Introduction Edit

The breeze is softly blowing by. There is not a cloud in the sky, and the sun is shining brightly. The birds are singing cheerfully, and squirrels are hiding nuts. Yet, there is something wrong. Your face is being smashed into the ground by a cat's sheathed paw. "I told you NEVER to ask that!" This cat hisses at you. "Geez! I'm sorry!" You apologize earnestly, then you cough from the dirt that is getting into your mouth. "Can you let me up now?" You ask the cat. She growls ever so slightly, and lifts up her paw. You sit up almost instantly, and you take in a big whiff of fresh air. "I can breathe again!" You look at your friend as her bright yellow eyes twinkle with amusement. The wind was blowing her pretty black fur. "I'm sorry for almost suffocating you." Her voice didn't sound the least bit sorry. "You're lucky you're my friend, otherwise I would have kept you there." "Yeah... Heh." You look at her once more. "So, Mysterysoul, what's your answer?" She stares at you, acting like she doesn't have a clue what you mean. "Hmm?" "What's your answer to my question? Ya gonna tell me, or not?" "That depends. Why are you so curious to know my past?" Mysterysoul meows as she glares at you. "Well, you keep mentioning things without explaining anything. Mysterysoul, come on! At least tell me about your family! Just SOMETHING would be nice!" Your tail twitches as her eyes darken with pain. She sighs. "I guess you were bound to find out sooner or later." She pauses and takes a deep breath. "My family is where it all begins...."

.. . ... . ..

About Mysterysoul Edit

Age (as of now): 33 moons

Personality: quiet, clever, sarcastic, bold, strong, fierce, serious, and (sometimes) very anxious

Gender: Female

Breed: Turkish Angora mix

Family: Edit

Mother: Foxfur (deceased), Father: Redstone

Siblings: Sister/s: Pearlheart (deceased), Brother/s: None

Mate: Stonefrost, Kits: Badgerkit (she-cat) and Foxkit (tom)

Appearance: Edit

Pelt: long, jet black fur with a tan-ish underbelly and lower muzzle

Body Build: she is a medium-sized cat with long claws and a long, fluffy tail

Eye Color: Bright Yellow

Current State: BlazingClan Edit

Rank: Warrior Edit

Random: Edit

Songs: "Haunted" by Taylor Swift, "It's Not Over Yet" by For King and Country, and "Worn" by Tenth Avenue North (I couldn't choose..)

Quotes: "Trust... It's hard to earn and easy to lose."

"I have wounds that no one else can see; they hurt too much to show."

.. . ... . ..

A Sister's Love (This is loooooong. You have been warned!) Edit

It all began when BlazingClan welcomed three new members: Blade, Wolf, and Shadow. Blade and Wolf were made warriors, while Shadow --their younger brother-- was given the name Darkpaw and was made an apprentice. The three brothers were once rouges, but now they are loyal members of BlazingClan. This was the day before Mysterypaw's assessment, the day before everything was to change.

Mysterypaw and her sister, Pearlpaw, showed Darkpaw around the apprentice den. They re-introduced him to Snowpaw. At first, he was very shy; he barely spoke. But once he realized that they would be great friends to him, he was comfortable. Mysterypaw immediately saw how he opened up to them. Darkpaw told them how life was as a rouge. "O-of course I don't have much experience, b-but my brothers do... To sum it all up, it's hard." Mysterypaw and Pearlpaw listened as he told them of his adventures with his brothers. The two she-cats were fascinated, yet they couldn't seem to grasp the meaning of it all. "I'd like to warn you, Darkpaw. My sister and I have our assessments tomorrow." Pearlpaw told him. "And that means we might not be here in the apprentice den anymore." "We'll be warriors!" Mysterypaw finished for her sister, with a wave of her fluffy tail. "Does that mean I'll be alone in here?" Darkpaw flattened his ears. "Yes, but remember: Mysterypaw and I won't be far. We'll still hang out with you." Pearlpaw assured him, then licked his cheek. Darkpaw looked down at his paws, feeling his face heating up. "T-thanks, guys," he stuttered. "Its nothin'!" Mysterypaw purred. "We're your friends." "And I'm here, too." Snowpaw added. By now, the sun had gone down, and the apprentices curled up into their beds. The sisters' fur brushed, and Darkpaw was beside them, sleeping soundlessly.

"Peeeaaaarrrrllpaw!" A cheery voice called from outside the den. "Wake up! Today's a BIG day!" Mysterypaw's eyes shot open. She saw Cherryheart looking in on them, her tail swaying. Mysterypaw licked Pearlpaw's ear. Pearlpaw opened her eyes and blinked. "What?" She asked groggily. "It's assessment day!" Mysterypaw told her, excitedly. Pearlpaw immediately stood up, which made Darkpaw roll onto his back. The sisters hopped out of the den. "When do we start?" Mysterypaw asked Cherryheart. "Well, we have to wait for Emberstrike to wake up. You know what it's like to get that thing moving." Mysterypaw chuckled and nodded her agreement. "Should we eat before we do our assessment?" Pearlpaw asked. "I suppose, as long as you bring back plenty of prey!" Cherryheart meowed, almost teasingly. Pearlpaw and Mysterypaw went over to the fresh-kill pile. They picked out a small vole to share. They chattered loudly as they ate. "Are you two ever quiet?" Emberstrike asked as he padded up to them. "Never!" Mysterypaw meowed with great confidence. "As long as we're together, why should we be quiet?" Pearlpaw asked the warrior, knowing they were getting on his nerves. "There are other cats sleeping. THAT'S why you should shut up," Emberstrike hissed softly. Cherryheart padded toward them. "Are you guys ready?" Pearlpaw and Mysterypaw looked at each other for a heartbeat, then at Cherryheart. "Yes!" They meowed together. The apprentices and their mentors padded out of the camp and into the forest. "Alright, you two. For your assessment, you must catch as much prey as you can. Emberstrike and I will be judging how skillfully you catch each piece of prey," Cherryheart told them. Emberstrike snorted. "Good luck." Pearlpaw and Mysterypaw looked at each other. "Good luck." They told one another. The sisters twined tails before racing off in opposite directions. Mysterypaw opened her mouth to taste the air. She caught a whiff of bird scent and decided to follow it. The bird she found was a small, young starling. Mysterypaw got low to the ground. She very slowly crept forward, as the bird was pecking at something in the grass. Suddenly, it lifted its head. Mysterypaw froze. The bird cawed then began to fly away. Mysterypaw leaped and was able to bite its foot. Her weight brought the starling to the ground, where she pinned its wings. She bit it's neck, and waited for it to fall limp. After she caught it, Mysterypaw buried the bird, then went on to hunt for more prey. It wasn't long before Mysterypaw found a mouse. She stalked it until she got close enough to pounce. When she did pounce, she landed on the mouse, crushing it. Mysterypaw went to go bury it with the starling. As she was digging, Mysterypaw heard a terrified caterwaul. She looked toward the WindClan border, ears pinned against her head. Then she heard a distinct yowl that made her blood freeze. A sudden pain came to her neck. She dropped the mouse, and rushed to the WindClan border. "Pearlpaw!"

