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4/8/2017 - 11/8/2017

Skyfeather x BlizzardStorm = Skystorm


Here's a song for all the people who see this! I ship it

Please don't be offended, this is for fun!

And, do not panic if ships or SAM messages are deleted! They are refreshed every Monday.

Feel free to add any ships that aren't already there!

You may have ship names as long as they are appropriate!

Have any questions? Ask a Ship Master! They are-



Have fun!

Tom X Shecat Ships

There will be NO rogue ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Fernwhisker X Shadestorm= FernShade

Nettlefern X Sheepcoat = Nettlecoat  

Wisppaw X Bramblepaw = BrambleWisp

Stormdrift X Oceanwing = Oceandrift

Shadowpaw X Thunderpaw = Thundershadow

Thundercloud X Streamsplash = Thunderstream

Brokenwing X Willowbreeze = Brokenbreeze

Lionkit X Beekit = The ultimate

Beepaw X Lionpaw = Never cannon, forever alone Beepaw

Thornpaw X Darkpaw = Darkthorn

Shadowheart X Darkpaw= DarkShadow

Echostorm x Brokenwing = ECHOWING AHA

Featherwing X Ferretfang= FeatherFang

Oceanleaf X Rippleghost= Rippleleaf

Russetkit X Sootpaw = Russetsoot

Lionpaw X Beepaw = The ultimate

Beepaw X Timbertail = CinniBee

Skyfeather X Blizzardstom = Vomiting on a cat means love 10/10 logic

Shadowheart X Northbreeze = Northshadow

Lionclaw X Gingersong=Gingerclaw

Rainkit X Blossomkit=BEST SHIP IN EXISTENCE, RainBlossom

Darkpaw X Mothpaw = DarkMoth

Thornpaw X Ramen noodles = This is going to be a cannon ship one day I swear to god

Littlepaw X Mothpaw = LittleMoth ;)

Lionclaw X Winterpaw = Winterlion

Sunrisekit X Winterpaw = Wintersunrise

Blizzardkit X Blossomkit = Blizzardblossom (I had to)

Blizzardkit X Cloverkit = Blizzardclover

Stonewing X Grammar = A Nightmare

Mintpaw X Driftpaw = Teletubbies

Darkpaw X RobinKit = DarkRobin

Elmstep X Mothfrost = Elmfrost

Creamkit x Rainkit= CreamRain/RainCream/Swimming lessons

Rainkit X Tempestkit= Raintempest  

Lionclaw X Ambertuft=Lion'Tuft  

Wingflight X Reading= Forever!  

Lionclaw X Skyfeather = Lionfeather/Skyclaw

Elmstep X Bluestrike= Elmstrike, Bluestep, DEFINET YES

Creamkit x Icecream = forever alone

Winterpaw X Harepaw = Winterhare

Lilypaw X Windpaw = Lilywind

Shadowheart x Thundercloud = ThunderShadow

Creampaw x swiftpaw = God help cream

Pinekit X Amberkit = AmberPine

Maplepaw X Rainpaw = Its Raining Maple Syrup

Breezekit X Killing Crabs = An adorable murderer

Stonewing x spelling = another nightmare

Swiftpaw X Amberkit = SwiftAmber (The best ship)

Swiftpaw X Creampaw = Swiftcream (a kawaii ship)

Lilypaw X Food = A MASTER PEICE

Wingflight X Chicken = Chickenwing

Tom X Tom Ships

There will be NO rogue  ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Thundercloud X Bramblethorn = FOREVER!

Stonewing X Bramblethorn = Stonethorn

Timbertail X Oakstar = Oaktail

Lionclaw X Oakstar = Oakclaw

Lionclaw X Chillystare = ChillyLion, the best.

Blizzardkit X Rainkit = BlizzardRain -- opposites attract (¬︠ ͜ʖ¬︡)

Shecat X Shecat Ships

There will be NO rogue ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Darkwillow X Oceansoul = DarkOcean

Cherrypaw X Cherrypaw= Am I in the forever alone squad yet?

