M O U S E 

"Roses are red, But stains are redder"

Creator ImperfectMouse
Roleplayer eza2003
Sex Female
D.O.B 17/11
Breed Felis Catus (Moggie)
Sexuality Hetrosexual
Clan & Rank The Galactic Empire & Empress
Full name Mouse
Nicknames Moose, Mousey
Definition In English, the meaning of the name Mouse is: a small rodent that typically has a pointed snout, relatively large ears and eyes, and a long tail.
Reasoning Mouse was given this as her name due to her ability to be "as quite as a mouse". During her training, her mentor, Thana, gave her this name. She has decided to keep it ever since, giving her the ability to be free of her past.


-Three moons-

Ash let out a yowl of delight as she pounced onto the brown feline’s back, and clambered up it. Sitting between the feminine felines shoulder blades, she softly grabbed her ear.

“Ash!” the feline purred, turning to gently bat her off.

Ash squealed with happiness as she tumbled off, landing between the brown felines paws.

“Yes Lightheart?” she said cheekily.

Lightheart chuckled, and pressed her nose against Ash’s. She purred lovingly, and as Lightheart pulled away, Ash leapt to her paws.

“What are we doing today?” she asked, her tail twitching with excitement.

“Can we hunt? I really want to practise-” Ash was suddenly cut off as Lightheart flicked her tail to her mouth. She pushed it away with a tiny achromatic paw.

“What was that for?”

“Ash- be quite!” Lightheart snapped.

Obediently, she shut her mouth, and rolled her emerald green optics. Lightheart’s audits were perked, and her eyes flared with slight panic. Suddenly, another feline burst from the bushes, shrieking a battle cry. Lightheart leapt to her paws, growling, and the new feline bowled her over. Panic flared in her chest. Her heart boomed behind her ribs. Her fur spiked all over. She watched in horror as the tabby feline tared her mother apart.

“Ash- run!” Lightheart’s last words exploded from her, and the tabby bit her throat.

The life faded from Lightheart’s body. The feline turned to face Ash, who was rooted to the ground with fear. Blood trickled around the tabby’s mouth, and her paws were stained red.

“Training time, dearest Ash” it snarled, and leapt at her.

Ash was bowled over as the feline crushed her to the earth. It dug its serrated unguis into her shoulder, tearing flesh. She yowled in pain and fear. The tabby planted her dentures around Ash’s throat, and met her gaze. Its emerald green optics shone with amusement. She dug her dentures in quickly, and let go. Her brain connected to her legs. She bolted, her heart matching the pace of her paws. She ran for the trees, and her audits rang with the malevolent laugh of the feline.

Ash ran through the forest, her sight blurry with tears. She leapt over a log, and she could've sworn she heard the felines laugh again. She picked up speed, and suddenly barrelled into someone. Rolling on the damp earth, she stayed there, her eyes tightly shut and sobbed. She heard a growl, and she whimpered, preparing to feel the sharp pain of teeth and death. But instead, she felt the gentle nudge of a nose on her cheek, and her eyes snapped open. A small male pup stood before her, his hazel brown eyes glinting with concern. He wrapped himself around Ash, and she pressed her muzzle against his shoulder. She couldn't pick it out, but for some reason she felt safe with this stranger. She numbly let him lead her to a tree. They settled down between two high roots, out of the cold winter wind. "W-who are you?" she asked, her voice hoarse. "Timber. And you?" Timber asked softly, nudging her head up. "I-I'm Ash" she said, and straightened a little. Timber smiled, and Ash let out a soft purr. They curled up together, and the ache of loosing Lightheart subsided a little bit.

-Two moons later- Ash let out a yowl of laughter as she was tackled to the ground by Timber. He chuckled, and the two friends rolled around together of the forest floor. She pushed him off, and bolted up the nearest tree. She glided up to the first branch with ease, and stood on the branch. "Aye, no fair! You know I can't climb!" Timber yowled, pouting. "Ah, your just scared!" she giggled. Timber growled, and paced along the floor. She trotted along the thinning branch until she came to a clump of snow. Pushing it off with one paw, she watched as it crashed upon Timber. He let out a loud bark as he was buried beneath it. Ash yowled with laughter as Timber jumped out, the white flakes sticking to his pelt. She trotted along back towards the trunk, already skilled at climbing. Her audits perked as she heard the thumping of paws against the trunk.

"Get down! Please?" Timber complained, a whine to his voice.

Ash smirked, and sat, straightening herself up.

"I nearby declare myself leader of the forest!" She yowled, her visionaries sparkling with amusement.

Timber let out a huff, and stared up at her, glaring.

"Come on! We need to find somewhere to sleep!" He said, getting impatient.

Ash rolled her visonaries, and leapt down.

"Your no fun, you know that, right?" She said when she landed beside him.

"Yeah well, someone needs to make sure we find shelter!" He snapped.

Ash sighed. She loved Timber and all, but sometimes... He could be overprotective. The two ambled through the forest, checking searching for a sheltered place. They found a small stone formation, and hurried underneath it, the cold of night gripping onto them. She yawned, tired and cold.

"Night Ash" Timber murmured, as they curled up together.

"Goodnight Timber.." She whispered, and welcomed the black sea of sleep.

The sound of growls and snarls snapped Ash awake. The stench of dogs was thick in the air, and she leapt to her paws. Timber was standing up as well, his muddy brown fur bushed up. Suddenly the ominous face of a canine appeared, its lips pulled back into a snarl.

"Meet me at the river," Timber whispered, and she nodded.

"Well well, look what we have here." It snarled, its dentures gleaming in the moonlight.

"Ash- run!" Timber yowled, and the two broke away, fleeing out of the rocks.

"Get them!" The canine barked, and they belted after the two.

Two canine's were on her heels, and she ran faster, trying to block out the words Timber said. They were the exact final words her mother ever told her. She pelted through the forest, dodging trees and twigs, her paws a blur. A howl of victory struck the air, and she heard the dogs fall off, and turn to the direction of the howl.

Ash continued to run, all the way to the river, where she slid into a cave is the rocks, and huddled in there, waiting.

-Two moons later-

Ash stumbled through the forest, hunger attacking her. She was thin, her ribs showing through her achromatic pelage. Her stomach growled with hunger.





Mouse is a dark achromatic feminine feline, with emerald green eyes. She has a set of claw marks on her right shoulder, with are old and faded, but still visible.


Physical Health-●●●●










Mouse is a fun, energetic and outgoing feline. She may look fierce, but once you earn her trust, she'll always be ready to talk. Mouse is very protective over those she loves, and will protect them to her dying breath.


Physical Health-●●●●○







"Don't get me started on my mother."


"I never knew who my real father was."

Lightheart/Adopted Mother/Deceased

"I loved Lightheart, and still do. She will always be my mother."


Hollow/Alive/Adopted sister

"Hollow is the closest thing I have to a sister."


"I love him- he's my everything."


- "I promise."

- "Some promises are made to make others feel better."