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"We each might be a tiny drop, but together we make an ocean of mist"


Current leader
Camp den
Territory server
Recruting/accepting aliance
Tag color
OC limit



Loyalty demands many things, if you can not do the following, please reconsider joining Mistclan. You must roleplay at least twice a week. Please do your best to partake in clan plots and gatherings, as well as special events. If you voice your opinion, please do so in a respective manner, all ranks deserve the equal amount of respect.


It's advised that you, at all times, follow the warrior code. We base off this, and it proves your dedication. If you need a review on these, click this link.


Respect. Respect is a big factor in Mistclan. It is a must to respect every rank and cat with the same amount. Just because a rank may be higher than you, treat those below you with the same respect.


Once you have been fully accepted into the ranks of Mistclan, before you leave you MUST at least stay for three days. If this rule is broken, it leads to immediate exile.


Mistclan is light. If you plan to have a twistedly dark oc, please reconsider joining. When you read these rules and then submit an application you are claiming to have read and agreed to our terms and regulations.


You may not have a rouge name. Only the ones who have been in Mistclan longer than a year or have been leader are allowed to have a rouge name.


Moon, star, mist are not allowed in names. (Star only as suffix for leaders)


You can't join as a high rank (elite warrior, medicine cat, co-deputy, deputy, leader). You have to earn that place.


Hungry for a night 

Extra patrols

Apprentice duties

Confined to camp





The leader of the Clan rules over the Clan. They make the most important decisions and decide ultimately on everything. They receive 9 lives from StarClan, and pick the Deputy. They have power to demote anyone or exile anyone in MistClan at any time, even a high rank such as Deputy, and they are to be respected most of all.

  • Stonestar (Lighter grey stomach and dark blue eyes)
Name Username Sex Age Apprentice Mate Lives
Stonestar Mclaus Male 56 - Honeyblossom 8/9



The deputy is second in command and specially chosen by the leader. They typically start off as Elite Warriors. When the leader dies, they become the new leader and receive 9 lives.

Name Username Sex Age Apprentice Mate
Splashcreek Bluestar78 Female 29 - Tigerstrike


The Co-deputy is second in command when the Deputy is offline or busy. They are also chosen as our next deputy if our current one steps down or dies.


Name Username Sex Age Apprentice Mate
- - - - - -

Medicine cat(s)


Medicine cats are very important part of any clan. The head Medicine Cat is Third in Command, but they heal the wounded and interact with StarClan just as any other Medicine cat would.

  • Honeyblossom
  • Robinfeather
  • Toffeepaw
Name Username Sex Age Rank? Mate
Honeyblossom Riverflowers Female 53 Head Medicine cat Stonestar
Robinfeather Fuzzyseal99 Female 28 Medicine cat -
Toffeepaw Talktothehand1 Female 14 Medicine Apprentice -

Elite Warriors


Elite Warriors are an extremely trusted warrior that have an above average skill in hunting, fighting, and training.

  • Cloverpool ( Lime eyes )
Name Username Sex Age Mate
Cloverpool XXpotatogalaxyXX Female 28 -



Elders are cats who have served MistClan well, and now deserve to live the rest of their lives peacefully.

  • Fernwhisker
  • Shadestorm
  • Quietvoice
  • Willowrain
Name Username Sex Age Reason for retirement Mate
Quietvoice Zoroark3923 Female 76 Stepped Down -
Shadestorm Vani787 Male 71 Retired Fernwhisker
Fernwhisker Mythicaltwilight Female 69 Retired Shadestorm
Willowrain pony672 Female 54 Paralyzed hind legs -
Vinefall Jammer0b41d Male 21 Very ill -



Queens are the she-cats expecting, or having kits. They move into the nursery and once their kits reach 6 moons, or are no longer in the nursery, they return to their normal duties.

Name Username Sex Age Kits Mate
Cloverpool XXpotatogalaxyXX Female 28 Fawnkit, Palekit, Ghostkit -



Warriors are the heart and soul of MistClan. They are the most common and one of the most needed ranks. They defend us, feed us, and make up the majority of our Clan.