Mysterypaw ran out of the trees only to see a group of WindClan cats race back over to their side of the border. Two bodies lay on the ground. "Pearlpaw!" She screeched again, as she recognized her sister's body. Her sister lay there helplessly, as blood poured out of her wounds. "Mysterypaw!" Emberstrike came crashing through the underbrush. "What happened?" He came to stand beside her. "I-I-I don't know. I came here and the-the WIndClan cats were running away," Mysterypaw stuttered. Emberstrike growled. "Pearlpaw..." A moan came from a few fox-lengths away. Emberstrike turned his head. "Cherryheart!" He rushed over to her. Mysterypaw continued to stare down at her sister. Pearlpaw's eyelids fluttered, and she groaned. "Emberstrike, what do we do?" Mysterypaw forced herself to look away from Pearlpaw's tattered body. Emberstrike turned to his apprentice. "We have to get them back to camp. Fast." "Is Pearlpaw okay?" Cherryheart asked suddenly. She began to get up very slowly. Emberstrike turned to her, and shook his head, then went back to Mysterypaw. "Help me get Pearlpaw onto my back." Cherryheart limped over to help them. Her eyes clouded as she looked at her apprentice. They got Pearlpaw onto Emberstrike's back. "Cherryheart, can you walk alright on your own?" He asked her. Cherryheart began to nod, but then she started to tip over. Mysterypaw caught her. "No. No, she can't." Mysterypaw helped Cherryheart walk, while Emberstrike carried Pearlpaw. They made it back to camp with little struggle. As they entered, concerned mews and gasps could be heard. Scarletlily came out of her den just as they were about to go through the lichen. "Great StarClan! Get them in quickly!" Emberstrike obeyed and Cherryheart followed behind him. Mysterypaw was about to go in when a light brown she-cat with black splotches stepped in her way. "It's best you stay out here," Fawnshadow told the apprentice. "But, my sister--" "You need to let Scarletlily and Moonpaw do their job without interfering. Stay out here." Mysterypaw hung her head at the warrior's words. She sat right outside the den. "Mysterypaw!" Her father called out to her. She lifted her head. "Mysterypaw, are you hurt?" Redstone asked as he checked her over. "I-I'm fine, but... but Pearlpaw isn't..." Redstone's eyes clouded for a heartbeat, and he seemed to grow distant, as if remembering something. He shook his head. Redstone sat next to Mysterypaw, and licked the back of her ear. "She... She'll be alright." Mysterypaw looked down at her paws. "Redstone, she's in deep pain. I can feel it. I can feel all her wounds." She whimpered. "It hurts." Redstone wrapped his tail around his daughter and put his head on hers. Blazestar padded up to them as Emberstrike came out of the medicine cat's den. "Mysterypaw, Emberstrike, I need you to tell me what happened at the WindClan border," the leader's voice was gentle. Emberstrike nodded, and Mysterysoul told Blazestar what she saw.

"No!" A saddened mew came from inside the medicine den. Mysterypaw flung herself into the den, nearly crashing into Moonpaw. She went over to Cherryheart who was sitting beside Scarletlily. She squeezed passed them to see Pearlpaw. Redstone came in and Blazestar followed more slowly. "Pearlpaw?" Mysterypaw looked down at her sister. Pearlpaw opened her eyes and tried to purr. "Mysterypaw... I'm so glad to see you." "Redstone, I... I need to speak with you," Scarletlily meowed. Redstone and Scarletlily headed out of the den. Blazestar went to stand next to Mysterypaw. Pearlpaw tried purring once more at seeing the leader, but it turned into a painful gasp for breath. "I loved caring for you as a kit, and it was wonderful seeing you grow," Blazestar purred, hiding her sorrow. "Why are you speaking as if she's dying?" Mysterypaw screeched inside her head. Her heart seemed to drop to her stomach. "Redstone said you'll be alright." Mysterypaw told Pearlpaw. Pearlpaw began to shake her head. "I'm so sorry, Mysterypaw, but I... I can't stay much longer..." Pearlpaw's voice was quiet and she closed her eyes. "I'm going to see Foxfur." "No! Pearlpaw, please! Please, you can't leave me!" Mysterypaw pressed her head against Pearlpaw's. "Please..." She begged. Redstone rushed back in, his steps unsteady, and he went to Mysterypaw. When Scarletlily came back into the den, Blazestar lifted her head. "I think Pearlpaw deserves her warrior name..." She looked back down at Pearlpaw. "I, Blazestar, ask my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has learned your warrior code and has given up her life in the service of her Clan. Let StarClan receive her as a warrior. She will be known as Pearlheart. We will remember your kindness, love, and loyalty." Mysterypaw laid beside her sister and she wrapped her tail around her. She could feel Pearlheart's breaths getting slower and slower, until finally, they stopped. "No..." Mysterypaw silently cried. Several hours had passed, when Blazestar stood up. "We must hold a vigil for her in the clearing. Mysterypaw didn't want to move, but she got up so they could move Pearlheart's body. The BlazingClan cats gathered around Pearlheart. Scarletlily and Moonpaw placed herbs around and on her body. One by one, the cats came to say their farewell. Mysterypaw stayed awake for the whole vigil, her gaze never leaving Pearlheart's pretty face. When it was over, the elders came to bury her body. Mysterypaw watched them leave, and she sat by the entrance until they returned. That day, Mysterypaw changed. She was no longer the fun and exciting cat that everyone loved. Her heart seemed to have been ripped out and buried beside her sister in that dark and lonely grave. "I will find the cat who killed you, Pearlheart. And I will make them suffer... I promise."

Two days after the incident.... Mysterypaw sat a few inches from the CrystaledRock. Lionpaw, Cloudpaw, and Velvetpaw were just made apprentices. Now Mysterypaw awaited her turn to become a warrior. Her yellow orbs were on Blazestar, while she waited for the leader to continue speaking. "Now that everyone has gathered here, I believe it is time to name a new warrior!" Blazestar looked down at Mysterypaw, her expression was full of love and pride. "I, Blazestar, leader of BlazingClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn. Mysterypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" "I do." Mysterypaw responded, her voice loud and clear. "Then, by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Mysterypaw, from this moment and on, you will be known as Mysterysoul. StarClan honors your courage and strength, and we welcome you as a full warrior of BlazingClan." Blazestar leaped down from the CrystaledRock and touched noses with Mysterysoul. And in turn, Mysterysoul licked Blazestar's shoulder. "Mysterysoul! Mysterysoul!" Her Clanmates chanted her name, and then came to congratulate her. Emberstrike cuffed his former apprentice around the ear. "Well done." Mysterysoul tried her best to purr. "Thank you, Emberstrike." Redstone made his way to his daughter, his eyes were filled with love, yet they were tinted with sorrow. "I'm so proud of you, Mysterysoul." Redstone's voice was full of emotion. Mysterysoul buried her head in her father's chest fur. "Pearlheart should be here with me," Mysterysoul murmured. "Trust me, Pearlheart is looking down from StarClan right now, and is chanting your name louder than anyone. Except for your mother, of course." Redstone added, with a mrrow of laughter. Mysterysoul tried to make herself look happy. "I know they are. I just wish that they didn't have to leave us alone." "We're not alone. Ever. We still have our big family Clan." Redstone's voice grew serious, and he seemed distant as he spoke. "Everything happens for a reason, good or bad." Mysterysoul narrowed her eyes at her father, wondering what he was thinking about. She was about to speak when an excited mew interrupted her. "Mysterysoul! I'm so happy you're a warrior now!" Stonefrost licked her cheek. "Congrats." "Thank you, Stonefrost." Mysterysoul's response had almost no emotion, but Stonefrost seemed to ignore it. "So, we'll do as we planned. First, we fish. Then, we hunt other things, specifically, squirrels. We'll be in the trees, of course. Next--" "When did you two plan all of that?" Redstone asked. "We planned it the day Mysterysoul became an apprentice." Stonefrost answered with a big smile. Redstone looked at his daughter with a small smirk. Mysterysoul flattened her ears and looked at the ground in embarrassment. "Well, I'll let you two go, since you have your whole day planned." Redstone meowed as he walked away. Stonefrost's icy eyes twinkled as he looked at Mysterysoul. "Are you ready to go?" She looked up at him. "Yeah, let's go." They padded side by side to the lake. "They're cute together," Blazestar commented to Redstone as she watched them go. Redstone looked back at his daughter. "They've been best friends practically since birth!" He purred. "And yes. Yes, they do."

