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Geckopaw X Echopaw= GeckoEcho

Here we put the ship that we vote for during the weekdays. They can get displayed at the end of the week and are kept on the page until the next ship.


Here's a song for all the people who see this! I ship it

Please don't be offended, this is for fun!

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The Ships

<center> Tom X Shecat Ships

There will be NO rogue ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Stonewing X Grammar = A Nightmare

Stonewing x Spelling = Another nightmare

Lynxwhisper X The Cuddle Rock= Lynx loves her rock

Harry Potter ship heheh= Lynxwhisper X Draco Malfoy = Hottniess c:

Crowpaw X Lynxpaw = Crowlynx/Lynxcrow

Sparrowpaw X Oreo chocolate = Oreopaw 

Raspberrypaw X Ravenpaw= RaspberryRaven 

Ravenpaw X Carrot cake = carrotkit/ravencake

Ravenpaw X Fernpaw =RavenFern

Lynxwhisper X Ravenpaw

shadowheart X Darkwish= Shadowwish/Darkheart/IT STILL LIVES

Honeyblossom X Crowpaw= Lolololololol im not sorry

Crowpaw X Fernpaw = CrowFern(so cute )

Geckokit X Echokit = Geckoecho (it just rolls off the tongue)

Darkwish X Chocolatedream = Dark Chocolate

Pastelpaw X Fernpaw = PastelFern

Sharpkit X Geckokit = SharpGecko

Oakstep X Inksplash = WHAT A SMOOOOTH COUPLE ;)

Hollowedheart X Shadowheart= Hollowedshadow

Robinfeather X Bad Grades = Hermione Granger


Cloverpool X OakStep = Cloverstep/OakPool ( You wont be lonely soon! <3 ) 

Tom X Tom Ships

There will be NO rogue  ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Stonewing X Bramblethorn = Stonethorn

RussetFlame X Stonewing=Jamilton 

Vinepaw X George E.= Can ya count yet?

Vinepaw X Philp = VineHamilton

Vinepaw X Geckokit: Pheaker 

Shecat X Shecat Ships

There will be NO rogue ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Darkwillow X Oceansoul = DarkOcean

Shadowheart X Fallenwish= Fallenheart (not added by fallen nor shadow :3)


Honeyblossom X Stonewing

Kits: Lilybreeze, Fernpaw, Vinepaw


Fernwhisker X Shadestorm

Kits: Hibiscusbreeze, Duskcloud, Cloverpool, Rainheart, Icepaw, Snowpaw, Echopaw


Thornbriar X Chocolatedream

Kits: N/A


Tigerstrike x Splashcreek

Kits: Geckokit, Mintkit, Toffeekit & Jasminekit


Mouseheart x Rattail

Kits: N/A


Sunsetgaze X Inksplash

Kits: N/A


Theme Songs


Theme Songs

Comment Below If You want Someone else to put your song. These are for some canon ships.

Fernwhisker X Shadestorm = Only us

Honeyblossom X Stonewing = Helpless [1]

Darkwish X Chocolatedream = House Of Memories

Secret Admirer Messages


This is a secret message to someone you admire/have a crush on. Do something like this;

Dear example'fang, I really like you. From anonymous

(Stop putting, Dear (N/A) then putting the message below it! Also, it has to be to someone, not to yourself, not to everyone but one person!)



I have been in love with you forever.Since I meet you.I have a heart bigger than 3 combined together.And I wrote this for you...


My dearest Stonepaw -

Everyday I see you and it gives me butterflies. It gives me joy how I you always have my back, and I always have yours. We've been there for each other since the very start. Through ups and downs, sadness and happiness, and even in troublesome moments. But either way, no matter what, nothing can ever split us apart. Even in Starclan I will love you, and so on. I hope you can accept my undying affection for you, and return the same feeling towards me. A future with you will always be my day dream 

-Honeypaw ;)  


To My Dearest Honeypaw,

You're all that I think about, I cant get you off my mind, You were my First friend when I joined the Animal jam Wiki, You're the reason I joined Mistclan! Every moment I spend with you are the highlights of my day. You're the honey that sweetens up my day. All what i'm trying to say is that, I love you Honeypaw, I cant wait till we are warriors, I would love to have a future with you too, and maybe a family. My love for you will never be doubted. 

