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"We each might be a tiny drop, but together we make an ocean of mist"


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Joining/accepting aliance
Descriptive Traditional
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Loyalty demands many things, if you can not do the following, please reconsider joining Mistclan. You must roleplay at least twice a week. Please do your best to partake in clan plots and gatherings, as well as special events. If you voice your opinion, please do so in a respective manner, all ranks deserve the equal amount of respect.


It's advised that you, at all times, follow the warrior code. We base off this, and it proves your dedication. If you need a review on these, click this link .


Respect. Respect is a big factor in Mistclan. It is a must to respect every rank and cat with the same amount. Just because a rank may be higher than you, treat those below you with the same respect.


Once you have been fully accepted into the ranks of Mistclan, before you leave you MUST at least stay for 3 days. If this rule is broken, it leads to immediate exile.


If you decide to leave the clan you can't join back for 7 days.


If you have left 3 times then you will be exiled.


Mistclan is light. If you plan to have a twistedly dark oc, please reconsider joining. When you read these rules and then submit an application you are claiming to have read and agreed to our terms and regulations.


You may not have a rouge name. Only the ones who have been in Mistclan longer than a year or have been leader are allowed to have a rouge name.


Moon, star, mist are not allowed in names. (Star only as suffix for leaders)


You can't join as a high rank (elite warrior, medicine cat, co-deputy, deputy, leader). You have to earn that place.


If you are inactive for a week without telling a high rank you will be wiped from the page.


Yanked by the tail

Triple the patrols

Confined to camp

Apprentice duties

Taking care of elder for a week

Sleeping in a thorn bush

Cleaning all the dens

Silent treatment - nobody may interact with you for a day

Stripped from your rank

Death sentence

Being suspended from the clan



New moon(year) - 1st of January

We celebrate new year, “drink”, have fun, sing, Let the kits be brats for once, We can start screaming happy near year and stuff. Self explanatory. We will dress up also… In our past ocs. Let them have another day. We will make new year resolutions too :3

The day of purring - 14th of February

On this day, all the ships and mates out there get prizes. The kits and apprentices that have the same crushes will get to dance together ( Of course if they like each other), The mates will get to dance and have a little call about what love is, The shipped cats can have some fun of course since they aren’t together but just fooling around. The gay ships can also joke around. At the end of the day we will poll which one is the best ship and couple.

Blossom festival - 20th of March

On this day we celebrate spring. When the flowers start to bloom we gather to welcome new leaf and cheer that we have gone through leaf bare. It is a normal gathering of the clan, leader gives a speach of hope and new life and the elders and medicine cats release petals into a stream or lake.

Prank day - 1st of April

On this day, We dress up in silly looking outfits that look weird and out of the ordinary. We prank each other, goof around like dummies, Etc. After that, We would do a roleplay about our characters if they were silly, stupid and just look like came from a different universe. We can of course do normal roleplay after. We can make a poll right after, Who’s outfit was the weirdest and silliest and who roleplayed the best in the silliest way in camp.

The hiding of the eggs - Easter

This is for the kits only, let them have some more fun. A person from the clan will get some plushies and hide them in the den, The kits will have to find them. The plushies with decorations on, The kit gets 5 points instead of one. The kit with the highest point in rp they will get to go outside with a deputy, Co dep or leader guiding them around.

The night of the Dark Forest - 31th of October

The apprentices and kits get to dress up and go to the warriors and say: Trick or prey! The kits and apprentices will get some prey or honey or milk. There is also a contest where the leader, deputy, and head medicine cat decide who has the best costume. After this there is a ball and a feast.

StarClan's feast - 4th Thursday of November

In this holiday, we eat a giant feast. After that, we play music, sing and all that. Joke around, have fun, dance. After that, anybody who wants can visit the Moonpool (In Roleplay) in hope to meet with one of his/her deceased beloved one.

Sharing gifts - 22nd-23rd of December

We celebrate it, Then we gift each other, play around, do activities like Truth or dare and all that. This will go on for at least 2 days, We have ask our allies to join us too. The kits get to have a little fun too, They will get gifts under the tree we pick out. Their parents of course will give them the gifts, the leader can dress up as santa and give the kits a special little gift. A walk to the territory with the guidance of them.




The leader of the Clan rules over the Clan. They make the most important decisions and decide ultimately on everything. They receive 9 lives from StarClan, and pick the Deputy. They have power to demote anyone or exile anyone in MistClan at any time, even a high rank such as Deputy, and they are to be respected most of all.

