General Information

Current Name: lionfoot

Former Name: lionkit/paw/foot

Nicknames (if any): None

Gender: Boy/male/tom

Season of Birth: fall/ leaf-fall

Age: 2 years

clan: tigerclan

cause of death: alive


Pelt: golden ginger with light ginger belly and a fluffy tail and white tail tip, one white paw, one dark brown paw Eyes: amber Distinct Characteristics: none (as of now)

Accessories: none

Species: cat


Basic: normal happy but can be upset of his past

To Family: he is very protective to his family

To Friends: he loves to be around his friend and will do anything to help them

To Lovers: to the ones he loves he’s very protective To Enemies: if they hurt his friends or family (or clan) he will rip your ears off

to Strangers: he is quite around strangers


Mental Disorders: none

Physical Disabilities: runt, half blind

Scars: eye, ripped ear


Mother: cloudlight Father: lavapool

Sisters: mistpaw, seedpelt


Sexuality: Asexual

Status: Single

Current Crush: none

Childhood Crushes: owlwing, night, twistedtalon

Mate: twistedtalon

Former Mates: owlwing, night


Owl X Lion Night X Lion twisted X lion (Twistedlion)

crackshipping (just for fun) Squirrel X lion Wolf X Lion


Cloudlight “she’s a great cat, I don’t know why dad and her fight a lot.”

Lavapool “this cat never cared for me! Why should I like him?”

Mistpaw “my sister is great, she strong, brave, and the best sister I ever had!”

Seedpelt “she’s like mistpaw, she’s brave to but not always, but I still like her”

Squirrel “she’s scary, and I don’t like it, that’s all I have to say about her.”

Night “some of the times I was with night was the best time in my life I wish I didn’t have to leave her.”

Owlwing “when we were young, I liked her till she meet shadow and left me, I still care about her, but she cant see that in me”

cats in tigerclan

OC-Tigerstar "im kinda sad she died. just a little."

stormclaw "same with tigerstar don't know much about him."

gingerfeather "still not much about her." breezepelt "shes nice and freindy and a good friend."

Tornadostar: "she's one of my best friends!"


Likes: hunting, felling the breeze, Dislikes: dogs,

Theme Songs What I’ve done- linkin park

lionfoot X Owlwing - Falling inside the black- skillet

lionfoot X night- just a dream

twistedtalon X lionfoot- Dreams - Bastille Ft. Gab Aplin

Fun Facts before lionfoot's, my main warrior OC was a cat named oakfur, oakfur had to backstory or mate.

at somepoint in lionfoot's story his sister mistpaw died when she was a kit, this was changed later, she then died as a paw.


Description Template (C) Raining-Rose (DO NOT REMOVE THIS CREDIT!!!!!! with some edits by myself)