"Stonefrost, do you think I'm... depressed?" Mysterysoul asked as she looked down into the water. Stonefrost looked at her with a fish in his mouth. He dropped it on their pile. "Why do you ask that?" He sat next to her. "Well, I had overheard Spottedflower saying that I was earlier this morning." Mysterysoul turned her yellow gaze on him. "Oh. I suppose you have been kinda down since your sister, um... passed." Mysterysoul flinched. "Don't I have a right to grieve?" Mysterysoul hissed. "It's only been two days since her burial." "Of course, you do! Losing someone you love his hard... I know it is. But you did growl at every cat who tried to speak to you, and you nearly attacked Darkpaw when he accidently ran into you." Stonefrost blinked. "My mind hasn't moved past Pearlheart's death yet. And I don't think it ever will," Mysterysoul tried not to choke on the words as she spoke. Stonefrost laid his tail on her back, and nuzzled the side of her head. "Mysterysoul, know that I'm here for you. If you ever need help with anything, I'm here, and Redstone is, too." Mysterysoul began to nod, but then she heard a faint whisper that made her stop. "Aww, that's adorable." Mysterysoul perked her ears. "Di-did you hear that?" She asked Stonefrost. He tilted his head. "Hear what?" Mysterysoul waited a moment to see if the mew would say something else. "Nothing..." Mysterysoul mumbled. Stonefrost wasn't convinced, but he changed the subject. "Should we take all our fish back to camp, then hunt those squirrels?" He asked, moving to their pile of fish. "Sure." They picked up as much fish as they could carry, and padded back to camp. Once they made it to the camp, they put their fish on the fresh-kill pile. Emberstrike nodded to Mysterysoul as she was about to pad passed. He halted her. "Mind going on a border patrol with Bluecloud, Snowpaw, and I?" He asked. "I don't mind at all," replied Mysterysoul, quietly. "Just gimme a second." Emberstrike nodded, and Mysterysoul went over to Stonefrost. "I'm going on a patrol. So, we'll have to hunt squirrels some other time." "Alright. Oh, and just for the record, I caught more fish than you." Stonefrost meowed with triumph. "Ok, Fishfrost. Congratulations on winning a fake contest." Mysterysoul teased him, then she swiped at his ear, playfully. Stonefrost laughed. "Good luck on that border patrol." "Thanks." Mysterysoul left him to find her patrol. They were waiting by the entrance of the camp. When they were all ready, they raced out to the WindClan border. Mysterysoul stopped dead in her tracks just as she came out of the trees. Her mind flashed back to when she saw Pearlheart's bloody body, alone and barely breathing. "Mysterysoul?" Bluecloud called to her, snapping her out of the horrid memory. "Y-yes?" Mysterysoul stuttered. "You alright over there?" The blue-gray she-cat asked her. "F-fine." Mysterysoul responded and she slowly padded closer to the border. She noticed Snowpaw staring at her. The apprentice looked away uncomfortably, when she realized Mysterysoul staring back. "It's all clear," Emberstrike meowed with the slightest disappointment. "Let's check farther down." They started padding away, but Mysterysoul stayed where she was. She looked out across the border, her eyes narrowed. You can't hide forever in that camp of yours. Mysterysoul thought as if speaking to her sister's killer. I'll find you, and make you regret everything. Emberstrike called to her, and she left that part of the border to catch up to the rest of the patrol.

That night, Mysterysoul had a harder time sleeping. There were voices buzzing in her head. Some were loud, some were quiet. Mysterysoul suddenly opened her eyes. She was in an ugly forest, the trees and plants decaying. Light barely peaked its way through the thick branches of the dying trees. Mysterysoul blinked as she looked around. Everywhere she looked, there were eyes peering out at her from the shadows. "Hello," a voice meowed as it echoed all around. Mysterysoul hissed. "Who are you?" Then, she flattened her ears. "Where are you?" "Oh, that doesn't matter, my dear. Just know, I'm here to help you." The voice let go of an insane laugh. "I think you're only here to make my ears bleed," Mysterysoul growled. The cat laughed once more. "Maybe I am." It paused. "Without my help, you will not get revenge for your sister's unnecessary death." "W-what?" Mysterysoul asked, shocked. "How do you know that?" But before this strange cat could answer, Mysterysoul woke up from her dream. Mysterysoul shot up from her nest. Stonefrost blinked drowsily awake. "You okay?" He asked with a yawn. "I-I'm okay. I-it was just a dream." Mysterysoul laid back down, and Stonefrost curled his tail around her. Mysterysoul wasn't able to go back to sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about what the echoing voice had said. Hours had went by, and now Mysterysoul was completely restless. She decided to take a walk. As she was padded toward the entrance, she heard a groan coming from the nursery. Mysterysoul paused, hearing the groan once more. She ran to the nursery and almost bumped into Ashenwillow, who was coming out. "Oh, Mysterysoul! Get Scarletlily, quick! Whitewhisker is kitting!" Ashenwillow meowed urgently. Mysterysoul raced to the med-cat den. "Scarletlily! Whitewhisker is--" "Kitting," Scarletlily finished as she came out of the den. She called to Moonpaw to get the herbs. Scarletlily sped to the nursery, and Moonpaw followed her a few seconds later. Mysterysoul wasn't sure what to do, or where to go now. Ashenwillow called her over, telling her to get Bearfur. Mysterysoul padded to the warrior's den. The sun was just beginning to rise. Beafur was already waking up, when Mysterysoul poked her head in. "Bearfur," she meowed quietly. "What do you want, Mysterysoul? I have to get the cats for the dawn patrol," Bearfur growled slightly. "It's Whitewhisker." She told him. Bearfur paused, blinked, then he shot out of the warrior's den. "So much for the patrol," Mysterysoul murmured. Several minutes had passed. Mysterysoul sat fox-lengths from the nursery. A sad, mourning mew was heard, and Mysterysoul was reminded of how she felt when Pearlheart died. Ashenwillow came out of the nursery. She spotted Mysterysoul and padded over to her. She was silent for a moment, just watching more cats wake. "Whitewhisker has lost a kit," Ashenwillow murmured quietly. "She gave birth to five kits, now there's only four." Mysterysoul looked down at her paws, not wanting the soon-to-be queen to see her grief. "You can see the kits in a moment," Ashenwillow told her. "Alright."

