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This is where Mistclan and their allies can roleplay the Faction prophecy!   

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Goldstar shuddered as she slowly breathed something out "The first faction is born.. The Faction of Berrours lead by Holly kit who will be Hollysplash!"

.:: Thunderstar´s blind eyes glowed ::. .:: Her jaw dropped a bit ::. 

"Now others... Night kit, crow kit, grey kit and shiny kit..."  "Those kits are arriving fast.. " Goldstar nodded, now naming the factions. "The factions are, Holly kit's Berrours,Night kit's Nevens, Crow kit's cravies and Shiny kit's Melaehs.

" And, what about my faction?, " .:: She asked curiously ::

"Factions, you mean. You need to wait until you give birth to your kits.." goldstar sighed.

" .:: Thunderstar nodded ::. Alright...

"I will tell you if more factions appear. And tell me when you have your kits, ok?" Goldstar looked at thunderstar with slight worry.

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::. I will, but are you fine? I might be blind, but i can recognize your worry.

Goldstar sighed. "I'm scared for the clans."

" W - why? " .:: Thunderstar asked, a bit worried ::.

"30 Factions won't fare well for our clans."

.:: Her left ear twitched worried ::. " So, you mean that my kits cant arrive...? " .:: She said in a worried and sad tone ::.

"They can. They will just have to be looked after.... Alot." Goldstar sighed. "I'm more scared about pheonixstars kits though.."

.:: She sighed ::. .:: Then her left ear twitched ::. Why?

"I wouldn't say but all the factions will end up fighting to death... only one faction per clan will live.."

.:: Thunderstar gulped ::. I hope my kits don't do that...

"They all will."

.:: Thunderstar sighed ::.

"Unfortunately." Goldstar nodded then padded away.

.:: She sighed ::.

"Follow me."

" Alright... " Goldstar padded up the hill side towards the tunnel.

.:: Thunderstar followed ::.

When padding into the tunnel-a calming aura swept around.

Thunderstar left ear twitched

"Look and take a deep breath."

" G - Goldstar...? "

"Just close your eyes... And watch the symbols."

.:: Thunderstar closed her eyes ::.

5 Symbols met your eyes.One looked like a mythical Dragon,the second a 3 headed dog."A theme do you see?" asked Goldstar. The third was a large bird with lightning as its wings.The fourth a griffin and the last a large snake-a leviathan.

.:: Thunderstar nodded as her eyes glowed very bright ::.

"What is the theme Thunderstar?"

" a Mythical Dragon, 3 headed dog, a large bird with lightning, a griffin and a large snake... "

"So.....mythical animals then." Goldstar tapped on a stone in the tunnel snapping Thunderstar out the trance.

.:: Thunderstar shook her head ::.

" Goldstar... I need to tell you something... I had my 6th litter it is made only by Dovekit, so i guess she is not part of the prophecy, still, im expecting my 7th litter... " Goldstar's ears twitched."It must be so."

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::.

Goldstar padded out, looking onto the border between Tundraclan and Mistclan.

"How do you think out clans will handle the news?"

.:: Thunderstar left ear twitched ::. The news...?

"All the female leaders will have kits News." Goldstar flicked her ear. "By the way, how many languages can you speak?"

" i can speak 2 languages for now... "

Goldstar padded down towards the large stones where the gathering shall be held.

"I can speak many.Anyways-Do you wish to tell our clans the News at the gathering?If not,I shall."

" I'm gonna do it "

Goldstar nodded then looked up at a tree smiling."We have company it seems."

.:: Thunderstar left ear twitched ::.

"Anyways.My clan is already going to the gathering.I'll see you there when Mistclan comes." Goldstar ran ahead into the Circle-Stones.

" See ya! " .:: Then Thunderstar ran through the forest swiftly, getting into Mistclan's camp ::.

Goldstar sat on the more snowy rock as she waited for the Mistclan.

.:: A Mist formed around as the Mistclan cats padded to the largerock, their eyes glowed like stars in the night, they were guided by Thunderstar the leader, Darkclaw the deputy, Cloudtail the co - deputy and the Head warriors, Chaos, Lionfur, Nightclaw and Thistlefur ::.

"Welcome to the Circle-Stones again Mistclan."Spoke Goldstar. She nodded to Thunderstar to start. " Greetings Clans " .:: Thunderstar began ::. " This days earlier, there has been a new prophecy, made, a factions Prophecy, every female leader will have a litter of 5 kits, that will be powerful on the forest, but, the factions could fight to death... "

Most of Tundraclan nodded, understanding.

.:: Thunderstar looked at her clan, waiting for their answer ::.

Some of Mistclan gasped while most where silent but wide-eyed.

.:: Thunderstar then glanced at her deputy and Beloved mate, Darkclaw ::.

Darkclaw looked shocked."Why didn't you tell me this?"

.:: Thunderstar's ear pinned down, her eyes reflected fear ::.

"I had no idea there was a prophecy Thunderstar." Darkclaw said with his tail lashing slightly.

Goldstar blinked at them slightly confused.

" We'll talk about this later, ok? "

" Now Goldstar, your turn "

Goldstar nodded then spoke "Tundraclan's water is well and our herbal stocks are high.We have also received this prophecy."

.: Thunderstar listened quietly, as she sat next to her mate, curling her tail around Darkclaw's paws ::.

(timeskip to end of gathering....) Goldstar lept off the rock and nodded to Thunderstar.She spoke in Spanish."Hasta luego thunderstar..."

.:: Thunderstar chuckled ::. " Nos vemos! " .:: She then turned to her mate ::.

Darkclaw sighed and padded away.

" Darkclaw, wait! We were supossed to talk about the prophecy... "

"We should do that at camp.Then no enemies can hear us."

.:: Thunderstar nodded slowly lightly depressed ::.

Darkclaw padded to camp.

.:: Thunderstar followed him to camp, staring at the ground, she sighed deeply ::.

"So.What do you wish to talk about?"

.:: She closed her eyes ::.

" Look, i'm sorry about earlier, i know we promised to tell eachother everything that happens to us, but, you know how the leader's daily life is, the clan's problems had me occupied and i forgot to tell you, Sorry, Please forgive me... "

.:: Thunderstar opened her eyes again after a small tear fell from her eye ::.

Darkclaw nodded.

.:: She shrugged and stared at her paws ::.

Well. Did you hear? Whisperclan allied with BEARS!

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::. I've heard.... Who knows maybe we would ally soon with badgers since Phoenix is you're twin .:: She said teasing ::. .

::Redleaf trots through the forest happily, straight to Mistclan's camp grounds::. :D! .::She could barely see her paw infront of her face due to the mist::.

"Redleaf is here.And I wouldn't dare ally with badgers!"

.::She trotted into the misty camp, shivering slightly::. THUNDERRRRR~! .::She called out::.

.:: Thunderstar ears pinned down and she lightly smiled ::.

Redleaf! Darkclaw nudged thunderstar over to redleaf. "Hey redleaf!"

.::She smiled brightly::. Did you hear!? My kits are due today! This afternoon if early. .::She nodded, happily::. 

.:: a little she-kit stepped infront of the red pelted shecat and purred ::. Hi Auntie Redleaf! :3

.:: Thunderstar chuckled ::. Oh Dovekit...