-Stonepaw <3


-- Metalkit,

Metal against metal, the worst of sounds

Metal against wood, is hurts to no bounds

Metal in the water, It only rusts

Metal in the fire, it melts to liquid to dust.

But when the metal screeches

Inside a hollow cave,

A lovely sound is created,

An Echo is made.

And you are the one Metal that I can listen to

Without the pain in my ears

But I still ache.

Ache with love.

-An Echo in a cave



Roses are red

Violets are blue

Echos are invisible

But I can still see you!

In the cave

That I sound

That voice....

is you repeating me and me repeating you.

-- A piece of Metal in a cave


To Pinepaw

It pains me to bring to tell you my feelings on a page, and not directly to you... It also hurts me to see that you like Breeze. If I ever told you who I really was, I don't think it would ever be the same. I try and act happy when im around you, but im really dying inside. If you ever left I would leave with you. You make me feel normal and that is all I ever wanted to feel. I really like you Pine'paw.. but im afraid you don't like me.

anonymous lover~ -- <center>Dear Mousepaw, So... I know one or two toms already confessed, and you accepted their love, but... I just really like you, and got jealous when they did. I decided to write one too, except I'm lost of words to tell you.  I was writing this since two days ago, waiting for us to become apprentices so I could send it off into the pile of notes. I could be the sun, if you are the east. I could be the fire, to melt your heart. I may not be the best looking of all the toms, but hopefully you accept me for what I am on the inside, not the outside. Take your time, no pressure. It's okay if you don't choose me, whoever you do, as long as they love you as well as I would've, I would be just as happy as if you were to choose me. I know I haven't done anything to make you like me back, I didn't give you any flowers or such, but I really like you. When I had first met you, you were a little grumpy towards me, but I suppose you gained trust on me. If you figure out who this is, come online and tell me that I wrote this message, and I'll give you a gift (in roleplay). Hopefully this message isn't too cheesy! Love you <3<3 I added a few hints, see if you can find them. ~ Secret Admirer


To all of the aching hearts in Mistclan, or anywhere for that matter:

Love is hard.

I know.

Love will cheat you, beat you, and grind-to-meat you.

Love will break you, fake you, and hate you.

Love can be cruel, merciless, and cold.

But look beyond the hate, and you can find the meadow

That blooms and Blossoms with light and not shadow.

Your love awaits you, in the field of flowers,

Ready to wrap you in a blanket of warmth.

So please, don't feel like you are alone,

Because there's always someone who'll want to get to know you.

Love is rogue. You can't stop that.

But you can let it lift you higher to the clouds,

And take you to your dreams.

Life is short, so don't waste a moment.

And who knows? Your someone may just be right in front of your eyes...




I know your heart is with someone else, but I love you. I've always loved you; when you were Oakthorn just the same as now. I hope that we can be a possibility. I want you to be that hope, Pinecreek, for now and for always. When we are warriors, I will ask you to come for a walk with me. I will then confess and ask you to be mates. I don't know what you'll say, but I hope your answer will be yes. I love you, Pine.

~You probably know who I am


Dear Breezepaw,

Probably don't know who I am right now!Try to guess and not check the history! Breezepaw..where do I begin? You se thats a strong question I ask. Where? You see nothing begins begin without creating itself. You are like a beautiful sun in the sky and I'm the moon in the sky. You make my days brighter whenever I see you. I hope we can be together.

