• I live in byers household, hawkins indiana
  • My occupation is noah schnapp
  • I am noah schnapp

Regarding Pixel human bases

I have decided I will be making Pixel human art bases, all by me. I made these all on pixel art making studios and I'm proud (I will make more versions like long hair, short hair but for now I only have ponytails and a messy bun).

You may use these and color these I honestly do not care what you do with them as long as you please credit me. Thank you so much and feel free to suggest more bases I could do!

Pixel human base TIK V1

If you'd like me to do a human art thing for you, fill out this form:

  • OC Name:
  • Purpose(what are you going to use this art for):
  • Gender:
  • Detailed desc. (ref would be nice):
  • Scars, extras?:
  • Other:
Regarding Cat art

I have learned that im not that bad at cat art; and so i will be doing commissions/art/art trades. commissions are for strangers, art trades for strangers/friends, and requests for friends ONLY. commission prices:

headshots: free

scenes 1 den beta if no silhouettes, rare item monday if silhouette

gif pfp 2 den betas
non gif pfp 2 rare item mondays
joke art free
  • oc name
  • species (hooman, cat)
  • gender
  • description
  • picture ref
  • expression
  • seriouss or jokey
  • profile pic (gif, normal if pfp) headshot, scene, etc
  • siggy or not siggy
  • payment(if commission; art trade is art)


  • send me memes, i'm all up for memes (it'll make me happy if you did stranger things specific memes)
  • rant, i'm a good listener but don't ask me for advice, i'm not that kind of person y'know?
  • offer me art. i love art for all my ocs so pls dont be afraid to give me some art cause i like art, like, no matter what style
  • ask for coding. don't be scared i'm very chill so


  • ask me to join your group. i hate that, despite me doing it a long time ago. i'll refuse. i won't say here which group im in cause like i dont wanna have to change it and yeah
  • ask me for advice. i'm not that kind of person, okay?
  • be rude/yell at me. if you wanna do that, do it on aj. don't be that person.
  • send me memes of fandoms i hate. I HATE THAT.

?Q n' A?

Q: what should i call you?

A: tiki. tiki, please. unless your one of my bbs then whatever u want.

Q: can i ask you to code me things?

A: yes, of course! i love to code and do it alot. like, alot. so don't be scared to ask.

Q: wanna chat sometime?

A: of course! i may be an introvert irl, but since i cant see your face its not that awkward.

Q: can i use one of your profile formats?

A: depends on which one. please ask me on my msg wall.

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