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  • mk so its ferretleap someone posted a joining form on the page, can i accept it or no

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  • you should draw axel (((;

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  • is barn and 666 gonna revive ole dragon rp???

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    sorry you cant be one of the cats with the elements but you could be a clans leader/ deputy and you could have unlimited ocs

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  • hey guys

    its your sleep,deprived firm

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  • You know your doing Fawnpelts backstory? I'm not trying to nag but do you know when it will be done?

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  • Do I have to have discord to join the tailorbirds?

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    Species + Breeds: Dogs & Coyotes + Ermines/Stoats + Medium to Large breeds(for dogs)

    Roleplay Style + Platform: Traditional + Discord & Animal Jam & Roleplay Thread

    Themes: Journey-ing?

    Diet: White-tailed Deer, Elk(rarely), Lagomorphs, Fish, Birds(rarely), Bird Eggs, Muskrat, Human Food, Carrion

    Naming Style: 1-Segmented Names. Usually names commonly used by humans( such as Jackson or Bella) as most were lost pets or strays. 

    Location: Pacific Northwest/North America

    Member Characteristics: Tough, Intelligent, Clever, Creative, Humorous + Muscular to lithe builds, large to medium bodies, strong legs, wide range of breeds,markings, and colors, Polydactl

    Unique Traits: American Alligator pets(reserved for more experienced members), River Otter friends, legs and thumb-things bend somehow to enable them to make stuff

    Idea Inspiration: The Tailorbirds by Hooters

    Explanation for these weird dogs having pets and allainces with otters: Their founder(moi) and his friends came across some abandoned alligator hatchlings and raised them.. Despite our founder's protests. The group eventually started teaching them tricks(though it was heckin hard :( )  and how to help them with everyday life. Though the privelege of owning these dangerous lizards are not for the common mutt. You must undergo some training to certify that your gator won't eat you.

    Regarding the alliance with otters , the founder and his companions came across an otter family near their home. One of their offspring, a young otter named Bart had been pinned under a heavy rock by his lower end. They rolled off the rock and in return, the otters became a sort of trading partner. They have new items that they've found floating in their river and trade them for fish, a certain amount of items, and more!

    How they learned all these things about building shiz:

    Most of these dogs were pets or companions to humans. They've seen how humans try to build things and copied how they do so. Though the first dozen tries didn't produce good results but they got there.. eventually.

    Buildings and Places:

    The Alligator Hatchery: A special place designed for nesting females to lay their eggs and raise their young until they are old enough to come out into the real world and transfer to the shallows. There are usually 1 nesting female there at a time. 

    The Shallows: A large shallow pool where the gator mother takes her hatchlings shortly after they come out of the egg.  They remain there for some time, until they are ready, and transfer to the Cay's.

    Cay's Lake: A massive lake on the outskirts of camp connected to a stream that runs out of camp and to a long river, with a two trees shading a dainty spot on the side. This is where the adolselents and adults stay. They are fed 2 to 4 times a week. Sometimes pups and trainees are seen throwing scraps to them. The gators are allowed to venture out of camp at will as they don't go too far and they know their way back.

    Discipline Grounds: This is a large plot of land a considerable distance away from the camp. There is a medium-sized pond in the middle. This is where qualified Rangers train their caimans.

    Bart's Bartering Post: A small stand at the river where the group of otters live. They have various trinkets and items for trade there and are often looking for fish or valuable items. Usually monitored by the otter this group's founder rescued, Bart.

    Higher-Ups' hut:  A medium-sized, comfy hut where the Governer and his/her mate lives. The governer, his/her mate, and the medics & medic assistants are the only ranks to have huts.

    Infirmirary: A large-sized hut where medics & medic assistants stay. Herbs and medical supplies are stored there as well. Injured  and disease-ridden Rangers come to the infirmirary to be treated.

    The Nursery: A medium-sized hut where nursing and pregnant females stay until their pups are old enough to become trainees.

    Trainee Burrows: I feel like this is self explanatory. There are spacious several burrows in the ground where trainees stay.

    The Elder's Hut: A medium-sized, comfy hut where elders live out the rest of their days in peace.

    Inventor's Workshops: A massive hut where the inventors work on building new structures and inventions for the group. There are several work-tables, all equipped with two feather quills, two vats of ink, five sheets of paper, which are assigned to each Inventor. Besides each work-table is a small wooden crate where they can store stuff. Next to that crate is a comfortable sheet of deer hide which is used as a bed.

