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Ship of the Week


Here we put the ship that we vote for during the weekdays. They can get displayed at the end of the week and are kept on the page until the next ship.


Here's a song for all the people who see this! I ship it

Please don't be offended, this is for fun!

And, do not panic if ships or SAM messages are deleted! They are refreshed every Monday.

Feel free to add any ships that aren't already there!

You may have ship names as long as they are appropriate!

Have any questions? Ask a Ship Master! They are-


Have fun!

The Ships

Robinfeather X Bad Grades = Hermione Granger

Toffeepaw X Badgerface= ToffeeBadger ( When this ship is too perfect-Cloverpool ) 

Toffeepaw X Grasshoppers = ToffeeHopper/Grassfee/ToffeeGrassHoppers ( MADE BY CLOVERPOOL :) )

Rowanpaw X Grasshoppers = Rowan like to hop  

Crystalpath X Hauntednight = Hauntedpath

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Tom X Tom Ships

There will be NO rogue  ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Vinefall X George E.= Can ya count yet?

Vinefall X Philp = VineHamilton

Shecat X Shecat Ships

There will be NO rogue ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Fernwhisker X Fernleaf = Fernfern(the 2 ferns)

Whisperpaw X Bettapaw = Bettawhisper


Honeyblossom X Stonestar

Kits: Lilybreeze, Fernpaw, Vinepaw, Sapphirekit, Pearlkit, Rubykit, Onyxkit, Flintkit


Fernwhisker X Shadestorm

Kits: Hibiscusbreeze, Duskcloud, Cloverpool, Icepaw, Snowpaw


Tigerstrike x Splashcreek

Kits: Mintpaw, Toffeepaw & Jasminepaw


Badgerface x Milksplash

Kits: N/A


Theme Songs

Theme Songs

Comment Below If You want Someone else to put your song. These are for some canon ships.

Fernwhisker X Shadestorm = Only us

Honeyblossom X Stonewing = Helpless [1]



Mon Amour,

Words cant describe how much the way your ginger pelt shines in the morning sun, and how i cant stop daydreaming. When i'm around others i feel weak as if  i'm gonna faint. My mother says i'm nervous, but around you i'm so helpless. Other cats dont like who i am, but, my father always told me, that one day i'll, Blow us all away!


Dear Badgerkit,

We only met today but I’m already falling for you. You smile lights up my world and when your eyes meet mine, I feel as if I’m on cloud 9. Although we have only spent a small amount of time together it feels like I have spent moons with you. You grey pelt captivates you, and your playful personality inspires me. So much could happen between now and when we become warriors, but I want you to know, I’ve fallen for you.

Love, Someone you may’ve already guessed ;)

Dear Barkpaw,

My heart jumped for you

My heart loved you

My heart cared for you

My heart worried for you

My heart wanted you

My heart needed you

My heart...


Because of you...

~Just A Friend


God, I've only known you for like, five minutes, and it feels like I've been struck by lightning. You just seem so.. perfect, that when I'm around you, I can hardly breath. I don't know if you feel the same about me- and I doubt it - but that doesn't change my feelings. I wonder if it will be you, Snowpaw


~A cat with sand beneath her claws



Hi, you wanted a SAM, you got one bb. See, you're not forever alone. Snow will probably end up crushing on you, bb.

~Berry'paw (La'keisha {yes, i made that name horrible :)})


We'll, I'm no professional but let me start this how I think I would. Ink, you're literally my best friend. You've been at my side since the very beginning and I never got a chance to actually thank you for pretty much a full year of friendship. You are an amazing person and I'm so honored to call you my best friend. I know sometimes I suck at being a good friend, sometimes I flat out fail, but I will always have your back, no matter what. You've had mine since I started to lead TC and when BC started up, so I got yours. Well, before I drag this on, no, this is not really a secret admirer note, it's more of me telling you how much I appreciate you and adore you. Best friends don't come around too often and I'm so glad to say I got one.

Yours truly

~ The most obvious person ever, Splashcreek

dear dusklady

youre a good boy


to milksplah

hi bb



You probably don't even know who I am, and if you do, you probably don't like me in the same way. Gosh, you might not even see this note. But I just have to say, you seem so kind, funny, and smart, and I'd really like to get to know you better! I hope we can spend more time together, as friends, or maybe in the future, more than that.

-The first appearance of light in the sky


I can't help but have feelings for you, it hurts me so much to see you so sick. I've tried to push my love for you away.... but I just can't help it. I've tried to help you get better, I really have but nothing works, I can't stand seeing you like this. I can't help the feeling I get when you look at me..

You got me helpless...... look into your eyes and the skys the limt.

-Your anonymous lover

Dear Toff,

I know I just met you

But I think that I get you

And I know you don't really know me,

I'm not that social, you might see me as a different person because I really am.

We talked a few times, I really hope I get to know your more x3

But I just want you to know this..

I love everything about you, you're interesting, caring and always there when I need you, I wouldn't know what I would do if you stopped talking or if you felt sad, because whenever you're in pain, I'd rather take that pain away from you and only give you joy and light, because that's what you deserve, for giving everyone this place called home, and for always staying strong and courageous. You may have made a mistake, but that's in the past and I trust you fully now and even if you do break that again I would still love and care for you, because I would know that you didn't mean it, I don't and never will regret loving you because you're the key to my happiness and to my determination, you're the one who's given me the strength of feeling loved. You may think I'm lying, but you've always been the reason I smile, the reason I get on everyday, because of you I feel like I'm special, which I've never felt before; you're the first person I've ever truly loved and I care about you so much and I'll never stop loving you, whatever comes in the way of our relationship I will be right beside you and help with whatever you're going through. Whether you want to rant about something, or show your weaknesses, I won't and never will judge that; I would sacrifice everything of mine for you, or whatever you want or need. I've always loved you and I know that you've always tried your best, you've always shown your strengths, no matter what you might of been going through. 

I luv u Toff, maybe you would give me a chance to sho

w you how much I do.

~Your secret Admirer <3

Dear 'my secret Admirier',

I would love to get to know you, you sound so sweet! Being the smart person I am I have no idea who you are. I need some clues! Also i'm a bit confused about how you said I made a mistake, I know i've made a lot of mistakes... Which one? I can't wait to one day meet you!



Dear Tof-tof,

You're my Sunshine, You opened up my Heart to a whole new Level, I went from love cloud 1 all the way to Love frickin' cloud 100, Or More. I care about you Deeply, You light up my World. I won't criticize your uh- Obsession with herbs?

I think it makes you unique and adorable <3 You're really Wonderful, You're still a FRICK FRACKING APPRENTICE EVEN AS 14 MOONS- Excuse me.. But once you're a full medicine cat, I swear on my soul to ask you to be My mate,

Tof, I luv you <33