Dark Mossy Forest
Together We Stand, Together We Grow





It was the beginning of green-leaf. The air was still humid from an over-night shower, and the birds were singing their morning songs. You were dozing off in a make-shift den, the gnarled roots blocking off the sun from overhead. A sudden growl snapped you out of your drowsy state, your ears perked up as a muffled hiss captured your attention.

"Ow! That's my tail you're stepping on."

"Oh, I'm so dreadfully sorry your highness..," A snobbier voice responded.

"Guys, stay focused..," someone scowled.

"Hey do you smell that? I think there's another cat nearby..," Someone else hissed.

Huh.... that's strange.. usually rogues didn't travel in such big groups.

Panic shot through your senses as you realized these weren't rogues, no their scent was distinctly of moss and water, and they all shared it; these were Clan cats. Slowly, you crept out of your shelter, glancing around warily for the strange cats that inhabited this land. All was quiet, leaving you safe to assume they had moved on to another part of the territory.

Oh, but you were wrong, my friend.

A flash of tabby fur was all you saw, before you were knocked out by a blow to the head.

"Gah! My head..," You sat up quickly, and with a pained gasp, collapsed back onto the soft moss nest.

"How are you feeling dear?" A gentle voice inquired. A pair of topaz eyes came into focus as you groggily opened your eyes, along with a cream colored small she cat with dark blue eyes and orange spots sitting inside the entrance of the den. "Where? Who? Huh?" You responded, too weak to do anything. "You're in MossClan camp, sweetie. I'm Dreamspirit, and that's Honeyblossom." Her tail flicked to the cream colored she cat. "And those two back over there are Owlstar and Blazestar." Two silhouettes stepped out from the shadows, one male and one female. The ginger and white tom had a muscular stature and a friendly cobalt blue gaze, while the tawny and cream she-cat had a smaller, lithe frame, yet her amber glare was intimidating on its own. "Greetings, I apologize for our warriors actions and-"

"There's no reason to apologize." The tawny feline interrupted with a scowl. "He/She was on our territory, so they paid the consequences for trespassing." Blazestar's pelt prickled as he shot her a warning glare, and continued talking. "Perhaps you'd consider staying until you recover, or maybe decide to stick around?" Your pelt bristled slightly, pondering your options.

Would you decide to stick around, and become an honorable clan mate and rise through the ranks, or would you leave after a full recovery?

The decision is yours.......




FOUNDED | Late April 2017

FOUNDER | Bellajules8

STATUS | Active




ROLEPLAY STYLE  | Traditional/ Descript.

TAG | 
Green Flower Tag

SERVER | Belaya

SPECIES | Felis Catus 

NAMING | Traditional & Rouge


1) Thehuntress5203

2) Blazesoul

3) Bellah49

4) Nastiia8

5) Splode

6) Blue1704

7) Kelissy123

8) Starlitmoon121

9) Dreamhazard

10) Warriorcats7035

11) Helmut101

12) Lan1229

13) Pipsqeak55

14) Sweetpea421

15) Redmarshall

16) Awesomekid24703

17) Snowyrose42258

18) Pegasys

19) Julywishes11

20) Roseblue1234

21) Boltthecat10675

22) Fely36

23) Bellajules8

24) Snowflake6001

25) Emi822

26) Flooger

27) Snowiedawg

28) Tigerbella

29) Tundraheart

30) Oriental

31) Michi435

32) xxBrokenrejectsxx

33) xxjustakawaiipeachxx

34) Nature22903

35) Foebunny

36) Restlestler

37) Tgc11

38) Iswafflejam

39) Trunkytales

40) Brooklynh2007

41) Greenluckyclovers

42) Potatofriends12

43) Sonic2112

44) Insanewolf25

45) xXWolfofthemoonXx

46) Nuckles92186

47) Insanewolff00

48)  Snowyspirit0

49) Wiseowl7

50) Penguins4eva5

51) Flavoredsoapsxx

52) Catrocksbutter2

53) Wolfcan33

54) Immaboss1234

55) Animosities

56) Jammer30whj




12/3/17-Page Updated!

