CrimsonWing! (OC #3)Edit


You Walk In The Forest, Hearing The Battering Of Paws. You Leaped Back, Seeing A Big, Muscualar, Pitch Black Tom. The Tom Senses You, Snarling. You Turn, Trying To Flee.Edit

Your Trip On Some Roots, Spraining Your Ankle. The Tom Let You Go, Giving You A Soft Nudge. He Mewed Briskly: Hurry Up, We Dont Want Someone Else To Catch Up.


FAMOUS QUOTE: "Whatever It Takes, I'll Do Anything To Help My Clan. Even If That Means, Sacrificing My Own Life.."Edit

Apperance: Edit

A Massive, Pitch Black Tom With Silver Eyes. Has Unusual Hooked Claws And Long, Sharp Fangs. He Gets Annoyed, But It's Hard. When He Gets Mad, He Tends To Claw Or Kick Someone Gently.Edit

Info: Mates With Finchstar, Son Of BlackRaven And IvyPelt. Father Of WolfShade, StormKit And FrostKit.Edit

BlackRaven! (OC #4)Edit

Intro: A Grey Black Tom Emerged From The Shadows, His Tail Lashed. Your Stared At The Tom In Awe. You Wanted To Flee, But It Seemed That Your Paws Were Rooted To The Ground. Finally, You Managed To Run, Before The Tom Got You. Edit

Appearance: A Massive, Black And Grey Tom With Hooked Claws, Mates With IvyPelt (Former). His Son And Daughter Are CrimsonWing And HorizonPaw.Edit

Info: As An Apprentice, He Was ShadePaw, Yet When He Got His Warrior Name, ShadeStream, He Thought It Wouldn't Fit Him Anymore. Thats When He Became BlackRaven. He Hates KittyPets Alot. (PEOPLE SAY THAT BLACKRAVEN VANISHED)Edit

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