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3/26/16 Today Pantherkit, Blackkit, Stormkit, and Hazelkit became apprentices! They will now be known as Pantherpaw, Blackpaw, Stormpaw, and Hazelpaw. Fire was making his was back to camp when he was attacked by savage wolves. His wounds were treated and he is better. Starlingkit would have become an apprentice, but she caught a mysterious sickness and could not make the ceremony.

Background Edit

You wake up in a misty land covered with strange cats. A massive brown she-cat approaches and welcomes you. You take a look around and realize that you are in a clan territory. One large bluish she cat comes running up to the leader with another small she cat. A brown she cat asks, "Do you want to join?" You nod quickly. "Welcome to Mistclan."

Members Of MistClan Edit

  • Leader- Maplestar- strong tabby she cat with light brown dappled pelt- coberdorfer
  • Deputy- (None)
  • Warriors- mostly in need of them D:
  • Turtlespots- black she cat with grey spots - patchy2468
  • Mistyflower- big she-cat with light blue fur and darker blue spots- dogsrcute44
  • Fire- strong tom with flaming red fur- awsome323
  • Apprentices-
  • Greatpaw- huge brown she-cat- michelle1
  • Blackpaw- black tom with yellow eyes- royalpony0717
  • Stormpaw- black she cat- ell29014
  • Hazelpaw- pretty light brown she-cat, sister of Starlingkit - iheartarticwolves123
  • Kits-
  • Starlingkit- black and brown she kit - Milliecat0717
  • Silverkit- grey tom - Rascal9920
  • Medicine Cat(s)
  • Featherpelt- grey and black she-cat - queensilverheart
  • Medic Apprentice- Blazingpaw- tan she cat- Wildalpha
  • Back up Medic- tall grey and black she cat - Floppy2005

Rules (not in order) Edit

  1. No power playing.
  2. No unrealistic actions.
  3. Defend your clan even at the cost of your life.
  4. Only Dew and Maplestar can edit the wiki. Ask for permission.
  5. No double clanning.
  6. If you "die" you can only come back twice. You must come back as a kit.
  7. Don't dramatize everything.
  8. If you have a problem with something, tell the leader or deputy.
  9. Accept punishments.
  10. Your leader is the leader unless they die or quit. No "outvoting" a leader.

Punishments Edit

Only the leader can make the punishments.

  • Picking fleas off the elder's pelts. (normally there are no elders, so this is a rare occasion)
  • Cleaning out the bedding.
  • Picking berries and gathering herbs instead of training or hunting.
  • Sleep outside camp for a period of time. (Leader will decide the time)
  • Delayed Ceremony.
  • Exile
  • Reported By The Whole Clan

Dress Code Edit

Animals- kits- bunnies, apprentices- bunnies, foxes, wolves the rest- wolves, snow leaopards

Tags- Mistclan's tag color is white. Kits wear a heart on their nametag, Apprentices wear a paw, Warriors wear a star, Medics wear a leaf, Queens wear a flower, Elders wear an owl, Leaders wear Mira, and Deputies wear Zios

Head- head flower, flower crown, skull helmet, fox hat, hd, hf, raccoon hat, nothing

Neck- spikes, ribbon scarf, leaf necklace, pinecone necklace, nothing

Back- sword, bow and arrows, jamaaliday bow (only earthy colors), spartan armor, elf armor, nothing

Legs- arm cuffs, elf bracelets, leaf armor, gloves, nothing
Pelt colors
Tail- elf tail armor, feather tail, leaf tail armor, bone tail, diamond encrusted tail armor, nothing

'Pelt and Pattern- see picture'Eyes- any

Territories Edit

  • Main Camp- coberdorfer's den (mushroom hut)
  • Moon Gathering- the clan will take the journey. They will start in Sarepia Forest, travel through it to Lost Temple of Zios, cross through there to Crystal Sands, cross over the water, and then go into the Canyons Pathway for the Gathering.
  • Moonpool- this is where the Medics go to get visions from Starclan. it is in Epic Wonders

Fallen Leaf Forest (Sarepia) Edit

This is where most of our warriors go hunting. There is a wide assortment of prey and plenty of Herbs for our Medics. Warriors sometimes take their apprentices to train here, but it is not our real training grounds.

Training Grounds (Zios) Edit

This is where our mentors take there apprentices hunting. They can learn how to swim, catch prey, and fight. There are some ancient and abandoned two leg nests, but the place is deserted and quiet. We enjoy this place very much because of the fog and mist.

Rocky Canyons (Coral Canyons)Edit

This is where the Medics go to get their visions from Starclan. They will go inside to the Moonpool (aka Epic Wonders). Other then that, it is pretty much deserted, because of the fear of falling down the cliff to a death.

Bright Eyes Beach (Crystal Sands) Edit

This is a beautiful beach. The water shimmers in the sun. To get to the Moons Gathering, the clan must cross the deep water. Everyone gathers here for the Newleaf Festival.


The Great Oak (Appondale) Edit

This is the biggest tree in the Mistclan territory. Many apprentices love to practice their climbing skills or play in the muddy lake. When going here, all apprentices must have a mentor, warrior or supervisor with them.

