aka Fally, Elo, Egret the Regret.

  • I live in My thoughts
  • My occupation is Being paranoid
  • I am Angelicaaaaaa

White flower

Messaging Me

I like it when people message me, since I'm mainly bored and such. 

However, I have some 'rules' I guess in place of what I suggest you do and don't message me about.


Yell at me...I'm a kind of nervous person...please adress the situation calmly.

Break AJCW rules. 

Come on my profile to insult me. 

Fuss at me for editing a page when it was merely adding a template (stub/delete) or proper catagory.

Think before you send!


Send me memes

Start a casual conversation

Send me random stuff (Looking at you Ashy)

Ask for help coding

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