12/17/17- We Welcome Flowerpaw, Flashpaw, Redpaw, & Stripedpaw as MossClan Apprentices!

12/24/17- Bubbles has been found dead at the border. Have happy hunting in StarClan our dear friend.

12/26/17- We Welcome Stormclaw Back From His "Break"!

12/26/17- We Welcome Reedpaw as an Apprentice!

12/28/17- We Welcome Ghoststep & Blackstream into Mossclan as Warriors!

12/29/17- We Welcome Mistcloud & Sorrowwing into Mossclan as Warriors!

12/30/17- We Bid Farewell to Ghoststep.

12/30/17- We Welcome Bonnysap & Sootfeather into Mossclan as Warriors! We Welcome Fadekit into Mossclan as a Kit!

12/31/17- We Bid Farewell to Bonnysap.

12/31/17- We Welcome Shadowpelt into Mossclan as a Warrior! We Welcome Sprucepaw into Mossclan as an Apprentice! We Welcome Lilyshine into Mossclan as a Queen!

1/1/18- We Welcome Neonlight and Badgerfern into Mossclan as Warriors!

1/1/18- HoneyBlossom, Our Dear Medicine Cat, was Killed by Timberstar. We wish you farewell and Will Miss You..

1/2/18- We Welcome Sorrelcrest into Mossclan as a Warrior! We Welcome Kestrelpaw into Mossclan as an Apprentice!

1/2/18-Rustwing, Slipped off Merciless Mountains and Died. We will Miss You, May StarClan be with You.

1/2/18- We Bid Farewell to Badgerfern.

1/3/18-  We Welcome Meadoweyes into Mossclan as a Warrior! We Welcome Sharkpaw into Mossclan as an Apprentice!

1/4/18- We Bid Farewell to Kestrelpaw.

1/5/18- We Welcome Echopaw and Nightpaw into Mossclan as Apprentices!

1/5/18- Mossclan Has Reached 50 Members!

1/6/18- We Welcome Shadedleaf into Mossclan as a Warrior!

1/7/18- We Welcome Moonfur into Mossclan as a Queen! We Welcome Berrykit into Mossclan as a Kit!

1/9/18- We Welcome Krestalpaw and Stormpaw into Mossclan as Apprentices! We Welcome Smokekit into Mossclan as a Kit!

1/10/18- We Welcome Creekfrost into Mossclan as a Warrior!

1/11/18- We Welcome Milkpaw into Mossclan as an Apprentice!

1/12/18- We Welcome Runningpaw and Fallowpaw into Mossclan as Apprentices!

1/13/18- We Welcome Whitestag and Badgerstrike into Mossclan as Warriors! We Welcome Blossompaw, Shadowpaw, and Hazelpaw into Mossclan as Apprentices! We Bid Farewell to Krestalpaw.

1/14/18- We Bid Farewell to Creekfrost, Stormpaw, and Milkpaw. We Welcome Frostpaw and Spiritpaw into Mossclan as Apprentices!

1/15/18- We Bid Farewell to Twistedgaze, Whitestag, Badgerstrike, and Pigeonpaw. We Welcome Silverpaw and Woodpaw into Mossclan as Apprentices!

1/16/18- We Bid Farewell to Splashstep.

1/17/18- We Welcome Barkmask as a Warrior into Mossclan! We Welcome Birdkit into Mossclan as a Kit!

1/18/18- We Welcome Cloverheart and Lotusblossom into Mossclan as Warriors! We Welcome Wolfpaw into Mossclan as an Apprentice!

1/19/18- We Welcome Blossomstone into Mossclan as a Warrior! We Welcome Newtpaw as an Apprentice into MossClan!

1/20/18- Mosspaw is now Mossleap, and Petalkit is now Petalpaw.

1/26/18 - Deerkit is now Deerpaw!

1-27-18 We Bid Farewell to Thrushsong

1-31-18 - We honor Cloverheart as he joins StarClan

2/2/18 - Flashpaw is now Flashfire, Redpaw is Redstreak, and Ashpaw is now Ashsight.

