Friends are like stars. You don't always see them but you know that they are always there


You are walking through an unknown meadow field, with long, summer grass warmed by the noon sunlight. There are many patches of lilies here and there, swaying in the soft breeze. You are with two of your friends, but you keep on walking. Suddenly, the grass in front of you sways madly. Three strange cats appear, and you don't recognize any of their scents.

"What are you doing in LillyClan territory?" the first cat snarls. One of your friends run off with their ears flattened to their head and their tail between their legs, so you are now left with only one of your friends. You want to run away with your friend, but you are frozen with fear, and you cannot move your paws. The third cat mews, "We should take you to our leader." Your friend looks at you and gave a small shake of her head, showing that she did not want to follow them.

"Please, don't hurt me or my friend!" you hiss fretfully. Before any of the cats could reply, your friend ran away in the direction your other friend had disappeared. They all laugh with mrrows of amusement, and the second one purrs, "We are not murderers."

They take you to another part of the meadow; the grass here was flattened by many paw steps, and the air carried the scent of many cats. The three strange cats bring you to an unusual tall rock with a dark tabby she-cat standing on top of it. The she-cat jumps down and meows to the strange cats.

"Who's this?" The first cat shrugged, then the she-cat meowed , "Come into my den, I wish to speak with you." You walk in and see a bed of moss and a dead mouse. You are terrified, but she greets you politely.

"What brings you here?" she asks in a soft voice. You meow who you are, and the she-cat meows confidently, "I'm Shadowstar, leader of LillyClan. Do you wish to join us? We have lost many cats from the last few battles with our enemies." You stare at the cat in bewilderment. An amused grin crosses Shadowstar's face, a comforting purr rumbling in her throat.

"It's alright. We're recruiting strong members. After greencough spread throughout camp, all of our cats grew weak. Plus numerous battles. Many were wiped out. Which is why we need your help." Her gaze fills with hope. "So what do you say..?"

You shift your gaze to your paws, spacing out into deep contemplation. "I'll do it," you meow finally, shifting your gaze back up and standing confidently.

"Welcome to Lillyclan!" Shadowstar yowls happily.


> >Territory< <

{Lillyclan's territories are Appondale, Lost Temple of Zios, and Coral Canyons, along with Sarepia Forest and Kimbara. The world is Rocky. Lillyclan's territory is highly protected, and if anyone tries to take it, we will defend it to keep what is ours.}


> >Leader {1/1} *Closed*< <

The leader is the highest rank in the clan, and has complete control. They are the most respected of the clan, and make the biggest decisions of the clan, however the clan does have their say in decisions.

> >Deputy {1/1} *Closed*< <

The deputy is the second in command, and they assist the leader in big decisions. They send out patrols, take over when leader is not present, and are highly respected in the clan, even though they are a lower rank than the leader.

> >Co-Deputy {0/1} *Open*< <

The co-deputy is a step below deputy. They fill in for deputy when they aren't present. They also send out patrols and host sparring sessions and competitions, and other events.

> >Warcommander {0/1} *Open*< <

This is a very important rank. This cat determines when, where, and how the battle will commence. They decide the groups in which the assassins will divide into. They also determine when and where the battle will happen. They are highly respected, even though they are lower than leader, deputy, and co-deputy.

> >Healer {0/3} *Open*< <

Healers are highly respected in the clan, because they are the ones who treat to the wounded and ill. They also have the most contact with Starclan. Unfortunately, they are disabled from having mates, because it could potentially become a distraction.

> >Spies {0/4} *Open*< <

This is a very secretive rank, so only four cats will be appointed to this position. In order to become a spy, you must be very sneaky and casual. The duties of a spy include stalking a clan we are targeting and practicing stealth. The spies go to a targeted clan and investigate their lifestyles and weaknesses. They are not assigned with trainees, nor will not be listed in the allegiances, as we do not what their identities given away. 

> >Assassins {Unlimited} *Open*< <

Assassins are the ones who protect the clan, hunt, and participate in patrols and training. During a time of war, the assassins and their trainees (if any) will fight side-by-side. The assassins are greatly admired by the elders, queens, kits and trainees.

> >Trainees {Unlimited} *Open*< <

When a cat reached 6 moons, they are appointed a mentor, which can either be a healer, assassin, co-deputy, deputy, caregiver, or leader. Their mentor take all the skills they know and pass them down to their trainees. Once the trainee reached 12 moons, they are assigned to whatever rank their mentor was. Usually, if their mentor was a healer, the healer will retire and join the elders.

