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Mudrunner is a tom and a wandering loner; if to join a clan, he would be ranked as a Medicine Cat.


A lean, short furred tom with white fur and chocolate point Siamese markings.


  • Nurturing | Mudrunner finds it hard to let cats suffering, which includes in battle. When he was a warrior apprentice in his former clan he couldn't bear when he even killed prey. That's why when he would become a medicine cat in his next clan.
  • Emotional | Mudrunner really expresses his emotions a lot. He fells very bad for cats when they are in pain or upset.
  • Positive | Mudrunner always looks on the bright side of things and tries not to let things get to him. This makes him a cat you can really talk to, even if he can't exactly talk to you.
  • Anxious | Mudrunner is constantly worrying about the smallest things. This is because he wants to be accepted and also be very useful for his clan.
  • Shy | Mudrunner prefers to be alone because he doesn't feel accepted when he's around other cats. Most cats have insulted him his entire life so he doesn't like to be around others.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Hunting in fields being in fields
  • Collecting Herbs
  • Running
  • Playing


  • Dark areas/forests
  • Darkness in general
  • Staying in one place
  • Working too hard or for too long


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Mudrunner was found with his older sister in a muddy swamp. She was warrior age and Mudrunner was a tiny kit. He was taken into his clan along with his sister. He was named Mudkit because it looked as it the mud had stained his fur forever, which it didn't, he's just a Siamese cat. Mudrunner was in fact mute which made him unable to communicate. Before he became an apprentice they asked if he wanted to be a medicine cat apprentice or a warrior apprentice and he just went along with becoming a warrior apprentice.

When Mudrunner became an apprentice, his mentor was his sister, Ravenmuzzle. Lately, she had been wanting to become deputy. After a week of his training the former deputy died and Ravenmuzzle became deputy. After this, She didn't have use for Mudrunner and she had grown paranoid that other clan cats were finding a way to communicate with him so he could share the clan's secrets.

She assumed in order to save her clan, Mudpaw must be killed. Out when he was hunting, She leaped at him and tried to kill him. Luckily a cat was nearby and stopped Ravenmuzzle in her tracks and she was exiled. The last that any of the clan saw of her was near the twolegplace.

Mudpaw was badly injured and was confined to the medicine cat den for a moon because his wounds were deep. He spent that time watching the medicine cat work and eventually learned basic herbs. But, he was too scared what Ravenmuzzle might do to him that he decided to leave and run far away. So he did, Now he resides in the Loners of the Farm group, where he lives his life happily.




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