aka that one lesbian

  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is watching wynonna earp
  • I am single ;)))

"Dear Current Boyfriend, 

you're my current boyfriend,

I like it when you take me on dates,

and when you give me lots of kisses.

And Dear Current Boyfriend,

you don't give me enough massages.

that pisses me off, 

but I know you're gonna try harder,

to give me so many more massages.

Dear Current Boyfriend,

give me massages when we're not wearing clothes, and then kiss me,

you know, who knows what might happen after that, 

but that's okay, 'cause you're my Current Boyfriend.

Dear Current Boyfriend,

I also like it when we cuddle, 

and you kiss me when we're cuddling,

and also we're naked too when we're doing that.

But Dear Curernt Boyfriend,

I'm glad that you're my current boyfriend,

you should stay my boyfriend,


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