Darkclaw chuckled and flicked dovekit's ear.

.:: Dovekit purred at her parents and looked again at Redleaf smiling, her eyes glowing ::

Dovekit. Do you want to hear a story?

.:: Dovekit nodded ::. Yes, Daddy!

One time, long long ago. There was lots of magic animals.They didn't like each other.

.:: Dovekit listened quietly to her father ::.

So,they had a really big war.

.:: The shekit's eyes widened ::.

But the song shecat was smart.She knew a trick.

.:: Her jaw dropped impressed ::.

" Daddy, daddy! " .:: Dovekit interrumped ::. How did you met Mommy? 

Well,She slipped into our old territory.I caught her and took her to spottedstar.

" And..? " " How did you fell in love with her? " .:: She asked grinning ::.

...darkclaw looked flustered then a thought popped up in his mind... Dovekit, do you want to see the Songcat?

" Tell me!!!! Tell me!!! Tell me!!!! Tell me!!!! " .:: Dovekit made the kitty's eyes ::. " Please..... "

No. Do you want to see the songcat though? You might even get to listen to her...~

" Why won't you tell me!? "

Because your too young.

" Come on! I've already heard the "things" that Aunt Phoenixstar did with Oakheart! And i'm becoming an apprentice soon! " .:: Dovekit protested ::.


.:: She ignores his question ::. Tell me please....!

You won't believe it.

" Yes, i will! "

No you won't. ....he sighed.... Fine.

" Yay! "

It was made by starclan.We where on patrol.A bird flew by and I caught it-but mummy also caught it.

" and and!!? " .:: She asked excitedly ::.

well.The songcat saw us.But then it kept happening.

" What else!?! "

Then we realised it must be for a cause and fell in love ...he chuckled... Now do you want to see the Songcat?

.:: She nodded happily ::. Yes, lets tell mommy!

.:: But Thunderstar was asleep in her den,her tail curled around her swollen belly and the Moon made her pelt look brighter and beautiful ::.

Thundie?Me and dovekit are going to see the Songcat!!!

.:: Thunderstar opened her eyes and yawned ::. Oh Good! Can i come too?

Sure! ..darkclaw nodded.. I think she swapped her powers to the ice....

" Hmm? "

" Come on you two! I wanna see the Songbird! " .:: Dovekit protested ::.

It's an Icecat Dovekit.

" Still, i wanna see!! Now come!!! " .:: She said excited ::.

.:: Thunderstar chuckled ::. She has Snowpelt's adventure and brave spirit...

Follow me then Dovekit. ...Darkclaw walked on into the hills...

.:: Thunderstar followed them ::. was very cold and it seemed like a thin, almost seethrough cat was darting through...

.:: Thunderstar padded closer to Darkclaw, as their pelts could touch::.

A shecat appeared infront."Upon the touch of my paws-life passes so swiftly.So I warn you.Do not tempt the blizzard."

.:: Her left ear twitched ::.

"I see your kit." the ice coloured shecat looked towards dovekit.The shecat's tail was covered in ice as well as her ears and paws.

.:: Thunderstar's head tilted lightly confused ::.

"Why are you confused,Thunderstar? Shouldn't you be worried for the others?"

.:: Thunderstar wanted to talk, but she didnt find the words, she just came more closer to Darkclaw ::.

"Never mind." The shecat made a picture in the ice.It was a picture of pheonixstar surrounded by 3 other tigers.

.:: Thunderstar eyes widened ::.

The ice picture moved slowly to show the fight between them.

.:: She looked at Darkclaw ::.

"Now you better go before the Hunters get you..."

.:: Thunderstar picked Dovekit up ::.

"Goodbye Thunderstar,Dovekit and Darkclaw."

.:: Thunderstar dipped her head in respect ::.

The icy shecat dipped her head back."I know about the factions.You should tell Dovekit about them."

.:: She nodded and nudged Darkclaw ::.

...Darkclaw nodded and walked back to camp...

.:: She placed Dovekit down as they got into camp ::.

"Dovekit.Do you want to know about the Factions?"

.:: Dovekit nodded ::.

.:: Thunderstar nudged softly and gently Darkclaw, signaling him to start first ::.

"Well,Starclan told us that every Girl leader will have 5 kits."

" And that those kits will be powerful around the forest... " .:: Thunderstar continued ::.

.:: She looked at Darkclaw worried, not wanting to tell the last part ::.

"And they will have a big big fight."

Part 2 Edit

" Why? " .:: Dovekit asked ::.

"We don't know."...sighed Darkclaw...

" Mommy...? Am i one of those " Bad " kits...? "

.:: Thunderstar shook her head ::. " No, sweetheart, you're a good kit "

" And am i part of the Starclan message, Daddy...? "

"No, Dovie.You might join a Faction and we don't want that happening.Also,the kits have to grow up before they lead the factions."

" You'll be a succesful cat, like your big brothers and sisters " .:: Thunderstar reassured ::.

"Yes Dovie."

.:: Thunderstar yawned ::. Dovie, we should go sleep, its getting late..

.:: Dovekit nodded ::. Yes mommy! .:: She curled up next to her mom and leader in the leaders den and fell asleep quickly  ::.

" And you...? " .:: Thunderstar asked to Darkclaw ::

"You sleep. I'll guard."

.:: She sighed ::. Fine, Goodnight My love... I love you... .:: She yawned and fell asleep tiredly ::.

...Darkclaw kept watch...

.:: In her sleep she saw Phoenixstar in Starclan ::. 

...Darkclaw watched for any intruders... 

" Phoenix...? .:: She yowled in her sleep ::.

...Darkclaw's ear twitched as he stood guard...

.:: Phoenixstar smiled to Her, Her pelt shined with all the stars, the vision ended and Thunderstar got herself in a Dark and misty forest, blood spilled everywhere ::.

" You lost another of you're loved ones... Wanna lose more? " .:: a tom speaked ::.

.:: She snarled ::. leave me alone Shatteredscar...

.:: Shatteredscar made Dark vines, they curled around Thunderstar's neck and they pressed harder and harder ::.

" Let... Me.. Go... "

.:: He smirked evily ::.

.:: Tears fell from Thunderstar's eyes as she woke up and she yowled ::. LET ME GO!

...Darkclaw jumped slightly.. Are you ok Thunderstar?

.:: She stared at the ground still shocked, tears fell from her eyes ::.

Whats the matter?Tell me.

.:: She soaked her head in his pelt tightly, tears still falling from her eyes ::. S - s - shattered scar.... A - a- again...

...darkclaw growled.. Next time you see him tell him about the Dragon!

.:: She still cried scared ::.

...Darkclaws ear flicked.. I Know how to draw the dark forest in ..he growled.. And I'm not proud of it.

" i have nothing to protect me now... He is gonna win... "

"You do.You have me and Dovekit,starclans sake, you even have other clans!"

.:: Thunderstar sighed sadly ::. I'm scared...

..darkclaw growled.. Even your Faction Kits will protect you! You know that!

" i guess you're right..  Wait, didnt you meant our kits? "

...darkclaw rolled his eyes.. I guess so.

.:: Her ears pinned down ::. " Whats wrong with you? Since the Factions thing got revealed you act like that! "

What if the kits are bad though....

