✧Mechanical Runaway's✧

✧Futuristic Times✧

Behold, the canines of the future. Welcome the greatness! Robotic canines of all sorts. To wolves, large dogs, and all, this is where they roam. Some to partial mechanical needs, to being full metal, these canines roam the forest, in search for a certain disease, to clease the earth and to save it from it's future downfall. After the runaway of The Higher Ups, the Mechanical Runaway's bond together with the group of the Roaming Stag Tribe, to cleanse the earth, and to rise together as one.



Dogs logo 2 by zubuki-d3jlnct
Dog tribal patterning
Founder Uninviting
Created 2/10/17
Species Wolves & Dogs
Realm Future Of 2208 C.E
Exceptions Robotic Canines
Member Count 3/50
Camp Kimbara Outback-Alps