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Hello, please do not remove this clan as the past owner (me) will one day put this to use, or at least hopes too. Please to not do anything to this clan as I hope one day I can shape this clan into the way it was meant to be. Thank you.

Oh and please, if I don't give you permission to do so, please DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE!! If you do its just annoying and I must change it once again, its just helpful.



Founder: Northenstar/fireheart41055/VVRobinVV
Status: Inactive (For now)
Recruiting?: Definitely not
Current leader: Undecided
Current deputy/deputies Undecided
Roleplay style: Strictly Traditional
Server: Amur
Territory: Sarepia; Temple of Zios; Appondale
Allied clans: None yet
Gathering date: None yet
Clan den: NOPE
Clan cats: 0
Oc's per person: 2

Introduction Edit

<center> 'You rush into the forest, blood pouring from your wounds. You notice a large tabby-feline, she narrows her eyes at you. You notice her slide out her thorn sharp claws, you flatten your ears back and let a small hiss out. Her rumbling voice echoed through the forest while she spoke calmly," What do you think you're doing on Meadowclan territory?" the fur on your shoulders flatten and look at your surroundings. You see large trees caving in over you, a giant hill swooping upward to makeshift dens, long grass spraying from the dirt below you. You reply with a prick of fear in your voice," I'm sorry, I didn't realize I trespassed, I just..." you pause not wanting to seem weak then continues," I need to join, I need to get strength, I need to treat my wounds. Will you be able to help me with this?" the large feline nodded. As you struggle up the large hill, you start to see shadows of cats, sharing tongues, gossiping, and getting together patrols. Once you begin trotting on flat land again, you see the feline crouch through a thorn tunnel. You hesitate then follow her. The cats heads turn, get up and start questioning you. You notice a large tom came out of a cave, he yowls to silence the cats. He paws his way down the tumbled rocks and rushes over to approach you. The white patterned tom looks at you and asks you with a firm meow,"Why are you here?" he hesitates when he sees your ribs and wounds,"You look horrible, if you wish to stay, you may stay, go eat, and then go to our medicine cat. By the way, I am Loststar, and this is Meadowclan." you nod and the large shecat nods and says,"I am , deputy of this clan." You struggle to find words, so you just nod...(a few sunhighs later) Loststar approaches from his den and yowls,"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the highledge." as the cats gather he continues," The rogue that came only a few sunrises ago has showed great loyalty. I now let him/her join if she/he would like to." you step up and nod. Loststar dips his head then continues," Then you shall now be known as _________ of Meadowclan!"

Hi I'm _______, leader of Meadowclan. Edit

Meadowclan's nametags are gold, if you are a non-member be sure to know that we are only gold tags. We are normally nice and playful, but powerful and cruel if you become an enemy of ours. We do follow the warrior code. Our territory is my den, Sawtooth-Kimbara or Sawtooth-Appondale. We also don't I repeat DON'T allow powerplayers. Medicine cats may have mates in this clan but we ask you, don't ignore the clan if you end up having a mate.

Application form Edit

<center> Here are the things you need to fill out in the chat:




Weaknesses: (you have to have at least 1)

What you look like:

If you are large or small:

Your username:

My AJ username is fireheart41055. In order to join we ask you fill out our joining form. Thanks.

P.S. We don't exactly have a deputy but If I chose someone recent for such a rank do not cause drama about it.

Our rules Edit

Dress code: Edit

<center> Our wear(Ask me if you would like to have something on your oc that doesn't match this "Dresscode"

- Back- Elf armor, worn, sword and nothing

-Neck- rare/non Spike collar, leaf necklace, lei, nothing.

-Head- Fox hat, Skull helmet, nothing.

-Tail- Elf tail, Raccoon tail, any tail from diamond shop except the friendship, nothing

-Legs- Elf bracelets, glove, nothing

Clan rules: Edit

<center> No Power-playing

Don't hurt other clan-mates unless they harm you first ON PURPOSE.

Follow our dress code.

Listen to your leader, deputy, medicine cat, and ones who are older than you.

Respect your elders.

Double clanning will not be tolerated.

Ask to have a disaster in the forest (or to cause any form of major drama)

No Mary-sues o3o

Don't cause a large amount of drama without mine, the deputy's and trusted warrior's/cat's permission

Side note: Medicine cats may have mates but please, don't ignore the whole clan for them. (You may have kits). Remember, you have a clan to take care of!

Our ranks Edit

Leader x1

Deputy x1 (maybe 2)

Medicine cat x2

Medicine cat apprentice x2

Senior Warriors (undecided)

Warriors- as many as possible

Apprentices- As many as possible

Queens- x6-7

Kits- x7-8

Elders- x5

Gatherings! :D

This is where I, Loststar, will list shecats and toms through our clan who will be allowed to go to a gathering with our fellow clans (when we have some -_-)

Consequences Edit


If you double clan Edit


-prisoners den

-Extra duties

If you disrespect others older than you Edit

-Extra duties

-checking elders for ticks

-cleaning a dens bedding

-Small wounds

If you power-play Edit

-Automatic exile

-harm done to you if you beg (Debating on what you are "begging" about)

-Extra duties

-Rank moved down

(kits)-spending 3 sunrises with the elders ONLY

If you hurt your clanmate on purpose Edit


-Chased off


-Death sentence (Put to death)

Ranks Edit

Leader Edit

Name User Age Description Apprentice?


Name User Age Description

Senior Warriors

Name User Age Description Apprentice? Mate?


Name User Age Description Apprentice? Mate?


Name User Age Description Mentor

Medicine cat

Name User Age Description Apprentice? Mate?

Medicine cat apprentice

Name User Age Description Mentor


Name User Age Description Kits? Mate?


Name User Age Description Caretaker Kin??


Name User Age Description Mate? Kits?

Joining form Edit

<center> Username:

Oc name:





Desired rank:

Rp example:



How you found us:

Why you'd like to join:


Picture(It can be either an IRL picture or drawn, if drawn and it's not your art give credit):

Alliance form Edit



Leader Username:

Deputy(just in case):

Deputy username:

Why you want to Ally:

How you found us:

Would you battle with us if needed:

What is your clan like?:

That's all I have for now!