This is for Mousi Hideaways and The Barn Horde, please ask if your going to use this

Mouse InsultsEdit

Rat- a low down mouse who is selfish and greedy "What a Rat!"

Pebble- a lower class mouse "Your just a puny little pebble!"

Antbrain- a very dumb mouse "COME ON YOU ANTBRAIN!"

Undertail (ahahahaha)- a very dirty and unclean mouse

"Clean your self up and stop being a cow's under-tail

Mouse FoodsEdit

Honey cups- Honey suckles

Salty scale- chips

Salty stick- fries

Gruel- Beetle and Bug soup

Other stuff Edit

Shiny things- earrings, rings, watches etc.

Cool things- boots, tap, rags

Saltlicks- Saltlicks