-Welcome To LunarClan!-


"Lunar resembles the moon, that is us. We are bright with pride, tough as rock, big, and beautiful. But most of all, home."


Basic Information


Enderfender and Lolz359
Clan Den:
Current Season:
Accepting Recruits and Allies:
Tag Color:
Feral Cats
Roleplay Style:
Mostly Traditional, Lil' Bit Of Vocab If You Like
Theme Song:
Home by Phillip Phillips




You are running as hard and fast as you can, the gravel cuts open your pads as you run. The forest territory you have stumbled into is completely unfamiliar. Thinking quickly, you dash behind a tree hoping to escape the danger that is behind you. The large, menacing wolf can be heard growling, looking for its next Finally, you summon enough courage to fight back. You slash at its nose and jump back before it can attack you.

Suddenly, you hear paw steps that sound like something running. Oh no! you think. More wolves!  However, you see a few cats that are thin and nimble-looking. They're led by a cat with green eyes and gray fur.

Almost instantly, they begin to help you to fight off the powerful creature in front of you.

In a flurry of fur and claws, you, the unfamiliar cats, and the wolf are spattered in blood, both from themselves and each other. You land one final blow on the massive animal and it yelps and runs out of sight.

"Now that the wolf is out of the way, I must ask why exactly you are trespassing on our territory," the gray-furred, green-eyed cat meows.

"Oh... this is your territory?" you ask.

"Well of course! Can't you taste our scent?" she responds. "I'm Aspenstar, leader of LunarClan and these are some of my warriors." A few of the cats dip their heads while others just gaze at you silently. "We were on a border patrol and scented you along with the wolf. You know, you can't just prance around in marked territory." There is a hint of teasing in the leader's voice. "That is...unless you want to join our ranks. You'd have to show us what you've got."

You pause for a moment and think, this is exactly what I've been looking for! A real clan to call my home! Clearing your throat, you inquire, "Aspenstar, do you think you could show me your camp? I've been looking for a clan actually, and you sound like the perfect one."

The leader thinks for a bit. "I don't see why not," she says after a few heartbeats. "Right this way," and she gestures for you to follow her.

As you walk, one cat meows, "You know, you really have a knack for fighting. Maybe you would be a nice addition to our clan." Aspenstar nods and you feel a rush of excitement.

Will you decide to join these cats?

Welcome to LunarClan, the clan of the stealthy and strong!

Clan Rules & Guidelines


Double Grouping

1. No double grouping! This includes side clans or any official roleplay group besides us. Doing so shows you are disloyal and you will be exiled from the clan if we can prove you have double clanned. Roleplaying with friends or something like that while we're not on is perfectly fine.


2. You may only leave the clan and return to the clan twice without a certain reason, unless you have been exiled. Otherwise, you may only leave and return if you have a good reason to do so. LunarClan is not a hotel, you may not come and go as you please.

New OC

3. Only one OC at a time. Having more than one causes confusion. To create a new OC, you must have roleplayed as your old OC for at least 2 weeks. If you refuse to have only one OC, you will be punished.


4. You must be active in the clan, roleplaying at least 4 days a week. Activity is very important and consistent inactivity may/will result in exile. If you must be absent for longer than a few days, tell Aspenstar or Tawnyfur.


5. No powerplaying (RP where your character has an insane amount of power and is supposedly better than everyone), for it is a weak way to roleplay. You will get two warnings for powerplaying during roleplay, then there will be a punishment for every time after.


6. Try to limit drama. Sure, it's a vital part of RP, but excessive amounts and useless drama will not be tolerated in this clan. This means there is no making up your own prophecies/visions/whatever else. Permission must be given to create some sort of major drama.

Dress Attire

7. Keep your OC's outfit within our dress code and keep your tag white, even when we aren't roleplaying so we know you are loyal to LunarClan. Adding to that, our ONLY species usable for an OC is a feral cat. No big cats or dogs of any kind.

Warrior Code

8. Simple. Follow the Warrior Code and do not question it. Our ancestors and their code are what give us hope. Surely we do not have to explain what the Warrior Code is, but if you need to refresh your memory just click this link:

Time Lapses

9. This has to do with how long something occurs. One moon is one week. An apprentice will be an apprentice for a real life month, a kit will be a kit for two weeks, and queens will be pregnant for a week.

Other Things

We do allow medicine cats to have mates and kits. Another cat will take care of them while they are doing their duties. Also, no more than two cats can share a prefix. Suffixes are fine though.

