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Basic Info Edit

Current Leader: Dawnstar (Kellie100)

Server: No set server (Let me know if you want to be allies/enemies so we can go on the same server as your clan.)

Camp: kellie100's den

Extended Camp: Theclanofstars's den (unfinished)

Territory: Sarepia Forest

Tag Color: Brown, Gold (for elite and higher)

Ghost Tag Color: White/Silver

Prey stump: 70%

Prey Hole: 0%

Prophecy: None

Sickness: None

War: None

History Edit

The Beginning Edit

Moonclan was founded when a rogue cat named Silver and several others agreed to form a clan so they would have a better chance at survival. The cats called themselves Moonclan, as the clan was accepted among the others at a clan gathering (which are held on full moons). Many members came to accept the belief of Starclan, while others stuck to their own beliefs. Despite the new clan being very different from the others, Starclan accepted them and named Silver the leader.

Silverstar's Reign (2013-2014) Edit

Not much is known about Silver's reign because many of the original cats are no longer in Moonclan. Silverstar, more commonly known as Silver, was known for her courage and strength in battle. When she was leader, many battles were fought both with the original clans and the rogues. Silverstar made the clan grow to about 50 cats before she lost her last life in battle. After Silver left for Starclan, many cats left the clan.

Dawnstar's Reign (2015-) Edit

Dawnpelt was barely a warrior when she was chosen to be deputy, and then clan leader. Since then, Dawnstar's reign has been very peaceful. Moonclan hasn't suffered any wars with Dawnstar as leader, and any sick/injured cats have healed quickly. The clan has decreased in size greatly since Dawnstar became leader, but while many left, some loyal cats stayed and helped to rebuild the clan and make it strong again.

Updates Edit


Prophecies Edit


Clan Laws Edit

Laws Edit

  • No map hopping (using the map to move across territory).
  • No tresspassing on other clans' territory without their permission or a good reason.
  • No double-clanning
  • Apprentices may not leave camp alone during Leaf-bare or if we are under attack
  • Medicine cats and sick cats will sleep farther away from eachother during Leaf-bare or if there is a sickness in the clan.
  • Elders and queens who are unfit to fight should be accompanied by a warrior when leaving camp.
  • Treat the elders with as much respect as an elite or deputy.
  • Clan leaders, elders, deputies, and elites may travel to moonpool at halfmoon only with permission from the medicine cat. If there are multiple full medicine cats, they must all agree.
  • Know when it is time for your character to die. We don't want immortal cats or constant death.
  • No double-clanning with the same character. It's fine if you have another cat that's in a different clan.

Dress Code Edit

Animals Edit

Animals allowed in Moonclan are bunnies (for kits/apprentices), foxes, arctic foxes, lynx (apprentices), and wolves, arctic wolves, snow leopards, raccoons, and cheetahs (all other ranks).

Colors Edit

Neutral colors such as white, black, grays, and browns are all good. There aren't any set rules on what colors/patterns you can have so just try to be realistic.

Items Edit

Anything that a cat in the wild would wear, of course, is allowed. Anything nature related and most of the armor and weapons (exclusing diamond shop armor sets). Try to be somewhat realistic, you may be asked by a higher ranking member to remove certain items.

Names Edit

Two part names must be things that cats would normally know about. These can be things from nature, colors, body parts, or descriptive words. The first part of a name should be based off of a kit's appearance or the conditions in which they were born. (ex: Skykit could be a name for a cat with blue eyes and Nightkit could be a name for a cat who was born at night) The second part of a name should be based off of a cat's personality or strengths during apprenticeship. (ex. Skyclaw if they are good at fighting or Nightberry if they are good with herbs.) Don't name yourself after something that cats don't know about. (ex. carpaw or laserkit)

One word, or rogue names are also allowed, but only if you can make up a backstory for your cat that makes the name make sense. If you are a rogue or kittypet joining the clan, a one part name would make sense. If you were born and grew up in a clan, you likley wouldn't have a name like this. Like two part names, one part names also have to be something that cats know about. (See examples above)

Don't name your cat after something sacred. This can include Silverpelt, anything with moon, star, soul, or spirit in it. These names would be considered disrespectful to Starclan. Also, please try not to name yourself after cats in the books. It's okay to copy some of them from the books but don't try to be one of the characters. (ex. Don't be a kittypet joining the clan as firepaw and request to be named fireheart as a warrior)

Nametags Edit

If you are a member, it would be appreciated if you switch your nametag to brown during clan RP, especially during clan gatherings where there are a lot of cats from different clans. If another clan is using brown nametags we will use a different color during gatherings and If the nametag color changes during normal clan RP I will let everyone know. Elites, deputies, leaders, full medicine cats, and elders that were elites use gold nametags. If you are playing as a deceased character, please use a silver nametag. This will let people know that their character can't see you unless you start talking to them.

Tag icons: Each rank uses a different icon on their nametag. This makes it easier to tell who is who and is especially helpful to new clan members who don't know everyone yet.

Leader: Star

Deputy: Phantom

Medicine Cat: Flower

Elder: Wing

Elite: Zios

Warrior: Lightning Bolt

Warrior Apprentice: Paw

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Clover

Queen: Heart

Kitten: Leaf

Ranks Edit

Leader Edit

Name Username Apprentice Lives
Silverstar Kellie100 Firepaw (previously) 0 (deceased)
Dawnstar Kellie100 None 9

Deputy Edit

Name Username Apprentice

Medicine Cat Edit

Name Username Apprentice
Arcticflower Meganlovesanimals None

Elder Edit

Name Username Former Rank

Elite Edit

Name Username Apprentice

Warrior Edit

Name Username Apprentice Sub-rank

Apprentice Edit

Name Username Mentor Sub-rank

Queen Edit

Name Username Mate Kits

Kitten Edit

Name Username Mother/Caretaker Moons
Sandkit 5

Secondary ranks/Sub-ranks Edit

Secondary Ranks are special titles earned through displaying certain skills. A warrior can become an elite if they gain every secondary rank. Elites that have trained at least one apprentice can become deputy.

Hunter Edit

Hunters are cats that have worked hard to keep the clan fed during times of little prey. To get this rank, you must pass a hunting test.

Guard Edit

Guards are cats that can stand their ground and know how to deal with intruders. This rank can be gained if you confront an intruding cat and deal with them appropriately.

Healer Edit

Healers have herbal knowledge like a medicine cat, but do not need to have a connection to starclan. This rank can be earned by studying herbs and helping the medicine cat.

Strategist Edit

Strategists know how to win wars. To gain this rank, you must help the leader or deputy plan an attack.

Negotiator Edit

Negotiators are skilled in the politics of the clans. To gain this rank, you must help solve a dispute or make an alliance with another clan.

Deceased cats Edit

Silverstar: killed in battle

Territory Edit

Camp Edit

The camp is in kellie100's den. It is usually a Volcano but there are other clan dens for when there are more people online.

Clearing Edit

Highrock Edit

prey stump Edit

Leader's Den Edit

Medicine Den Edit

Warriors' Den Edit

Apprentices' Den Edit

Nursery Edit

Extended Camp Edit

Extended camp coming soon!

Territory Edit

Star-places Edit

Social Media Edit

Youtube: Skyethewolf

Instagram: moonclan.aj