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Basic Outline Edit

Moonism is a religion in which cats believe in Moonclan and/or Deathclan. Moonclan is the clan of the sky, while Deathclan is the clan of evil. Cats who believe in Moonism may also believe in Starclan which is in our religion, Starclan is a clan that takes traveling in the stars to get too if you are in Moonclan.

Entrance into Moonclan Edit

If you wish to be accepted into Moonclan then Moonstar (the founder of clans in our belief) must accpet you into Moonclan. When your heart will be judged by Moonstar decided which clan you enter.

Qualities looked for Edit

  • Kindness
  • Peace after death
  • minimum evil actions
  • acceptance for whatever clan is given to you
  • belief in the two/three clans of the sky
  • minimum evil intentions
  • wish for peace of killers

The same qualities are looked for when joining Starclan

Entrance to Deathclan Edit

Deathclan is the clan for cats that Moonstar has not accepted. If you have not been accepted into Moonclan then you will find yourself underground in a horrible place. Deathclan cats are chained together and work as slaves for Deathstar.

Qualities seen Edit

  • Hatred
  • Anger after death
  • more than minimum evil actions
  • No acceptance for Deathclan
  • Belief in none of the clans on the sky
  • More than minimum evil intentions
  • wish for death of killers

Not all of these must be seen to enter Deathclan, one or two of them may be seen and you may still enter Deathclan.

Rules of Moonism Edit

  • You must believe in the warrior code
  • If a cat in the clan is cruel they shall be put to death either by cats or death berries
  • Leaders must listen to the members of their clan
  • Leaders and Medicine cats are the only cats that can get prophicies
  • All cats must sit silently all night when a cat of their clan has passed
  • All cats are respected and trusted
  • Never harm a medicine cat or queen

Sacred Actions Edit

  • When a cat choses to follow Moonism a moon necklace shall be placed around their neck signifying their belief. (silver chain necklaces also work)
  • When a cat choses to follow Moonism, after they have gotten their moon necklace they shall sit beneath the moon so Moonstar can bless them with the ability to be judged after death.
  • A stripe on the tail, legs, face, and ears are given by Moonstar when a cat has done something good or bad.

Followers Edit

If you or your clan follow this religion please sign the name of your cat and its clan. You may include links to the page.

Flamestar of FlameClan

Thornpelt of FlameClan

Blindkit of FlameClan

Deepblue of N/A

Despairstripe of N/A