"Starclan brings us apart, but the moon brings us together"

You gyrotate, facing a patrol of cats. You gasp, and try to recede, but then see they are surrounding you.

"Who are you?" The leader, Screechstar, Growls.

"Im Your name, I dont have a clan/pack/tribe."

"Oh you dont, eh?"

You shake your head.

"Bring her to camp." Screechstar orders. Another fae steps foward and grips your neck and starts dragging you towards the camp.

As you reach the camp, the kits scatter away and the apprentices try to look tough by hissing at you.

"Enough." Screechstar firmly told the apprentices.

The apprentices roll their eyes put pad away into their dens.

The fae drags you to the leaders den and sets you down roughly. "So, do you like Moonclan?" She asks you.

"I cant really decide, all you did was drag me into this den" You mutter.

"Oh, well sorry... I was only doing Screechstar's orders."

"Its alright..." You answer. Screechstar pads into the den and tell you to go and look around, But as soon as you reach the exit, she calls you back.

" , Would you like to join Moonclan?"

General Information Edit

This is just basically the general things you need to know about Moonclan :D

- Am I online RIGHT NOW?- Yes,but im just being a loner RN XD

- Territory- Ganges- Lost Temple Of Zios

- Tag Colour- Dark Grey

- Badge- Star {OPTIONAL}

- Founding Date- 19-2-16 (DD-MM-YY)

- Recruiting?- Yes.

- Member count- 4 and expanding still

- Roleplay style- Advanced, anatomy, Traditional, and latin.

- Orientation- Light, With some Dark.

- Belief- Starclan

- Naming- Clan and rogue names.

- Season- Mid Leaf-bare (Winter)

- Prey- Scarce

- Wolves- Leader, deputy, co-deputy, elite warriors, warriors, queens and elders.

Foxes- Apprentices

Bunnies- Kits.

Rules Edit

These are the rules you HAVE to follow to be a loyal member of Moonclan.

Screechstar's word is LAW.

Follow the warrior code.


No powerplaying.

No use of nn nm nd etc.

Do not uprank yourself.

Please be serious.

Use the correct animals.

No unnecessary drama.

Do not change your tag colour without permission of leader, deputy or co-deputy

Make sure you come on atleast everyday or every 2 days.

Dont attack anyone in the clan for no reason.

Punishments Edit

These are the punishments you get if you go against the rules above

Disrespecting those of a higher rank than you- A scar

Disrespecting the warrior code- Exile

Doubleclanning- Sparing many at once

Powerplaying- Exile, as clearly you are a kittypet

Using nm nm nd etc- Exile, the same as above

Upranking yourself- An ear torn

Not being serious- A firm talk with Screechstar

Not using the correct animal- Exile, UNLESS OOC

Causing unnecessary drama- Miss fresh kill for a day

Changing tag- colour without permission- A scar

Not on for over 5 days- Removed from the clan, Unless on a camping trip, or something is happening IRL

Attacking for no reason- Exile

Ranks Edit

These are the current ranks of the clan, if you haven't been added, please alert me.

Leader (1/1)

- Screechstar (Meowpawz)- Mate- Spiderleg (Wolfy10121) (Lives 9/9)

Deputies (2/2)

- Cryptic (Decimal)- Mate- None

- Spiderleg (Wolfy10121)- Mate- Screechstar

Elite Warriors

- Silvercry- (snowwolff123)- Mate- None





Med cat-

Med apprentice-




Joining form Edit

This is what you need to do in the comments in order to become a member of Moonclan




Roleplay example-

Battle example-

Desired rank- (Not elite warrior, deputy,co-deputy or leader e.e)


Shared account-

Why you want to join-

How you found us-

Alliances Edit

These are Moonclan's allies, They help out whenever needed.

- PANDA43333- I think she leads Brambleclan, Although I am not sure.

- XxStitchx- Riverclan

Enemies Edit

These are the enemies of Moonclan that we try our best to stay away from

None, and we'd like to keep it that way.

Allie form Edit

This is the form you do in the comments in order to become allies with Moonclan

Clan name-

Leader name-



Member count-

Deputy and/or co-deputy's username(s)-

Clothing NO PINK Edit

This is the clothing choice in Moonclan. You must follow the rules of clothing or you will not be a member of Moonclan

Members (Can also wear the nonmember things)

Head- Skull hats or nothing

Neck- Spiked collars, leaf necklaces or nothing

Back- Elf armor, spartan armor, jamaaliday bows or nothing

Legs- Elf bracelets, legendary gloves, Leg armor(The leaf stuff), or nothing

Tail- Nothing


Head- Foxhats, head flowers or nothing

Neck- Scarfs or nothing

Back- Worns or nothing

Legs- Gloves or nothing

Tail- Nothing