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  • I am A weirdo with a weird obsession with Fictional people dying and also loves playing video games

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  • so

    I have time but not too much

    we can chat for like 10 minutes but then I gotta go again

    chat or nah?

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  • i wont post it anymore ugh bur srsly

    keep the friking (not a bad word thnx)

    thread up

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  • sorry haaha

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  • You can't just see a form and accept it, so far I've seen you accept two bad forms, at first I assumed it was favoritism, since the first one was your friend. (The rank choice was poor, and you never specified that they would be a regular apprentice. Plus the roleplay example was only two lines.)

    Then you accept another form that's very poor and have faced numerous oppositions.

    Please, carefully read a form and consider whether or not the rules are properly followed before you go and accept them. Otherwise MistClan'll look like a bunch o' pushovers who can't follow their own rules, and it'll be full of people who don't take those rules seriously.

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    • Oak told me it was, but now I realised he changed it.

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    • Oh.

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  • Sorrel- Can Quench thirst,  builds up appetite

    Tansy- a lesser form of Catmint, can help with Greencough, soothes a cat's throat

    Burdock Root- heals rat bites

    Borage Leaves: More and better milk, can also help with fevers

    Burnet- also a traveling herb; keeps up your strength

    Chamomile-Eases A cat being tired

    Daisy-Keeps joints supple

    Poppy seeds- Help a cat sleep and ease pain

    Dandelion- also a painkiller

    Yarrow- Makes a cat vomit poison

    Deathberries- causes death (cries forever)

    Water hemlock- Extreme pain or even death

    Watermint- cures bellyache

    Catmint- cures Greencough

    Marigold- Helps with infections

    Horsetail- Helps with infections

    Cobwebs- stop bleeding or soak it up ( I SOAK IT UP I SOAK IT UP .)

    Comfry Root- Spread a poultice of it onto a wound and it eases pain

    Honey- soothes sore throats

    Goldenrod- Good for cleaning wounds

    Juniper Berries- Soothes bellyaches, also can help calm a cat

    Parsley- Stops milk in nursing queens for dead kittens

    Rush- A splint for broken bones

    Dried oak leaf- Stops infections

    Mouse Bile- Ticks fall out, become loose

    -Breezepaw, Pinkflower100 :D 

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  • You have made a MC Hamilton sign up sheet. That is disgusting! Everyone knows that am King George, Rowan is Thomas Jefferson and Cold is James Madison. OKAY?! This is first grade, Blizzard! FIRST GRADE! And also, YOU are Alexander Hamilton?! That is Disgusting!!!!! Um, PLEASE. Timber is OBVIOUSLY Alexander, considering he is worthy of being Alexander, along with us named at  the top, we are alwso worthy. O.K?! You are not Alexander! And also like PLEASE this may come off rude but you just started lto listen to Hamilton OK you are not a master yet thank you very much.

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  • I might as well since others are doing it I think it is the test

    Alderbark: Eases Toothaches 

    Rp Example: -A cat walked into the Med Den, Complaining about their toothache, They sat down and waited for anything, Soon a med cat walked up with Alderbark to the aching cat, "This will help" They said, The cat applied it, Soon the toothache was a bit better, They got up and walked out thinking the rest of the day with it being low is good enough-

    Bindweed: Fastens sticks to broken legs to keep them in place

    Rp Example: -A cat came into the Med Den with a broken leg, The med cat went over and used Comfrey first and put sticks around the leg, Putting on some Bindweed to make sure it sticked, When it was done they put the cat in a moss nest telling them to move as little as possible-

    Blackberry Leaves: Eases the swelling on bee stings

    Rp Example: -A cat with red dots over them came into the den, Explaining they got stung by bees the med cat came over and chewed Blackberry Leaves into a pulp, Putting each on the dots, The swelling was disappearing a bit, But very slow, The cat walked satisfied out the den-

    Borage Leaves: It produces more and better milk

    Rp Example: -A nursing queen came into the den, She didn't have enough milk for all the kits she explained, The med cat went to storage of herbs and later came out with Borage Leaves, They padded over to the queen telling them to eat it, The queen nodded and chewed the leaves and swallowed, The queen walked out happy-

    Burdock Root: Used to prevent infection of rat bites

    Rp Example: -One of the warriors who came back from a fight with rats had bites over him, They didn't look infected yet but could get infected, The med cat walked over with some Burdock Root that he/she had cleaned, They chewed it up into a pulp and placed it over the rat bites to prevent any infections-

    Catmint: Best remedy for greencough and whitecough

    Rp Example: -A cat came in for herbs for his mate who had caught greencough, The med cat went down to storage searching until they found some catmint, They went back over to the cat and gave them it, Telling them to give it to the cat to help it for now and if it gets worse to come back-

    Celandine: Soothes damaged eyes

    Rp Example: -A cat stumbled in her eyes damaged, She explained what happened and the med cat went to go get something, When they came back the cat was sitting waiting, The med cat took Celandine and trickled the juice into their eyes, The cat blinked constantly at the juice pouring in soon opening their eyes, Still wasn't fully healed but it was the best the med could do for it-

    Chervil: For infected wounds and bellyache, respectively

    Rp Example: -A cat with a scratch along their side came in, It looked infected to the med cat, Before they could explain the cat got some Chervil from storage quickly they chewed it extracting juice and put it on the wound-

    Cobwebs: To soak up and stop (or slow) the bleeding

    Rp Example: -A cat came in with blood soaking over a wound they had made, The med cat said no more and ran over cleaning up the wound with wet moss and placing cobwebs over it, The cat looked over at the blood soaked cobweb but suprised how only drips were coming out now, They padded out to go rest satisfied-