Morningpaw X Cherrypaw= Never happening.

Sundance X Sapphiregaze= MOST LIKELY Happen

Reflectedkit X Mothpaw = Dove Cameron

JuniperClaw x Mothheart = Juniperheart


Lightningstorm X Oakstar

Kits: Nettlefern, Graypaw, Brackenpaw


Darkstone X Ravenwing

Kits: N/A


Honeyblossom X Stonewing

Kits: Ivykit, Pebblekit and Lilykit


Fernwhisker X Shadestorm

Kits: Hibiscuskit, Duskkit, Cloverkit, Rainkit


Nettlefern X Sheepcoat

Kits: Beepatch


Finchbreeze X Dustpetal

Kits: N/A


Streamsplash X Thundercloud

Kits: Expecting


Wispstorm X Bramblethorn

Kits: Eaglekit, Russetkit, Robinkit, and Blossomkit


Wingflight X Stormdrift

Kits: Blizzardpaw, Tempestpaw, and Creampaw


OceanLeaf X HurricaneRunner(r.i.p. Hurricane)

Kits: Ravenkit, Blazekit, Leafkit.


Thornbriar X Darkwish

Kits: N/A


Lionclaw X Chillystare

Kits: N/A


Sparrow'song x Juniper'Claw

Kits: N/A --


Shadowheart X Wolfclaw

Kits: N/A


Willowbreeze X Brokenwing

Kits: N/A

Theme Songs</p>

Comment Below If You want Someone else to put your song. These are for some canon ships.

Fernwhisker X Shadestorm = Only us

Littleheart X Petalheart = King and Lionheart

Ravenwing X Darkstone = You'll Be In My Heart

Honeyblossom X Stonewing = Helpless [1]

Wispstorm X Bramblethorn = Love Will Find A Way

Thornbriar X Darkwish = House Of Memories

Shadow'heart X Wolfclaw =

Secret Admirer Messages

This is a secret message to someone you admire/have a crush on. Do something like this;

Dear example'fang, I really like you. From anonymous

(Stop putting, Dear (N/A) then putting the message below it! Also, it has to be to someone, not to yourself, not to everyone but one person!)


I may not know you that well......but i must tell you, you are funny, kind and loving. I love your beautiful blue eyes....your grey, glossy pelt and the way you smile. I will just say it. I love you.I want to be mates....its alright if you dont feel the same way. You might even hate me! But i just want to tell you my feelings.

<3 Someone you don't know


My dearest Stonepaw -

Everyday I see you and it gives me butterflies. It gives me joy how I you always have my back, and I always have yours. We've been there for each other since the very start. Through ups and downs, sadness and happiness, and even in troublesome moments. But either way, no matter what, nothing can ever split us apart. Even in Starclan I will love you, and so on. I hope you can accept my undying affection for you, and return the same feeling towards me. A future with you will always be my day dream ❤

-Honeypaw ;) ☀ 


To My Dearest Honeypaw,

You're all that I think about, I cant get you off my mind, You were my First friend when I joined the Animal jam Wiki, You're the reason I joined Mistclan! Every moment I spend with you are the highlights of my day. You're the honey that sweetens up my day. All what i'm trying to say is that, I love you Honeypaw, I cant wait till we are warriors, I would love to have a future with you too, and maybe a family. My love for you will never be doubted. 

-Stonepaw <3



I know you already have a mate but I just wanted to tell you now to get it off my chest. From the moment I looked at you I felt something unusual to me, it was love and I will always love you, I was heartbroken when I saw you had a mate and I felt awful to be heartbroken. I know you are going to be happier with your mate and not with me, I wonder if you will find out who this is, and I am very sorry if I upset you. I'm good at doing that to others

With lots of heartbroken love,

The cat who you will never care about


To Owlkit

When I first layed eyes on you in the nursery I fell in love with you immediately, I can't stop thinking about you. I love you so much and I can't get you out of my head, when I look into my reflection I see you and I never see myself, because I am blinded with love to you. Owlkit, when we become warriors I want to be your mate!