-- Raspberrykit

You probably know who this is but oh well! From the day I first met you I thought you were a delightful she-kit and I instantly wanted to know more about you! You're very good at batting moss when we play moss-ball and it makes my day every time I see you walk into the den or wake up in my nest to see you there in the nursery as well. You light up my day with the sunshine you carry around everywhere that seems to light up all that is dark. You are the light that helps this Raven see where he's going even when times are darkest. I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me. Thank you for being you.

Roses are red

The sky is blue

I say that I'm tough

But I've fallen for you

From a Raven hoping to find his way one day.


I am so glad you are my friend. You are my world. I want to do everything with you- including raising kits, if it ever comes to that. I love you, but you already know that :) Sorry, I have nowhere near as much words to say as you have given me, but you know how I feel.

~Pink fuzzy berry on a bush


To Depsair:

Depsair.. When I met you I started to have feelings for you. You may be a FLUFFY doggo but this cat doesnt care.. To some people you might scare them but to me you open my heart because you are caring, loving, sweet and super nice! You probably wont remember this but I do; Remember when i was starving and you gave a lamb leg? That was really nice of you.. But of course you would do that to anyone, but to me it was special

There is more, but I cant explain on a letter.. But someday I will tell you in person. You probably don't know me but I am a person a cat in fact (lol) And you don't really notice me all that much but i notice you and you seem like a friendly doggo

-Someone you will never notice

PS; I did this for a friend.. She didn't want to write it, the person who wrote this was Youhave24hours'



I like another cat, but you wanted a sam. :)))))



~To everyone in Mistclan

Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, I just feel like I'm on the sun and I'm burning with all the kindness and wonderful comments. We may be a clan full of drama but I like that it suits us and I'm being honest with you guys.. There was a few times I wanted to leave and I'm glad I didn't, if you want to know why I wanted to leave then ask me later, back to the letter. As when I first joined (Wingflight) I felt lonely but when I got used to the clan and made new ocs I feel like I got to know everyone and well it seems lonely at first when you join as a warrior but thats my opinion because I was lonely untill I became a kit now an apprentince, and now a kit again (Scorchkit) I got to know a lot more people that Wingflight didn't get to meet.

Thanks so much Mistclan, you're my home, one and only (for now)

~ Lynxpaw | Scorchkit




Dear my beloved Crowpaw,

You probably know who i am. Although we only knew each other for a little time, i have complex feelings for you. I know you will make a great medic cat and the best. When you took out the thorn from my paw, you took out a thorn in my heart. Its been hard with Lionecho, my brother, dead. You are like the best replacement for him. I think we could have more together in the future

With lots of love, You know who ;)



I may be a tom, but your glittering ginger pelt captivates me everytime. I'm always a little nervous but i dont show it, And i, think you're fine, and i'd really wish you were mine. You'll always be my Mon Amour to me.  You blow me away everytime. Je t'aime scorchkit, Je t'aime.

- a french poet.



I know I'm a girl but I don't care, when I first saw you I felt something I never felt before. Like my heart started beatin, my paws started sweatin, I soon realized, I was in love with you, I can't stop thinking about yo, wherever I go, whatever I see, I see you. What I'm trying to say is, I like you, alot. Wanna hang out?

huehue <3



i just wrote you one but screw it, i love you. now you might have to translate this cuz, french. Je t'aime, tu me fascines toujours avec ta fourrure de gingembre. Je savais que quand j'ai posé les yeux sur toi, mon coeur a pu jaillir de ma poitrine.

votre amour, la vigne.


To Vine:

Thanks for the lovely SAMS, and I love you as well. I don't really hang out with you but i can tell you belong with me, and i belong with you. I can't wait for the future, time for some FRENCH;

Vine, My Lovely Vine, vous êtes pour moi, et je suis destiné à vous. Le futur nous attend et je vous aime.

Amour; Votre belle Scorchkit


Dear Crowpaw,

Please, Write back!

I have been waiting forever for a love and i finally found it! Please, I love the way you are willing to care for your clan and heal them. I still dont know you that much but, i think we have a neat relationship! I hope you i and can be more than just friends. POEM:

My beloved crow,

You fly in the sky,

Your a cat to know.