> >Caregivers {Unlimited} *Open*< <

This is not a highly desired rank, but we still leave it as unlimited. This is a rank where a cat that has usually suffered from past trama has come to tend to queens, kits, and/or elders. They usually do things queens, kits or elders can't, such as helping them out to a sunny spot, or bringing prey. A butler, if you will.

> >Queens {Unlimited} *Open*< <

Queens are she-cats that have had kits or are expecting kits. They have no role except to care for their young, and are fed first along with their kits and the elders. Queens are not permitted to have an apprentice.

> >Elders {Unlimited} *Open*< <

Elders, even being very low on the hierarchy, are still highly respected. They are retired cats who have no role. They are very wise, and the kits think they are very good storytellers. 

> >Kits {Unlimited} *Open*< <

Kits are the lowest rank in the clan. They have hardly any respect, and are typically underestimated. They range from 0-6 moons, and are expected to sleep with their kin and mother in the nursery. They are allowed to roam the camp clearing, but must be supervised.

»Allegiances« (Work In Progress)Edit

> >Leader< <


Username Description Mate Apprentice


Shadowstar, Lpsrosie4evs 

Deputy: Lillypelt, Djrosy86

Co-deputy: None

Warcommander: None

Healer: None

Spies: None


Trainees: None

Caregivers: None

Queens: None

Elders: None

Kits: None


  • Fishclan (SOON)

 »News<< Edit

>> Tomorrow i will gain new recruits and we will meet tomorrow from 1:00PM to 11:00PM. February 26, 2017 <<

»Important Events«Edit

> >Leader Day< <

March 17- A day where leaders get to take a day off and rest while the deputy or co-deputy takes their place.

> >Kit Day< <

April 6- A say that kits can play all they want and get to watch the apprentices hunt, although they must be supervised!

> >Queen Day< <

April 2- A day where queens can take the day off from their young. The rest of the clan may watch over the kits in the mean time.

> >Deputy Day< <

April 16- A day where the deputy takes the day off while the co-deputy fills in for them.

> >Apprentice Day< <

June 2- A day the apprentices can take the day off from training and rest in their den.

> >Medicine Cat Day< <

June 7- A day medicine cats take the day off while their apprentice takes their place.

> >Clan Day< <

August 2- A day the whole clan takes the day off to relax.

> >Shadowstar's Birthday< <

April 25- The whole clan takes the day off the celebrate Shadowstar's birthday!

> >Hunting Day< <

May 23- The whole clan goes out for a hunt and may bury some for Starclan. This is a very special event for socializing, and even the kits may tag along- must be supervised.


> >Kits are not allowed to exit camp until apprenticed< <

> >Kits and elders eat first< <

> >No random "quitting" Lillyclan for attention< <

> >No drama< <

> >Please do not mate. It is inappropriate and a children's game< <

> >No attacking clanmates< <

> >Respect your deputy and leader< <

> >No double-clanning< <

> >No random prophecies< <

> >Medicine cats aren't allowed kits!< <

> >Be polite to your clanmates and other clanmembers< <

>> No Editing This Page Without Permission From Co-Deputy, Deputy, Or Leader<<

 »Punishments« Edit

> >Torn Ear< <

> >Ear Clawed Off< <

> >Both Ears Clawed Off< <

> >Eye Clawed< <

> >Demoted< <

> >Shunned< <

> >Exiled< <

> >Mauled< <

 »Dresscode« Edit

Section Member Non-Member
Head Skull Helmet, Flower Crown, or nothing Fox hat, Head flower, or nothing
Neck Spiked Collar or Leaf Necklace Moon Necklace, Jamaaliday Scarf, Ribbon Scarf, or nothing
Back Pirate Swords, Jamaaliday Bow Elf Armor, or nothing Pirate Sword, Bow an Arrows, or nothing
Legs Elf Bracelets or Legendary Gloves, Wind Gauntlets or nothing Gloves or Freedom Bracelets or nothing
Tail Elf Tail, Tail Armors, or nothing Non-member Tail Armor, or nothing

 »Joining Application« Edit

OC Name-_____

OC Username-_____

OC Description-_____

Roleplay Example-_____

Do You Share An Account?-_____

Why Do You Wish To Join?-_____

 »Theme-Songs« Edit

> >Light 'Em Up- Fall Out Boy< <

> >Immortals- Fall Out Boy< <

> >Just Like Fire- P!NK< <

> >We Don't Have To Dance- Andy Black< <

>>This is war- 30 seconds to mars<<

>> Kings and Queens- 30 Seconds to Mars<<