Please accept my feelings.

~ another kit in the nursery



Your sweet kind, and smart, Im a clumsy kit, your a lion, in my eyes, I see you as the strongest cat there is. Your sneaky as a Tigerclan warrior, you can stalk like no one can, you are brave, also, like no one has ever seen. You are as fast as a Leopardclan cat, you have loyalty, and kindness, but, this is not the reason I feel this way, the reason I do, is because you are you. I will always hope you feel this way too, if not, I will always see you as the best friend I could as for.

~Your best friend wiggles eyebrows



I'm not one to write a letter, heck I haven't even tried but here it goes. Though you most likely don't know who this is I will make it obviouse later. I saw you in the nursery and I couldnn't help but think, is he the one? I quickly thought to myself no, my hopes have failed me ending with dissapointment and sometimes sorrow. BUT I tell others your never going to know unless you try so i'm going to put myself out here and give it a shot. I feel something inside whenever I see you (mostly panick) I brushed it off at first, but now it's really hard. I think I love you and hopefully you do in return. Your kind-hearted and brave to me you a star I can not reach, I can't stop thinking about you and that brings us up to now. This is really awkward for me again I'm not one for notes, heck this is probably really bad. Hopefully you share my feelings for you.

~ Someone you most likely will not guess



Skykit, when I first met you, I was able to know we would be friends. Well? I was right. At first, that is. You're one of my closest friends as of current. However, I now realize something. I feel safe, and calm when i'm around you. I feel worried that i'll make a mistake when i'm around you. Yet, even if I do make a mistake, you're still as kind as ever. Not just to me, but to everyone around you. I now realize I was wrong, when I thought we'd be friends. I want us to be more than that. Skykit, I hope you'll accept me feelings. When we're older, that is. If you don't, then we can at least be friends, right?

~ You know who I am take a guess


My heartbreaking lover-

I still love you. I cant stop loving you. I should hate you with all my heart, But I don't. I hate that I want you, But i still do. You broke everything I have inside of me, But I still care about you. Part of me hates myself for writing this, But I need to. I would write an apology, Even if you broke my heart. Even if I dont have to write one. Even if I didn't break your heart like you did mine. I would still do it, I still care about you.

Someone who cares deeply about you.



When I see you I get a float feeling. You'll probably be mates with someone else but... I had to write this note. I'd run to the moon and back, no, the sun and back, if you would see me. I hope we grow to medic or warriors, we could be mates and have a little family of our own. Many will be mad I have written this, but I love you, and want it to be known. Kestralpaw or Shadowpaw will likely have your heart, but I want you to know that I'll be here from the start to the end. When rain pours, or the sun flames the world, I'll be there for you. Bramblepaw, you are amazing, and you stole my heart...... and no one else can take it from you.

If you do chose me, I'd be flattered, you won't ever feel unloved




I have not known you for very long, but I whenever I see you I get butterflies in my stomach. You'll probably end up with someone else, but for the time being, I think I like you. I wish you could know how I feel, but you most likely don't even know who I am-- but heck, i'm writing this letter, so be it. I can't really express how I feel about you, but I know I really like you. Thank you for being so nice to me. I really enjoy spending time with you, and hope to get to know you better.

~Someone <3



I'm changing my last letter into this one. Let's just say, you're very caring, compassionate, and humorous. You are the Lion to my clan, my light to my darkness, everything to me. Every time I come near you, I have butterflies in my stomach. Since we met as apprentices, until we grew up as warriors I have had a small crush on you, and it gradually grew. Hopefully that one day we can have a delightful future together because you are definitely an amazing, wonderful cat to be with. I also hope we can know each other more. You're perfect, just perfect! I love you to Starclan and back, Finchbreeze, (or even more) and I hope and pray that you love me back.

