So, just so you know, this page isn't an official OC page anymore, it's just a memory of my old OC, which I loved, but I don't think I can roleplay as Minori anymore.

Basic Info Edit

Name - Minori

Age ( Approx ) - 19 Moons

Pack - Pack of Lost Souls (Old pack from a few years back lol)

Time Zone - Uk, London ( Aj )

Rank - Junta ( Leader of old LS )

Appearance Edit

Minori is an abnormally gargantuan, herculean dark brown she-cat with a cinder lower jaw, chest, cinder tipped tail and grey paws. She has azure, piercing eyes and a long, abhorrent scar going down her left eye. She has an interminable scar going down her side, ending at her flank. She has sharp, vicious, bloodthirsty teeth and nightmarish, abnormal, bloodstained claws, used often when slicing out cats' throats, not just kits. She doesn't have any tolerance, and as she is the leader of The Pack of Lost Souls, she ensures misbehaving cats receive harsh or excruciatingly painful punishments, used as a technique to make them regret their irresponsible behaviour. On the other hand, Minori can be friendly, and she is deeply in love with her mate, Vixen, the Delta of her pack. She is outgoing when it comes to friends and is always up to a challenge. She never backs down from one, and is always fierce, ending her foe quickly and with tons of gore. If she feels like it, she would probably eat her foe, depending on it's species. She may seem tough, but is sometimes either shy, embarrassed or sensitive. She is sometimes described as ' heartless ' which comes to reality during battle.

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Likes Edit


Teasing and Taunting


Being Sly



Dislikes Edit





Normal Prey

Wasting Time

People who ignore you if you attack or use anatomy

WARNING! Everything below here is EXTREMELY CRINGE! Beware! Enter at your own risk!

Minori's Story ( Secrets REVEALED ) Edit

As a kit, Minori didn't often feel emotions. She couldn't control that, though. She never met her real parents, but was fostered by clan cats. They admired her patterns on her pelt, and complimented her whenever they could, however, she wasn't happy. She was infuriated with everyone because all they said was " I love your pelt! The colours are so pretty" or " Your pelt looks awesome!"... She wanted people to see the true Minori. She wanted people to like her for who she was, not what her pelt looked like. She liked seeing the true side of things, not what's on the outside, however, clearly the other cats didn't see this. A new hatred began to build up inside her, yet not just a normal hatred. She was ' different ' from everyone else. She was special, not just an ordinary cat. However, this ' special ' wasn't in a good way. She was abnormally and dangerously different. She had extreme ' spiritual energy ', and deep inside her, she held onto a will that would change her future forever. Moons passed, and even though she asked if people liked her behaviour, her skills, etc, nothing changed. This time, she couldn't take any more. She stormed out of camp, snarling, spitting and hissing in both exasperation and fury. She tried her best to avoid everyone. She climbed up an abnormally large tree, hoping nobody would find her there, but she heard a strange noise from beneath her paws. Suddenly, ever so quickly, the ground slammed towards her head. She lost consciousness from when she gashed her head onto a large, slightly sharp rock nearby. She lay unconscious on the ground, damaged and in agony, yet due to her condition, she couldn't feel anything. She was lying in the same place for so many hours, waiting for someone. Little did she realise the damage from the fall caused her to have negative emotions and thoughts, since she was only feeling hatred during the incident. During the fall, her brain had been damaged badly, so her thoughts became crazy and twisted, and had ideas of innocent slaying cats of her own clan in gore revenge. First, were her foster parents. They sickened her, and their putrid stench make her cringe. Next, she picked off the kits, one by one. After a long amount of time, she had killed several of her clan, but was hardly focused on her hunger. Suddenly, the convulsions began, her stomach twisting in hunger and anguish. She needed food, and quickly! She looked around, but there was no fresh-kill to be seen, not even a scrap. She looked at the bodies, a look of slight guilt plastered across her face. Without control, her twisted thoughts kicked in, and she began devouring the remains of her dear, slaughtered clanmates, not even a thought of what she was doing. But, she didn't care any more. Nothing mattered, she had nothing left. Several moons passed, and she was full grown. She lived on normal prey, though it tasted atrocious. She trained herself, getting stronger with several ambitious thoughts and plans. She eventually realised the power she had. The power she was willing to control. She could start her own group. She could own a Rogue Pack. She thought of a name, pondering for a few minutes, then, ' the light bulb lit up ' and she had just the right name. She would call it ' The Pack of Lost Souls. '. And so, that is Minori's sick and twisted past life, though, she was born with a strange, dangerous power that she willingly controlled and used wisely to create the brawny, enduring, indestructible Pack of Lost Souls.