    Scavenger's Fort: There are several teepee-like structures made from animal hide and other materials on the south side of camp. Inside each teepee is a soft mossbed adorned with feathers and a small wooden rack to hang their satchels, weapons, ect. There is also a small wooden crate to store stuff. Scavengers can decorate and add items to their teepee, as long as they don't wreck it. The Lead Scavanger gets the best and largest tee-pee.

    Trooper's Barracks: A group of tee-pees outside of camp, just near the entrance. They are the same as the Scavenger but have more space and room. They are also arranged in a circle with a small campfire in the middle.

    Keeper's Quarters: A cozy, medium-sized hut where the Keepers rest. Inside there are some sheets of deer-hide that are used as beds. 


    Governer - x1: The leader of the Rangers. He/she is to be treated with upmost respect. Mates, offspring, and kin of the Governer are also treated with high amounts of respect. They make the most decisions and decide many things. 

    High Officer - x1: The second-in-command. He/she is treated with high amounts with respect and often have the best huts/teepees/dens. They make some of decisions in the group and can arrange hunting trips, border scouting, and more. They generally help the Governer with daily duties.

    Medics x2: They are the doctors, skilled in medical remedies. They are responsible for curing and patching up the ill and injured.

    Assistants x3: They are basically nurses, tending to the patients and treating rhem with care.

    Head Trooper - x1: The head trooper is the best of it's rank. He/she has a higher chance of being promoted to High Officer then most ranks. Head troopers are responsible for getting the rest of the troopers under control and guides the rest of his/her rank.

    Head Scavenger - x1: Scavenger version of the Head Trooper.

    Head Keeper - x1: Keeper version of the Head Trooper.

    Inventor - x1: Inventor version of the Head Trooper.

    Troopers x20: Troopers are the scouts, defenders, fighters, and guardians of the group. They should be skilled in combat, tactical, and muscular. Their loyalty must be unwaivering as it is their responsibility for the safety of the Rangers.

    Scavengers x20: Scavengers are the hunters and gatherers of the group. They hunt for food, gather materials and herbs, and steal from human camping sites. Canines of this rank should be swift, skilled, speedy, and cunning.

    Keepers x10: Keepers repair the camp's fences, tidy up camp, tend to the un-adopted Alligators, throw out inedible food, and more. Keepers are normally kind, humorous, and helpful.

    Inventors x10: Inventors are the builders. They construct baskets, huts, dens, crates, and more. Canines of this rank should be intelligent, quick-thinkers, and creative. 

    Trainees x10: Trainees are young dogs and coyotes training to become their desired rank. Canines of this rank are normally five months or older.

    Den-Mothers x5: Pregnant, nursing or those who find no purpose other than to care for the next generation and make children.

    Pups - 5: Pretty self explanatory. Their role is to learn from the elders, get to know the other members, and have fun.

    Elders x5: Elders are the retired or elderly who are no longer fit to fufill their former duties. They live out the remainder of their days in peace, telling stories to the young'uns.


    The Trails Begin!: Lead by the Governer, the Rangers set out to establish a settlement and to find a suitable place to live. They have packed their needed belongings and started to trek. Several dangers lurk as winter sets and the 'gators start getting pissed by the change in weather.

    Home Sweet Home? : The Rangers have found a nice place to live. It has a large lake for the alligators to stay and tons of space for them to build. Don't forget about the abundant supply of prey! It's paradise! But are things really as they seem?




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  • mmmmmsohey

    i think ima join the dragons of matter rp thread again but

    would you mind explaining to me what's going on in rp right now? with detail, please cxx

    also i'm trying to figure out the best way an oc could enter in, i'll be using all new ocs

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    • oof 

      uh so

      the two dragon-gods that supposedly created everything started a war because Father Night(the evil one) wanted to rule the morning. He also wanted everybody to love him

      So, Lullaby, a messenger and companion of Father Light set out to find Plazma and Maxon. She/he tells them a prophecy, a warning of the war and bloodshed to cone before d y i n g due to being beaten up earlier by Father Night.

      plazma and maxon(king of the shadowkingdom) oppose this and infiltrate the Palace of Father Light

      They act very rudely before Spark comes crashing in along with her son, Flare to mess up everything further. A prince of the Night Kingdom, Regal, disgusied himself and went in to join the fun as well. 

      They end up getting themselves thrown in jail by the guardians, Gaylord & Halo. 

      They escape, mostly because Father Light didn't really care and p much let em go

      They fly over to the Night Kingdom to confront Father Night.. but things don't go too well

      they got sent to basically hell and they have to find Rhaegal to get out

      But they find a friendly group of griffons who offer them food and shelter

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    • oof ty for the explanation

      i'll probably make a form tomorrow because i'm tired lol

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