Redstar Edit

Redstar was a black tom with a grey underbelly with red spots and red eyes. Madjasterxyz first introduced himself as Redstar and his presence was widely known among the clans. Redstar had two siblings, Claws, the current deputy of the Savage Souls Pack and Sunstar, the offical leader of Thunderclan. Redstar was later killed by Grizzly, the Savage Souls Pack leader.

Shadowkit Edit

Shadowkit was a black tom kit with red spots and red eyes. After Duskstar was killed, madjasterxyz first came back as Shadowkit, who was adopted by Sunlight. Not much is known about Shadowkit, for he was not favored by madjasterxyz.

Foxflight Edit

Foxflight is a small orange tom with blue eyes. Foxflight was created after Shadowkit as Foxkit. After six moons, Foxkit became Foxpaw and was mentored by Sunstar. Foxflight earned his warrior name when he defended a group of apprentices from a group of dogs.

Duskstar Edit

Duskstar was earlier known as a rogue in GeneralVonClaw's clan, going by the name of Scalpturrio, but she later disbanded it and Duskstar became a leader of Thunderclan. GeneralVonClaw and him became close friends, and still remain so. His current mate is Amberstar, and he has 7 kits- Stormlight, Sagepaw, Berrykit, Shard, Moonkit, and Oakpaw, Nightkit.

Pinestar Edit

PineStar is one of the most recent forms of xyz. He has four other siblings, Kurai (pepsgirl233) Quail (Xxena), Krylo (lfdawnlight), Jax (sleekyscool), and Summit (pomchi76). His mate was Rockstar and he had two kits, Dawnfur (xxvenomfangxx) and Sandfur (snowpatch101).

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