    Coltsfoot: Eases cracked or sore pads

    Rp Example: -A cat came in his pads looking sore, The med cat asked what happened, He explained he somehow got his pad sore, The med cat took some Coltsfoot chewing the leaves into a pulp and placing it on the pad, When they finished that the cat went back out careful on the pad-

    Dock: Soothes scratches

    -A cat came in with a scratch over his leg, The med cat came over asking what happened, The tom replied that he was in a fight when a enemy scratched his leg pretty bad, It stopped  bleeding but it wasn't soothed, The med cat took some Dock and chewed it up applying it to the leg-

    Comfrey Root: Repairs broken bones

    Rp Example: -The med cat was sorting herbs when a she-cat came in limping, The med cat walked over, The cat explained she broke her leg, The med cat chewed up Comfrey Root and applied it, Wrapping sticks around it and placing on Bindweed to keep it all together-

    Honey: Is a great remedy for smoke-damaged or sore throats

    -A kit ran in complaining her throat was sore, She whined and complained till the med cat came back with honey, The kit ate it and the thick part of it clearing up her throat, The kit thanked the med cat and padded out to go back to play with her friends-

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  • Medicine test! 

    Borage leaves- Increases milk supply in queens and brings down fevers!

    Catmint- cures green cough and white cough

    chervil roots- cures stomach aches

    Coltsfoot- helps for breathing issues or kitten cough.

    poppyseeds- soothes pain, makes cats sleepy, soothes distress

    Comfrey- soothes wounds (scratches, bites)

    cobwebs- used to stop bleeding (when cinderpaw broke her leg, it was used to hold the bindweed together)

    Oak leaf- also stops infection (mentioned in power of 3, 2nd book? Maybe first)

    horsetail- helps treat infected wounds

    feverfew- helps regulate body temperature of cats with fevers or colds

    honey- soothes throats, also a goes with pine needles i think dandilion leaves, calms shocked cats

    parsley- stops flow of milk (leafpool used it)

    yarrow leaves- can be applied to wounds to prevent infections, if swallowed can expell poision from within the body

    watermint- helps bellyaches

    thyme- calms, helps with anxiety

    tansy- cures cough! (just normal cough)

    stinging nettle- helps bring down swelling

    mousebile- removes ticks (usually apprentices use it to get ticks out of elders fur)

    marigold- stops infections!

    Chervil- for infected wounds or belly ache

    burdock root- stops rat bites from infection 

    comfrey root- repairs broken bones, sometimes used for burns from forest fires

    Death berries-Instantly kills any cat who has swallowed the berries (darkstripe tries to feed them to fernpaw, yellowfang feeds them to brokentail-star) Can be treated with yarrow

    daisy leaf- traveling herb used for when leaders traveled to the moon stone

    dandelion- the leaves cat be used to chew on as a pain killer

    juniper berries- helps troubled breathing and gives strength

    mallow leaves- soothes belly aches

    sorrel- is one of the traveling herbs

    sticks- chewed on to ignore pain, used sometimes when queens are giving birth

    water hemlock- deadly, almost as bad as death berries. Can be treated with yarrow.

    Rp example:

    Applepaw glanced to her side, seeking reassurance from her mentor as she treated the wounded warrior. chewing the horsetail into a pulp. gently she licked the juices onto his shoulder, he hissed in pain, but she ignored it. she quickly fetched some cobweb and plastered it onto his side. ow he complained, applepaw flicked her tail irritably and went to go fetch some poppy seeds. Lapping a few up, she carefully secured them under her tongue. She fed the warrior some poppy seeds and ordered him to go into a moss nest and rest, warning him not to rub off the poultice:

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  • Medic :

    Feverfew : Helps cure things common in a fever

    Cobwebs : this is so basic I don't even have to try but if you really need : ( to soak up or slow bleeding, sometimes used to bind broken bones. )

    yarrow : helps cats throw up toxin ( pretty sure it helps cracked pads too. )

    Burnet - helps keep cats strength up

    Sorrel - thirst? It makes cats hungry too.

    daisy - helps aching joints I am pretty sure

    dandelion leaves : ( bee stings? I think.. ) it acts as a pain killer too.

    Colstfoot : breathing and sore pads

    Tansy : helps PREVENT whitecough and greencough

    catmint : will help ease white/greencough

    sticks : good distraction for kitting queens, pain distraction.

    bindweed : helps fasten sticks together to hold broken bones.

    wet moss : can cool down a cat, also used sometimes to soak up blood ( i think )

    poppy seeds : help cats sleep, they can also kill pain ( i think )

    That's all I can really think about for now with all the things in my head. Hope I wont be thrown in the gutter again heh..

    poisons :

    deathberries - kill you within a min or two of eating

    holly berries - I'm pretty sure I read it said no effect or somethin

    water hemlock i think it's called - I DONT REMEMBERRRRRRRRRRR

    foxglove seeds - they are sometimes used to heal the heart, but mostly end in a paralyzed heart failure. They are commomly mistaked for poppy seeds.


    chichweed : catmint, but not as strong

    goatweed : anxiety and grief

    catchweed : used to like.. Rub of poultices without damaging the skin or somethin'?


    Dock : soothe cracked pads? though can sting when being applied.

    Fennel - hip pain

    elder leaves - soothes sprains i think? ( most likely getting this wrong )

    I know about like 65% or 47%

    the reason I gave no rp examples, I don't know how to use some herbs, so I need to LEARN that.

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