Family Tree Edit

Great Grandfather(s) : Jay, Cataonu, Broken, Talosanu

Great Grandmother(s) : Whisper, Kima, Stream, Uslothana

Grandfather(s) : Timao, River

Grandmother(s) : Silver, Momoko

Mother : Sakaota

Foster Mother : Frostgleam

Father : Scorn

Foster Father : Gladebreeze

Brother(s) : Talon, Kato

Sister(s) : Lila, Kirae

Mate : Vixen

Son(s) : None ( Yet )

Daughter(s) : None ( Yet )

Bonus/Extra Story Edit

Minori glared at Kirae, anger blazing within her. She bared her teeth, furious. She spat " I don't need you anymore! All you've done is ruin EVERYTHING for me!" her ears were flattened, her azure, narrowed eyes fixed on Kirae.

"I ruin everything?! What's going on in that head of yours! Of course you need me! Without me, you'd shrivel up into a ball and cry until you die! Don't be mousebrained, Minori!" Kirae was lashing her tail, glaring at Minori.

" I'm more independent than you, Kirae. Stop being an idiot and listen to those mousebrained words of yours. I don't need you. Stop trying to act like mother! You're nothing like her! We're far apart, Kirae. Don't bother trying..." Minori's fur bristled as she stared at Kirae. She fixed her glare on her sister, now uncertain of what she was doing. Kirae looked hurt, a deep sorrow mingling in her azure eyes.

Kirae muttered " Fine then... Have it your way, Minori. I'm sorry. I tried, yet you aren't pleased. I shall leave now," Kirae slowly turned around, beginning to pad away, tail drooping.

" Wait! Kirae!" Minori tried to shout, but her voice cracked. Regret clouded her heart, eyes wet with sorrow. " Kirae, I'm sorry! Please, forgive me!" She forced the words out, yet no reply responded to her plead. Kirae continued to pad further and further away.

" Clearly you don't need me, Minori. You're independent, aren't you?" Kirae's words peirced through her, tears streaming down her face.

"No, I'm not! I was wrong, I'm so sorry Kirae! Please, come back! I do need you! You were right! I'm the mousebrain, not you! Please Kirae!" Kirae didn't stop. She continued to slowly pad away. Minori gazed in the direction of where Kirae once was. She felt empty. She had no choice now but to go on, but what would she say to Talon, Kato and Lila? How would father react? Maybe she just shouldn't go back? Minori was left pondering, standing in the same spot, jaws apart with shock and despair.

Roleplay Example Edit

VV she unsheathed her ephinephrings, gouging them into her foe's lapitis, tearing slowly causing excruiciating, unbearable, torcherous pain, then sinking them into their bloodshot, petrified rhopolia suspensory ligaments, hooking them out effortlessly with her long, bloodstained ephinephrings. She tore mercilessly, yet with tormenting, anguish-filled pain at their occiptingealis femaralius, leaving an abhorrent, nauseating lacerated wound where she had struck them, showing no emotion except pleasure, demonic expressions and torturous, nightmarish eyes which pierced into their souls as she tugged implacably and barbarously at their trachea, forcing excruiciating, beyond harrowing asphyxiation, gripping on compactly and compassionless-filled VV