Place Of Endless Ice (Mount Shiveer) Edit

This is a very unpopular place. It is always Leaf-bare here and there is barely any prey. The ice is full of polar bears, walruses, seals, penguins and much more dangerous animals.

Death Desert (Kimbara) Edit

This is a very very hot desert. It is full of snakes and poisonous bugs. This place makes even the toughest warriors cringe. Yet some brave warriors risk their lives during the winter to hunt for lizards, snakes, and rabbits.

Twoleg Place (Jamaa Township) Edit

This is by far the deadliest place in the territory. The place is crowded with horrid twolegs and deadly monsters. The lake they have is poisoned and mirky. The alleys are filled with nasty rats and rogues. The only cats that would ever step foot there would be medics to collect herbs, especially catmint. But even they have to take a warrior with them, just in case.

Festivities Edit

One warrior will be chosen to take a snapshot of each event.

Moon Gathering every real day Edit

On this day, the clan takes a long journey to the Gathering Place (Canyons Pathway). They start in Fallen Leaf Forest and make their way to the Training Grounds. We then trek through to Bright Eyes Beach and must cross the deep water. Then we enter the Gathering Place and have a ceremony.

Day of Bounty November 26 Edit

We start this day off with a long ceremony. Throughout the day there are competitions and games. At night, we have a huge feast and give prayers to starclan in thanks for our food, shelter and life.

Newleaf Festival June 20 Edit

On this day we celebrate the first day of Newleaf. We journey to Bright Eyes Beach. There are many competitions and games held for fighting, hunting, herbs, climbing, history knowledge, and swimming. The food is plentiful and when the sun is in the middle of the sky, we sprawl out on the sand and share tongues.

Bathing of Blossoms April 8 Edit

This is a festival to celebrate the first falling blossoms of the season. We sit in the light sharing tongues. The kits and apprentices play in the blossoms. We all wear blossoms in our fur. It is a very happy day. Only kind words are used all day.

Remembrance of The Stars August 5 Edit

On this day, we all travel to the Moonpool with offerings for our loved ones who died. We lay the offerings around the Moon Stone while humming solemn praises to Starclan. Each cat will get to visit Starclan. Some will get messages or warnings, and some will get none. But either way, this is the best celebration. The warriors and apprentices must fast and not eat a single crumb of prey all day. If they fail to do this, there will be serious consequences.

Quotes Edit

"Keep courage with you always. If you have a clan, you have a future."

“Starclan is going to send you someone that will rescue you. Then one day you will rescue them in return and together your story will rescue others. You only need to believe that you are part of something greater than you know.”

“A wise warrior knows when to stay silent. However, a wiser warrior of faith in Starclan knows that sometimes words can win the battle, when all odds stand against them."

“There comes a time in your life when you can no longer put off waiting. You have to choose one path or the other. You can live safe and be protected by warriors just like you, or you can stand up and be a leader for what is right. Always, remember this: Warriors never remember the crowd; they remember the one person that had the courage to say and do what no one would do.”

"In a misty forest, you don't have to learn to see around the fog, you must learn to see through it."

"You may dream of living in a world with no darkness. But when there is light there is also a shadow that follows. Evil is that shadow."

Schedule Edit

Monday: ( most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern)

Tuesday: ( most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern

Wednesday: (most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern)

Thursday: (most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern)

Friday: (most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern)

Saturday: Clan gets on at 2-9(eastern)1-8(central) or any time in the morning

Sunday: Clan gets on at 2-9(eastern)1-8(central) or any time in the morning

If you get on and not many people are there, go hunting. Every day there will be the trip to the Gathering Place at 8:00 central time, 9:00 eastern time, 6:00 pacific time, and 7:00 mountain time. So please at least try to make it for the gatherings. Please note that these aren't strict rules. If the leader or deputy is on, then check in at camp to see if the clan is going on.

Prophecies Edit

Only the medics and medic apprentices may type here.

There are no recent prophecies.

How to join Mistclan Edit

If you wish to join Mistclan, please comment below the following information-

Clan Name-



Personality and Description-


Past Clans?-

Roleplay- (put something like, crouches low and peers into bushes, tassle swaying. If you are a medic, put something like what you would use herbs for a different injuries or sicknesses)

Alliance Request Form Edit

Clan Name-

Leader and Deputy Name-

Clan Den Location-


Frequently Asked Questions Edit

These are the most frequently asked questions. If you have an additional question, please put it in the comment section below!

Can I Edit ANYTHING On this wiki? Edit

Yes. Clan members can edit their description. Please only your description! We don't need you ruining the wiki. This is the only thing they may edit unless asking the Leader for permission.

Am I allowed to have a relationship with a cat from a different clan? Edit

We allow this, but please make sure we are allied with their clan. If you are deeply in a relationship and the clans are not allied, inform the leader and we will send out an alliance request.

Can we use rouge names? Edit

Rouge names are definitely allowed. Many of our members have rouge names, and the deputy even has one. We don't completely recommend it, but it is still allowed.

Can I recruit players? Edit

Yes. You are allowed to recruit but please inform the leader or deputy. Please make sure they post a joining application on the wiki.

Is this a dog or cat clan? Edit

This is strictly a cats only clan.

Tests Edit

Warrior Test Edit