2/3/18 - We honor Sagesong as she joins Starclan and we welcome Blossomkit, Mountainkit, and Strawberrykit.



I. Loyalty

Your loyalty should be to MossClan first and foremost. You can have friends outside of the clan (Excluding Cats in enemy clans/packs/tribe) but you must fight against them in times of battle or if they turn against us.

II. Double-Grouping

Double Clanning is forbidden. If found out, you will be punished for breaking Rules 1 & 7. This can also cause drama and stress.

III. Drama/Stress

Don't cause drama for no reason. It causes extreme health problems for people with anxiety and other medical conditions. This is a kids game not a drama site. You will be asked to stop if it gets out of hand. 

IV. Concerning Mates

1. Kits cannot have mates. Way to young.

2. Apprentices cannot have mates, but they can have crushes. This goes to the Medicine Cat Apprentices as well.

3. You cannot have two mates. This breaks rule 2. They are your mate until one leaves or dies ( Exiled, etc.)

V. Colors/Attire

We are cats, not jellyfish. When not in roleplay you may have some random outfit on, but once in roleplay you will be ask to change into normal attire. This goes for pelt colors as well.

VI. Rankings

We all are equal, but each rank has their limits. No kit can take down a badger, as deputies cannot give extreme orders. Higher ranks are highly respected. (Elders sorta)

VII.  Fairness/Advice

We will not exile anyone without a reason. This also goes along with advice. Listen to someone who is more experienced. Please.

VIII. Advanced Vocab

Don't go over the top with vocab. A little is fine, but no ' The monumental...' 

IX. Leaving

If you leave the clan, your clanmates will decide if you are ever allowed to come back and join us. But you will only given one second chance. If you leave three times, then you have left for good.

X. Warrior Code

This is the main thing that keeps clan life going. Learn it if you're an apprentice, know it if you're any rank higher. 

Click Here to view the warrior code


You are allowed to have 3 OCs. No more, it causes confustion and annoyance.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ OBJECTIVE
Most clans do not have this, but I feel like it's important to discuss. This clan was created to be a place of happiness and friendship. That may sound somewhat stereotypical, but it is what this place was made for. If you ever think there is a way to make this place even better, please tell the leader, deputy, or co deputy. We want your opinion. We wish for our clan to grow stronger when it can. We hope that no one might feel unimportant, and want them to know that they are very important to this clan. Just as our quote says we all stand together, and together we all grow.




Leaders are the highest ranking in the clan. They serve their clan physically, as well as spiritually. They give the most important problems their concern, as well as speak to StarClan. They are gifted nine lives from them as well.



Deputies are the second in command. They enforce the rules, and take over the clan if the leader is not on. They travel with the leaders to the Moonstone, and become Leaders once the old Leaders have lost all nine lives.



Elite Warriors are the more experienced warriors. They become a big option if one of the Deputies die. They are also closer to becoming an Elder, but are also leaders of hunting, battle, and border patrols.



Queens are the caretakers. They are she-cats nursing or pregnant with Kits. They are cared for by Warriors and their mates.



Warriors are the main battle/hunting cats. They can advance to Elites, the Black Aurum, or to one of the Deputies. They train Apprentices and can have mates and kits. They can become Elders if they live long enough.



Medicine Cats are the Shamans of the clan, along with their Apprentices. They never go into battle or war, and Warriors give them prey. They can mate, as long as it doesn't affect their duties to the clan. They are also the only ones who can talk to StarClan other than the Leaders. They take a special code when at the Moonstone.



Apprentices are the trainees of the clan. They train with their mentors and gain experience in hunting and fighting. Once old enough, they will become a Warrior and get their warrior name.



Kits are the youngest of the clan. They don't leave the nursery until they're 3 moons old, and don't become Apprentices until they're 6 moons old. They are cared for by Queens and Warriors.



Elders are the oldest in the clan. They tell stories to Kits and are cared for by the Medicine Cats and Apprentices, as well as the Warriors.


