Mallowclan Symbol - Mallow Flower

MallowClan Symbol - A Mallow Flower

Short descriptionEdit

Mallowclan is a clan full of cats which roam the forest looking for rabbits and squirrels.

They have a great sense of smell, but some have bad hearing and tell signals to eachother when hunting.

Their leader is Smokestar, who is a Black and Grey tom that wears a skull on its head in battle to make their enemies feel afraid in horror.

Their enemies are dogs, which sometimes attacks their clan and then they have to fend them off.

The dens they live in are usually just small caves covered by oak trees on the outside while its very wet and cold in the caves, Smokestar is still thinking of setting up a group of cats to hunt for moss and place them on the ground.

Territory infoEdit

Server = Cascade

Territory = Temple of Zios, Sarepia forest and a little bit of Mt shiveer

Allegiances (DO NOT EDIT) Edit

Leader - Smokestar (Snowattack)

Deputy - Specklefoot (Rainbowluna123)

Medicine Cat - Brightflower (42407)

Warriors - Tiptail (klb0607) Blackstream (Belle989)

Apprentices - Splashpaw (Awesomesunnybuddy)

Queens - Newtwing (Whathappened2aj)

Kits - Lilackit (Misspinkrebelle)

Elders - Brokenspots (Jaliann2) Flyshine (Vixovampiredog)

Mosspatchers - (Cats who gather up dry/wet moss and place them on certain parts of the territory) Brackenclaw (Iamjeebus)

Allies and friends (Feel free to edit if Allies or only friends)Edit

Flow - A loner who used to be an apprentice of Mallowclan, but escaped after Badgerstar ruled Mallowclan and tried to send some dogs off at other clans to rule every clan.

Skyclan - A clan made by Branchstar, Smokestar remembers meeting Branchstar for the first time at a meeting and have become friends ever since.

Tiger - An orange kittypet with a large scar on their belly, and doesn't talk much.

Shadow Of Large Tree - An old cat who used to be under Badgerstar's rules but escaped to being a Kittypet forever.

Crimson - Tiger's mate, has a slightly folded ear.

Zeph - A Rogue with a blood red pelt, has scars all over their body and yellow eyes, talks in a deep voice.

Items/Clothes CODEEdit

You can only wear items a normal warrior would would wear on Animal Jam.

Fox hats - Worns - Swords - Bow and Arrows - Spike collars/Necklaces - Flower crowns (Member medicine cats only) Lei (Non member medicine cats only) Gloves - Scarves - Tail armor - Bone armor - Elf armor - Feathered Masks - Just patterns/Just colors - Flowers - Horned leg pads = ITEMS YOU SHOULD WEAR

These are the items a warrior SHOULDN'T wear on Animal Jam

Sparkly pink clothing - Dragon/Bat wings - Suits - Ballet Shoes - Rainbow armor - Top hats - Skirts - Fancy clothing - Butterfly wings - Bow - Bunny hats - Shoes - Beret - Horns = ITEMS YOU SHOULDN'T WEAR

Descriptions of Cats and pictures (Breeds as well) DO NOT EDITEdit

Smokestar -Black and grey tom with a fluffy but small tail (Americian Curl) ♂

Specklefoot -Darkish grey with black underbelly, chin, stripes/spots and light grey back paws and light green eyes (Ocicat) ♂

Splashpaw -White Calico with green eyes (Japanese Bobtail)

Tiptail -there is a long dark brown stripe going down her face and her mouth and belly are cream colored and she has light green eyes (shes light brown with 2 long dark brown stripes on her back her tail is dark brown) ♀ (//)

Warrior code (Rules)Edit

1: Obey the leader at all costs, unless you know they are being evil or going against the rules.

2: Do not eat the prey after you caught it, which basically means when your out hunting and then you kill the food and eat it without bringing anything back to the Fresh kill pile. (You can only do so if the leader tells you too or for a special purpose)

3: Please don't try and attack the leader during Clan meetings, this will make the leader angry and you will be sent to your den like a KIT in shame.

4: DO NOT AT ALL COSTS kill a kit, this will result in exile or you will be treated different by the clan.

5: WHEN YOU REQUEST TO LEAVE THE CLAN, please sign your Cat name on this 'List of Cats who wish to leave I'f you do not do so however, then you are still part of the Clan until you do so.

6: If your apprentice is sick, please do not tell them to fight. For this will eventually make them worse and they will be moved to the Elder's den.

7: If you are mates with another Cat from another Clan, then you have to go to their Clan or they will come to your Clan.

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