"We've decided on Brightkit and Plumkit for the she-kits; Icekit and Cedarkit for the toms." Whitewhisker gazed down at her suckling kits. "You can probably tell who's who." Mysterysoul nodded. "They're... actually really cute," Mysterysoul confessed. Whitewhisker purred. "Of course, they are!" Mysterysoul looked over to see Moonpaw watching the kits, carefully. "I don't like the way you're eyeing my kits," Bearfur growled at the medicine cat apprentice. Moonpaw looked up at the deputy. "I'm only checking on them." Bearfur huffed. Scarletlily poked her head inside. "Alright everyone. Time to let Whitewhisker rest." Mysterysoul was the first to leave, happy to get out of that cramped area. Bearfur was out immediately as well, and he began setting up patrols. Stonefrost padded up to her, a small skip to his step. "Oh, Mysterysoul! Guess what?" Mysterysoul looked at him, seeing his big smile. "What?" "I'm glad I caught Bearfur in a good mood, because..." He paused for effect. "He gave us the day off so we can do what we planned! I. CAN'T. WAIT." Mysterysoul laughed. "You do realize we're still working, right?" "Yup! Let's go!" Stonefrost headed toward the entrance. Bearfur isn't the only one in a good mood, Mysterysoul thought. She padded quickly to catch up to Stonefrost. Stonefrost looked at her as she came to his side. "It's good to see you happy, you know," he meowed as they padded out of camp. Mysterysoul's ear flicked. I guess this would be a bad time to say that most of my 'happy moments' are fake. "I'm still grieving." Is all she could reply. "And I understand. Now, let's catch some squirrels!" Stonefrost climbed up a tree. He started going higher and higher on the branches. "You're never going to catch any with the noise you're making," Mysterysoul told him. He looked down at her. "Shhh." Mysterysoul rolled her eyes and climbed up a different tree. She made sure every branch was steady, meanwhile Stonefrost hopped on each one. "You aren't going to catch anything if you test every branch you step on." "Oh, yes I am. You'll see." Mysterysoul had a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Stonefrost grinned. "Alrighty." He tasted the air. At once, he scented squirrel. He leaped to a slightly lower branch. He ran, then jumped across into another tree. Mysterysoul held her breath as he jumped. Please, don't kill yourself up there, Stonefrost. Mysterysoul waited with her mouth open, scents bathing her tongue. Her ears perked as she scented, and spotted, a squirrel. She carefully sneaked closer to it, slowing climbing higher. As Mysterysoul came only a fox-length from it, the squirrel ran. Mysterysoul chased it, testing the branches as she ran. Just as it was about to leap to a different tree, Mysterysoul caught it by the tail. It was struggling hard to get away, but Mysterysoul pinned it to the branch. She bit its neck till it went limp. She climbed down the tree and buried the squirrel. Mysterysoul found Stonefrost, and she climbed the tree next to his. He was chasing a squirrel all around the tree. Mysterysoul sat down and watched, her tail waving. Unexpectedly, there came what looked like black smoke--although, it wasn't smoke at all. Mysterysoul's eyes widened as she saw the squirrel head straight for it. Stonefrost, now seeing the black stuff, skidded to a halt. Mysterysoul stood up as he failed to steady himself, and slipped. Mysterysoul raced across her branch and leaped to his tree. Stonefrost hit a few branches, and Mysterysoul could hear him curse. Stonefrost fell on a slightly big branch and clung to it. He looked up at his friend. "M-Mysterysoul!"

"I'm coming, Stonefrost!" Mysterysoul was only a few fox-lengths above him. She leaped down, but stopped on the lower branch when she heard a creepy whisper in her ear. "Stay where you are." Mysterysoul looked around, ears flattened against her head. "You mustn't save him!" "Huh? Who are you to tell me not to?" Mysterysoul growled. "I-I'm not telling you not to! M-Mysterysoul, I need you to come down!" Stonefrost called to her, his voice nervous and scared. Mysterysoul looked down at him, jumping onto the next branch. "I said, STOP!" Mysterysoul tried her best to ignore the echoing voice. She finally reached Stonefrost's branch. "He will only get in your way if you save him!" "Will you just shut up?!" Mysterysoul growled once more. Stonefrost looked at her as if she were talking to him. The voice continued before he could reply; Mysterysoul was about to bite into his scruff, when the voice meowed: "He will get in between you and your revenge!" Mysterysoul stopped, suddenly. She looked up, now seeing where the echoing voice was coming from: the black mist. She could see the dark, liquid blue eyes of a cat, as the mist started to take a form. "You won't get what you seek if he lives," it told her. Mysterysoul looked back down at Stonefrost and his terrified gaze looking up at her. Mysterysoul was breathing fast, her mind racing. "Don't do it," the shadowed cat told her. "Think about what you desire most..." Mysterysoul began shaking her head, and backing up from Stonefrost. "Mysterysoul, I-I'm slipping!" Stonefrost shouted as he tried clawing the branch to get up once more. "I-I-I have to!" Mysterysoul screeched, and she lunged. She was able to bite his scruff almost as he fell. "NO!" The cat meowed furiously, and it disappeared. Mysterysoul pulled him up, her neck hurting because of his weight. She let go once he was safely on the branch. "Mysterysoul, what happened?" Stonefrost's mew was shocked, confused, and scared. "Where did that.. black smoke come from?" Mysterysoul didn't respond. She only shook her head. Both cats climbed carefully down the tree. Ravenspirit came out of the undergrowth, along with Darkpaw and Rosetail. "What's wrong? Did something happen? We heard yelling." Ravenspirit looked from one cat to the other. "We're o-okay. I just... almost fell out of the tree and we panicked," Stonefrost replied, trying not to glance at Mysterysoul. "Oh. Well, glad you're not hurt," Ravenspirit meowed. He flicked his tail, telling his patrol to move on. Darkpaw stayed for a moment longer, whispering to Stonefrost. "She isn't okay, is she?" Darkpaw asked the warrior, as they both looked at Mysterysoul. They could see pure terror in her eyes. Stonefrost shook his head. "No... She's not..." "Darkpaw! Get over here!" Ravenspirit called his apprentice. Darkpaw raced away after one last look at Mysterysoul. "Mysterysoul..." Stonefrost began. "I'm done hunting," Mysterysoul meowed before he could say anything else. She went to where she buried her squirrel, and dug it up. She tried rushing back to camp, but Stonefrost stepped in front of her. "What happened?" He asked her. "You almost let me... I almost fell to my death." Mysterysoul couldn't look him in the eye. "We... We weren't that high..." She responded quietly. "Oh, yes we were! Please, Mysterysoul, what happened up there?" Mysterysoul dropped the squirrel. "I could hear a whispering echo, dark and unsettling. It belonged to some creepy cat, who knows... knows what I want to do..." "What do you mean?" "Stonefrost," Mysterysoul choked. "It wanted me to let you fall!" Stonefrost backed away, slightly. "What? You were--" "I didn't want to, I swear! But it said..." Mysterysoul had to stop herself from telling him about her great vengeance. "I'm sorry, Stonefrost... I truly am, but you have to stay away... from me." Mysterysoul picked up the squirrel and sprinted away. She could hear him chasing after her. Mysterysoul's mind whirled; she didn't know what she could say to him, without telling him her greatest, most hidden secret. She reached the camp before him, and put the squirrel on the fresh-kill pile.

