Hello! I am Moonstar , leader of mist clan. Before you read about this fabulous clan, I have a few mentions. We do not want to be considered "Lazy" just because we spend more time on AJ then editing our clan page. We want to role play, and just because someone has a bad page, doesn't mean it's the worst clan ever made :L

. I mean, would you rather spend hours playing animal jam, or editing a clan page?

Hello Shadowwind. Who did you bring here? A visitor? Hello strange cat, I am leader MoonStar of MistClan. Let me show you around our camp. "You enter A large clearring, where apprentices are scattered around the edges, playing. "In the center are two huge rocks, with a pile of leaves close."A little bit away from that, blurry from the mist, Is a large den with leaf bedding and brambles along this edges. Kits are playing with the leaves inside and you smile. Along the other edge is a huge oak tree , with sheltered ledges close, where warriors and grooming and gossiping to one another" Along the edges is a small den, simpler , where apprentices are grooming there pelts. Around the center is a large pile filled with prey. As you watch, a white apprentice drops a mouse into the pile, and then pads back to her den. Around another corner is a large nook, with soft patches of clover around the outside. Inside there are medicine cats sorting herbs quickly, and giving herbs to a coughing cat.


"See them hiding in the mist? See them crouching, able to catch prey without the prey seeing them till the last minute? Who are those sleek, quick cats , hiding in the mist? This is MistClan."


Leader - MoonStar - Black she-cat with white chest

Deputy- Shadow Wind - Grey she-cat with light grey markings

Medicine cat - AmberPelt-Orange she-cat with white markings GreyPelt- Grey She cat with light grey markings


Moongaze - Brown Tabby She-cat

Nightclaw - Black tom with markings

Darkpelt- Black Tom

DareDevil-Black and white Tom

FawnFur - Orange She-cat with white markings|

SwiftFire- Grey she-cat

DareDevil- Black and White Tom

FallenFeathers - Black and white She-Cat

YellowSnow- Yellow and white She-Cat

NightShade- Purple and Black She-Cat

BluePelt- Blue She-cat


Nightpaw - Black and grey She-cat - Mentor Moongaze

MistPaw- White She-Cat -Mentor MoonStar

Loudpaw- White She-cat - Mentor FawnFur

EchoPaw- Brown and black She-Cat - Mentor fallenfeathers

ArcticPaw- Dark grey tom - Mentor MoonStar

Swallowpaw-Golden Brown She-Cat -Mentor ShadowWind


Darkkit - Dark grey She-cat

Shadow kit - grey she-cat

Snowkit - White she-cat

Darkkit- Black Tom

Autumn kit - orange She-cat

MistyKit - Light grey she-cat

ShadeKit -Dark Grey She-cat

Volcano - Dark red Tom

Flower- Tortershell She-Cat

Queens -

Shade - Mother to flower and volcano

MorningFlower- Mother to DarkKit

Elders -

Darkclaw - Grey Tom


-NO unautral colors. (There are exceptions . BLUEPAW)

-No twoleg clothing

-Try to limit the clothing

-Not wearing anything is aloud

-No having X eyes or strange , creepy eyes.

-Try to not have to have unrealistic patterns

-All elders must have a little bit of grey


Kits- Bunnies, Koalas and lyxes

Apprentices - Bunnies ,Foxes, and rarely Wolfs

Warriors- Snow Lepords,Cheetahs,Wolfs,Artic Wolfs,And Rarley Foxes


Attacking fellow Clan member - BANISHED

Eating Before kits and elders - No food for two days.

Double Clanning - Banished to other clan

Killing for no reason in war - Ear Torn off

Not helping clan - BANISHED

Not letting yourself get hurt - BANISHED

Not helping clan member in need - Punishment will be chosen by leader


Basic Warrior and medicine cat rules.

Let yourself get hurt. However, it is your choice if you want to die or not. If you die you can be born again as a kit, join another clan, or become the first of starclan.

Try not to get out of charecter.

Stay Loyal to your clan, No double Clanning. Speak with MoonStar if you wish to leave or go to another clan. However, you will be treated as a enemy cat.

Falling in love with other clans members is allowed. However, if you have kits you must chose who gets the kits. Moving to mates clan, or mate moving to your clan is allowed, see with MoonStar first though.

If you are a she cat expecting kits, you may tell whoever you like. However, if you keep it a secret, try to hint about it to other clan mates. No having fake kits. If you want kits, you must either adopt a kit in the clan, find a kit , etc.


If you wish to join MistClan, Either:

Say your name , rank and username in comments

Add Moonstar (2cute20000) (For non members)

Jamagram moonstar!


Spirit Clan - Leader Spirtstar (Rodents101)

To Ally with us, Say Name and clan name in comments! ( animal jam user name to , so we can add you)


We have No enemies currently.


Voles | Birds | Mice | Shrews | Rabbits | Fish |

We never eat Frogs Or Toads


We Belive in starclan. Starclan speaks to us commonly, and is most connected to FallenFeathers.


This is where we put things that are not in other sections

She-Cats who are want to expect kits need to have a mate.

We currently ( This isn't everyone ) have , 12 Warriors, 6 apprentices , 9 kits , 2 queens , and 1 elder.We recruit new cats daily.


Bluepaw became a warrior!

Nightkit became a apprentice!


Say name and rank in comments

Say animaljam name in comments

Add moonstar, or Jamagram her.

Come to Moonstar den while she's on!

We recruit Rouges and loners. Kittypets don't always join.