My lives wish is forming

To love a cat like you

Love is always naming.

- ???



I have to deal with the effects of your life on mine everytime i glance, or turn my head to face you. I hope it's true we can be more than friends, to the end. I'm not feeling helppless, i'm just alittle nervous but i dont show it. Je t'aime Mon Amour, je t'aime.

Ton Amour.


The leaves on the apple tree bristle

In the wind while it wistles,

And the Blossom of the cherry tree that is next to you,

Will stay with you, till the moment you fall off

with the sakura petals next to you too.

you can guess this easily



I know you probably don't share equal feelings. There are a few others who like you, too. But you've been so kind to me, even though we just met. There was some drama today, but you handled it professionally and calmly. You were also so nice to me, even after I had made some mistakes. I really like you, even though you most likely don't like me back. And if you choose someone else, I hope we can at least stay friends. I may not be the prettiest, or the nicest, or the most intelligent kit, but I like you more than I can say, and when I'm around you I want to be a kinder, better kit. Maybe, someday soon, we can become more than just friends?



To Blazepaw and Ravenpaw-

I know, neither of you like me as I like you. Raven, you'll chose Lynx, Blaze, you'll go off with Golden, and I'll be left in the dust. But I want you to know that I will always love both of you equally, for as long as I live. You are my best friends and I would hate to lose that. I make mistakes. I am not perfect. I'm sorry if I have ever hurt either of you; please know that I would never mean to. I can't even imagine what I would do without either of you. I love you.

~Raspberrypaw (Not a secret)


Crowpaw and Ravenpaw

(Cough sorry Rasp, I took your idea with two people DX)

Ok .. Takes deep breath .. So, you two, I have deep feelings for you guys and well I don't know how to solve them. I feel like I'm suppose to end up with one of you but I'm not quit sure. Crow you maybe in the medicine den a lot, but I care how much you really want to be a medicine cat I hope your dream comes true <3. Ravenpaw I'm sorry that Raspberrypaw and Fernkit left you/replaced, but you are a strong tom we deserves a loving she-cat back, I'm not saying I don't love you, that's why I'm writing this.. To figure out who I love. I care about both of you, and your feelings, I just hope I can choose between you both.

Hint; I'm a type of Cat


Lynxpaw - (I'm doing this again)

Hey, Lynxpaw! Okay, after losing Fernkit I thought I would always love Raspberrypaw. But I guess that has changed. I no longer like playing with her. I was replaced for the second time. I don't know if I even consider her a friend anymore. But I will always consider you as a friend, and maybe even more. I can't help but notice you now that my life has been ruined twice. You're brave, kind, sweet, caring and most importantly, you're you! Any cat would be lucky to be friends with you. So despite everything that's going on, I think I'm one of the luckiest cats in the whole forest and beyond. So here's what I'm trying to say, ever since Raspberrypaw replaced me, I have noticed you a lot more. I think you're one of the most beautiful she-cats I've ever laid my eyes on. I hope you notice me aswell, I think you like me more as a friend though. But I'm not afraid anymore to say what's on my mind. I love you and I know this is all quite sudden and I'm sorry but... I wish every cat knows what it's like to have two cats you love be torn away from you. Every cat but you. Even if it doesn't turn out like I hope it will, I want you to be happy forever.

Lots of love, a black feathered apprentice.

-- Lynxpaw,

I do love you.. And i hate myself for not spending enough time with you. Please accept my love before its taken away...

~Bird cat



I know I already wrote something to you, but I feel that letter didn't fully express what I feel, so I'm going to write another. I'm fairly certain you're going to choose another kit. It's pretty obvious. But I've accepted it, and I believe you will be one hundred percent happy with whoever it is. I just wanted to say, you're so kind, and smart, and forgiving.Though I may be none of those things, I see them in you, and I admire them in you. I don't think I'll ever stop liking you, but once you've chosen someone, and if it's not me, I hope we can at least be best friends. I know you'll make a great warrior some day, maybe even a leader. I hope I can be part of it.