Mysterysoul hid among the cats sharing tongues, as Stonefrost entered and looked around for her. She ran to the med-cat's den. Mysterysoul went to the very back, hiding in the herbs. Scarletlily wasn't there, but Moonpaw was, and he was puzzled when he saw her in the herb store. "I'm not here!" Mysterysoul told him quickly as he opened his mouth to yell at her. Stonefrost peeked his head inside a few seconds later. "Is Mysterysoul in here?" He asked Moonpaw. Moonpaw glanced at Mysterysoul, who had her eyes closed, but then the apprentice shook his head. "I need to talk to Redstone then..." Stonefrost mumbled as he left to find the warrior. Mysterysoul got out of the herbs. "Now, what was that about?" Moonpaw growled. "I'm VERY sorry, Moonpaw, but I can't explain." Mysterysoul cautiously went out, so Moonpaw wouldn't ask any more questions. She avoided Stonefrost and her father for the rest of the day, but when it was time to sleep, Mysterysoul couldn't hide anymore. Mysterysoul was the first cat in the warrior's den, and she curled up in a ball. Redstone came in, followed by Stonefrost, who twitched his whiskers when he saw her. "Stonefrost told me what happened earlier," Redstone said to his daughter as he sat down next to her. Mysterysoul turned her head, looking up at Redstone. "You need to stay strong... Do not believe whatever that freaky cat tells you." Redstone licked the top of Mysterysoul's head. "I... I'll try my best..." Mysterysoul murmured. Redstone laid down next to her; Stonefrost was beside her as well, and he curled up into a ball without a word. They all went to sleep. It felt like two seconds when Mysterysoul opened her eyes. Darkness was everywhere, and the forest she was in stunk as if it were rotting. "This place again?" Mysterysoul growled to herself. "I don't wanna be here!" "Oh? Is that so?" The echoing voice sounded. Mysterysoul squinted and she could she the blue eyes to whom the voice belonged. "Who are you, and what do you want with me?" Mysterysoul meowed, her lip drawn back in a snarl. "Ohhoho! Why so fiesty?" "You wanted me to watch my best friend fall to his death!" Mysterysoul hissed, angrily. "Hmm, well, I suppose I did... I needed you to trust me, sweetie." "Trust you? A creepy black mist that I can barely see? How am I suppose to trust a cat that's probably just a figment of my imagination?" The cat let out a loud laugh that hurt Mysterysoul's ears. "This is just too good! Oh, little warrior, I truly am real." It suddenly got brighter, and the cat could be seen. The cat's pelt was like a shadow, and her eyes seemed to pierce deep into the depths of Mysterysoul's soul. "Welcome to the Dark Forest, young one. I am Silent Scream. You will find this place rather... comfortable to be in."

"The Dark Forest!" Mysterysoul exclaimed, as her stomach lurched. "I shouldn't be here!" "Every cat with a passion for killing and a thirst for revenge belongs here," Silent Scream meowed, with a twitch of an ear. "I want to wake up!" "What's the hurry? Don't you want my help?" "How could YOU possibly help me?" "I know exactly who killed your sister," Silent Scream told her, wistfully. "Then spit it out! Tell me, now!" Mysterysoul demanded. "Oh, it's not going to be that easy... I have some things to tell you first." "Well?" Mysterysoul hissed as she sat down, tapping her paw impatiently on the ground. Silent Scream grinned. "You were right not to trust me. In fact, don't trust anyone! It'll only bring you misery..." The shadow-cat paused. "There will be cats in your clan that will betray you. Be wary of them, for they will crumble the whole of BlazingClan. Now, about the killer...." Mysterysoul opened her mouth to speak, but she slowly started to wake up. The last thing she saw, in her dream, was amber eyes. Mysterysoul opened her eyes, and sat up. Pearlheart's murderer had amber-colored eyes! Now, Mysterysoul had to figure out which WindClan cats had that color of eyes. "That could take a while..." Mysterysoul muttered. Then, she realized that she was the only cat left in the warrior's den. She padded out when she heard curious mews. The dawn patrol had returned, but they had brought something back with them: cats, three grown and two kits. A crowd had gathered as Blazestar spoke to the intruders. Mysterysoul pushed her way through, and stood next to Moonfang--who had received his full medicine cat name the night before. "What happened?" She asked him. "Patrol caught them in territory," Moonfang quickly told her, barely paying attention to her. Mysterysoul narrowed her eyes at him. He was staring at the intruders, clearly smitten by one of the she-cats. Is Moonfang going to betray us? Will Silent Scream be right? Mysterysoul shook her head not wanting to believe what she saw. "Bearfur, take them to the den," Blazestar said to the deputy, ripping Mysterysoul from her thought. Bearfur obeyed, and he, Webshine, and Quietstream took the intruders to the prisoner den. A dark brown she-cat with amber eyes looked back at Moonfang and gave him a smile. Mysterysoul became infuriated, and she was about to say something to the medicine cat, but Scarletlily called him and he left. Mysterysoul watched him go, her gaze burning into the back of his skull. "Soooo, we have prisoners now..." Stonefrost said to Mysterysoul, padding cautiously over to her. "Yeah..." She muttered. Mysterysoul glanced at him. "Do... Do you think Moonfang is... trustworthy?" Stonefrost looked confused. "Of course, I do! Why..." He tilted his head. "Why are you asking?" "I just wondered..." Mysterysoul left him before he could ask questions. "Mysterysoul," Webshine padded up to her, hesitantly. "Bearfur asked me to tell you that you're going to take watch of the prisoners after Nightstorm." "Yes, Webshine," Mysterysoul dipped her head to the older warrior. "Also, he wants you to join Redstone's hunting patrol." Mysterysoul nodded and went to find the patrol. Then, they padded out of the camp. "We'll be hunting by the old barn," Redstone told everyone in the patrol. He looked back to see Mysterysoul lagging behind. "Are you alright?" He asked. "When am I ever alright?" She hissed slightly. "You need to stay strong." "I am strong." "I know you are...but you're letting your grief get the best of you." Redstone blinked at her. "You may not know it, but everyone is afraid to speak to you. They don't know what to say." "And let's keep it like that. I don't need their empty words," Mysterysoul replied rudely to her father. "Mysterysoul, we all need to help each other out; we're in a clan for a reason." Redstone's voice grew stern. "When will you learn to appreciate everything that everyone's done for you?" "Maybe I could learn that if my sister hadn't been killed by a WindClan fool!" Mysterysoul snarled. Redstone narrowed his eyes, and the other cats in the patrol looked back at her. Mysterysoul grumbled and went a different direction, not wanting to see anyone.

