tabby

Oat-Golden brown

Ocean-Grey, possibly with a small amount of white

Ocelot-Golden spotted tabby

Olive-Dark reddish brown, or greyish black

Oriole-Golden, ginger or tortoiseshell

Osprey-Dark brown, possibly with some light streaks and/or a white underbelly

Otter-Dark brown

Owl-Brown or grey tabby, possibly with white


Pale-Any pale color

Patch-White with patches of color

Pear-White or ginger

Pebble-Brown or grey, likely spotted tabby, and probably a small cat

Perch-Golden tabby

Pigeon-Grey, with any amount of white

Pike-Grey-brown tabby

Pine-Brown or reddish-brown tabby

Pipit-Brown to grey tabby, possibly with white

Plum-White or ginger

Pool-Brown or greyish brown

Popular-Grey-brown tabby

Poppy-Ginger or tortoiseshell

Prickle-Spiky fur

Primrose-Pale golden

Puffin-Black and white, maybe with a small amount of ginger

Puma-Light golden brown


Quail-Brown tabby


Rabbit-Brown, possibly with white

Rain-Grey tabby

Rapid-White (In reference to water)

Rat-Brown or black


Red-Ginger or russet

Reed-Golden brown

Rill-Silver, blue-grey, or brown, probably a tabby


Ripple-Tabby, likely brown or grey

River-Brown or blue-grey (Possibly with a small amount of white)

Robin-Brown and ginger

Rock-Likely grey or brown, probably with some sort of pattern

Rose-White and/or pale golden


Rubble- Likely grey or brown with some sort of pattern

Rush-Golden brown (as in plant) White (as in water)

Russet-Russet or ginger

Rust-Dark ginger

Rye-Light or golden brown



Sage-Pale grey

Sand-Speckled ginger or grey

Sandy-Speckled ginger or grey

Scarlet-Russet or grey

Scaup-Black and white



Sedge-Brown or black


Shade-Any dark color, likely black or grey

Shadow-Black or very dark grey

Sheep-White and/or black

Shell-White, pale grey, or pale ginger

Short-A small or short-legged cat

Shrew-Brown or pale grey

Silver-Pale grey; any pattern

Skua-Dark brown

Sky-A blue grey cat

Slate-Dark grey

Sloe-Black or white

Small-Exceptionally small

Smew-White and black


Snail-Brown to grey tabby

Snake-Brown tabby

Snipe-Brown tabby

Snook-Pale silvery grey

Snow-White or very pale grey

Soot-Dark grey to black


Sparrow-Brown to grey tabby

Speckle-Tortoiseshell or ticked tabby or speckled fur

Spider-Brown tabby or black

Splash-Any color with white

Spotted-Tortoiseshell or spotted tabby

Spruce-Dark grey, brown or red-brown

Squirrel-Grey to brown, or ginger, may include a bushy tail

Stag-Brown or grey-brown


Stilt-Black and white

Stoat-Light brown and white, solid white, or white with a tiny amount of black

Stone-likely grey or brown, with some sort of pattern

Storm-Dark grey

Stripe-A tabby with very distinctive stripes, likely a silver tabby

Stumpy-Short legs, or a stumpy tail

Sumac-Dark brown spotted tabby, or ginger

Sunset-Tortoiseshell or black

Swallow-Brown and white tortoiseshell

Swan-White; sometimes with a tiny amount of black

Swift-Dusky brown or black


Tall-Exceptionally tall

Tamarack-Grey tabby, possibly spotted


Tawny-Light brown, or ginger, or tortoiseshell

Tern-Grey and white

Thaw-Mostly white with patches of color

Thistle-Grey, possibly with spikey fur

Thorn-Golden brown

Thrush-Grey-brown, possibly with white

Tiger-Tabby, probably golden or ginger, or dark brown

Tiny-Exceptionally small

Toad-Mottled brown

Towhee-Grey, possibly patterned

Torrent-Grey, possibly patterned

Trout-Tortoiseshell or light grey-brown and ginger




Vixen-Ginger, possibly with a small amount of white

Vole-Grey or grey-brown


Wasp-Golden tabby

Water-Dark grey with white

Weasel-Light brown and white, solid white, or white with a tiny amount of black

Web-Pale grey tabby

Whimbrel-Brown tabby

White-White (What did you think?)

Willow-Grey, silvery grey, possibly a tabby

Wolf-Grey brown, grey, black, white, silver.

Wool-White or black

Wooly-Very thick coat

Wren-Brown or grey-brown, possibly a tabby, and likely small


Yarrow-White or light ginger

Yellow-Light golden, or yellow eyes

Suffixes Edit

Suffixes are the last part of a Warrior or Medicine Cat. Not counting Leader's, Apprentice's and Kit's who's last names end with Star, Paw and Kit.

Suffixes say a lot about a cat. Example: Claw, a skilled fighter. If a warrior receives that name, they are likely to be a skilled fighter.

Note that not all suffixes are Warrior ones, some can be Medicine Cat names, or even mothers. Some can be used by both.

You also need to know that some names don't go well with other names. Example: Eveningback. Try and come up with something that goes well with your prefix, this is optional though..






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