My Birdy cat- I care for you and my heart is wide opened for lots of love and joy. I care for your feelings, I think I made up my mind. The thing is... I don't want to hurt this other cat, but maybe I'm the one who's meant for you. It's ok that you don't hangout with me, I understand your dream is to be a medicine cat, and I won't stand in your way.

-Love a type of cat

(Stonewing wrote this, but I friend told me they wanted me to do it for them.)


(ahem hem hem)

So, I wanted to write a poem, but I'm kinda sneaking online rn, so, maybe later. Anyway, I know I'm gonna die soon, and go poof, and I'm a girl, but hey, cats can be gay too, right? I just wanted to say that yeah, I know we've been enemies since you laid eyes on Blazepaw, but now he's kinda dead... so... You think we could be friends? I've never had hard feelings for you, I guess our love for one cat made us blind to who we really are. Man, this is so hard... Um, will you be my friend, and maybe become more someday?

~Le girl who's gonna save a kit and die ;D


I know that you're leaning towards Sharpkit, and maybe a little towards Applekit, but... Erm... I feel a little more pulled closer to you than toward other friends. It may be the way the colors of your pelt merge, or maybe just the soft, friendly tone of your voice. Either way, I feel different about you than other toms. I know you may never come to notice, because it's hard to see, but maybe we could grow to be more than friends? I feel like I'm just a shadow, unnoticed, unloved, and alone, and I feel left out, because everything is blurry in my life. Where's my place? What am I doing? A good friend, maybe more, would be nice. ~The remains of a single whisperSpiderkit,

I don't know where to start. You probaly don't know who I am, we haven't talked much, mostly because I don't have the nerve to go up and talk to you. I know that I want more than a friendship, much more, everytime you walk past me my heart flutters, every inch of me wants to go up and confess how I fell about you but i'm scared of what your reply would be. I dream of the day when I could talk to you calmly but you make me so nervous. I know I shouldn't care so much but I do, I do want to talk to you more, I do want to be your friend. What I want most of all is to be more than friends. Maybe one day? Please reply.

-Your anonymous lover

Mon Amour,

Words cant describe how much the way your ginger pelt shines in the morning sun, and how i cant stop daydreaming. When i'm around others i feel weak as if  i'm gonna faint. My mother says i'm nervous, but around you i'm so helpless. Other cats dont like who i am, but, my father always told me, that one day i'll, Blow us all away!



I know that soon you're going to choose someone. And I just want to say, I want you to be happy with your choice. I understand you may not choose me, but I hope you do. I know that may sound selfish, but the truth is, you fill me with happiness, and you make me want to be a better kit. I admire so many things about you, like how calm you are in a situation of crisis, how kind you are to everyone, how smart and intelligent you are, and so, so much more. I understand that I'm not the most desirable kit. I'm often selfish and rude, and I'm not attractive or pretty. But you make me want to change how I act. Whenever you're around I want to express my feelings to you, though I'm too shy to do it. I see how you also like Echokit. She's kind, smart, and beautiful. I know that I stand no chance against her. But a kit can hope, right? And I hope that, someday, we can be more than friends.



You asked for a clue soo...

We had a short conversation yesterday about the clan and OCs, I couldn't help but be my nervous and awkward self around you. Ok last clue, i'm sweeter than the other kits. (I don't mean that guys it's a clue.)

-From spiderkits lover

Dear Shadowheart,

i think you are as eyes are as shiny as the moon and im just saying  i like you for who you are. From, darkstorm.

Dear Badgerkit,

We only met today but I’m already falling for you. You smile lights up my world and when your eyes meet mine, I feel as if I’m on cloud 9. Although we have only spent a small amount of time together it feels like I have spent moons with you. You grey pelt captivates you, and your playful personality inspires me. So much could happen between now and when we become warriors, but I want you to know, I’ve fallen for you.