  • Duskcloud
  • Ashenfoot
  • Hibiscusbreeze
  • Frostclaw
  • Crystalpath
  • Tigerstrike
  • Cloverfern
  • Snowfall
  • Twignose
  • Winterwish
  • Pastelgaze
  • Milksplash
Name Username Sex Age Mate
Fawntuft Tourmalines Male 40 -
Fadingheart Magicalbeasts Female 44 -
Darkstorm Tui09 Male 29 -
Hibiscusbreeze Snowflaked5 Female 28 -
Silvercloud Lilghost Female 36 -
Lilybreeze Mylittlepony829 Female 30 -
Duskcloud Pony672 Female 28 -
Briarfur Rosyglamclaws Female 27 -
Sunstrike Angrycookie Female 32 -
Sparrowheart Flappyfeet9 Female 28 -
Frostclaw Giro0610 Male 30 -
Birdstick Theadventurezone Male 24 -
Winterwish starscavenger Female 20 -
Deerdance Magicalbeasts Female 24 -
Fernleaf Starburst107 Female 21 -
Pastelgaze bluestar78 Male 23 -
Crystalpath fuzzyhappykoala Female 48 -
Falconswoop Emiira Male 20 -
Hauntednight Chopperman Male 49 -
Tigerstrike Pyrrhiadragon Male 30 Splashcreek
Sharpthorn Rosymagicrabbit10 Female 18 -
Cloverfern Starscavenger Female 53 -
Twignose yoc70074 Female 21 -
Bluesky Maireadmoo392 Female 18 -
Brightleaf swim670 Female 30 -
Shadefur thefootface01 Female 15 -
Rowanberry Wolfpackruff Female 16 -
Milksplash Tilly2510 Female 15 Badgerface
Badgerface Mclaus Male 15 Milksplash
Hollowhaven Arctic9876 Female 25 -
Roachleg Cautioned Male 15 -



Apprentices are the young cats 6 moons and above. They train to become a variety of different ranks, and do much hard work.

  • Ivypaw (Slightly darker black)
  • Bettapaw (Slightly fluffier)
Name Username Sex Age Mentor
Ivypaw Pyrrhiadragon Female 9 Crystalpath
Frostpaw iceskate39 Female 11 Twignose
Whitepaw 3raejoy Female 8 Cloverfern
Stagpaw Giro0610 Male 8 Duskcloud
Griffinpaw Jumpingballon01 Female 11 Brightleaf
Thunderpaw Chopperman Male 10 Bluesky
Ravenpaw wolvesawesome1051 Male 9 Frostclaw
Quillpaw fuzzyhappykoala Female 7 Fernleaf
Bettapaw Bayleyboo392 Female 7 Milksplash
Whisperpaw Jammer0b41d Female 7 Rowanberry
Sparkpaw Wolfpackruff Male 7 Badgerface
Rosepaw Magicalbeasts Female 7 Pastelgaze
Duskpaw Emiira Male 6 Sharpthorn
Dawnpaw Rosymagicrabbit10 Male 6 Roachleg



Kits are the cats 6 moons and under who wait to be apprenticed. They tend to stay in the nursery and play.

  • Rosekit
  • Sparkkit
  • Whisperkit
  • GhostKit
  • Palekit
  • Fawnkit
  • Dawnkit
Name Username Sex Moon Parents
Palekit Mythicaltwilight Male 0 Cloverpool
Fawnkit Vani787 Female 0 Cloverpool
Deerkit Sparklerose Female 0 Cloverpool
Ghostkit Talktothehand1 Female 0 Cloverpool



Visitors are cats from other clans who are willing to roleplay here for a bit and check out the clan.

Name Username Sex
Marionette sparklerose Male
Anhinga kasandra7001 Female
Visitors_will be kept in mind_because_nobody ever_updates this.