" So, if they turn evil, that means you're gonna reject them? "

..darkclaw looked shocked.. No! I'll try to make them good again!

" We'll do that.... Together.... " .:: She holded her tail with Darkclaw's tail ::.

...Darkclaw nodded and smiled... When are you having our Faction kits? ..he whispered..

" In a few days... Or maybe hours..."

..darkclaws ears flicked as dawn rised.. It will be dovekit's apprenticeship today... Who shall be her mentor? and what are we going to name our kits?

" We'll choose the names when they arrive and... I'm not sure who should mentor her... "

"I think Blueheart should."

" Yeah... Or Maybe Leopardstrike... Or Wolfhowl... "

"Blueheart has the most incommon with Dovekit though."

.:: She nodded ::. " Blueheart... I guess..  Then... "

Should we make a clan meeting then?

.:: She nodded ::. 

.:: Thunderstar ran to the highrock and yowled ::. May all the Mistclan 's cats gather around to hear my words! 

Mistclan gathered around.

.:: Thunderstar began ::. " Dovekit step forward "

.:: The shekit stepped forward nervously ::.

" Today Dovekit is 6 moons old and has the right age to become an apprentice " "Dovekit, From now on, until you earn your warrior name, you'll be known as Dovepaw " " Blueheart will be your mentor " " Blueheart, i hope you give Dovepaw all the knowledge you have "

Blueheart smiled and touched noses with Dovepaw.

"DOVEPAW!DOVEPAW!" Mistclan chanted.

" Clan meeting dismissed! "

Blueheart trotted over to Dovepaw. 'Sleep tight now Dovepaw.Tomorrow you are looking at something Cool!'

.:: Thunderstar smiled kindly ::.

Blueheart smiled and walked over to the prey pile.She picked up a mouse and padded over to Dovepaw. "Eat up then!"

.:: Dovepaw smiled at Blueheart ::.

'Did you hear though?I think it's funny. Whisperclan allied with bears!'

" Yeah... But.." .:: Dovepaw took a deep breath and closed her eyes ::. " Aunt Phoenix is hunting with Starclan, now..."

Part 3 Edit

Blueheart nodded sollumly.

" Does my dad know that...? "

'Yes.And he is very sad.Thats why we isn't acting like himself' Blueheart looked up, noticing they spent most of the day talking.

" If he act like this now... How will he act when My Mom dies..? "

Blueheart sighed. 'Sleep now.I'll show you cool things tomorrow.'

.:: Dovepaw nodded as she curled and fell asleep ::.

(timeskips to dawn)

Blueheart pads up to the leaders den.

.:: in the den were, Thunderstar and Darkclaw ::.

'Thunderstar!Just letting you know, I'll be showing Dovepaw things!

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::. Good!'

'Hope you have good luck with your Factionous Kits.'

.:: She chuckled ::. " Thanks! " " Blueheart! Tell Lionfur to send out some patrols! "

'Ok!' Blueheart padded out and flicked Lionfurs muzzle. 'Take out some patrols will ya?'

.:: Lionfur nodded ::. Nightclaw, sister, go with Leopardstrike, Crimsonclaw, Wolfhowl and Thistlefur on a patrol, ok?

Blueheart padded up to Dovepaw. 'Dovepaw.Today you are learning how to identify a jumping shrub.'

.:: Dovepaw nodded ::.

'Dovepaw.Do you know what a jumping shrub is?'


'What is it then?' Asked Blueheart.

" Uh...... " .:: Her ears pinned down and she smiled embarassed ::.

Blueheart padded up to a large bush with long light coloured leaves and bright white flowers.

.:: She looked at her mentor curiously ::.

'This is the Jumping Shrub.'

" Oh! So its a type of bush! "

'Yes.Touch it.'

.:: She touched it ::.

The leaves close and wave up and down.

Her jaw dropped.

'Because it does this we can tell if cats have been in our territory.' smiled Blueheart.

" wow... "

"That's it for today.' Blueheart padded back to camp.

.:: Dovepaw followed her mentor happily ::.

It was already dusk as they entered the camp.

" Aunt Chaos! " .:: She meowed as she saw the head warrior ::. " Where are Mom and Dad? "

.::Chaos chuckled::. Why, they are in the medic den.Go see your little brothers and sisters!

" Yay! " .:: She padded to the nursery ::.

.:: In the nursery were her mom, dad, and her bigger siblings from litters before her ::.

.:: Thunderstar nuzzled Darkclaw, purring ::.

.::; on every kit, on their left paw, was their faction symbol;::.

" The symbols look like The birthmark that mom has! " .:: Dawnpaw commented ::. .:: Her twin Sunsetpaw nodded in agreement ::.

"They are all different though." Commented darkclaw.

" Yeah, It was a hard kitting... Even though, not that hard as Dawnpaw, Sunsetpaw and Oakpaw's kitting... " .:: Sandleaf, one of the kits from the first litter, who was one Mistclan's medcats and was present at all her siblings kittings commented ::.

Darkclaw nodded.

" What are their names!? " .:: Dovepaw asked excited ::.

" Twilightkit, Wolfkit, Blizzardkit,Branchkit and the last Phoenixkit."

" The last one is named after your aunt " .:: Thunderstar commented ::.

Part 4 Edit

Darkclaw nodded and smiled a wide grin.

" Dad... Can i talk to you, later? " .:: Dovepaw asked ::.

.:: Thunderstar's left ear twitched ::.

"Sure Doviepaw."

" Mom.... " .:: Hopeheart asked chuckling ::. " Are you gonna have more litters...? "

" Ask that to you're dad... "

.:: Fireheart nudged Hopeheart playfully ::.

" So, Dad? More litters or no? "

Darkclaw chuckled. "Not really."

" Aww Come on Dad! " .:: Silverstorm yowled chuckling ::.


.:: Thunderstar chuckled ::. " Stop Bothering you're Dad! "

.:: Lionfur padded to the nursery, looking at his nephews and nieces ::. Thunder? Darkclaw? How do you do to have so many kits... .:: He wiggled his eyebrows ::.

"Hey, lounger. Why Don't you go pester your own she cats instead of thunder?" Chuckled darkclaw

" Well, i can pester my cousin whenever i want and My shecat is in Starclan waiting for me since a long time so... "

"Ah'. Anyways,who wants to to go on a news patrol to our allies?"

" Me, Nightpelt, Cinder, Silverstorm, Hopeheart, Fireheart are ready! " .:: Cloudtail meowed ::.

"We should go to whisperclan first. We've been their allies longer."

" Yeah... "

Darkclaw padded upto the whisperclan border and waited.

.:: Thunderstar sighed in the nursery, worried ::.

A whisperclan cat came over and listened to the news. They nodded and ran to their camp. Meanwhile silverstorm,hopeheart and fireheart where...

.:: Thunderstar looked around worried ::.

" Chaos! " .:: Thunderstar yowled from the Nursery ::.

What!? .::Chaos shouted back::.

" Have they returned yet? "

"No! Why?" Replied chaos.

" I'm worried... "

"What could happen? The animals here are friendly."

.:: She sighed ::. " i dont... Know "

Darkclaw returned with the news patrol.

.:: She sighed in relief as she saw them ::.

"Sweet? We have good news and bad news."

" What Darkclaw? "

"The clans have their faction kits."

" Those are the good news? "

"Both good and bad.."