Another thing, please use proper grammar (as much as you can) in roleplay. Do not use abbreviations or shortened words/slang such as omg or ur instead of your.

Finally, we do allow rogue names, as long as it is something cats would know about like Twig or Flower and not something like Becky or Stanford.

Discord, as you may know, is a wonderful site that LunarClan uses a lot more than Animal Jam for roleplay. We highly reccommend having it and would almost consider it a necessity if you want to roleplay as actively as possible. Just a warning, Animal Jam only cats will not be able to be with other clan members as much, so we are not offended if you want to find a more AJ-active clan. We, however, think Discord is much more fun and efficient and without all those darn chat filters. Please *please* make sure your parents are okay with it before making an account, because we may discuss some slightly mature themes but swearing majorly and other forms of vulgar speech are not allowed on our server.

(From Least Severe To Most Severe)

1. Warning.

2. No prey for a day. (Lengthened if needed)

3. Apprentice duties.

4. Scolded by Tawnyfur.

5. Scolded by Aspenstar.

6. Humiliated in front of your clanmates.

7. Confined to camp for a day. (Lengthened if needed)

8. Confined to den for a day. (Lengthened if needed)

9. Missing a gathering. (Once we begin to have more of them)

10. Nick in ear.

11. Given a scar.

12. Banned from roleplay for ___ days.

13. Broken bone. (Leg, paw, etc.)

14. Blinded in one or both eyes.

15. Exiled or killed OC (Can make a new one)

16. Exiled or killed OC (Cannot make a new one)

Non-Member Wear

  • Head Flower
  • Freedom Spring Flower Crown
  • Fox Hat
  • Raccoon Hat
  • Jamaaliday Scarf
  • Pinecone Necklace
  • Worns
  • Bow and Arrows (including non-rare)
  • Swords
  • Gloves
  • Freedom Bands
  • Spring Flower Bracelet

Member Wear

  • Flower Crown
  • Skull Helmet
  • Spike Collars (including diamond shop spikes and short spikes)
  • Leaf Necklace
  • Sword
  • Elf Armor
  • Jamaaliday Bow
  • Gloves (including all other appropriate member gloves)
  • Vine Anklet
  • Elf Bracelets
  • Spiked Wristbands (including short wristbands and diamond shop wristbands)
  • Elf Tail Armor
  • Bone Tail

(Note: Members are free to wear any NM items too)

Have any items you want to ask about or suggest? Tell us about it in the comments below! You must wear at least a neck item.

Animals To Be Used

  • Bunny||Kits
  • Fox||Apprentices
  • Wolf||All Other Ranks

For non-members, kits and apprentices are bunnies, any other rank is a wolf.

For members, kits are bunnies, apprentices are foxes, and everything else is wolves. No exceptions!

Suitable Colors And Patterns

  • Acceptable PELT Colors
  • Acceptable EYE Colors

For pelts, the color blue is only acceptable if you're a Russian Blue. Dark red is acceptable for those that have russet fur or scars, any lighter reds will be classified as blood.

Acceptable patterns: flames, spots, splotches, leaf, swirl 1, swirl 2, splashes, moon, and lightning bolts.

For eyes, the color white is only acceptable if your cat is blind. Those of you who are only half blind, or have damaged eyesight, we will allow you to have light grey eyes. Albino cats are allowed to have a pale blue or pink eye colors as well.

Tag Color: White

Kits: Bunny

Apprentices: Paw

Warriors: Lightning Bolt

Queens Heart

Head Warriors: Feather

Medicine Cat: Leaf

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Flower

Deputy And Co-Deputy: Howling Wolf

Leader: Star

Monday-Thursday Eastern: 6:30 - 9:30 PM

Central: 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Mountain: 4:30 - 7:30 PM

Pacific: 3:30 - 6:30 PM

Friday Eastern: 6:30 - 10:30 PM

Central: 5:30 - 9:30 PM

Mountain: 4:30 - 8:30 PM

Pacific: 3:30 - 7:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday

Generally all day.

You can roleplay any time you want, even when I'm not around. I encourage it a lot, really. Try to come on four days a week at least, 20 minutes or more.



World Server: Balkan

The Boggy Woodlands


(Sarepia Forest)

The Boggy Woodlands is besieged with large oak trees, blocking out the sunlight, and is very damp and boggy which gives off an earthy scent. This area is great for hunting as most prey runs here such as thrushes, squirrels, other small rodents and more. There is a lot of space here, making it the top spot in the area for training with apprentices.