[x8] [x2]

The Black Aurum is as high of a rank as the Elites and is full of Mossclan's most violent and trustworthy cats; the only dark part of Mossclan. There are two sections of the Black Aurum: the Legionnaires and the Centurions.

The Legionnaires are the ones to carry out punishments and are typically only called in for battle on very rare occasions. Disrespect these felines at your own risk.

The Centurions are the top Legionnaires. They are overly dangerous, and will kill on sight. They have lots of experience in heartbreak and war, and have the wits to lead their felines into battle.

Disrespect these felines, prepare to die.




Blazestar Thehuntress5203 Male Orangeheart Juniperpaw & Insomniapaw 6/9
Owlstar blazesoul Female N/A TBA 9/9


Stormclaw bellah49 Male N/A TBA
Orangeheart Nastiia8 Female Blazestar Puddlepaw


ShadowCast Kelissy123 Female N/A ShadowPaw Centurion
Robinfeather Dreamhazard Female Sparrowfeather Solarpaw Legionnarie


Oakfall splode Male N/A TBA
Lightningstrike Redmarshall Male N/A Greypaw
Sparrowfeather Awesomekid24703 Male Robinfeather TBA


Creatureheart Warriorcats7035 Female N/A TBA
Wishcloud Helmut101 Female N/A TBA
Roseclaw Lan1229 Female N/A TBA
Sunstorm Helmut101 Female Blizzardwing TBA
Flashfire Snowiedawg Female N/A Hazelpaw
Wildfire Pipsqueak55 Female N/A TBA
Maplefeather Sweetpea421 Female N/A TBA
Ashsight Kelissy123 Female N/A Cinderpaw
   Sunwing Snowyrose42258 Female N/A Woodpaw
Blosomstone Jammer30whj Female N/A Blossompaw
Blueberrysong Roseblue1234 Female N/A Greypaw
Quicksight Splode Male N/A Sprucepaw
Lightwatcher Kelissy123 Male Lilywhisker Stripedpaw
Greycloud Fely36 Female N/A TBA
Sparrowsong Tundraheart Female N/A TBA
Dragonfang Tigerbella Male N/A TBA
Dawnspark Flooger Male N/A Spiritpaw
Starstrike Oriantel Female N/A TBA
Shadepelt Dreamhazard Female N/A Blossompaw
Mistcloud Michi435 Female N/A TBA
Sorrowwing xxBrokenrejectsxx Male N/A TBA
Shadeleaf greenluckyclovers Female N/A TBA
Swiftstep Brooklynh2007 Male N/A TBA
Lilyfoot - Female N/A N/A
Nighttail Nighttail0 Female N/A N/A
Lotusflower - Female N/A N/A
Hawksight Filthyy Male N/A TBA
Shadowpelt Cutie48532 Male N/A TBA


Mossleap Snowiedawg Female N/A Petalpaw
Orchidsight Thehuntress5203 Female N/A Fallenpaw
Spottedshade Iswafflejam Male N/A Owlpaw


Moonfur Potatofriends12 Warrior N/A Berrykit
Lilyshine Nature22903 Queen N/A Fogkit & Peppermintkit (adoptive)
Lilywhisker Thehuntress5203 Warrior LightWatcher Lionkit & Featherkit
Doveheart Tigerbella Warrior N/A Looking to Adopt
- - - - -
- - - -- -


Insomniapaw Tigerbella Male Blazestar
Greypaw bellajules8 Male Lightningstrike
Juniperpaw Emi822 Female Blazestar
Wishpaw Flooger Female Lilywhisker
Flowerpaw blazesoul Female Blueberrysong
Stripedpaw redmarshall Male Lightwatcher
Spiritpaw Snowyspirit0 Female Dawnspark
Newtpaw Aminosities Male Barkmask
Puddlepaw Tigerbella Male Orangeheart
Sharkpaw Iswafflejam Male TBA
Echopaw trunkytales Female TBA
Hazelpaw Sonic2112 Female Flashfire
Blossompaw ponygirl121 Female Blossomstone
     Sprucepaw Foebunny      Female Quicksight
Shadowpaw Insanewolff00 Male Shadowcast
Woodpaw wiseowl7 Male Sunwing
Cinderpaw Emberleaf19 Female Ashsight
Nightpaw Brooklynh2007 Female TBA