.:: She nodded ::. Good Darkstar .:: She grinned ::.

"So, what factions do our kits belong to?"

" Mythical animals, i guess?"

"I asked a question to maskedsoul. He said everykit will have a power acording it its faction or something like that."

" Hmm "

Part 5Edit

Darkclaw shrugged then smiled at his kits.

.:: Thunderstar purred :: " You made me the luckiest shecat ever, My Darkie... "

"Aww" darkclaw flushed red, eventhough you couldnt see it under his fur.

.:: She smiled lightly and lapped her kits ::.

"They are so wonderful.."he murmured

" Wonderful as you... "

"No they are not." He stuck out his tounge. "They are more wonderful than me."

.:: She chuckled ::. " Oh Darkie... "

"What do you want to eat? I've already ate." Purred darkclaw.

" Rabbit, i guess..? "

Darkclaw padded up to the  prey pile and picked up a rabbit then padded to thunderstar again. He set the rabbit down and nudged it to her.

.:: Thunderstar purred ::. Thanks..

"Your welcome."

.:: She licked his nose lovingly and purred softly ::. <3

Darkclaw purred and nussled her ear chuckling <3

.:: Thunderstar nuzzled him :: ily ❤

"Thundie.... Have you heard?" Darkclaw whispered.

" What? "

Darkclaw blinked suprised.

" Tell me... "

"You might as well just ask her to come."

.:: She nodded lightly confused ::.

Darkclaw chuckled then tapped thunderstar's nose with his tail in a playful manner.

" Hey! " .:: Thunderstar chuckled ::. .:: She then batted his ear playfully ::.

"Oy! ):D" Darkclaw stood over her with a playful 'angry' look on his face. He then pawed her nose then ran out the nursery laughing.

.:: Thunderstar stuck out her tongue and chuckled ::.

Goldstar padded to the border of her's and Mistclans territory. She seemed to have a troubled look on her face.

" Chaos, take care of my kits, i need to go see someone "

.:: Chaos nodded and rolled her eyes, then she snapped ::. How fair! Now i have to take care of this brats... "

.:: Thunderstar chuckled, then she padded at the border ::. " Hello Goldstar "

Goldstar's ears perked. "Hello Thunderstar." her voice was muffled by the 3 kits she held in her mouth. The other two where held my her friend Maskedsoul.

" Oh! You had them too! " .:: She covered her swollen belly with her fluffy tail protectivily ::.

"Yes. It's fine. I just thought that you would like to see them...?" Goldstar said, slightly tripping over her words.

.:: Her left ear twitched ::. " My kits stayed at camp, i'd had brought them... Sorry... Anyway's are you fine? You seem lightly worried ::.

"No, no... It's just it's my first litter DX" goldstar sighed.

"Oh... " .:: She chuckled ::. " It'll be alright, dont worry ::.

Goldstar's ears twitched "I should introdouce you to my kits! Finchkit, the dark brown,male kit with light brown tabby patterns,Eaglekit  the light brown,female kit with a cream wing like splash on her back,Swankit the albino, female kit,Robinkit the gingery cream male kit with brown on his legs and Owlkit the light cream, male kit..."

.:: Darkstar padded to the border with his kits in his maw ::. Greetings!

.:: Thunderstar turned as she saw her mate with her kits, she purred softly ::.

"Hello Darkclaw." Said goldstar in a friendly greeting.

.:: Darkclaw dipped his head in greetings, then he nuzzled Thunderstar ::. ❤

.:: Thunderstar purred ::. These are me and Darkstar's kits, Wolfkit, Blizzardkit, Twilightkit, Branchkit and Phoenixkit...

"Nice names." Smiled goldstar. "I already indroduced you to my kits~"

.:: Thunderstar sat next to her mate ::. Any more news in Tundraclan?

"No.Other than I've finally got a mate after all your pestering!" laughed goldstar.

.:: Thunderstar chuckled and rolled her eyes in a playfully way ::. Well thats cool!

"Enough about me. What about you and Darkclaw?"

" Nothing, else that i'm expecting an 8th litter... " .:: She said smiling, knowing that only herself knew it ::.

"Well done." Goldstar purred.

.:: She looked at her mate, wanting to see the surprise in his face ::. :3?

Darkstar/Darkclaw was suprised. "Whattttttttttttttttttt???"

.:: Thunderstar chuckled and Let her swollen visible ::. More Family members? x3

"Why not?" Darkstar/Darkclaw chuckled.

.:: Thunderstar chuckled and nuzzled her mate ::. .:: Then she looked at Goldstar a bit bit worried ::.

Goldstar smiled. "Well. We'll need to wait for the powers, might we?"

" Yeah... But... Have you scent or felt Chimera like creatures in Tundraclan ...?"

Goldstar shook her head slightly. "I haven't. Sorry."

" One almost attacks me, Redstar and Oakstar, but Oakstar killed it, swiftly "


Part 6 Edit

.:: Thunderstar sighed ::. " Anyway's anything else...?


" Paint..? What do you mean? "

"It's wonderful.... Paint is." Goldstars eyes sparkled.

" Huh? "

"You can make things with it!"

" Yes, but... Isn't Paint supposed to be For twolegs? :T... " 

Goldstar shrugged. "I saw it on some trees."

" Cool...... Wait a moment did the trees had a "X" mark painted on them? "

"Like a skull with an X on."

.:: Darkstar/claw jaw dropped ::. " Oh no... "

.:: Thunderstar snapped ::. " This is bad! "

"I guessed."

.:: Darkstar snarled low ::. " Hunters.... "

.:: Thunderstar gulped ::.


" Whats wrong with you!? " .:: Thunderstar snapped as her eyes turned to a dark crimson and you could see a Dark and misty figure trying to posses Thunderstar's body ::.

Robinkit looked away from his siblings and stared into 'Thunderstar's' eyes.

" Thundie, My love! Are you fine!? " .:: Darkstar/claw said shocked ::.

Robinkit narrowed his eyes at 'thunderstar'.

.:: Thunderstar was not there, it was Shatteredscar, her Darkforest ancestor, that possesed her body ::.

.:: Darkstar/claw growled ::. " Shatteredscar.... "

Robinkit hissed. Goldstar held a septical look on her face meanwhile.

" Oh.. Look who we have here... The Mousebrained " Faction kits " Of Mistclan and Tundraclan and 2 " great " leaders and a whoever you call it... " .:: Shattered Snappes before he could attack someone ::.

Robinkit wobbled as he snarled. The 'mask' of a lynx appeared on his face as he growled. Goldstar narrowed her eyes.

.:: Shatteredscar chuckled ::. " a small kit won't scare me... " .:: He unleashed his unusual big claws, trying to claw The kit, but Darkstar/claw blocked the attack, clawing his Shoulder ::.

"A small kit might. But what about a fully grown lynx?" questioned Goldstar, standing up. "The lynx is the Seer of the Unseen. Beware of him.."

" Now, i understand a bit Thunderstar, she feels weak,meanwhile the others brag about how their life is perfect.." .:: He snapped ::. .:: He then looked at Wolfkit, his Dark eyes that spilled blood glowed ::. " This one has more power... " .:: He then said to himself ::. " i need Wolfkit's power .. "

Robinkit walked(well hobbled) over before Wolfkit. Instead of a soft mewl a harsh cry left robin kits maw. A ghostly stature of a Lynx appeared over Robinkit.