The Banished

Xxsillylillyxx20 - Double clanning

Keymagic - Left 3 times

Jaday90 - Left 3 times

rugby84 - Inappropriate behavior

Leader History

Name Username
XxslystarxX Slystar
Pattypanpawpaw Hawkstar
Rosebud57258 Ashstar
darkwarriorgirl Poppystare
Pattypanpawpaw Swoopingstar
Kittieez Shadowstar
Grouchie Snakestar
xbitesizedx Badgerstar
LoganMcL Hollowstar
LoganMcl & XxslystarxX Hollowstar & Slystar
10tanya Robinstar
unity5 Brookstar
codeandjam Shadowstar
tryhard51 Nightstar
Tundras003 Sunstar
warriorcats320 Darkstar
Kaydoodle Whisperstar
Theadventurezone Sprucestar
Ellie Maplestar
Theravensaid Oakstar
Carnivorouspaws Lionstar
Zoroark3923 Quietstar
Mclaus Stonestar


Group Leader's name Leader's username Member count Orientation
Sageclan Warstar SilencedRose 51 Fluid
Galeclan Driftstar Seophiey 21 Neutral(?)
The Dragons of Beyond Namira Fluffina1 46 Dark
Mossclan Blazestar & Owlstar TheHuntress5203



38 Neutral


Toucanstar Sealy512 28 Neutral
Dragonclan Burningstar SpiritWolf10115 15 Fluid
The Disturbed Division Aisake ttigris 35 Neutral
Blossomclan Lilystar wolfie2771 25 Light
Fireclan Joker Tessabird 98 Dark
Finchclan Bluestar & Almondstar Kodah123 & Toothless87565 70 Neutral (Leaning to Light)
CarnationClan Nigthstar PreyHuntress 28 Neutral (Heavily leaning to Light)
BirchClan Birchstar LobsterKevin 8 Light
Abstractclan Blossomstar Keymagic 1 Neutral
Thunderclan Bearstar & Dappledstar Circulatory & Maddymoo05 28 Neutral


Group Leader's name Leader's username Member count Orientation
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?


Group Leader's name Leader's username Member count Orientation
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?


Oc name AJ user Wiki user Gender Mate
Ducksong Icy76549 夢を見る雲 Female -
Sheepcoat Theadventurezone Bootlegged Male Quietstar
Fernwhisker MythicalTwilight LynniaVelitia Female Shadestorm
Splashcreek Bluestar87 Katy25124 Female Tigerstrike
Hibicusbreeze Snowflaked5 MysticalMermaid Female -
Darkwish Nana8964 LittleTheGrump Male Thornbriar


Oc name User name Gender Ajcw name
Stonestar Mclaus Male Mclaus
Splashcreek Bluestar78 Female Katy25124
Honeyblossom Riverflowers Female Riverflowers
Robinfeather Fuzzyseal99 Female Pancakes098
Fernwhisker Mythicaltwilight Female LynniaVelitia

If you need to be added to the page then you can comment your information on LynniaVelitia's wall and you will be added shortly. You can also ask for coding help.


 - Red Rocks -

Prey Status: Abundant

Prey Species: Fish, lizards, birds, snakes, and rodents

Danger Level (1/10): 7/10

Dangers: Falling rocks, rapids, Cateye, raptors, and poisonous animals. 

Summary: The Red Rocks is a very dry area, though many types of prey are found living near the river. It is quite dangerous but many MistClan cats hunt in this area for fish, lizards, birds, other reptiles, and rodents. 

- Cliffside Forest -


Prey Status: Abundant

Prey Species: Rabbits, birds, small rodents, snakes

Danger Level (1/10): 4/10

Dangers: Gorges, deadly vegetation, larger animals like foxes, badgers, bears, wolves.

Summary: The forest is a wonderful area, yet it can be dangerous too. The floor is dappled with sunlight and prey can be heard from all directions. Prey is easy to find and catch here.



Oc name:




Ranking:(We're currently not accepting kits!)

Roleplay example (6 Lines!):

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Ranking:(We're currently not accepting kits or apprentices!)


Oc pic:


Group name+link:

Leader's username:

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How will we benefit?:

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Oc name(s):


Reason for leaving:

How can we improve?:

Good bye's to others:


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From which clan/pack/tribe:

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About when:


Cats involved:





Head Medicine Cat-Honeyblossom

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