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Ship of the Week


Here we put the ship that we vote for during the weekdays. They can get displayed at the end of the week and are kept on the page until the next ship.


Here's a song for all the people who see this! I ship it

Please don't be offended, this is for fun!

And, do not panic if ships or SAM messages are deleted! They are refreshed every Monday.

Feel free to add any ships that aren't already there!

You may have ship names as long as they are appropriate!

Have any questions? Ask a Ship Master! They are-

Fernwhisker of StarClan :3 

Have fun!

The Ships

There will be NO rogue ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Robinfeather X Bad Grades = Hermione Granger

Palekit X Pinekit = PalePine

Palekit X No head item = BaldPale

Oceanstorm X Carrots = Ocean needs friends

Fawnpaw X Dawnpaw = Dawn of the Fawn/ Dawnfawn

Winter X Whisper= IM NOT SORRY :3

Palepaw X Coralkit = Palecoral/Coralpale

Oceanstorm X Whiterose = WhiteOcean/I'mSorry

Sagekit X Ferretkit = SageFerret (What, they're sisters irl)

Eclipsekit X Skykity = Eclipsesky

Cloverpool X Oakstep = THE SHIP IS BACK, BOIS (CloverStep/Oakpool/CloverOak)

Northpeak X Owlbriar = Northbriar/Owlpeak/NorthOwl

Dashfur x Toffeedrop = Dashdrop/Toffeedash

Tom X Tom Ships

Vinefall X George E.= Can ya count yet?

Vinefall X Philp = VineHamilton

Skykit X Eclipsekit = EclispeSky/ I'm not sorry Eclipse

Shecat X Shecat Ships Clover X Splash = Like leader, like deputy :)


Tigerstrike x Splashstar

Kits:  Toffeedrop, Milksplash Toffeedrop x Raventail kits: n/a


Pineneedle X Palesky

Kits: Stormkit, Heartkit, Horizonkit

Theme Songs

Theme Songs

Comment Below If You want Someone else to put your song. These are for some canon ships.

Fernwhisker X Shadestorm = Only us

dear dusklady

you're a good boy



To Pinepaw:

My little Pine tree

you fill me with glee

you are so pretty

and your fur is lovely.

My heart misses a beat

when I watch you sleep.

You shine brighter than the sun

and you are a ton of fun.

I can't imagine a world without you

so what should I do?

-By an apprentice who has had a crush on you for a long time


To Skykit,

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I think you know this

But I love you




The past has been too happy

That I can scarce complain

If now and then there's something

To give a little pain

When there's so much beauty

It's very hard to see

Unless some nearly-ugly thing (aka me)

Can set the beauty free



My Dear Oakstep

A Million Stars Up In The Sky

One Shines Brighter I Can't Deny

A Love So Precious, A Love So True

A Love That Comes From Me, To You...



My dearest, Northpeak,

I know we've struggled with this in the past, and it's always ended awkwardly. But I'm hoping this time, maybe it can work out. You're like my missing piece, who I look forward to seeing. Maybe this time, our ocs can be mates? Well, you haven't logged on to aj, so here it is. I'm telling you here, on the wiki, just like I promised. It isn't where you expected it, but what ever is?

Always thinking of you,

~That one who sneaks Hamilton references into her SAMs (Anyone catch it?)