Sacred Grove


(Lost Temple Of Zios)

Here this territory occurs large rivers, the water that runs is fresh and icy-cold. The prey here is quite scarce, however, it is a great place to gather herbs. This marshy land, known as the Sacred Grove, is dangerous as venomous snakes live here.

Sandy Shore


(Crystal Sands)

A bright sandy coast that collides with a large body of water which we call the shore. This is how we came up with the name Sandy Shore. The tides here are usually calm, making it a safe place for swimming practice. There's also plentiful of fish and many tropical birds. Cats can come here to practice swimming and to watch the sunset.



(Kimbara Outback)

The sun beams down on the giant rocks here, along with the streams that flow within the small territory. Another great place to practice swimming. This territory is very warm and relaxing, making it very calming as well. Although there aren't many fish, there are plenty of birds here to hunt.

Snowfall Peak


(Mt. Shiveer)

Although the cold climate here makes it hard for young cats to travel in, it is very beautiful and pure. The Snowfall Peak is where you can be closest to StarClan. It is also where Medicine Cats go to make their way to the Glistening Moonpool, to communicate with our ancestors and sometimes receive prophecies from them. Unfortunately, the slippery icy floor makes it hard to train on and the snow makes it difficult to hide and stalk prey.

Glistening Moonpool


(Mt. Shiveer Pool)

Only medicine cats come here at every Half-Moon to communicate with StarClan, this is also where medicine cat apprentices get given their full name once they're ready. There will also be a time when a new leader must visit the Glistening Moonpool to gain their nine lives from StarClan, or ask for guidance in a time of need.

Our Cats

Note: DO = Discord Only


Leader (1/1): The leader is first in command and should be honored with the highest amount of respect. They rule the entire clan and receive their nine lives from StarClan. Once they pass away, their deputy becomes the leader.

Name: Gender: Apprentice Mate Description Lives User:
Aspenstar She-cat --- --- A light gray she-cat with darker gray splotches, white underbelly, and emerald eyes. 8/9 Lolz359


Deputy (1/2): The deputies are second in command, choose battle plans and hunting parties, along with border patrols and other clan needs. They should be respected at all times, are in charge when the leader is not on and one will become the leader if the old leader dies or retires.

Name: Gender: Apprentice: Mate: Description: User:
Tawnyfur She-cat Nightpaw Frostheart (Out of clan) She-cat with a medium-brown top coat, light brown underbelly with black splotches and turquoise eyes. st131490 (Mostly DO)
--- --- --- --- --- ---


Medicine Cat (1/3): These cats are the healers of the clan and have great knowledge of different herbs and how to heal cats of different ailments and injuries. Also, they have the closest connection to StarClan than other cats. They receive prophecies and They can train up to two apprentices at one time. May have a mate and kits, but another queen will care for their kits.

Name: Gender: Apprentice: Mate: Description: User:
Riverheart She-cat Whisperpaw --- A gray tabby she-cat with a white chest and belly and dark blue eyes. MarMar (DO)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---


Medicine Cat Apprentice (1/2): These young cats train to be medicine cats instead of warriors. They train in the arts of herbs, healing techniques, interpreting dreams and prophecies, and communicating with StarClan.

Name: Gender: Mentor: Moons: Description: User:
Whisperpaw She-cat Riverheart


A gray tortoiseshell she-cat with black and white markings and blue eyes. Pixelpuppett
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---


Warriors (9/infinite): Warriors are the heart of the clan and the most common rank. They are trained in fighting and hunting and keep the clan safe and well-fed. WE NEED WARRIORS CRI

Name: Gender: Apprentice: Mate: Description: User:
Wrenfeather She-cat --- --- A light brown tabby with battle scars, sapphire eyes and one white paw. Bellasara99
Willowpelt She-cat Ashpaw --- A light gray she-cat with bright blue eyes. Drawingbunny25
Coalfur Tom --- --- A dark gray tom with lighter tabby stripes and sapphire eyes. Alyoreo12
Shadowfeather Tom --- --- A blackish brown tom with crimson-brown eyes and a white tail tip. becca97
Brindlecreek She-cat --- --- Brown with spots and dark green eyes. Gracelynn (DO)
Ivorythorn She-cat --- --- Dusty brown she-cat with darker spots/stripes and green eyes. Jumi (DO)
Brownstorm Tom --- --- A brown tom with white paws and light brown eyes Brownpaw (DO)
Comettail Tom --- --- A black tom with a dark gray tail tip, blue eyes and an extra long front claw. thisnameisfishy (DO)
Moonfang Tom --- --- A black cat with white paws and bright blue eyes. AnidiotnamedAxel (DO)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---


Apprentice (4/15): Apprentices are young cats at the age of 6 moons or older who train to become warriors. They have a mentor who trains them and once they are ready, they become warriors.