With love and care, Dustpetal <3



The Bramble is strong so it likes to pick, certain cats to be pricked.

But sometimes the thorn, goes too deep. To break a Shadow, makes a Bramble admit defeat.

To break a Shadow is to break their heart, making them fall apart.

But to a Shadow, a Bramble is special, a Bramble casting a Shadow makes a Shadow have potential.

For a Bramble can make a Shadow turn bright, because it has helped this Shadow see the light.




Life is hard right now. I know we've held our differences, but I want to put that aside to say this to you. I don't know what I'd do without you. I also don't know if you'll choose me. What I do know is that whatever happens, I will always love you. I'd go to the edge of the earth, just to find you the perfect piece of prey. I'd climb the sky and write your name in the stars. I thought I didn't have a heart for you, but now I see that you've stolen it. There are a lot of cats who wouldn't think twice about taking you as their mate, but none of them understand you like I do. They don't care that it's you, they just want a mate. But I want so much more than that. I want to see you every morning when I wake. I want to be your warmth in the cold depths of Leaf-bare. I would give my life, just to spend the rest of it with you, Bramblepaw. If you don't choose me, of course I'll be heartbroken, but I'll support you either way.There are a Million Reasons I want you, but I can think of only one good one of why you would choose me. For now and for always, I'll be there for you. I'll love you till the sun falls. I promise. I know this sounds like just a sappy love letter, but every word I've spoken here is truth. I choose you, Bramblepaw.

Will you choose me?

~A flightless bird



I wrote a note a day ago, I didn't make it count. Other cats want your heart, and I can only watch you chose... and that can't happen. I won't let it. That might sound harsh... but I need you. A feeling that no one else will understand, but its there. Shadowpaw, Kestralpaw, two secret admirers... then just Sweetkit. But I do try Bramblepaw- I really do. This isn't fake... please. Your amazing- it isn't weird so many cats desire a family with you. But think of us Bramblepaw- me and you, just us, sitting in front of a blazing sun or soft, gentle moon. The problem with dreams and wishes is that they don't happen unless you try your hardest.. so I will try my hardest. I will try and try and try, and I will keep the dream of us in my mind. and Bramblepaw- you're worth everything.




Glass half empty, glass half full, either way you still have something. Flowers bloom, flowers wilt, either way, they are still beautiful. We feel happy, we feel sad, either way, it's still an emotion. I can't decide. I love you, I love you not, either way, I won't know until I try. I want to put my faults aside, rid myself of the monsters inside of my head. I want to love like others do. I want to love you. Will you let me or will you not?

-One who cannot decide.



I got nothin'. I'm horrible at poems and I'm not one for sappy love letter's, so I'm just gonna be straight up and not get all fancy. I admire you Skypaw. You make me feel happy and welcomed. So, you're probably thinking 'get to the point weirdo', so here is the point. I know another cool dude has got your heart, but I like you. I hope you will accept my feelings, and if you don't, we can still be besties!

Dude that has a crush on you! B)



Whenever I glance at you, I dont see a regular clan-mate, I see a wonderful, sweet, caring, ambitous cat, part of the reason I feel this way. Also, your swift and keen on your feet, no prey can out run you, your faster then Leopardclan, part of the reason I love you. And, you think before you act, always putting you clan first, and yourself last, another reason I write this note, for you. But the most reason I write this note for you, is because your always your self, always you, and your diffrent from every cat I have seen, and known. I wonder who you choose it may be me, or it may not, here is a little thing for you, my heart stops without you cuz theres something about you that makes me feel alive I cant remeber the rest of the song :)

- Someone that is deeply in love with you


My heartbreaking Lover....

I still do love you, from day and night, I wish to be with you, through the hardest times. You make me shine though I cover it up, yet you break my heart more times then I can count. But no matter how many times my heart is shattered, I shall put it back together and try again. You are the sun to my moon, black to my white, and the everything to my nothing. I know you already chose her, you'll never love me, but I must write, you're my everything.

