• Brownshade, Deputy of Moonclan.
  • The trouble Twins, Nightstream and Applebark.
  • Darkkit, Kit.
  • Mudwhisker, bff of Runningstream, and a friend.
  • Runningstream, Med.
  • Moonstar, Leader of Moonclan.
  • Cloud, trusted friend of Moonclan.
  • Katniss, trusted Friend
  • Leafclaw, Shadowfur's mate, Trusted Friend
  • Nightstar, Trusted friend. Shadowfur's daughter.
  • Bluestar [deceased] trustED friend and will remember her
  • badgerfoot, Trusted friend.
  • Whitefang, Warrior
  • Eeriecall, Friend.
  • Foxpaw, Leafclaw's daughter, trusted friend
  • Frostpaw, trusted friend.
  • Fang, worst enemy of brownshade
  • Sparrowbrain (Sparrowhawk) Leafclaw's mate
  • Maplewhisper, Friend of Moonclan
  • Sandstorm, Warrior.

The Beginning Edit

you walk down a twisted, weary pathway to a deserted clan camp, or so you thought. You feel tired, worn out, sleepy, Blood is dripping from your side, a wolf attacked you. "Who are you, trespasser?" you hear someone shout. "I-I.." You drift out of consciousness, and pass out, and you feel someone pick you up, hauling you somewhere. You awaken, your legs tied, your mouth stuffed with herbs and closed with a leaf. You struggle to get loose, while someone comes in, speaking to you. "Look who's awake, hello, I am Running stream, The medicine cat." She speaks in a soft voice while untying your legs, and you spit out the herbs. "Go outside, there is someone waiting for you" "Uh, Okay..?" You scamper outside, and a brown, white, and black she cat calls you to the high rock. " Greetings. All cats old enough to catch their prey gather under this very high rock for a clan gathering!" You see herds of cats group up around you, and you snarl, scared. " Calm down, newbie." you whip around, and a cat is standing there. You flatten your ears, and you snarl. You were named (your name), Of Moon Clan. You began your new life in this very camp.

And you were ready for it.

== Allegiances ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leader—Moonstar- black and dark grey she-cat, reddish hued paw [cookiegirl5588] ==

Deputy—Brownshade-A tom with a white underbelly, dark brown and light brown stripes covering his pelt. [kbug00056]


The Trouble Twins, Nightstream and Applebark. [xxdarkforest and Mongozi]

Nightshade—cream clored, black splotched tom with a short temper. Hates anyone. [XxDarkforest]

Whitefang—creamish colored cat, tan, easy to get along with/ Soul's mate [twinklestar98810]

Sandstorm—Sandy colored cat, ginger [Justsayimakat]

Soulstealer (Watersoul)-- Cooky cat, white, brown, black in different places. Wishful wanderers triplet [kbug00056]

Crimsonstripe—Crimson colored cat, Mate to our trusted friend Eeriecall [Nlj0814]

Theme song-

Medicine Cat(s)--

Theme song- N/A

Apprentices—Opalpelt- Silver-pelted shecat with black stripes like a tiger's. [xdensx]

Heatherpaw-Creamy pelted sheapprentice, feisty, loves to play around [N/A]

Apprentice's theme song:

Kits—Darkkit-Pure black kit with red, glassy eyes [dom31065]

Kit's theme song:


Deceased Edit



Runningstream-clanmate and med.

Code of attire Edit

Head—Fox hat, skull helmet, nothing.


Torso—Spartan armor, swords, nothing.

Ankles—elf bracelets, leaf bracelets, legendary glove, glove, Nothing.

Neck—Spike collar, leaf necklace, nothing.

Trusted friends and allies of Moonclan Edit

Mudwhisker-shecat with a white underbelly, Dark grey stripes, and a dark brown, creamy pelt. Deputy's sister's best friend. [swonger23] (Friend)

Cloud, a loyal friend (Friend)

The Tribe Of Hidden Shadows (Ally)

Shadowfur, Leafclaw-Friend (Their kits are: Nightstar, Foxpaw, Redpaw)

Collation form Edit

pack/tribe/clan/group name:

other allies:

number of cats:

Reason why you'd want to ally with us:

Leader's name and username:


Our whole Clan theme song Edit



Rules of Moonclan Edit

1) You will respect your clan's meaning, Leader, deputy, and elders. 2) You will not hunt without being told to do so. 3) Your rank STAYS as your rank, you may not change your rank 4) If your leader dies, your deputy will receive his/her 9 lives immediately

519-tiger-iphone-hd-wallpaper 640x960

This specific tiger is a rogue we found currently, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR HIM! [nlj0814]

Punishments Edit


Important news Edit

—Whitefang and Soul are mates. 3/27/16—The leader currently is not on, please refrain from going to the clan until the DEPUTY says so. 3/27/16—Crimsonstripe and eeriecall are mates 4/2/16

Wanted List Edit


Lionblaze—Ginger, white, brown cat, looks alike to Sandstorm [presleeray]

How to join Moonclan Edit

Name And Rank-

Why you want to join

have you heard of us before?

fan art <3 <3 Edit

  • TRUE DAT -runningstream
  • Leafclaw in human form <3<3 With wings :D

Shipments Edit

SoulXWhitefang-Soulfang/ Whitestealer