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Ship of the Week

The Heathers loving couple (Wolf X Silk)

Here we put the ship that we vote for during the weekdays. They can get displayed at the end of the week and are kept on the page until the next ship.


Here's a song for all the people who see this! I ship it

Please don't be offended, this is for fun!

And, do not panic if ships or SAM messages are deleted! They are refreshed every Monday.

Feel free to add any ships that aren't already there!

You may have ship names as long as they are appropriate!

Have any questions? Ask a Ship Master! They are-

Fernwhisker of StarClan :3 

Have fun!

The Ships

There will be NO rogue ship names (Like Swero) unless it involves a rogue name!

Robinfeather X Bad Grades = Hermione Granger

Palekit X Pinekit = PalePine

Palekit X No head item = BaldPale

Fawnpaw X Dawnpaw = Dawn of the Fawn/ Dawnfawn

Cloverpool X Oakstep = THE SHIP IS BACK,

Fawnlake X Sherbert = SherbertIsMyOnlyWeakness

Webpaw X Petalkit = PetalWeb

Berrybranch X Heartpaw = BerryHeart/Heartbranch

Mintdrop X Arrowfang= Arrowmint

Forest X Water = Drowning for love

Aircatcher X Websnout = AirWeb

Thunderroar X Parsnipnose = ParsnipThunder

Aircatcher X Lightfall = LightaIr

Silkkit X Wolfkit = J.D. X Veronica

Forestkit X Forestkit = The Water left me for a 'real man'

Fadingpaw X Forestpaw = FadingForest

Hollowpaw X Foxpaw = HollowFox

Tom X Tom Ships

Vinefall X George E.= Can ya count yet?

Vinefall X Philp = VineHamilton

Skykit X Eclipsekit = EclispeSky/ I'm not sorry Eclipse

Shecat X Shecat Ships

Clover X Splash = Like leader, like deputy :)

HoneyBee x Leopardtail = HoneyLeopard


Tigerstrike x Splashstar

Kits:  Toffeedrop, Milksplash, Petalwish


Pineneedle X Palesky

Kits: Stormcloud, Heartlake, Aircatcher, Forestkit, Silkkit, Breezekit


Gracewaters X Parsnipnose

Kits: Wolfkit,Snowkit


Websnout X Petalwish

Kits: Expecting

Theme Songs

Theme Songs

Comment Below If You want Someone else to put your song. These are for some canon ships.

Fernwhisker X Shadestorm = Only us

Pineneedle X Palesky = Sad song


To Pinepaw:

My little Pine tree

you fill me with glee

you are so pretty

and your fur is lovely.

My heart misses a beat

when I watch you sleep.

You shine brighter than the sun

and you are a ton of fun.

I can't imagine a world without you

so what should I do?

-By an apprentice who has had a crush on you for a long time


To Skykit,

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I think you know this

But I love you




The past has been too happy

That I can scarce complain

If now and then there's something

To give a little pain

When there's so much beauty

It's very hard to see

Unless some nearly-ugly thing (aka me)

Can set the beauty free



My Dear Oakstep

A Million Stars Up In The Sky

One Shines Brighter I Can't Deny

A Love So Precious, A Love So True

A Love That Comes From Me, To You...



My dear Eclipsepaw,

You're the only cat that catches my eye,

I smile whenever you go by.

I don't care what others think,

My love for you will never sink.

Who cares if we're gay?

I guess the haters gotta hate :T

-You know and so does everyone else



I can't even express my love for you,

I believe my love for you is true.

You're an amazing cat

but not just that,

you're charming and kind

and I wish you were mine.

I don't care if this sounds cheesy or bad,

My SAM is probably so bad, it's sad.

-The same cat in a different body (goodness that sounded better in my head)



Just like you do, I believe our love is true

And even when I'm gone, I will always love you

I hope our friendship can be more than that

since you are such an amazing cat

Your eyes shine so brightly

it makes my head feel light

You're so kind and smart,

you've stolen my heart.

-Your admirer



Gosh, I don't really know what to say. I don't even know if you like me as a friend, not to mention something more than that, but I like you, so I'm going to write this anyways. Lightkit, I know there are plenty of she-cats for you to choose from. I'm not the strongest, or the prettiest, or the kindest, so the chances of you ever choosing me are low. But I mean hey, a kit can dream, right? I admire how brave, sweet, intelligent, and funny you are. You can always make me laugh, not to mention you're an amazing hunter, and you always stand up for what is right. I don't know if we have a chance at being more than friends, but I sure hope we do.

-A fellow kit in the nursery


To the fellow kit in the nursery:

I know who you are, even though you cloaked your identity. Your personality shines through your writing so my message to you is: I want to wait and see where my road leads me, but know this: you have a special place in my heart. :D

I don't want to give my heart away just yet, there is a lot of time left till my choice must be made. I want to see the silver flower blossom before I take it home, I don't want to break away the tiny bud from its branch till it has time to grow into a gorgeous flower.




