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  • My occupation is wishing i chose a better nickname when I made this account
  • I am waiting for ya'll to hmu at my message wall for an art trade or commision. I got sexy art
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  • i have a an anthromorphic roleplay idea


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  • Ok so i wanted to join this group for awhile afetr i read the comic based off it. It seems interesting but i have some questions..

    1) Since SVT is a discord based group, does it count if I am in anotherclan/pack/tribe?

    2) Can normal clans/pack/tribe ally with the SVT or WVT?

    Thats all for now! Please message me back on my message wall! Thank you for your attention!

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  • sleeps

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  • Is there a page for SaxonVale yet? I have searched but i couldnt find anything. Sorry for being a drag

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  • I'm wondering if your commissions are open? I need some art of my oc and I'd be willing to pay well <3

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  • Stri what's the color pallet for SaxonVale??

    and can you send me the images for the paint/finished taiga lion/any other finished images since im gonna start coding

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      Jarl - 1x [ sometimes x2 ] - The male leader of the tribe, they rule the tribe with a Viscountess or another Jarl.  They may be a pair but that doesn't always have to be the case, the Viscountess/Jarl may sometimes be a trusted friend, relative, or tied together with an ally where they were given that position to strengthen the ally bond between that tribe and the tribe she/he originally came from. He will be addressed as " Your Grace " when talking to.

      Viscountess - 1x [sometimes x2] - The female leader, she has the same rights, priveliges, and responsibilities as the Jarl. She must be addressed as " My Lady " when talking to her. This applies to the Jarl as well, when one of them steps down or dies, the current leader will rule but alone until he chooses someone to rule with him. The Baroness and Baron do not rank up yet.

      Baron/Baroness - 2x - Second in command. Those with this rank will have the responsibility to report back to the Viscountess or Jarl about the welfare of the tribe and must jot down needed information for the scrolls the Highlander Guild will pick up. Can also be an advisor to a lone leader. 

      Leading Ranks - 1x - Leading Ranks have the ability to supervise those of their rank and boss them around, to an extent. They recieve their own hut or tipi, if a Artisan or Healer, and it is much bigger than the common ranks. They recieve better house warming gifts as well.

      Artisan - 2x - An Artisan is in charge of tending to the huts and keeping them strong, re-applying paint to the members and repairing weapons and clothing. They also craft verious items and often are tasked with making house-warming gifts.

      Herbalist and Healers - 3x - Herbalists tend to injured and ill tribe-members and nurse them back to help. They must have a wide knowledge of remedies and herbs. Theyare often well rounded when it comes to healing the sick and wounded. Herbalists may also know what herbs can be used to keep meat stored and fresh for a long period of time, how to make poison and acids, and even how to summon evil spirits. Healers is just what the Lead Herbalist is called.

      Guards & Passage Keepers- 5x - Guards are tasked with guarding the territory and must re-light bonfires placed around the borders to prevent night-beasts from breaching.  Passage Keepers watch the camp's walls and prevent intruders from breaking into it. Both ranks will howl or roar if an intruder breaches or is spotted.


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    • Shepherds - x4 - Shepherds are responsible for tending to the livestock and harvesting resources from them. They are to take the reindeer out to feed in grass-covered areas within the territory and watch them digilently. The same goes for sheep but they are taken out less often. They are also expected to harvest meat, milk, fleece, hides, furs, antlers and more. Shepherds must also make materials from them such dairy products, glues, wool, and items carved from bone and antler. Every part of the animal must be used so the animal's life will not be in vain.

      Warriors - Unlimited - The beginning rank, they hunt for Artisans, Healers, Herbalists, Caretakers, and Apprentices and defend the tribe as well as go on border patrols. Warriors can be ranked up to higher roles. 

      Apprentices - 10x - Apprentices are pups above 6 months of age training to become a warrior, some with defining qualities will be selected to train for other roles. They bunk with other apprentices in a large hut, just all of them in there. Sometimes clueless adults get stuck in this rank.

      Caretakers - Unlimited - The expecting, foster or nursing, or just mothers in generel in SaxonVale. They are routinely visited by the Healer to check up on them and the father is expected to help in the upbringing of his offspring.

      Also can you make Passage Keepers + Guards x6

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    Quote: The strength of the pack is the wolf! And the strength of the wolf is the pack!

    Allowed Breeds + Species: Canis Lupis/Wolves native to Canada or Northeastern US + Medium-large thick-coated dog breeds(uncommon)

    Roleplay Platform + Style: Discord, Thread + Descriptive Traditional

    Location: Canada

    Diet: Fish, commonly salmon or brook trout + Canadian Caribou, commonly peary and sometimes boreal woodland subspecies + Rock Ptarmigan + Uncommonly Lowbush Blueberries + Uncommonly Carrion and scavenged carcasses + Human food + Livestock, mainly goat and sheep

    Naming Style: 1 and 2 segmented names, no warrior cat names


    IMG 7318
    IMG 7320

    Diablo Blanco, One of the two Alphas for the pack

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  • do you do art commissions?

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  • lol i read your page.... boi you dirty minded.. alot

    -Hope of TTB

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    Welcome friend to Magica Quest! Please make sure to read the rules and have a fun time within our group!

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