.:: Wolfkit eyes glowed, As a  ghostly big three headed creature, appeared above him snarling and growling to Shatteredscar ::.

The lynx spoke. "Shatteredscar. Do you know what your name means? Do you know what fate you are going to be sent to?"

.:: He rolled his eyes ::. .:: Then he did a swift attack and clawed Robinkit's cheek hardly ::.

.:: Wolfkit snarled as the Mythical 3 headed dog figure above him bited Shatteredscar's neck, even though it only injured  the Darkforest's spirit ::.

Goldstar hissed and stood. She walked over towards shatteredscar and suddenly floored him.

.:: He pushed her off him, then he grabbed her by her scruff and with his strength and Thunderstar's strength together he slammed Goldstar into a tree hardly ::. 

Goldstar hissed even through the pain. "You do not know the horror that we keep lockedd.."

.:: He looked at Darkstar/claw, wanting to have a little battle with him ::. " Shadestripe, have talked me about you, you are his son... Lets see if you're strong as him... "

"Then get out thunderstars body,coward."

.:: Shatteredscar grinned ::. " i won't... Oh... What if i take over her body forever, making her dissapear of existence... What would you do...? "

"Force you into submission." Snarled darkstar/claw as he swiped at shatteredscars eye. He hooked it then pulled down forcing shatteredscar to lay down.

.:: Shattered pushed him off, knowing the Darkstar was a bit stronger, he then clawed the Tom' s Belly ::.

Darkstar rolled and caught shatteredscars leg. He forced his claws deep into the knee and then retracted his arm causing shatteredscars backleg to giveway. Darkstar then rolled shatteredscar onto his belly and kept him there.

.:: Shatteredscar grinned ::. " i should go now... I need to organize well my plan to attack Starclan.. " .:: He started to fade as Thunderstar came back, her eyes were closed and Blood spilled a bit off her mouth, but, she was still breathing, she then opened an eye weakly and meowed weakly ::. " D-d-darkie...? "

"Sush.. your safe now.."

.:: She cried under his fur ::. " I'm Sorry for what i did! .:: She meowed apologizing ::. " Are the kits, you, Goldstar and masked, fine!? "

"We are all fine.We found our wolfkits and robins kits power though."

" Good.... " .:: She tried to get up but fell ::. " Shatteredscar used my strength too... "

"All these lights can't blind us thundie"

.:: She sighed ::. " Im a monster... "

"No. Shatteredscar is a monster. Not you."

.:: She nuzzled him ::. " Lets go home... I need to rest... " .:: She tried to get up again but fell ::.

Darkstar helped Thunderstar up.He also helped her come to camp.


" I can't still believe You got beated by a Mousebrain, Shatteredscar... " .:: a tom chuckled ::.

" Shut up! He was not worthy of my time... "

"Asss if..." .::a dark shecat uttered::.

.:: Shatteredscar snarled low ::. " Anyways, lets continue with the plans... "

"The planssss are?" .::hissed the dark shecat again::.

" About Attacking Starclan... " .:: He snarled annoyed ::. " I think we should hunt down some Warriors from the forest, im trying with Thunderstar, and you, guys? " .:: He asked growling ::.

"The kitsssss are the better targetssss... The adultssss will do anything for them..." .:: said the forked-tounge shecat ::.

.:: He then remembered Wolfkit and Robinkit's powers ::. " Thats an excellent idea... " .:: He said ::. 

"Who sssshall you go after, sssssshatteredssssssscar?"

" Wolfkit... " .:: He answered ::. " Even though, i still want to turn Thunderstar like one of us... " .:: He grinned ::.

"Maybe the one for my namessssssssssake..."

.:: He nodded ::.

"The poor kit won't know what happened...." .:: Vipertounge then dissapeared ::.

.:: He smirked ::. " Well, i think this time will shout victory "

Part 7Edit

Now at Mistclan's camp....

" Darkie... I think i should apologize to Goldstar.... "

"She'll understand... according to her friends she doesn't believe in Starclan or the Darkforest though.."

.:: Thunderstar shrugged and sighed ::. " i feel so terrible.... '

"It wasn't your falt!"

" I know, but, i'm a leader, i'm supposed to be strong, but Am i being strong letting him go to my body that easily and hurt my loved ones....?

.:: She snarled as she padded out of the leaders den ::. " No one can understand... "

"Appearantly the achiyalabopa will..."

.:: Her left ear twitched ::. " Great! First Shatteredscar and Now i just argued with my mate! " .:: She sighed ::.

"A warrior on my own, I don't know the way..I'm riding up the heights of shame..I'm waiting for the call, the heavy claws on the chest...I'm ready for the fight and the fate.."

.:: She sighed ::. " Darkie.... I'm sorry.... Im just a bit frustated... "

Darkstar sighed.

" Can you forgive me...? "

"Of corse I can!"

.:: Thunderstar purred and licked his nose ::. <'3

"We need to find our Kits powers.... You know that... <3"

.:: She nodded ::.

Darkstar looked up at the dusk sky. "It is becoming night.... <3 you~" 

.:: Thunderstar purred and nuzzled him under his neck ::. <3


.::: Thunderstar yawned she curled up in the leaders den and fell asleep ::.

.:: Darkstar yawned and curled around his kits and Thunderstar ::.

.:: Thunderstar purred as she felt her mate soft and warm fur ::.

.:: he purred and fell asleep ::.

Now at Dawn...

.:: Thunderstar yawned and woke up ::.

"Morning sweetie!"

.:: Thunderstar purred and sat down ::.

"How are you?" .:: Darkstar dropped the mouse at thunderstars feet ::.

" Good "

"Well, thats just fine isn't it?"

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::.


" <3. "

"We have visitors!" .:: yelled chaos from the other side of the camp ::.

"Huh? " .:: Thunderstar padded up to the other side of the camp ::.


" Greetings... "

":3. Hey Chaos, Hey Thunderstar, Hey darkstar."

" Hello.... " .::: Chaos said awkwardly ::.

"I came to work some stuff out :D"

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::.


" So, whats the matter? " .:: Darkstar asked ::.

"You do know Wolfkit's abilty and Robin kits ability, correct? Well, there is more news along that line..."

" Did you discovered you're kits powers!? "

"Most of them.... but there is also more than just kits... The leaders have a mythical spirit that they must set free...."

.:: Thunderstar's eyes glowed ::.

Goldstar nodded.

" Oh Goldstar! Sorry about the Shatteredscar thing..... Is Robinkit, fine!? Darkstar told me Shattered injured him... "

"Robinkit is fine... he'll just have a small scar.."

.:: She nodded and sighed ::.

"How are your kits anyways?"

" They are Good " " Darkstar also told me Wolfkit injured Shatteredscar with his power "

"He did."

.:: She nodded proudly ::. Good... 

.:: Thunderstar rested her head on Darkstar's shoulder and purred ::. <3

Darkstar purred with a smile on his face.

" Anyways.. Anything else? How's Tundraclan? " .:: The brown and tan Savannah shecat asked ::.

"We are having fun competitions.You may join if you want.The winner gets their logo carved into a stone in the Moonstones cave."