Fallenpaw Nastiia8 Female Orchidsight
Petalpaw Blue1704 Female Mossleap
Windypaw - Female N/A


Fogkit Awesomekid24703 Male Lilyshine
Cranekit Dreamhazard Female N/A
Berrykit Julywishes11 Female Moonfur
Doekit Tgc11 Female N/A
Russetkit Bellah49 Male N/A
Birdkit Catsrockbutter2 Male Lilywhisker
Smokekit xXWolfofthemoonXx Male N/A
Fadekit xxjustakawaiipeachxx Female N/A
Strawberrykit Filthyy Female Sagesong & Orchidsight
Mountainkit Flavoredsoapsxx Male Sagesong & Orchidsight
Blossomkit Pegasyss Female Sagesong & Orchidsight
Trufflekit Cutie48532 Male N/A


Dreamspirit Bellajules8 Female N/A



  • Blazestar (Leader)
  • Owlstar (Leader)
  • Darkheart (Deputy)
  • Dreamspirit (Medicine Cat)
  • Orchidsight (Medicine Cat)
  • ShadowCast (Centurion)
  • Mangoblossom (Leigionar)
  • Oakfall (Elite Warrior)
  • Orangeheart (Elite Warrior)
  • Applefang (Warrior)
  • Thunderstrike (Warrior)
  • Creatureheart (Warrior)Go to Creature (paw)
  • Blackstream (Warrior)
  • Lightningstrike (Warrior)
  • LightWatcher (Warrior)
  • Quicksight (Warrior)
  • Thrushsong (Warrior)
  • Shadowpelt (Warrior)
  • Sootfeather (Warrior)
  • Swiftstep (Warrior)
  • Lilywhisker (Warrior/Queen)
  • Sprucepaw (Apprentice)
  • Willowpaw (Apprentice)
  • Nightpaw (Apprentice)
  • Milkpaw (Apprentice)
  • Fallowpaw ( Apprentice )
  • Ashpaw (Apprentice)
  • Cilla Windowsill (Kit)
  • Fogkit (Kit)
  • Deerkit (Kit)
  • Hazelpaw (Apprentice)
  • Russetkit (Kit)
  • Petalkit (Kit)
  • Mourningkit (Kit)
  • CinderSlit (Warrior)
  • Emberkit (Kit)
  • Swiftkit (Kit)
  • Mossleap ( Medicine Cat )
  • Lotusblossom (warrior)
  • Hawksight (Warrior)
  • Lilacheart (Warrior)
  • Lionkit(Kit)



(People can create new OCs in the comments, and they will then be added to this table. Others that need an OC, but can't create one on their own, can choose from this list.)

Smokekit (?) Intelligent, outgoing, and slightly cocky. He's sweet at heart but is competitive and fierce when it comes to certain situations. He's almost never quiet and loves to mingle. Solid lightish-grey pelt with light green eyes. Has medium sized ears, large paws, a small tail, a bushy chest, and a muscular set. Male Kit
- - - - -
Aspenkit Thoughtful and polite; usually quiet and thinks things over. Likes to make friends and is always nice, except when someone is extremely rude to him or someone he is fond of. Mottled black and white pelt with greenish-yellow eyes; a mix of Black's and Lightning's. Has large ears, a heavy-set frame like Smokekit, and a long, bushy tail, with average paws and broad shoulders. Male Kit
Dewfeather Sweet, caring, kind, and gentle. Small she-cat with a brown pelt with a lighter brown muzzle, belly, and tail. Has yellow eyes. Female Warrior

  • Smokekit (?)
  • Coalkit
  • Aspenkit
  • DewFeather (Warrior)