  • Splashstar
Name Username Sex Age Apprentice Mate Lives
Splashstar Bluestar78 Female 45 - Tigerstrike 8/9



The deputy is second in command and specially chosen by the leader. They typically start off as Elite Warriors. When the leader dies, they become the new leader and receive 9 lives.

  • Cloverpool
Name Username Sex Age Apprentice Mate
Cloverpool CoveredPoolOfClovers Female 44 - Oakstep


The Co-deputy is second in command when the Deputy is offline or busy. They are also chosen as our next deputy if our current one steps down or dies.


  • Tigerstrike (Missing right ear)
Name Username Sex Age Apprentice Mate
Tigerstrike Pyrrhiadragon Male 46 - Splashstar

Medicine cat(s)


Medicine cats are very important part of any clan. The head Medicine Cat is Fourth in Command but, they heal the wounded and interact with StarClan just as any other Medicine cat would.

  • Robinfeather
  • Toffeedrop
  • Pinepaw
Name Username Sex Age Rank? Mate
Robinfeather Fuzzyseal99 Female 44 Head Medicine cat -
Toffeedrop talktothehand1 Female 32 Medicine cat -
Pineneedle Sparkzaj Female 16 Medicine cat Palesky

Elite Warriors


Elite Warriors are an extremely trusted warrior that have an above average skill in hunting, fighting, and training.

  • Palesky
  • Whiterose
  • Fawnlake
  • Milksplash
Name Username Sex Age Mate
Whiterose 3raejoy Female 25 -
Palesky Mythicaltwilight Male 16 Pineneedle
Fawnlake Vani787 Female 16 -



Elders are cats who have served MistClan well, and now deserve to live the rest of their lives peacefully.

Name Username Sex Age Reason for retirement Mate
Frozentail jonah559 Male 88 Old age Celestialwing
Celestialwing puppytime911 Female 85 Old age Frozentail



Queens are the she-cats expecting, or having kits. They move into the nursery and once their kits reach 6 moons, or are no longer in the nursery, they return to their normal duties.

Name Username Sex Age Kits Mate
Featherbranch puppytime911 Female 20 Expecting Rouge
Pineneedle Sparkzaj Female 16 Heartkit, Horizonkit, Stormkit Palesky
Sharpthorn Rosymagicrabbit10 Female 34 Expecting Rouge
Whiterose 3raejoy Female 25 Expecting Rouge



Warriors are the heart and soul of MistClan. They are the most common and one of the most needed ranks. They defend us, feed us, and make up the majority of our Clan.

  • Hibiscusbreeze
  • Birdstick
  • Oceanstorm
  • Sharpthorn
  • Dawnstrike
  • Northpeak
  • Winterwish
Name Username Sex Age Mate
Whispervoice Jammer0b41d Male 33 -
Oceanstorm cantstopmebam7777 Male 25 -
Sharpthorn Rosymagicrabbit10 Female 34 -
Dawnstrike Rosymagicrabbit10 Male 22 -
Featherbranch puppytime911 Female 20 -
Northpeak Whitetips Male 25 -
Dashfur Kanani65 Male 32 -
Winterwish starscavenger Female 22 -
Vinebranch itsrainingtacos45 Female 24 -
Krestlenose Harvs Female 23 -
Bengalstrike Adibaj Female 20 -
Ramfeather bitina213 Female 27 -
Mountaindew Bluestar78 Male 13 -
Honeybee ravenqueen90 Female 15 -
Risingsky keymagic Male 13 -
Sootfeather TMNT71238 Female 15 -
Silversong Pinkskittylover101 Female 12 -
LeopardTail Crimsøoncat Female 16 -



Apprentices are the young cats 6 moons and above. They train to become a variety of different ranks, and do much hard work.

  • Sagepaw
  • Skypaw
Name Username Sex Age Mentor
Meadowpaw 500cocoa Female 9 Krestlenose
Skypaw vani787 Male 9 Owlbriar
Eclipsepaw Cantstopmebam7777 Female 9 Bengalstrike



Kits are the cats 6 moons and under who wait to be apprenticed. They tend to stay in the nursery and play.

  • Foxkit
  • Riverkit
  • Heartkit
Name Username Sex Moon Parents
Foxkit Pyrrhiadragon Male Unborn Whiterose
Riverkit Chncprincess04 Female Unborn Whiterose
Heartkit starscavenger Female 0 Pineneedle & Palesky
Horizonkit Talktothehand1 Female 0 Pineneedle & Palesky
Stormkit jonah559 Male 0 Pineneedle & Palesky
Tigerkit - Male Unborn Sharpthorn
Twistedkit - Female Unborn Sharpthorn



Visitors are cats from other clans who are willing to roleplay here for a bit and check out the clan.

