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You are a lone wolf, wandering through a misted forest, supposedly the territory of the mysterious tribe. Nobody knows their name since they are so reserved. You check the scent, but all you smell is musky forest and blood....? You are slowly approaching a lessening in the fog. You immediately see a tall archway. It's strung with ivy, and brambles. Holly bushes grow on either side, both wilted and dying, but still growing their poisonous berries.

This place is strange... you think to yourself.

As you approach the archway, you catch a misty shadow in the corner of your eye. The last thing you remember is a sharp pain in your sides and skull, before falling onto the blood-darkened grass. You awoke into a dream of your own. All was hazy and blurry. You're clearing your vision when a very large group of blood-splattered wolves step into view. In the lead is a massive female wolf. Her fur seems to be pre-stained with blood, along with the freshest. She swipes her tongue around her blood-stained jawline as she prowls toward you. There is a warm glint in her eyes, but she still looks horrific. When she gets into range, she pounces on you, a crooked smile playing her lips.

"And what, do we have here?" She asks with a sound-like growl.

You look into her blood red gaze, petrified. Blood drips onto your pelt as she waits for an answer.

"I-I am (y/n)." you say nervously.

You turn from her gaze, and notice ripped gashes down your side, still dripping blood. The other members file through the patched fog, scampering around, sharing their stories from the battle.

"Well, welcome to the Lucid Dreams Society, (y/n)."  She retorted.

"I am Gloom, the female alpha of this tribe."

You stare in confusion.

"Since when am I in this tribe?" You ask in questionable form.

The she-wolf chuckled.

"Well, you're an outcast. You entered Our territory. So obviously, you are now." She almost growled.

She glares, her crimson gaze burning.

"Now, I will bring your physical form here.... This may pinch.." She said with a horrid, yet a young voice.

She waited a second and then you felt a blow so hard, you staggered from your sitting position. It burned like the fires of hell. Although, you felt more whole. Your breathing was shallow and fast when Gloom opened her eyes with a crooked grin. She leaned forward, almost nose to nose with you.

"Welcome to the Lucid Dreams Society." She murmurs, smiling.

"Oh, forgot to mention.... though your soul is here, your body isn't quite fully here... You can still die, but.. you're only dreaming, yet now, your dreams, are your reality."

You widen your eyes in fear, but you accept it. You're now one of them, and always will be. You aren't allowed to escape. Never.

★[SUMMARY] ★ Edit

The Lucid Dreams Society is basically an everlasting nightmare. We are awake in our dreams, and we trap you in your own. We bring you into your own dreams, basically luring you in, we're all asleep, yet awake. You're mainly still a wolf, although awake in your own dream and can do anything in it like an ordinary canine/wolf. Your own body stays knocked out on the floor, or unconscious, but can never wake up unless you're able to. That's when we go for the kill, the Lucid Dreams Society is your own dreaded nightmare. We follow no path, yet we're neutral. We create our own, we are obscurity of slumber. You can never escape, also known as exiling, but once you do, you die from Gloom. If you're lucky, you do escape, but wake up remembering nothing of this mysterious tribe. In your own dreams, you're not safe, you can still be killed, so can we, but who's stronger? We are the Lucid Dreams Society.


➞(Coming Soon) Edit

☁︎RANKS☁︎ Edit

None. I quit.


✝ None. Edit


✖ None. Edit



❊ None as of yet. Edit


Items Allowed Edit

  • Spike Collars
  • Skull Helmets
  • Elf Armor
  • Elf Cuffs
  • Spartan Armor
  • Swords
  • Leaf Necklaces
  • Leaf Anklets
  • Fox Hats
  • Worns (for elders and the respected)
  • Jamaaliday Bows
  • Jamaaliday Scarf/ Scarf (Only if you're non- member)
  • Freedom Bands (Only if you're non- member)
  • Legendary Gloves (Regular gloves if you're non-member)

Items Aren't Allowed Edit

  • Raccoon Hats
  • Weapons (Other than swords; Bow and Arrow, Nun chucks, etc.)
  • Spiked Wrists
  • Accessories (Other than the item's of which are allowed)


  • Hares
  • Rodents (In general)
  • Cobras or Serpentine Creatures
  • Elk
  • Deer
  • Buffalo
  • Forest Fruits
  • Cat Flesh (Optional)
  • Dog Flesh (Optional)
  • Birds
  • Caribou


➞(Coming Soon) Edit


❈CYAN❈ Edit

《This indicates that you are one of the Lucid Dreams Members, so use it.》

✦✧MEMBERS✧✦ Edit

Lol nope. Edit



✔The Lucid Dreams has started, we plan to overcome the Banshees, as well as the Awakenings. We're going to become better than many other tribes, and want the best for Lucid Dreams. Lastly, we're recruiting, so come join. Edit



➞(Coming Soon) Edit

❄️EVENTS❄️ Edit

  1. Raids.
  2. Tournaments.
  3. Battles.
  4. Sparring.
  5. Vocab Teaching.


  • ATTENTION*: ====

➞Coming Soon Edit

 ஜ۩۞۩ஜCONTACTS ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Edit

#Gtfo. Edit

           ~Give us time and do NOT worry, we're still editing~

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