"Sister?" Mourningkit has been a loyal kit to Mossclan for 3 moons now, and has made many friends. But now Oakfall gets a surprise visit from Thorn once again. He is holding a kit that looks oddly similar to Mourninkit, which catches Oakfall's attention. Thorn askes if he can keep Ryan in Mossclan. Oak feels guilty and agrees to take the kit. Ryan is now given the name (Insert name of your choice here). Mourningkit, Someone to play "Ryan" (Will be changed to a warrior cats name), Oakfall. TBA
Ring Around The Rosie Two mysterious felines known as the Viper's are suddenly appearing in camp as thunder strikes, a severly wonuded cat infront of them. Thunder strikes, them dissapearing. What will happen? Will they come back? Whose Next? The Vipers, Wounded Feline, all of Mossclan Unknown
- - - -
Sickness!!! A cat starts coughing, and is taken to the medicine den. The medicine cats do not confine this cat to the medicine den. They assume it is a minor cough,and will be cured by some fresh air and a few herbs. The cat acually has whitecough. The cat is in contact with everyone in mossclan, and the sickness spreads and becomes greencough before any med cats can confine all sick cats to the medicine den. Many cats fall ill, and are not able to hunt so prey becomes short, and hunger only worsens the sickness. The catmint supply is dimished, and frost has killed all new growth except a few sprigs. Eventually a new patch is descover by a medicine cat and cures a few cats. Thay are able to hunt, and prey returns to the fresh kill pile. This helps all cats recover eventually. Cat who brings in the sickness, everyone and cats that don't recover (only if u want to kill off an oc)


5 - 12





StormClan Moony/sun499 Chimbu 50%
ConiferousClan Stormstar/Moonhunter86 TBA 75%
FrostClan (App1exd) Snowstar/App1exd Gila & Calle 75%
ShrineClan Lockstar/Jammer9md8f  Nebulastar/Diamondfur11 Zambezi 50%
MountainClan Froststar/Fadingcourage TBA 60%
Clan of The Cherry Blossom Clearings Emeraldstar/dog7970935 Icebreeze/hellokitty567892 TBA 50%


FireClan Theodore/Tessabird Portgas/Spartanwolf777


- - -




Username OC
Jellybean908 TBA
Emi820 TBA
Tundraheart TBA
Oriental TBA
Pipspeak55 TBA


Username OC Reason
Solstizvce Red/Redwhisker Left Twice
Dakowolf Burntstripe Left Twice
ghostlyaj Antlertail Left Three Times
Spiret49 Amberleaf Double-Clanning, Lying
Tikvah44661 Shadowkit Power-Playing, Disobeying Higher Authority, Causing Drama
Cloversplash01 Cloverpaw Disrespected Everyone, Disregarded Orders, Causing Drama, Attempting To Get Out Of Punishment, Threatening Our Well-Being


Username OC Clan Time
Saffyre Toxic Unopened 4 Days+
Solstizvce SorrowSong BayClan TBA
Cutcandy SilverStream BlossomClan 3 Weeks
Arev9 Wolfcry JayClan 2 Weeks+
Wolvesrock09324 Silverclaw Rouge Jan. 7-9
Alice1789 Dusk Astral Waters TBA
Theredibis Snake Rouge 1 Week
sistarsforever Roseclaw & Dovepaw Pineclan (Runningstar/Fawnstar) 2 Weeks+
Wolfcan33 Wolfpaw Rouge 3 Days



Where is camp?

Camp is usually at Blazestar's den. If it is locked and he is yet to buddy you, then you may buddy anyone in the clan and talk to them about it.

Where is everyone?

If not at camp, make sure you have sent anyone buddy requests so you know who's where. During school hours, it is most likely that nobody is on. (Unless on some sort of holiday break)

Who can show me around?

The Leaders, Deputies, Elites, Ceturions and most Warriors should be able to help! But really any old members can do so as well!

What's it like here?

That mainly depends on your personal opinion, although Mossclan is mainly known to attract humorous and weird types of people, but we are generally open to anyone!

What is spam?

It's categorized to those comments that are unnecessary and take up unnecessary space.

When is roleplay?

We do not have a roleplay schedule, but if 5+ members are on, you may do a Roleplay Calling.