"You lied to me!" Mysterysoul growled, lunging at Silent Scream. "I haven't lied at all," the dark cat meowed calmly, easily stepping out of the way. "You said that you'd help me! You said that you'd tell me who killed my sister! But no. All you can come up with is how Moonfang is going to betray us for that stupid, flea-brained kittypet, Kamila!" Mysterysoul growled once more, and she lunged at Silent Scream again, trying to claw her. Silent Scream sighed, as she hit Mysterysoul, sending her into the foul dirt. "You're impatient," she hissed at Mysterysoul. "And I know I said I would help you, and I am." Mysterysoul sat up with a snarl. "Oh, really? It's been over a month now! All you have done is told me about a cat with amber eyes! NOTHING else! I've gone to a Gathering and have only found a few WindClan cats with that color of eyes." "See? I haven't lied. You're just blind. And besides, that's just the first hint, and you have some cats to meet." "What are you talking abo--" Mysterysoul began, but was interrupted by another annoyed mew. "Alright, Silent Scream, we're here. What do you want?" A tom hissed as he came out of the shadows, followed by a big she-cat. "Who's this?" The tom meowed, narrowing his eyes at Mysterysoul. "Yes. We could hear her yowling from a mile away," the she-cat added. Silent Scream smiled slyly at the two newcomers. "Breezepelt, Lostwillow, meet Mysterysoul. You know, the cat I've told you all about." Mysterysoul stood up as the two padded closer. She snarled. "Hmph. Thinks she's tough now, huh?" Lostwillow meowed, scanning Mysterysoul. "Oh, she is, but she still has a lot of training to do." Training? "What are you talking about?" Mysterysoul was confused, looking back and forth at the ghost-like she-cats. "Tsk. She has a lot to learn, too," Breezepelt meowed, a cold tint to his voice. "Of course, she does. That's why she's here." "What's going on?" Mysterysoul growled. "Stop ignoring me and tell me what you're talking about!" Silent Scream looked at her. "Very well. I've brought these two here to teach you the right moves to kill your enemies. They'll act as real practice dummies." "Excuse me?" Lostwillow growled. "You said nothing of that." "'Course I didn't. What fun is that?" "Fine. I'll be a practice dummy, but that doesn't mean I'll make everything easy for her," Lostwillow meowed. "Also, you WILL call me, Nightmare." Breezepelt rolled his eyes. "I can't do training right now. I have a dawn patrol to do," he excused himself. "Pfft. You just don't want to get your butt kicked." "Say what you want. I could take that pathetic furball anyday," Breezepelt meowed as he padded away. "We'll see about that..." Silent Scream's voice was quiet, yet very dark. She looked at Mysterysoul, who was glaring at Lostwillow with hatred. She waited until Breezepelt had left the Dark Forest, before she spoke. "Mysterysoul," Silent Scream called to her. "The cat you're looking for is a black tom with amber eyes, and he just refused to spar you." Mysterysoul's eyes widened. "You mean..." Nightmare laughed. "What a subtle hint, Silent Scream." Silent Scream snarled. "I've gotten tired of waiting. No blood has been spilled and my stomach is aching for it! Mysterysoul, you will learn to fight like you've never been taught before. And the killing-blow is all you'll need to know." Mysterysoul stared at Silent Scream as if she were insane (which she is very much insane). But Mysterysoul gave no reply and dipped her head. "He'll meet you at sun-down in three days. Your revenge awaits."

Mysterysoul woke up after another meeting with Silent Scream. Every bone in her body ached, and her wounds were shown clearly. Nightmare had given her a good beating, but it didn't bother Mysterysoul at all. She believed that those evil cats were helping her, and with the meeting just a day away, she couldn't wait to sink her sharp claws into Breezepelt's fur. Mysterysoul quickly licked her wounds, trying to make the blood go away before anyone else could see them. She padded out of the warrior's den with a small limp, and headed for the medicine cat den. She silently entered, trying to find cobwebs as fast as possible. "Whatcha doing?" A voice came from behind Mysterysoul, and made her jump. She turned around seeing Scarletlily. "I, uh..." "Are you injured?" Scarletlily asked. "I can smell the blood." "Well, uh, yes. I-I am. Um," Mysterysoul stuttered, trying to find an excuse. "Let me help you." Scarletlily went over to her and put the cobwebs on Mysterysoul. "How'd this happen?" Scarletlily asked, calmly after she had finished. "Um... I... fought some... cat in my dream..." Mysterysoul muttered, not looking at Scarletlily. "And who is this cat?" "Someone..." Scarletlily opened her mouth to speak, but Moonfang had woken up. He raced out of the den. Scarletlily immediately averted her attention onto him. "Hey! You get back here, Moonfang!" She raced after him, her voice panicky. Phew... Mysterysoul stayed in the med-cat den for a while longer, waiting for her wounds to completely stop bleeding. After a good thirty minutes had passed, suddenly, a loud yowl sounded and Blazestar called a Clan meeting. Mysterysoul hurriedly took the cobwebs off and rushed out of the den. She sat at the back, not wanting anyone to notice her. But she couldn't hide from her father. Redstone came up to her, asking about her wounds. "What in the name of StarClan happened to you?!" "Well, I--" Mysterysoul was thankful that Blazestar began speaking. Her father glared at her. "We are not done talking." I know, Mysterysoul thought, taking her eyes off him and onto their leader. "....I am happy to tell you all that the kittens are now fit to travel and our... guests will be leaving today," Blazestar announced. The siamese she-cat, called Maple, looked very disappointed, as well as the two kits, Cypress and Copper. "Everyone, please, say your good-byes." The Clan cats started to give their farewells, when someone shouted: "Wait!" Moonfang raced through the crowd, followed by a panic-stricken and sad Scarletlily. "I... have something I need to tell you all!" Moonfang meowed, coming to stand beside Kamila. Moonfang looked directly at Blazestar. "I'm leaving with Kamila and her group." Their were gasps and yowls of outrage. "Moonfang, you can't be serious," Blazestar meowed, looking down at him. "I am very serious," Moonfang stated. "You cannot just--" Scarletlily interrupted the leader. "I've tried everything I could. He won't change his mind." Everyone could hear the pain in the medicine cat's voice. "I want to leave the Clan," Moonfang repeated. Silent Scream was right, Mysterysoul thought, bewildered. "She said this would happen..." She murmured aloud. Redstone looked at his daughter, quizzically. "I love Kamila," Moonfang confessed, glancing at her. "Oh, Moonfang!" Kamila exclaimed, and they twined tails. Mysterysoul was wretched and she growled. What a fool! "If that guy's leavin', then I wanna stay!" Copper meowed, confidently. "Me too!" Cypress agreed with her sister. "You can't stay," Hayes, the tom, meowed unhappily at them. "And why not?" Maple growled at him. "I want to stay, too!" "There you go," Moonfang meowed, looking at Blazestar once more. "You have gained three loyal warriors and lost one unloyal and unforgivable medicine cat."

"Moonfang, I..." Blazestar looked terribly hurt. "How could you betray us like that? Leave your home, all for..." She glared at Kamila, not hiding back the hatred in her eyes. Kamila sniffed. "Guess he truly loves me more than all of you." Scarletlily filled with rage and lunged at the she-cat. Hayes and Badgerclaw had to hold her back to keep her from ripping Kamila to shreds. "Scarletlily, please," Moonfang looked at his former mentor. Scarletlily looked completely hopeless. They stared at each other for a long time. Scarletlily backed away, shaking her head sadly. "You do know that if you leave, you will not be able to come back. I myself will not allow you back." "I-I know... I've made my decision and I know the consequences," Moonfang meowed, searching his mentor's gaze. "I don't think you do," Scarletlily murmured as she padded away from him. Moonfang turned to Blazestar. "We will be leaving now." "Good. Get out of my Clan," Blazestar hissed. "You are no longer welcome here." Moonfang dipped his head, then padded toward the entrance, Kamila and Hayes following behind. Sagewhisp ran up to the entrance. "You are not my brother anymore!" He yelled after Moonfang. Aldergaze padded to Sagewhisp, trying to comfort him. "Umm..." Maple stepped up to the CrystaledRock. "Blazestar, I, as well as the kits, would like to become part of BlazingClan." Blazestar looked down at the siamese she-cat. "Are you sure?" "Positive. It feels like home to me now, and I could never imagine leaving," Maple's eyes twinkled as she spoke. Blazestar twitched her tail. "I suppose you, Cypress, and Copper may join... But you will have to try extra hard to prove yourself to me, as well as everyone else." Maple dipped her head to the leader. "Of course." Blazestar smiled slightly, then beckoned for the kits to come over. The two she-kits squealed with excitement and raced over, tumbling over each other as they went. Mysterysoul's yellow eyes widened in disbelief. She's actually going to accept them? After what Moonfang just did?! Mysterysoul stomped out of the camp, not wanting to be there for the ceremony. She went by the lake, padding along its shore. Her ears perked as she heard someone coming. "Hey? You okay?" Stonefrost padded out of the undergrowth. Mysterysoul sniffed. "You shouldn't be here. You should be watching the ceremony." "And so should you," Stonefrost retorted. Mysterysoul sat down, seeing that it was no use trying to get him to go away. Stonefrost hesitantly made his way to her. "Has Redstone talked to you about that cat?" He asked. Mysterysoul shook her head. "Oh, I see... Well, um, have... have you had anymore meetings with her?" Mysterysoul shook her head again, not looking at him. "I know you're lying. I saw you limping out of the den this morning covered in blood," Stonefrost meowed, trying to sound calm about it. "You-you did?" Mysterysoul's gaze went to her paws. "Mhm... You shouldn't be talking to that creepy cat. She'll put horrid thoughts into your head!" Mysterysoul turned to him growling. "Stop talking and go away!" "Don't tell me she already has!" Stonefrost stepped closer. "Stonefrost!" Mysterysoul hissed. "Please... just leave..." Stonefrost blinked at her, not budging. Mysterysoul looked in his eyes. "Go..." He stayed there once more. "Mysterysoul, I see you struggling... day after day... You may think no one notices, or cares, but... I've seen it all and I care. It hurts me to see you in such pain." She gazed at him once more, and she saw love showing in his eyes. For the first time, she noticed this. But then, she was struck with panic. "N-no! You can't!" Mysterysoul screeched. "You'll ruin my plans!" Without another word she sped off, and Stonefrost, in his confusion, stayed where he was.