Will you make the impossible happen...?

~The one who truely loves you


My only heart-breaking lover-

You are still in my heart... I cant stop thinking of you.. You have died, I am going to die, But I still care about you. You are being my daughter's son, Though I still think of you.. of Foxtail.

- You know who I am.


Broomble :3,

Ya probably already know who this is by now, but here goes another shot at a letter... I know now how I feel and I can't deny it. You're the one I feel loved the most by, and the one I know won't leave me when im stuck in the dark. I know there is alot of drama about who you decided, but no matter how rough it gets I won't just let go :3. You mean the world to me and I never want to lose you, I hope we never part. So I hope you accept my feelings and have some in return, but please "Just say you won't let go" :3

~I bet you know who with all my not so settle clues :3


Woosp <3

You know who I am but I told you I would write this. Wisp, "you make me feel as though I'm enough". You are caring, sweet, funny, and beautiful. I love you Wisp. I don't care what others say. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I will make sure you are always happy and safe. I will always be here for you, and I know you will be here for me. "I want to love you until my lungs give out". I have you here in my heart, and I always will. I want us to be together. "Just say you won't let go".

~Your Not-So-Secret Admirer :3



Look, im not the one to write notes...heck, I cant even rhyme but....when i see you, i dont see a normal clanner. I see a kind, loving, playful kitten who will be their for his friends. We may not EVER be mates....but, ever since i was able to see, i see a best friend who will always care for me. Yeah, i get in trouble and stuff, but im a kit, so can you really blame me? No. No matter what happens i want to be with you, even if we break our legs(thats not gonna happen lol) i'll love you.

~Your not secret admirer who can't write notes :)



Look, you might not expect this. But you're just amazing. Your playful, cheerful, creative. I just down right think you're amazing. I don't have to rhyme, but you could chime in for a ride. I really hope we can be mates someday. You try to act tough and tall, but you're really sweet and cute. I just-augh! I really do hope we could be mates some day when we're warriors. You have a thing when I see you online. And I really admire you. <3

~Your very not secret admirer, who might be a little love sick <3



You may not really feel the same way about me, and I get that... but I truly do admire you. You're an amazing she-cat and friend. You're always so entergetic and look on the bright side of things. Every time we play kit-clan, talk, or anything in general I just feel immense joy. I just... can't put it in words... I can only hope you feel the same way for me, and please, keep smiling. For me?...

- Your not so stealthy Admirer



Oh Chilly, I really hope you feel the way I feel. Everytime I see you in roleplay, My heart skips a beat. I heard rumors that your heart belongs with Burning, but I just so much hope its just rumors. Everytime we play, stuck in the nursery, You make everything 10x better. I cant put my love in here for you, I just hope you know who I am ;)

-something most kits bat at



The moment I joined this clan my heart was stolen right out from my chest. You're so beautiful in so many ways.. Your smile, it warms me even when i'm in the depths of my dark thoughts. You're my steady stone, my everything, the reason i'm still here.

- Your secret admirer <3


Dear Rowankit,

I do realize I haven't been around you a lot... but being around you makes my heart skip. You are a kind and funny kit. Every time I see you are play games with you I just... freeze and think about how amazing you are. I don't care if anyone else thinks bad about you, and I don't care if you have horrible secrets. All I know is that you are perfect. And I wouldn't want to change anything about you Rowankit. I love you so much.

~A lovesick kit



Oh sparrowkit, where do I begin? You mean everything to me. You're my best friend, and I want you to be with me here and in starclan! Your beautiful, deep green eyes, and your soft, brown fur. This is getting kinda sappy, but You're so beautiful and clever! I want us to be together, sparrowkit, and I hope you understand my feelings!

With much love and hope, Pinekit


Secret Admirer,

You'll never know who you are and that's ok. We don't talk much but I think you have a nice personality, shamefully I'll never tell you up front because I hate rejection. I'm not very expressive when it comes to my feelings but I hope one day you'll figure out who you are, because no matter what I'll keep loving you from the side lines.