May I add my OCs to the page?

Please do not, unless your request has been ignored 3+ times and you haven't been able to contact an editor. We don't want the coding to get messed up, plus it is a matter of respect to the given roles.

Why have I been removed from the page?

Well this is a result of a few things. The most common one was that you were inactive or showed no interest in Mossclan after you submitted a joining form.


If you do not let the clan know in advanced and you haven't roleplayed or made contact with the clan in 2 weeks, you will be put on the inactive list. After a week of being on the inactive list, you will be kicked out. You can rejoin if you can prove you are inactive. If you post a note saying you will be inactive, you will be excused. However if you go over the date you are told to be back, you are given a week of grace. After that week you are added to the inactive list, and the process as if you haven't given a note begins.




Description: The Plentiful Thicket (Sarepia) is an untamed woodland abundant with prey. It is also the holder of many useful herbs. Common prey found there are mice, squirrels, frogs (after it rains), many birds (Including finches, woodpeckers, doves, and cardinals), and the occasional hedgehog. But watch out, sometimes there are foxes, and more rarely badgers. You might also find hawks in treetops.

Screenshot 2017-12-02 at 9.57.49 AM


Small Animals: Mice, Voles, Chipmunks, Frogs

Medium Animals: Rabbits, Squirrels

Large Animals: Birds

Dangerous Animals: Badgers, Foxes, Bears


The Forgotten Rocks (Kimbara Outback) is a dry, rocky landscape with pretty intense heat. It is made livable by a small pond with waterfalls, though fish aren't usually present in it. The cats of Mossclan believe it to be 'cursed', as many odd things have happened there.

Screenshot 2017-12-02 at 9.55.15 AM


Small Animals: Insects, Arachnids, Minnows (sometimes) 

Medium Animals: Toads, Lizards,

Large Animals: Fowls

Dangerous Animals: Snakes, Scorpions, Wild dogs, Bears


The Merciless Mountain (Mt. Shiveer) is a cold, frostbitten mountain and valley where snow is usually the weather and a chill is always sent down the spines of those who roam there. There is a large hot spring, as well as a frozen lake that is jagged and cracked over.

Screenshot 2017-12-03 at 9.47.22 AM


Small Animals: Mice, Arctic Hares, Lemmings, Small Birds, Occasional Fish

Medium Animals: Larger Birds & Rodents

Large Animals: Mountain Goats

Dangerous Animals: Arctic Wolves & Bears


The Timeless Expanse (Crystal Sands) is a large, hot sandy beach with crystal blue ocean waters that crash soothingly against the sand. There are many small waterfalls that trickle into the ocean up a path.

Screenshot 2017-12-03 at 9.43.49 AM


Small Animals: Small fish, Amphibians, Crustaceans

Medium Animals: Large birds, Fish

Large Animals: -

Dangerous Animals: Twolegs, Dogs



Leader Leader Coding Coding



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If you are joining, please follow this rule for the roleplay examples. If you use traditional, you need to have 5+ sentences to be accepted. If you use descriptive traditional, you need 4+ sentences to be accepted. If you use advanced, you need 2+ sentences to be accepted. Thank You!



-Name + Oc Page (Oc pg. is optional)-





- Hunting Roleplay Example-

-Fighting Roleplay Example-

-Loyalty Oath-




-Leader's User-


-Deputy's User-


-Reason to Ally-




-Reason of Departure-

-How we can improve-

-Final Goodbyes-


-Plot Name-

-People Needed-

-Plot description-

-Who will it affect-

-Time it takes place-




-Current Clan-

-Reason to visit-

-How long-


-Other Ocs-

-Name of this oc-







Coding Credit Goes to ~Amaryllisblossom~






Herb Guide


Tropical Fury ((Sidegroup))

CardinalClan ((Sidegroup))


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    • Im trying with Willowsong (The silver-grey she-cat moved her head as she moved into the camp, bumping into branches and twigs every now and th...
    • I was just looking at this and I like warrior cats so I might try to look into joining Mossclan, I like it so far!