I never thought that after all the time I've been in the clan, how much I really like you. I don't know how to explain how much I love you but I just want to say one thing. I'm not throwing away my shot for you to be my mate. I think we could really be a good pair.

-Someone who has a Feather

(BTW, Can you catch the Hamilton line?)



Since i first met you i feel in love with you... i'm not sure if love at first sight is true, but i know that it worked for me.. and i don't regret meeting you, your smile your laugh makes me smile your eyes... and.. YOU your so nice even though you were shy at first we became first that same day never change be you... be... yourself :)...

-your friend ( u know who i am  :) ) 



elk i love you and I'm glad that we got the chance to be together i love you so much you take away my breath... your eyes make my head light your fur is just perfect u r perfect i love you and stay YOU 



To my friend

Thank you so so much for the sweet note! I felt the same, but I was too scared to tell you! I felt alive when I talked to you, idk.. Just free..

-Mintpaw ;)


Dear Heartpaw,

Our ocs haven't met yet, but I have met you, and because of the bond that we share, that has grown over the months, maybe we have a chance. I think you're so pretty Heartpaw, inside and out. Your kind and loving manner has brought me through so much. Is it now that we are supposed to be together? Now, I don't care if you check the history. In fact, go ahead. You might know who I am already, but I want you to be sure. A dear friend you have always been to me, but perhaps this time, we can be something more.

~A feline who cares about you


Heartpaw I know we don't talk much,

But that wont stop me from thinking you as such.

Your eyes the color of the sea,

Too beautiful for a Tom even like me.

The feelings of love that I feel today,

And they have given me the courage to say. 

Heart paw won't you be mine,

Sorry for this cheesy rhyme.

-A Tom of Mistclan 



Hey, you're my best friend

And this is crazy!

But here's my message wall

So message me, maybe ;)

Before you came into my life, I missed ya so bad

I want you to know that

I missed ya so, so bad

So come on, come into my life

And you will know that

I like ya baby <3




Before I met you my life was a raincloud of sadness. I think you are an amazing cat. Everything seems so much brighter and happier when I'm with you. I feel that we have a special connection and one day I hope we can be more than just friends.




(water noises)



Random pool of water near the nursery,

You shine like a crystal. You're beautiful and calm. I wish dad didn't forbid our love. Love you dad, but please, don't forbid my love of the water, thanks.




You gorgeaus sparkle of light, you already know how I feel about you but I wanted to say it again so others can see too. I never knew what love felt like until a couple of moons earlier. You caught my breath and stole my heart. Each time I see you it takes alot of energy so my mouth doesn't fall. I hope we can be together and make eachother happy.

-figure it out: 1/5 & 3/20



Hey there, Stoney.

You're an old leader, eh?

You shouldn't be writing a letter here, Noir should it be to yourself. But whatever. -Stonestar



Our love is God 




We are meant to be one

~The Heathers loving Wolfkit


_The Heathers loving Wolfkit

Don't you want a life with me? Can't we be seventeen? That's all I want to do if you could let me in I could be good with you.

-The Heathers loving Silk

Dear Snowkit,

I know you'll never fancy me,

But I have to try.

You like someone else,

which is natural, I know toms go for cats with pretty eyes.

- A kit who has no luck with love....


I love and care about you..But knowing that you look at him with your eyes, me wishing it was me who was him so i can see how it feel to be loved like you love him you knowing your going to get hurt once he grows you still don't give up.. your full of energy, your really pretty, i sit in the back wishing you could look at me like that but that will never happen..

- Someone

Dear Brightkit,

I have known you since the day I became a kit in the clan. I know others love you, but I feel like maybe we are soul mates. Im probably wrong... because I always am, but.. Everytime I look into your eyes, I feel like a different cat. I feel your golden, glowing heart make mine better. I hope you read this... otherwise Im just a big dumbo. I really like you Brightkit, and I hope you do too. <3

- The New Kit (winky)

Dear creek

ILYSMMMMM your are really pretty and cote 

bright ( your fav person in the world XDD )


Lightfall, it's been you since day one, you were always there as one of the most brilliant cat's and I just really like you to put this in short. It's always been you even if I was too shy to tell you. As soon as you walk in it's like a breath of fresh air We've both come out of the cave and confessed and I'm glad we did. I've let my heart fly around like a butterfly and you were its catcher like a cat hunting prey. Lightfall, I just simply adore you, you take my breath away. <3

-You know exactly who it is


  • PalePine ~ the greatest ship
  • Forest marrying the water (and Breeze witnessing it)
  • The Heather Loving Couple