Maple is the OC of Queenny1st (Mythies123 on this wiki). Do not steal!

Description Edit

Maple is a dark brown she-cat with lighter brown streaks. Her eyes are a piercing green. Her frame is rail thin and leanly muscled. WIP

Personality Edit

Maple is mysterious, sly, and shadowy. She almost never reveals her intentions, even to her warriors. However, she feels a strong sense of justice and never, ever forgets a favor... or an insult.

History Edit

Maple spent her early kithood with her brother, Hail, and her mother, Dapple. During one hard winter, Maple wandered off into the snow and went into a state of deep sleep from the cold. Her mother and brother found her and believed her to be dead. They buried her under a pile of leaves in the woods (the ground was frozen too hard to dig a grave). In the warmth of the leaves, Maple awoke, hungry, confused, and alone. She tried to find her way back to her family, but the cold was too much for her and she took shelter in the woods, believing they had died. She managed to survive until spring by wandering aimlessly through the woods and digging up hibernating voles and rabbits. When spring came, she searched for other cats. She had many misadventures, but finally came to SageClan. She joined under the name of Berrypaw and trained in the ways of the Clans for several months. She met a handsome tom by the name of Hailpaw, whom she admired. She came to the realization that Hailpaw was indeed Hail, and that fate had brought them back together. Before she could share her relevation with him, SageClan broke apart and Hailpaw left unseen. Berrypaw attempted to track him down, but he was gone. With a heavy heart she cast away her Clan name and became Maple once more.

Maple wandered theforest for a while more, then came upon a Tribe by the name of the Tribe of Towering Trees. She joined for a brief while and became Berrypaw again, but the Tribe disbanded as well. She left angrily, and set her life to tracking down her brother.

For several years, Maple lived as a loner, traveling from place to place, looking for Hail all the while. She gained her slyness, wit, and jaded outlook from her travels. Just when it seemed utterly hopeless, she found the Glade of Shadowed Maples. There, the Tribe of Starry Nights visited her, telling her that they had existed for many, many moons, but the only cats who believed in them had died off long ago. They were on the verge of fading away entirely. Maple was the first cat in generations to visit the Glade of Shadowed Maples, and their only hope. If she could recreate the Tribe of Shadowed Maples, then the Tribe of Starry Nights would survive. In return, they would guide her to Hail. Invigorated by the chance of finding Hail, and saddened by the Tribe of Starry Nights's tale besides, Maple began to reinstigate the Tribe of Shadowed Maples. Whether or not she will find her brother remains to be seen...