Name: Gender: Mentor: Moons: Description: User:
Nightpaw She-cat Tawnyfur 13 A black she-cat with white paws and brown eyes. Wolfybalto
Ashpaw Tom Willowpelt 13 A Brown tom with white paws and light brown eyes Becca97
Splotchedpaw She-cat TBD 13 A blue-eyed tortoiseshell she-cat. Pinkbelle
Forestpaw Tom TBD 7 Black fur, green eyes, slender build, short tail, long whiskers, long sharp claws. That one upsidedown tutle (DO)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---


Queens (0/10): Queens are she-cats who have given birth to kits. They stay in the nursery until their offspring become apprentices. They care for the kits and keep them safe.

Name: Mate: Kits: Description: User:
--- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- ---
--- ---


--- ---


Kits (2/25): Kits are the youth of the clan. They stay in the nursery with their mothers and play around, but are not allowed to leave camp until they are apprenticed at 6 moons.

Name: Gender: Moons: Description: Parent(s): User:
Sagekit Tom 5 Light brown tabby with white chest and paws and dark green eyes. Tawnyfur Spag00ter (DO)
Featherkit She-cat 3 Gray with white splotches and bright green eyes --- Sweetcandy22 (Discord)

Candykoala22 (AJ)


--- --- ---


--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- ---



We Welcome These New Cats To LunarClan


We Mourn The Loss Of These Cats


We Congratulate These Cats On Promotion


General Clan News


We Wish These Cats Happy Hunting On Their Travels




"One choice could change the course of a thousand moons if only one has the courage to act."


"Loyalty is to my clan as water is to a plant, they are both lifeless without the other one."


"Go where your heart leads you. If it's what you want, it's the right choice."


"Fear builds up to pain, and pain can fade to sorrow, but the importance of my clan comes before all."


"Lunarclan, we have to learn to save ourselves, because everyone is too busy saving themselves."


Ban List


Name: User: Reason For Banning:
Wolfstripe becca97 Double-clanning with RoseClan.
Foxwhisper becca97 Left with her brother (Wolfstripe).
 Brackenpelt Coffemug11 Causing unneeded drama with leaving, making a new clan, and advertising that our cats join.
--- --- ---

Application Form


So you wish to join LunarClan? Well, fill this form out in the comments below!

OC/Cat Name:

Desired Rank (Currently only accepting elders, kits, warrior apprentices, warriors and queens):



Physical Appearance (Eye and pelt color, etc):

AJ User:

Discord User:

Shared Account: Y/N

Previous Groups:

Why You Left:

How You've Heard Of Us:

Why You Want To Join Us:

Roleplay Example (5+ sentences, something related to your rank):

Time Zone:

Loyalty Oath (I, __ promise to be loyal only to LunarClan until I die.):

New Character Form


Old OC:

Why You Are Changing:

New OC/Cat Name:

Desired Rank:



Physical Appearance (Eye and pelt color, etc):

Ally Form


Clan name:

Member count:

Leader's name:

Leader's username:

Benefits For Us:

Benefits For You:

Loyalty Oath: (I, __ of __Clan do swear allegiance to LunarClan, along with everyone else of my clan.)

Our Allies


Name of Clan: Leader: Leader's User: Reasons:
JadeClan Ridgestar Spiritdancer115 Battle aid, general help.
LostClan Closingstar epicpengain Helping if anything goes wrong and help in battles.
ConiferousClan Stormstar MoonHunter86 Pretty much anything, battle aid, herbs, prey.
CloudClan Berrystar Darkpouncer Battles, herbs, prey.
BriarClan Rosystar agentsilver208 Prey and battle.

Funny Moments


  • Streamstar Being Eaten By Sandpaw The Trashcan
  • Aspenstar And Dustwing Partying Together <3
  • Le Celebrating Sandfeather and Dustwing's Naming Ceremony XD
  • Accurate representation of "behind the scenes" in LC, Tawny does not want to take a break