" Thats sound cool! " .:: Thunderstar admitted ::. 

Goldstar smiled. "I know."

" Anything else? "

"We are doing fine :D" purred Goldstar~

.:: She chuckled and nodded ::. good

"Random question,but, how many lives do you have?"

" i have all my lives for now... "

Goldstar nodded.

"And... How many you have..? "

"Just 6 lives...."

.:: Thunderstar sighed and nodded ::.

"Ah well. I'm pretty old compared to other cats." chuckled Goldstar

Part 8 Edit

.:: Thunderstar chuckled ::.

"Anyways.... Did you make a logo...?....."

.:: She nodded ::

"Cool! I made mine. Did darkclaw make his?" Smiled goldstar.

.:: Darkstar shook his head ::. " i havent "

"You should. You should also make a song for Thundie ;P"

.:: Darkstar's ears pinned down and he blushed ::.

"I bet Maskedsoul will help." goldstar chuckled. "Leave the shecats to talk about kits."

.:: Thunderstar chuckled ::. 

"Go on then. Don't tell us the song!"

.:: Darkstar licked Thunderstar's nose before padding out with Maskedsoul ::. See you....

Maskedsoul winked then padded off, chatting to Darkstar~

" One question, Goldie.... Do you sometimes keep secrets from Maskedsoul? "

"Yes....Mostly everybody keeps secrets... Like mine for example." said Goldstar in a studious fashion. "I often adopt any baby animal I can.Eventhough I am not a true queen."

.:: She sighed ::. " I've always hide secrets from Darkstar.... "

"Well,everybody hides secrets."

.:: She nodded uncomfortable ::.

Goldstar nudged Thunderstar. "It's ok."

.:: Thunderstar smiled weakly ::. " Enough about me... What did you wanted to talk...? "

"I was just getting them out before Darkclaw turned Ginger!" mrowled Goldstar in laughter.

.:: Thunderstar laughed ::.

"How are your kits anyway?Found their Powers yet?"

" Only Wolfkit´s "

"Ok. Well, I found Robinkit's and Swankit's powers. Robinkit can see through evil and Swankit can echolocate o.o"

" i dont think... Ill go well with Robinkit... "

"Robinkit likes everybody though..."

.:: She nodded ::.

"So don't worry."

.:: She smiled ::.


.::Greyheart randomly walked in, dragging a dead deer::. "Phew, hey guys- I found this deer, injured so I put it out of its misery. Sorry deer.. :glances at it: Do you guys want some?

" Sure , Greyheart... "

"I guess...?"

.:: Thunderstar sighed::. " :T '

"Well.... I wonder what they are doing."

Meanwhile over at the Males.............

Maskedsoul smiled and chuckled. "First of all, you'll need a gift."

.:: Darkstar nodded ::. " But.... What i could give to Thunder...? "

"Well, what does Thunderstar like? Shecats always have something they desire." said Maskedsoul with a small smirk gracing his maw.

" Well... She likes Roses "

"Perfect! Now we have a base line for your Song and your Gift." Maskedsoul padded off with a slightly goofy grin on his face.

.:: Darkstar sighed and blushed again ::.

Maskedsoul padded next-to 6 roses.All the roses where different colours. "What rose?

.:: He pointed at the crimson or red one ::. " This! "

Maskedsoul knocked it down carefully so no petals where lost. Eventhough his maws met thorns, they didn't bleed. "Hardened pawpads ;P."

.:: Darkstar chuckled low ::

"Now,now." Maskedsoul passed Darkstar the Darkred Rose. "We must start the song."

.:: The Tom nodded ::.

"What shall be the base line of the song?"

" About my deep feelings for Her? "

"Sure.What do you really think of her?" smiled Maskedsoul with his goofy grin.

" Masked... You're making me turn ginger... :T " .:: He said blushing ::.

"I'm just a song-maker ;P."

" Well... She is beautiful and wise...  And make me the luckiest tom ever in the world... Her soft fur.... And Those beautiful Sky blue eyes, that calm me down.... Her smile.... Everything since the first moment i saw her... I would lost my 9 lives, if i have to for her... And my heart breaks when she thinks i dont care or dont love her... Or when she thinks she is crowfood.... I just want her to stop thinking that.... I want to kill everycat that made her feel useless and like crowfood in her past.... .:: He Smiled ::.  She is the light in my Nightmares and Darkness... And the one that i would never give up for, I couldn't ask for someone better than Thunder... She is perfect to me... "

"This is from your point of view, okay?

The skies shimmer in your eyes, woah oh oh.

Your smile lights up the night..

You make life worthwhile, woah oh oh.

I'd spend all my lives loving you!"

.:: Darkstar smiled as he blushed more brighter ::. " Perfect! "

"Now..." Maskedsould took of the petals of all the other roses. "When you sing it to Thunderstar I shall blow these petals over you two."

" I'm nervous... " .:: Darkstar admitted ::.

"Pretend this tree is Thunderstar." Maskedsoul pointed to the blossom tree. "Sing to Thunderstar-tree."

.:: He took a deep breath as he started to sing ::. " The skies... Shimmer in you're eyes... Woah oh ohh....  Your smile... Lights up the night... You, You make life worthwhile.. Woah oh oh... And i.... I'd spend all my lives loving you! "

"Good! You are now ready to sing to Thunderstar~" smiled Maskedsoul.

.:: He nodded ::.

Goldstar's ears pearked as she smirked. "I better go.... Darkclaw is coming."

" Wait.. What..? Why...? " .:: Thunderstar asked confused ::.

"I don't want to ruin the moment."

" Moment.......? " .:: Thunderstar turned and saw Darkstar with a crimson rose in his maw ::. " Uh... Dark...? "

Maskedsoul and Goldstar high pawed in victory. This starts playing softly in the background)

.:: Darkstar placed the crimson rose at Thunderstar's paws and started singing ::. " The skies.... Shimmer in you're eyes... Woah oh oh... Your smile... Light up the night... You, you make life worthwhile... Woah oh oh... And i...... I'd spend all my lives loving you! <3 "

Maskedsoul let the multicoloured rose petals blow towards them..

Thunderstar's ears pinned down and she blushed ::. " This is the most cutest thing someone have done for me.. " .: She hugged Darkstar and licked his nose ::. " <3

"yes! ):D!" sniggered Maskedsoul.

.:: She rested her head on Darkstar's Shoulder and purred ::. " i <3 you "

.:: Darkstar purred ::. "I <3 you too~"

.:: Lionfur, Thunderstar's cousin, came out from nowhere and started screaming ::. " VICTORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY >:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! "

Maskedsoul sang a song "You won't have long to prepare ("

Part 9 Edit

" o.o... Ish that supposed to be about Shattered e3e? " .:: Lionfur asked ::.

.:: Meanwhile Thunderstar and Darkstar kept nuzzling, hugging and those Lovey Doodie things ::. " <3 "

Goldstar chuckled. "Have you never heard about Nightmarecat?"

" No" .:: Lionfur admitted ::.

"Shall I tell you then?"

" Sure! :3 "

"A long time ago, before starclan, there was Elemental Animals. The element of Nightmares was present." Goldstar swept the ground and a picture of the element appeared.