Your Dearest, Silentillusion



I know you are already gone but I feel you are still here, I miss you and I love you, ever since we were apprentices I couldn't help but think of you, I miss you and I hope you will come back for me soon.

~ I think you know who this is



Wow. . now that I'n here I don't really know what to say. What even is there to say? I'm not perfect. Nobody is. We all have our flaws. But your flaws are what makes me want you more. Perfection is a hard thing to come by, but when you find it- or if it finds you- you know it's meant to be. I love you, Nutpaw, and I know you feel the same. I'm always thinking of you. You do have a friend- it's me.

~A certain special someone


Dear Mistclan,

Thank you so much for being such a friendly, amazing clan. What attracts me to you is that you are all like family, literal familly, And i want to thank you again for being so nice to me, even thou i didnt do anything, i dont deserve it.

I have no words, Actions speak louder then words, i want to prove to you that i will stay loyal and stay with you all the way. And One Again, Thank You




Even though I haven't been in this Clan for long, you seemed to actually care that I existed. I appreciate that a lot. We only talked once, and we only talked briefly but it had a rippling effect on me, and lingered in my mind like a ghost. I would really like to be your mate, if no one else wants you.

~~Someone u know...


Dear "secret admirer"

Aww how sweet of you. Don't worry, I love you back, and yes sure we talked once and once was enough to let us see our destiny which was to love each other. And yes, talking with you, it reminded me of Cherry. I will be your mate, since no one else wants me (I don't think)




Well- you saved me, and I need to thank you for that- but y-you didn't just save me, you showed me a place where things are so great I couldn't imagine it until you showed me it existed. It is too soon- I don't k-know y-you enough- but I really like you

- Everyone knows who I am



It's funny, isn't it? When I first came to camp, you were one of the first to greet me, I didn't realize it at first but now, all I can think of is you. I would do anything to be with you, I don't know if you have a place for me in your heart, but you have a kind heart, and I want to be in it. I never that kind heart and feel special, I know you may not like me, but I can't stop imagining your eyes and you saying differently. I love you, and I will never, ever let you leave my heart. And I may not be that strong, but I always feel you will protect me. I love you and hope that you love me too!

a withered rose


When we first met as kits, I wasn't sure about you, I was kinda scared actually. But I decided to give it a chance and play with you. Now I don't regret a thing. I found out you are a kind, and playful tom, unlike some toms. I like you, but you know I do.

-A type of bird ;)



This is gonna be a dead giveaway but, I love you. When I see your eyes I feel lost in them, I love them. In fact, I love everything about you. When we were little and playing in the housefolk nest you felt like a brother to me. I hope you love me too. (I'm just gonna say my name)




The truth is I don't know who I feel about you but I find that I cannot think of anything but your shimmering Russian blue pelt.  I know you don't like me and that this is one sided but I feel something when I'm around you that I haven't felt in many moons. I want to be with you and protect you from the harming claws of our harsh world but give you room to grow stronger and protect yourself. I just needed to get this out.

-I know you hate me



I love it when you smile, it makes my heart grow wings and soar over the sun. When I saw you planning something for someone, I knew who it was. When I saw that, you were everything I wanted. You're adorable and kind and everything in between. Loyal and caring, helpful and strong. I would die for you, and I hope you would do the same. I will wait till the day we both become warriors to be with you. I will wait even if it means a thousand years.

~A type of powder


Roses are red

My heart for you is too

I suck at poetry

But I'll write it for you :)

If you are the Dark, then I want to be your light. I know you like someone else, but is it really so much as to hope? In your eyes, I am probably nothing. Just another cat in the Clan, just another apprentice with whom you share a den. But in my eyes, you are the world. Every single inch of the forest, every tiny drop of water. With every breath I take, I breathe in you. You give me life. I am evil, but you make me good. As long as you're there, nothing else matters. Not a single thing, as long as I have you. Though I know that as much as I put into this note, as much as I hope.. I know I will stay that face in the crowd. I will stay invisible- at least to you. But I don't care. As long as you're there, as long as I see you, it will be enough for me. I know you'll never want me, Darkpaw, but I love you just the same.