Mysterysoul ran back to camp, not sure where else to go. The ceremony was over, so she was able to sneak away to the warriors' den. She laid in her nest, curled up in a ball. Night time came, and it was about time to go to the Gathering. Mysterysoul drew in a sigh of relief as she heard that Redstone and Stonefrost were chosen to go. She thought of when daylight would come, when she was to meet her sister's murderer. Mysterysoul drifted into sleep, reveling in the thought of sinking her claws into Breezepelt's throat. She opened her eyes to see Silent Scream standing over her. "Come for one last night of training?" The shadow-cat asked. "Yup! I'm ready to destroy him!" Mysterysoul meowed confidently. Silent Scream whacked her in the side of the head. "Do not get cocky. He will use that against you." Mysterysoul growled. "Alright, alright. I won't." "You'd better not," Nightmare meowed, stepping out of the shadows. "You better win. I can't let my teachings go to waste." "And they won't! I'll win for sure!" Mysterysoul promised. Silent Scream whacked her again. "You're getting cocky." Mysterysoul growled again. "Will you cut it out?" She looked at both of the dead cats. "Have faith in me. I know --because of what you taught me-- that I will totally kill him." "Hmph. Sure," Nightmare meowed with a big eye-roll. "You'll see," Mysterysoul declared, quietly. "Let's get training." Mysterysoul trained through half the night. Silent Scream let her sleep through the other half so she wouldn't be too tired to fight. Mysterysoul woke up at sun-high. She could feel Stonefrost's tail curled around her. She lifted her head, surprised that he was still asleep. Redstone entered the warriors' den, suddenly. "Ahh, Mysterysoul. I was just coming to wake you. Bearfur had asked me to get you for a border patrol," her father meowed. Mysterysoul nodded slowly. She waited for him to say something, but he didn't; although it was obvious he wanted to speak with her. Mysterysoul got up, quickly now, and rushed out to find Bearfur. Then, they set off. For the rest of the day, Mysterysoul ate, and joined patrols, carefully avoiding her father and Stonefrost. Finally, sun-down came, and Mysterysoul headed out in secret. She walked to the WindClan border, but before she stepped out of the trees, she waited to see if the tom would come. Several minutes had passed when Breezepelt was seen, padding to the border. Mysterysoul came out and met him. "Greetings," she meowed, trying not to show her hatred. "Hmph. Hello." Breezepelt paused, crossing over to her side. "I assume Silent Scream has told you of our practice session?" "Why else would I have come?" Mysterysoul asked. "There are plenty reasons..." The tom mumbled, almost inaudibly. "Shall we begin?" "Definitely." Mysterysoul unsheathed her claws, and got in a battle stance. I'm ready for you. Then, she leaped.

At first, Mysterysoul played it like she was training in the Dark Forest, but gradually, she began to fight harder; her blows getting tougher. Even so, Breezepelt didn't go easy on her either. He knew exactly what he was doing, dodging and landing attacks almost perfectly. He managed to claw her side, leaving deep marks. Breezepelt snorted. "Silent Scream couldn't teach you how to dodge a simple side lash? She must have poor faith in you." Mysterysoul growled. "That's what you think." Mysterysoul quickly ducked, whipped around, and lashed out at his side and flank. "But maybe you shouldn't have underestimated me." Breezepelt narrowed his eyes at her, ignoring his pain. "I don't think so," he scoffed as he took a step back. Mysterysoul lunged at him, noticing that he was slightly off balanced. She landed on him, and they rolled until Mysterysoul was back upright. She put her paws on his throat. "Is this what you did to my sister before you ripped her to pieces?" Mysterysoul snarled in his face. "Excuse me?" He tried wriggling free, but Mysterysoul easily stopped him. "Did you pin her to the ground, your claws ready to sink into her throat?" "What the hay are you talking about?" Breezepelt growled, the paws on his neck making it hard to speak. "Why didn't you heed her pleas for mercy?" "Sweetie, I don't give anyone mercy!" He got a paw free and lashed at her face, but Mysterysoul barely flinched. A red mist had crowded in on her thoughts, until all she could think about was her revenge. "And neither do I..." Mysterysoul watched as she sunk her claws into his neck. She marveled in the blood that seeped onto her claws. Breezepelt yowled, and with all the strength he had left, he threw her off. Mysterysoul laughed as he stood up. She loved seeing the look of shock on his cruel face. She attacked him again, her blows were perfect, each one hitting exactly where she wanted them. "Pearlpaw," Breezepelt murmured as he fell down. He grinned. "To be honest, I'm glad I killed your sister. It was just wonderful to watch the life slip away from her." "You mean like I'm about to do to you?" Breezepelt blinked at her, the grin still on his face. "Yes... but, Silent Scream forgot to tell you one thing..." Mysterysoul snarled, not caring at all, and she tore open his belly. The tom started to cough and blood came out. Then, she heard a shout. It sounded faintly like her name, but she couldn't tell. The red mist lifted from her mind as she turned to see the blurry shapes of cats coming toward her. Suddenly, she blacked out.