" :OOOO "

"Nightmare made the Darkforest and Dream made Starclan"

.:: He nodded ::. " i thought Shattered made the Darkforest... Since he "leads " it.... :P "

"Nightmare chose him as leader for Nightmare could send him to the void in a swipe.....~"

" :OOOOOO! Wait... Is Nightmare still Alive? Because.... Well.... Thunderstar told me forced XD, that Shatteredscar  cheated Nightmare and killed her to become leader... "

"Nightmare is a girl, Lionfur.."

" LE SUSPENSE! :OOOO ,Well, that still doesn't anwer my question o3o "

"The elements can't be killed." Goldstar chuckled. "There is a littlebit of an element within us~ Some who express that get powers."

" What Element...? "

"Everycat has a different element. You can see that in how they act."

" i have the derpy element then x3 " .:: Lionfur teased ::.

" No such element. "

" What is Thunderrrrrrrr's Element? "

" Most likely electricity. "

" Coolio! :OOO And.. What is Darkstar's element? X3 "

"Maybe Wind."

" And Mine? >:3 "

"Rock." stated Goldstar plainly.

" What :I " .:: Lionfur asked ::.

"Eh, not everybody can be an exciting element." shrugged Goldstar chuckling.

" Mhm i'll annoy Thunderstar about that >:3 " .:: He said smirking ::.


"Your Salt. Not rock, I now know." Goldstar made a mental note not to challenge Lionfur to an annoying contest.

.:: Thunderstar ordered ::. " Lionfur, patrols, now "

.:: He nodded and padded off ::.

" Sorry, for Lionfur's annoying acttitude, he has always act like that and well, he lost his mate and his 4th litter, he tries to forget that being happy, but he sometimes can pass the draw line " .:: Thunderstar apologized to Goldstar ::.

"It's fine, some just need to harvest the element inside of  them." Goldstar mrowed, her tail sweeping up dust.

.:: Thunderstar nodded and turned around gulping ::.

"I can sense you, still. Anyways..... do you wish for me to unlock your powers..?"

" I'm not sure... I'm just looking around because well, now Darkstar won't stop following me everywhere i go... He is Protecting me if any Darkforest cat comes and you know... I feel like a kit :I " .:: Thunderstar admitted ::.

"Then I could teach both of you your powers."

" i have another power, though, its the eye of the unseen, something like that, the power can let me be able through other cats' memories and thoughts... Even with Starclan and Darkforest cats... "

"So you could tell what my menories are?" Goldstar asked with a tilt of her head.

.:: Thunderstar shrugged ::. " i haven't practice the power at all though... "

"Then It would be best to learn eletricity first."

.::: Thunderstar nodded ::. " Alright "

Goldstar stood. "Close your eyes and think very hard."

.:: Thunderstar closed her eyes ::.

"Think of static eletricity.Then think of Darkstar at the same time."

.:: Thunderstar thought of electricity and of the lovely moments with her mate, Darkstar ::.

.:: Darkstar jumped a little, as he was zapped ::. Hey! Who zapped me?

.:: Thunderstar left ear twitched :::. " Hmm? "

"That is the first Power, to zap Good cats in your area."

" And... Why would i need to zap good cats? "

"Well, what if you needed to know who is a traitor?"

.:: She nodded ::. " You're right... "

"See? Anyways... should we go onto power 2?"

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::.

"Think of eletricity and a evil cat."

.:: Thunderstar thought of electricity and thought of Vipertongue, a darkforest warrior ::.

"Eventhough they are not here now, they have been frozen."

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::. " Coolio..."

"They are passive so they don't do much."

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::.

"Onto the attacks or the defense?"

" Attacks! " " :3 "

"Think of static then claw the air."

.:: She thought and clawed the air :::.

.:: Eletricity crackled around her legs and claws ::.

" Wow! " .:: Thunderstar yowled impressed ::.

"That shall be it."

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::.

"See you tomorrow then?" Goldstar asked.

" See you, i guess... "

"Practice. You'll get better." upon saying that Goldstar smiled then padded into the shade, only her tail visable before she disapeared.

.:: Thunderstar smiled and padded to the leaders den and sighed ::.

.:: Darkstar padded after Thunderstar ::.

.:: She smiled at her mate ::.

"What where you doing..?" .:: Darkstar asked sincerly ::.

" I was Practicing my powers with Goldstar... "


.:: She curled up in her moss ::.

"Night Thundie." .:: Darkstar yawned and fell alseep ::.

" Night... " .::  Thunderstar quickly fell asleep ::.

Time Skip to Morning..............

.:: Darkstar awoke and padded out the den ::.

.:: Thunderstar woke up, she followed her mate and tackled him down easily ::. " Morning! "


.:: She licked his nose before letting him up ::. " <3 "

"I was going to do a hunting patrollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...."

" Oh, so that means i can't say " morning " to my beloved mate? :I " .:: Protested Thunderstar ::.

"You where asleep though......."

" And...? " .:: Thunderstar said with  grin of her face since she was teasing him :;.

"I didn't want to wake you."

" And what else?  " .:: She said chuckling a bit ::.

"And I won't say :P"

.:: Thunderstar batted his ear playfully ::. " Grrr.... "

"Rawr!" .:: Darkstar nodded to Chaos ::.

.:: Thunderstar chuckled ::.

.:: Chaos nodded back then ran off ::.

" What happenedn to Chaos..? "

"Oh,she saw something that the medic might want."

"Alright, then... "

.:: Darkstar shrugged ::. It looked like she was carrying a herb.

.:: Thunderstar nodded :::.

"So..... I'm bored. I'll go do hunting patrol now then..."

" Alright...... "

.:: Darkstar padded off to talk with some cats, getting them on the hunting patrol ::.

.:: Thunderstar sat down boredly ::. " :T "

.:: Darkstar called over from where he was ::. Weren't you going to the Starstone today?

" Yeah... " .:: Thunderstar stood and padded off camp, She ran through the forest, swiftly "

.:: The shining stone stood out in the dappled light of the forest ::.

.:: She followed the light ::.

.:: She appeared in the cavern ::.

.:: Thunderstar touched the starstone with her nose, and suddenly fell asleep ::.

.:: She was surrounded by snow falling and two lights dancing behind the snowy veil ::.

.:: Her ears twitched and she spoke ::. "Hello...? Is anyone there...? "

.:: Slowly a Black wolf  appeared through the snow ::.

.:: She dipped her head in greetings ::.

"Welcome Thunderstar..."

" Thanks... "

"Follow me Thunderstar." .:: The wolf then set off ::.

.:: Thunderstar set off too, following the black wolf ::.

.:: They appeared at a beach suddenly ::.

.:: She looked around the beach ::.

.:: An orca lept from the water ::.

.:: She glanced at the huge creature, amazed ::.

"Do you know why we are showing you these animals?" .:: The wolf spoke as he started walking again ::.

.:: Thunderstar shook her head ::.

"Hmm. Then you should know later."

.:: She nodded ::.

.:: they appeared in the water ::.

.:: She wondered who the next misfit could be ::.

.:: a thresher shark swam by flicking its tail ::.

-Part 10 Edit

.:: Thunderstar's ears twitched ::.

"That is a thresher shark... Lets dive deeper..." .:: they moved down into the deep ::.

.:: Thunderstar dive deeper, following the wolf ::.

.:: an odd fish was swimming around ::.