Want to go for a walk?

~Your favorite sparring partner



I- I'm normally the timid type, who is quiet and doesn't say a word.. But you are so charming in every single way. Every time I'm around you, I get butterflies in my stomach and I feel tingly. I don't trust many cats, but you are certainly one I can depend on with my life. You're kind, funny, affectionate, everything a friend could ask for. If you are peanut butter, I'll be jelly. If you're the cloud, I'll be the rain. I've never experienced such a feeling before in the short life I've lived.

~Something you put in tea


I'm a crybaby, we all know that. With what i'm about to say, you'll know who i am, but hey, i tried. I hate  seeing you cry. You love having fun, but dont realize the danger you and others could be in, that's just who you are and i accept that. I won't lie and say it wasn't fun swimming just because i could've drowned. When poppy died, I though i was never going to swim again only because i was scared of drowning. That changed when you taught me to swim, and get over my fear. You probbally  won't realize who i really am until we're warriors, so until then, you'll always be one of my best friends.

~ A not so secret admirer

My dear Blizzard,

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I love you, Do you too?

Hey Blizzard. You probably know already who i am, But eh. I just wanted to thank you for giving me such a oppurtunity, you let me be friendly with you, and you were friendly back. Thank you so much for that, for letting me interact with you, and later confess. Thank you, Blizzy. ( Sorry for such a short letter. )

~ Not a secret admirer, called "C"


you probbally loved me at first sight. I may act obblivious to your blushing, but no, i notice it. To be honest,it was legit SO noticeable. For my sake, here's a line from hamilton for you :') "I gotta holler just to be heard,with every word i drop knowlage. I'm a diamond in the rough. A shinin' peice of coal. Tryin' to reach my goal" hope you like the song" my shot" by hamilton

- the sorta-not- next john laurens. ( long story short, your crush.)


You are one of the most kind, sweet, funny cat I've probably met. You are just so sweet to everyone, when ever I come in camp I either see you play with kits or just hang and talk to anyone. I honestly missed you when you left MC (exposed you probably know who it is now). You where just the sweetest smol funny kit before. I love the way how you help people out, how you're so kind to everyone you meet. Plus it was nice of you to help me out when I had troubles with a certain kit (exposed again XD). You are one of my best friends in the clan. I dont know how I feel about you, but I know that you are there for me and everyone in the clan. I guess I'm trying to say is that... I ended up having feelings for you.

Someone you know ^3^


You probably know who this is. But I gott explain thesreasons why I love you. Since the first day we were together I knew I would love you. I love you from head to paws and from this world and to the end of universe Hope you figure out who this is. If you do. I hope you reply back. When I see you I fall apart and I thought I was so smart.


You already know who this is, and i can't really write sams, but here i go. You were the first kitten to play with me in the nursery, and my best friend. I hope we become more then best friends. Everytime i see you, my day instantly becomes brighter. You always play with me, and i appreciate it. Without you, I would be nothing. You always make me happier then i already was, and you are the half to my half. So, will you take a chance?

~You already know


Where to begin? You light up my day, turn the clouds to sunshine. Not even the solar eclipse is brighter than you. I'm so glad to have you. Not even the color of my pelt could burn brighter than what I have for you. I know that it probably won't happen, but I like to think it will. I love you, Swift, and I want to stay with you forever, resting safely with you beside me. You're my best friend, and I love you with all my heart. I hope you feel the same way about me, though I don't think you do.. "One day, we will be warrior together, defending MistClan." Right now, the word together is the hope I'm grasping to, like a bird trying to fly away. Today is the day I chose, Swiftpaw. And I choose you.

~Your small kittie warrior