Love, Someone you may’ve already guessed ;)


 ♬Wise men say, Only fools rush in. But I- can't help falling in love with you~ ♬

In the past, I've regretted many things. I should've just picked you in the beginning- I should've just went with my actual gut. Im afraid of hurting people. I've hurt you too much , not love you. I'm sorry. I may not be the prettiest sight, but I don't think you'll believe me. I love you, I just never realized it until now. Now, I understand how it feels. To be rejected. It sucks. I don't want to feel that.I don't want you to feel that. I don't want to choose. But, now, I'm certain of what I choose. If you decide to accept me, for what things I did to hurt you. I'll be with you. If I'm what you choose-

"I just want you to be happy."

~With love - h̷̭̟͒͝s̶̠̾͝ã̴̩̐l̷̢̖̓p̵͓̚͘s̷̖͕̑k̷̘̍̂ň̷̢͎͂I̷̪͋̂

Dear Barkpaw,

My heart jumped for you

My heart loved you

My heart cared for you

My heart worried for you

My heart wanted you

My heart needed you

My heart...


Because of you...

~Just A Friend


I love you darling, and I hope you feel the same, my heart beats when you are near. I hope if we get together we

Never part. Your blue eye is crystal clear your orange one is like a burning flame. I see them everyday and I

Know its magic, you seem to perfect to me real, to loving to touch, something that never shoulder be looked at.

So, someone hurt your heart? I always hoped it never happened to you, I wish I could kill them. Your heart is to

Perfect to hurt. Every day I see you I wish I could do something to make you love me. I hope you do love me like I

Love you. My love for you is enternal. My love for you can never be broken. I wish you would tell me you feel the

Same. I wish I could show you my heart, how much I love you and how I care for you. My arms are open wide, I am always

Here for you. You see how I care now? And I hope you would say the same to me. I love you, Inksplash, I truly do..


Dear Russetflame~

I know that things didn't work out between us in the past, but I still love you. With certain events^ in order, maybe we can finally have a chance. I know I'm an apprentice now- and heck, you're nine moons older than me- but that shouldn't stop love, right? I don't know if you ever felt the same about me, but I'm really hoping we can be mates in a few moons. My heart belongs to you, Russetflame, for now and for always.

أنا أحبك كما يرتفع الفجر والليل يقع بعيدا. أنا أريد منك
بي.دائما ح


Dear OakStep

I just would like to say.. I like you, So dont say that i dont, Okay? IM not forced to love, i wouldn't let anyone do that to me. I wont let you be forced to loving me either, you choose what you want to choose. Mk? So... Yeh, Just wanted to say i like you and you seem very likeable ;3 

Rain is not a part of me liking you, Do not say such things. If i really liked someone else i wouldn't interact with you, Please dotn ever say such a thing like that again, You seem so likeable and nice, And i really like that about you. Please understand this, Respond to my message, Dont ever keep a secret away from me, Because i wont do that to you. 

Dear EchoPaw,

I get it, a few amazing friends of mine like me.. and i'm going to feel horrible once they find out, but I guess i've always had my eyes on you. The way your eyes your eyes sparkle.. I know you don't know what you look like at all, but what I can assure you is that you're a gorgeous feline. I still feel horrible for killing that bee, you were so mad and I didn't even consider how you'd react. I hope that you don't get mad at me like that again, it hurt me so much honestly. Besides that, I just enjoy being with you, playing games with you.. Every time I see you I just get so excited and when we talk I feel my heart skip. I just hope you feel the same way as me, really. Words can't express the way I feel for you, but I know for a fact that my heart can.




When we were kits, I stayed wide awake, I couldn't stop thinking of you. I know you like someone else, and it hurts, but I need to get this off my chest. No matter what I will keep you locked and safe in my heart. Im sorry, this never worked out.