.:: Her eyes glowed ::.

"Now we set off to the tunnels....."

.:: Thunderstar nodded and followed him ::.

.:: the meerkat peeked its head out ::.

.:: She stared at the creature ::.

Timeskip to when they finish the tour

"Now awake Thunderstar.."

.:: Thunderstar woke up ::.

.:: it was still dawn ::.

.:: Thunderstar trotted back to camp ::.

.:: Darkstar was walking back with a mouth full of rabbit ::.

.:: She padded up to leaders den ::.

"Hey Thundie sweet."

.:: Thunderstar purred ::. " Hi Darkie.... "

"How are you?~"

" I'm good and you, my love? "

"I'm great dear!"

.:: Thunderstar purred and licked his nose ::. " <3 "

.:: Darkstar nudged Thunderstar's ear and purred ::.

.:: Thunderstar rested her head on the tom's shoulder purring ::. " And.... How was the hunting patrol...? "

"We met the bears.Suprisingly good fellows they are." .:: Darkstar said while imitating a Bearish(english) accent ::.

" Cool "

"We also had a good hunt."

" Anything else...? "

"Nope :3"

" Are you fine...? You've been acting weird " .:: She asked grinning ::.


"...? "

"Uh.... you know what it is..." .:: Darkstar said flustered ::.

.:: Thunderstar tilted her head confused ::.

"The myidcfrtyhsdx word..."

" ... Darkstar... I dont understand... "


" o.o "

.:: Darkstar rolled his eyes then stalked off ::.

" Wait! I never meant to... " .:: Thunderstar took a deep breath ::.

.:: one of the males shrugged ::. That is what happens Thunderstar

" Wait... What? Im sorry, but im just confused... "

"It is what some call Honeycomb Time for males of his breed..."

" And... What does Honeycomb times means? "

"You know how some-breeds get a little crazy on a day? That is the name for it."

" How many days is he gonna stay like that, and is he gonna be alright? "

"Often 2 days and he will be ok."😅

" Good "


.:: She sighed in relief ::.

.:: he looked over towards the kits ::. "....They are fighting."

.:: Thunderstar ears perked up ::. " !!!!!! "

.:: the tom yawned ::. "Well you better sort it out..."

.:: Thunderstar ran to the kits, and she separated them ::. " Ok, Stop right there! "

.:: One of the kits nodded then padded away while the others sulked ::.

" Stop fighting! " .::: Yowled Thunderstar, she still had the kits separated ::.

.:: they snorted and padded away ::.

.:: Thunderstar sighed ::.

.:: a flash of light ignited two eyes but it then dimmed suddenly as a cloud covered the sun ::.

.:: Her ears twitched ::.

.:: the thing was gone,whatever it was ::.

" Now.... Where's Darkstar...? "

.:: the cream tom was laid in the leaders den ::.

" Hey.... " .:: Thunderstar said as she padded in the leaders den ::.

.:: he slowly turned to look at his mate ::. "Sorry!"

.:: Her ears twitched ::. 

.:: he started to talk about how we was very sorry for what he did ::.

.:: Thunderstar said nothing, she just padded closer to him and licked his nose ::.


.:: Thunderstar nuzzled him under his neck, making a signal that she already forgave him ::. " <3 "

.:: a cat padded in suddenly ::. Sorry to break it up.....but there is a creature outside..

"!? " .:: Thunderstar padded out of the leaders den ::.

.:: there was what seemed to be a bundle of creatures in the middle of camp ::.

.:: She growled loudly ::. " What do you want!? " .:: Thunderstar unleashed her claws and showed her long and very sharp teeth in an aggressive mode she never had ::.

.:: the creatures fur fluffed up in defense ::.

.:: Thunderstar glanced at Darkstar ::.

.:: Darkstar tilted his head at the creatures ::.

.:: Her ears pinned down ::. " What are you doing in my clan's camp...? " .:: Thunderstar asked to the creatures, trying to calm down ::.

.:: they looked up towards the cat, then imitated a kittens mewl ::.

.:: Her ears twitched, not sure of what to do ::.

"What are they? They look like a mix of a wolf and a tiger..." .:: Darkstar muttered ::.

" i dont know... " .:: Thunderstar said as she pulled her pelt closer to Darkstar's, in a way to feel safe ::.

"Whatever they are....they are kits." .:: he commented ::.

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::.

.:: he tilted his head in confusion ::. "So what do we do?"

" i- i dont k-know... "

.:: darkstar shrugged ::. "Do what you think is best Thundie"

.:: Thunderstar nodded, she looked at the creatures and said firmly ::. " Out of my territory... Now... "

.:: they looked over at the entrence then waddled to the entrence ::.

.:: She stood tall ::.

.:: most of them waddled outside but one stayed inside ::.

.:: Thunderstar narrowed her eyes at the creature ::.

.:: it sighed then followed it's brothers and sisters ::.

.:: Her ears pinned down and she looked at Darkstar again ::.

.:: Darkstar shrugged ::. "Well that's settled."

.:: Thunderstar nudged him and padded back to leaders den ::.

.:: Darkstar followed his mate as dusk settled ::.

" i cant still believe you asked me to forgive you, Darkstar... "


" Because i would have already forgive you since the second you made the mistake! I love you so much, Darkstar... I could never be mad, with the tom i love the most... "


.:: She licked his nose, purring ::. " <3 "

.:: he chuckled ::.

" But there's a thing im REALLY worried for... "

"What's that dear?"

" There have been many leaders dying swiftly, each death following another, i'm afraid that soon it might be my time... "

"Don't say that,Thunderstar!" .:: Darkstar gasped ::.

" Why? " .:: Thunderstar asked ::!

"Uh...." .:: Darkstar mumbled something,blushing ::.

" Darkstar... Tell me... I need to know... "

"I Evol uoy...."

.:: Thunderstar nuzzled him under his neck ::. You are afraid to lose me soon, right? "

.:: he nodded,sighing ::.

.:: Thunderstar licked his nose, purring ::. " I love you too, My Darkie... "

"And you too~"

.:: Thunderstar rubbed her head against his cheek, purring ::.


.:: Thunderstar yawned tiredly and slowly fell asleep on Darkstar's shoulder ::. " zzz.... "


.:: Darkstar had picked her up and carried her to the leaders den ::.

" Zzz.... "

.:: he chuckled and fell asleep next to her and her kits ::.

~ In Thunderstar's dream ~

.:: a tall,lithe white tom sat before the shecat.A large scar ran down from the tip of his ear to his paw ::.

.:: Thunderstar looked at the tom and asked ::. " Who are you... "

.:: he smiled lightly ::. "Do you know what a gyre soul is,Thunderstar? .:: his voice was calm like a starclan cat ::.

" N-no... "

"It is a cat with many bodies but those bodies are other animals,dear..."

" Wow... "

"I am one." .:: he smiled ::.

" Whats your name? "


" Do you know, Shatteredscar? "

"Who?" .:: he acted as if he didn't know and did it well ::.

" Shatteredscar.... The Darkforest leader... "


" You are acting like you don't know him, right? " .:: Thunderstar said her eyes narrowed ::!

"Sorry,I forgot."

" Do you know anything about his past or the plans he is making? "

"I know why he got corrupted.."

" Why...? "

"His clan thought he was spying."