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Metallicstar is a tom with a pure black pelt and blue eyes, and also a leader of Thunderclan and left to go solo as Ash the Loner for a short period of time, then came back.. He first appeared in (December 2014) and was absent for six months due to moving away with no computer. He returned in June, (2015, leader, and brother of Firestar, or Carrot.

Metallicstar's birthplace and what he did or was before he chose to lead Thunderclan is unknown. Nearly no records of the past remain of him except for few of his former friends that claim to used to be in a clan with him. He doesn't know anything about his past in AJ or in real life due to amnesia when he was 11 years old (in real life). He believes the amnesia was caused by a car "accident" with his uncle.

Current moon: 19

Strengths and abilities: Swift, unusually sharp claws. Metallic is very good at pretending to be on ones side, or agree with ones point. Has a keen sense of smell, can control adrenaline rushes, very creative (especially when it comes to making camps, go to his den for examples), and can swim well.

Weaknesses: Low strength, one eye is damaged, missing a claw, vulnerable to ticks and other bugs similar.

Likes: Open minded cats, peace, tricks, being free, introducing new ideas, meeting new people, exploring other warrior cat cultures, sleek black fur, and controversy.

Dislikes: Tacky cats, talkative kits, fighting, arrogant leaders, mud, humidity, winter, bad roleplayers, people who don't try.

Kits: strongly didn't want any.

Appearance Edit

-Metallicstar's pelt is entirely black with an eye color of a pale blue

-Not muscular, Metallicstar is rather thin

-Short fur, though somewhat fuzzy

-Ears are a tiny bit pointier than average