Someone who cares.



Though we are only kits, my heart still leaps for you. Though I may be lost in time, I still hope you choose me over anyone else. I may have slipped through the frosted clutches of your paws, but I'm not completely gone. You're the most caring person I've met and I do not want to let you go. Even though this is pointless and all hope is lost I still want you to know that somebody, far far away from you, is still out there hoping and wishing you could share these feelings too.



W-well, I don't know how your going to take this, but... :Sigh: I wrote you a little poem... and I hope you like it...

Leaves, they will fall. Flowers, they will die.

But that couldn't break the strong roots of life.

Your life, My life, Our life.

Clouds, they will darken. Thunder, it will break the silence.

But that couldn't snap the steady trunk of life.

Your life, My life, Our life.

Wind, will start to blow. Lightning, with crack the shade.

But that couldn't crack the thick branches of life.

Your life, My life, Our life.

Rain, will start to pour. Creatures, will hide away.

But that couldn't drench the soft leaves of life.

Your life, My life, Our life.

Life, far from perfect. Love, it will break you.

But that couldn't burn the warm binds of love.

Your love, My love, Our love.

~A soft voice of love


I know you chose Echo, and even though I'm sad, I'll still support both of you. You'll be great mates, I just know it! Since being more than friends isn't exactly an option any longer, I've decided that I will write you this letter as a friend. Gecko, you've been so kind to me, and even though we're both so young, I feel like we've already become such great friends! We've been on so many amazing adventures, and had so many great times! I hope I can continue to be a part of your life, as your best friend, if not your mate. Thank you for being the kind, caring, intelligent, brave, and totally amazing friend that you are! There will always be a place for you in my heart. I hope I'll always be in your's.


SharpKit, EchoPaw, ApplePaw,

I'm truly torn

How am I meant to decide between three perfect felines?

My heart, it's torn. My head, it hurts.

I can imagine a future with me and EchoPaw, yet... I feel like something is wrong

I feel strong emotions towards each of you, I can't explain it..

Yes, I love being friends with all of you, but like EchoPaw i can imagine our futures..

I love you, I hate you... honestly, those the words going through my head

I can't choose, I can only wish

To end the suffering upon me, to love all of you.

But it won't happen. It never will.

I'm not going to set my heart on one of you alone yet

Not yet.

I'd like a future with each of you, and I feel like I should give you time.

and in that time i'd like to decide who'd I like to set my heart on, the one I wish to start a family with...

I know one of you may not like me like I you, but I don't care..

I love you, all of you, so much...



I just don't know anymore, you make me feel so many different emotions at once. It's like I'm not meant to be here, ever since I set my paw into camp and saw you, I knew I was in love, because i just realized, I came home, for you. And I feel like it's nothing, you know I like you and it's quite obvious, I wish we could be more than just friends, but I don't know if we will. It's kind of obvious, that little kitclan feud. I only said those things because I liked you. And I still do.

-it's obvious.


You're a twister to my heart.

You can love me or tear it apart.

Strong, tough, fast, no, that's not it.

Infact, it's the complete opposite.

I know we just met, my heart's a dove.

Whenever I saw you, it flew to love.

We can fly as birds of a feather.

Both we soar gracefully together.

It might not happen, but that's fine.

But together as birds, we can fly.

-A bad poem writer that's a bird


Gecko,  I know you're going to choose another, and I know I'm going to be heartbroken when you do. But I love you too much to just stand there and watch as I lose you. You make me feel happy, and you make me feel loved. Echopaw and Applepaw are both wonderful she-cats. I'm sure one of them has already stolen your heart. But I don't think that will ever change the fact that my heart beats harder when you're around, that you make me a happier feline, that I'm in love with you. I can see a future for us, and I hope it comes true. I can't imagine a life without you. Gecko, I know you're having a hard time choosing between us, but please remember, I at least will be happy for you, no matter what happens. Thank you for the amazing memories you've given me.


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