Name Username
If_you_are not on_here contact LynniaVelitia and she will put you up
Morningsky Lonelywhisper
Mouseheart Londondog
Frost Warriorcatfan48
Riverpaw Sweetcinnawolf
Shadowstar Minecrafto575
Crimsonstar xxdasher1xx
Fira Wootla
Tornadodust XxsouldustxX
Moonclaw Xxmoonclaw
Rosepetal yoc70074
Applestar Tinyfancyboots

The Banished


AJ Username Reason for Banishment
Xxsillylillyxx20 Double Clanning
Jaday90 Failed trial
rugby84 Inappropriate behavior
fawnstorm Failed trial
Iimpaired Failed trial
Rainbowdash21923 Failed trial
Cautioned/Jammer55rq2 Failed trial
leaderbluestar Failed trial
nana8964 Failed trial
13579ajb Failed trial
caseyswim10 Failed trial


Group Leader's name Leader's username Member count Orientation
Sageclan Warstar SilencedRose 51 Fluid
    Galeclan Driftstar Seophiey 21 Neutral(?)
The Dragons    of Beyond Namira Fluffina1 46 Dark
    Mossclan Blazestar & Owlstar

TheHuntress5203 &


38 Neutral
   Honeyclan Toucanstar Sealy512 28 Neutral
  Dragonclan Burningstar SpiritWolf10115 15 Fluid
The Disturbed Division Aisake ttigris 35 Neutral
  Blossomclan Lilystar wolfie2771 25 Light
    Fireclan Joker Tessabird 98 Dark
CarnationClan Nigthstar PreyHuntress 28 Neutral (Heavily leaning to Light)
Thunderclan Bearstar & Dappledstar Circulatory & Maddymoo05 28 Neutral
Currentclan Shadowstar Mylittle20 13 Neutral


Group Leader's name Leader's username Member count Orientation
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?


Group Leader's name Leader's username Member count Orientation
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?


Oc name AJ user Wiki user Gender
Palesky MythicalTwilight LynniaVelitia Female
Splashstar Bluestar78 Katy25124 Female
Hibicusbreeze Snowflaked5 MysticalMermaid Female

Leader History

Name Username
XxslystarxX Slystar
Pattypanpawpaw Hawkstar
Rosebud57258 Ashstar
darkwarriorgirl Poppystar
Pattypanpawpaw Swoopingstar
Kittieez Shadowstar
Grouchie Snakestar
xbitesizedx Badgerstar
LoganMcL Hollowstar
LoganMcl & XxslystarxX Hollowstar & Slystar
10tanya Robinstar
unity5 Brookstar
codeandjam Shadowstar
tryhard51 Nightstar
Tundras003 Sunstar
warriorcats320 Darkstar
Kaydoodle Whisperstar
Theadventurezone Sprucestar
Ellie Maplestar
Theravensaid Oakstar
Carnivorouspaws Lionstar
Zoroark3923 Quietstar
Mclaus Stonestar
Bluestar78 Splashstar


Oc name User name Gender Ajcw name
Splashstar Bluestar78 Female Katy25124
Cloverpool Sparklerose Female TheCoveredPoolOfClovers
Tigerstrike Pyrrhiadragon Male Pyrrhiadragon
Robinfeather Fuzzyseal99 Female Pancakes089
Palesky Mythicaltwilight Female LynniaVelitia

If you need to be added to the page then you can comment your information on LynniaVelitia's wall and you will be added shortly. You can also ask for coding help.


 - Red Rocks -


Prey Status: Abundant

Prey Species: Fish, lizards, birds, snakes or other reptiles, and rodents

Danger Level (1/10): 4/10

Dangers: Rapids, poisonous animals/plants. 

Summary: A misty river goes through the jungle-type forest. The air is thick with water and it rains alot. The river and the forest provide good hunting grounds. 

- Cliffside Forest -


Prey Status: Abundant

Prey Species: Rabbits, birds, small rodents, snakes

Danger Level (1/10): 4/10

Dangers: Gorges, deadly vegetation, larger animals like foxes, badgers, bears, wolves.

Summary: The forest is a wonderful area, yet it can be dangerous too. The floor is dappled with sunlight and prey can be heard from all directions. Prey is easy to find and catch here.


We're currently not accepting alliance requests


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Head Medicine Cat-Robinfeather

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