Mysterysoul opened her eyes to see a white cat, looking down at her. "Greetings, my dear sister!" The cat meowed. Mysterysoul sat up. "W-what?! P-Pearlheart?!" Pearlheart purred and licked Mysterysoul's ears and muzzle. "Yes, it is me." "H-how am I seeing you? Am I--" Mysterysoul asked as she twined tails with her sister. "Do not worry, you are not dead. This is... a dream... We are at the border of StarClan and the Dark Forest." Mysterysoul turned around to see the Dark Forest's rotting trees looming only a few mouse-tails away. Then came black mist, and Silent Scream appeared. Mysterysoul looked back at Pearlheart. "How come you never visited me before?" Pearlheart glared at Silent Scream. "That vial creature is why." "W-what do you mean? S-Silent Scream helped me!" Pearlheart shook her head, sadly. "No... She was pulling you farther away. So far that not even our great ancestors could get to you." Mysterysoul faced Silent Scream. "Why would you do that?" She screeched. Silent Scream laughed. "You were blinded by your desire for revenge. I wanted to manipulate that, and my plan was going perfectly until your stupid sister had to ruin it all!" "She wanted to use your hate to bring bloodshed to everyone. You would have become very powerful, very dangerous, very sinister. Blood is what keeps Silent Scream alive in the Dark Forest. Without it, she is nothing." Pearlheart spoke, glancing at Mysterysoul. The truth hit Mysterysoul hard and her heart sunk. She had trusted Silent Scream completely. She leaned against Pearlheart, suddenly feeling drained of energy. Silent Scream scowled. "One day I'll get what I want... and no one will stop me then!" "Go away, Silent Scream!" Pearlheart hissed. "My sister isn't your puppet anymore!" Hmph... I've lost one, but there will be more." And with that, Silent Scream vanished, but the spot where she stood was covered with blood. The sticky, red liquid flowed across the border. It went straight to Mysterysoul and covered her paws. Mysterysoul leaped back as the blood disappeared from the ground but remained on her paws. Pearlheart turned to her. "What is this? It won't come off!" Mysterysoul's voice was full of panic, as she tried to lick the blood off. Suddenly, a cat came out of the pretty StarClan forest. The tortoise-shell and tan she-cat padded over to them. Mysterysoul looked up at the she-cat and backed away, slightly. "Oh, my foolish daughter!" The she-cat exclaimed. "F-foxfur?!" Mysterysoul stuttered, looking at her mother unbelievably. Foxfur brushed against her daughters' fur. "Oh, what you would have done to us all, my precious kit, is horrifying." Mysterysoul couldn't speak. She was so very delighted to finally meet her mother and to see her sister again, but what Foxfur was saying scared her; guilt laid heavily on her. Foxfur met Mysterysoul's gaze. "We saved you just in time..." "But we couldn't save Breezepelt," Pearlheart reminded her mother. "Pfft. That monster isn't a loss," Foxfur meowed without any sympathy. "Although," she began to Mysterysoul. "The blood you see on your paws is the punishment for the blood you have spilled today. It will never go away, for it will remind you to never kill again... unless necessary." "Foxfur!" Pearlheart looked at her mother. "What? Sometimes you gotta defend yourself... it's only natural..." Pearlheart rolled her eyes at her mother's response, and turned to her sister. "W-why did this h-happen to me?" Mysterysoul asked with a small whimper. "Silent Scream is evil... She loves revenge, or any form of hatred. She targeted you for a very long time..." Pearlheart meowed. "The beast had formed this plan before you two were even born," Foxfur added. "Sometimes, things happen that we cannot control. I'm sorry you had to learn it this way, but the lesson had to be taught. We were lucky enough to save you when we did." "Wait," Mysterysoul glanced at Pearlheart. "I thought you said that I was to far for you to reach me. How were you able to save me?" Foxfur and Pearlheart looked at each other for a moment, then finally, Foxfur answered. "That... isn't important. What's important is that you are free!" "Oh! You should get back to father!" Pearlheart meowed with realization. Foxfur nodded. "Yes, they mustn't think you're dead." They licked Mysterysoul's muzzle and said good-bye. Then, her mother and sister faded away, and Mysterysoul woke up.

(Then things got

"She's awake, Redstone!" Mysterysoul heard Scarletlily call. Redstone came into the med-cat den in a split second, along with Stonefrost. "Oh, my daughter!" Redstone meowed with relief, and he licked her ears and head all over. "We thought you were dying when we finally got to you!" "O-oh?" Mysterysoul blinked up at her father. Her body hurt almost everywhere. It was like she was now feeling the full affect of Breezepelt's attacks. Mysterysoul could barely move without something hurting. "W-well, I'm not dead," she replied to Redstone. "I could never leave you down here alone." Redstone purred, then rested his head on hers. "I'm going to need you two toms to move out of my way," Scarletlily meowed from behind them. Redstone and Stonefrost backed up so the medicine cat could get through. Scarletlily began to clean the she-cat's wounds, but when she got to her paws, Scarletlily stopped, looking frustrated and puzzled. "I... can't seem to remove the blood from your paws..." Scarletlily looked at Mysterysoul, who flattened her ears. "It's not suppose to..." She meowed quietly. "Huh?" Mysterysoul sighed, and she looked at Redstone and Stonefrost with undeniable shame. "I've made a big mistake. I... I listened to that cat in my dream. Every word she spoke, I listened to. I wanted revenge on the cat who killed Pearlheart. And that cat told me exactly how and when I should have my revenge; and I did. She planned to use me... I-I'm so sorry. I--" Redstone hushed his daughter. "It's alright now..." He murmured. "You're alive, and that's all that matters to me." Stonefrost licked her ear. "Your mistake doesn't define you, and it will soon be forgotten. I promise." Mysterysoul shook her head slowly. "No... No, it won't. The blood on my paws will never come off. It will forever remind me of what I have done." Everyone was quiet when they heard her words, and a great silence came over them. That is, until Mysterysoul wanted to think of something else. "I met Pearlheart... and Foxfur," she spoke up. "Y-you did? How?" Redstone asked. "Well, when I was... unconscious, they came to me in my dream. They are the ones who saved me from that wretched cat." Redstone purred again. "I should finish treating your wounds," Scarletlily meowed. "Oh, right." The toms left the den so Scarletlily could do her work. When she was finished, they were allowed back in, but only Stonefrost entered this time. "I'm glad you're alive," he meowed as he sat beside Mysterysoul. She purred, then she stopped. "I'm sorry I didn't listen to you... I was blind. I couldn't see what mattered most." "Please. There's no need to apologize. You were going through a lot." "But, there is!" Mysterysoul pressed. "I was so foolish that I couldn't even see that I had cats who loved me. I brushed them aside as if they didn't matter at all. I didn't care for you, when you cared for me. I was so stupid not to notice that you--" Mysterysoul cut herself off. "I what?" Stonefrost asked with a twitch of his whiskers. "You-you love me. Me! A cat without a heart. How? I tried to throw you away as if you were nothing but Two-leg garbage. I tried to forget you. How could you love someone who almost let you die?" Stonefrost laid his tail over her. "I could, because I saw past all your grief and hatred. I remembered how you used to be, when we would wrestle and tease each other; and when we planned our days out for when we were both warriors. I remembered the first time I laid eyes on you, the pretty, tiny black she-kit without a mother. We were best friends since the beginning. I wasn't about to let those memories slip just because you didn't feel how I feel. Nothing you did would have changed me." Mysterysoul wanted to yowl, her emotions were almost too much for her. "I don't deserve you! You're so loyal, and I was going to be used to destroy everything! You don't deserve someone like me, a wretched cat, who's lost her heart and mind!" "But I don't want anyone else." Stonefrost touched her nose to his. "I am yours, and you are mine."

"You two make me want to cry," Blazestar meowed, choking on her words as she padded in. "Don't make me cry." Stonefrost turned to his mother. "We won't," he promised. Blazestar grinned, but it vanished as she looked at Mysterysoul. "Redstone and Scarletlily told me what you said." Mysterysoul slightly lifted her head. "So, they did? I... I will accept any punishment you give me. Just know, I am truly sorry. I know that, I am not worthy of forgiveness. And I--" "Oh, for StarClan's sake, hush!" Blazestar meowed. "Mysterysoul, I had already decided not to punish you, for StarClan has done it themselves. And you absolutely do receive my forgiveness! I took care of you as a kit, and I still do now. I, as well as your Clan, am here for you." "Oh, Blazestar! Thank you so much!" Blazestar purred a "you're welcome." Mysterysoul's broken heart had been pieced back together, and she remained kind and happy from that day forward. Everything was as it should be.

The End

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