You pass though a amazing-looking forest, one just like the one you thought of when you were younger yet your mitts were tried of walking for so long though a boring path but you had to. Hunters were after you with death-darts. "Come" a warm voice said as you scented a tom near by, at least it wasn't those aimed twolegs with their huge dogs. you followed the scent as it moved not clear who was it but the cat wanted to help. When you scented the twolegs far away , the grey tom with blue eyes was clear to see now. "Im StoneStar. do you have a clan?" He smiled as you shook your head.

About LightningClan Edit

We are the brave and the swift. We live in a wonderful close-to-be rainforest so have prey like mice , frogs (it depends), birds , and rabbits. now let me tell you about the rules

= THE RULES - must be followed or else Edit

beside the rules lay what may happened to you if you don't follow them

Defend the clan, with even your life , you may have friendships in other clans but your loyalty must remain to you clan - no prey for 4 sunrise ' Do not hunt or trespass on other clans territories- get 5 large birds alone for the clan daily for a moon prey is killed only to be eaten- not much unless your a kit , but if you not then you will have to be hold back a rank but I know this wont be a problem 'A cat must have at least mentor one cat before it can be an dep"- not much

The deputy will be clan leader when the clan leader dies or retires-' 
if you make a fuss about it then you may lose a ear or get kicked out because there is no time for this . 

A new deputy must be chosen at moonhigh if the old deputy dies or retires- I don't think that would be a problem and the rest I believe is known

no plowerplayers - kicked out by the force

DRESS CODE - must be followed Edit

1) no pink cats , you may sure pink for scars but low on it.

2) you can't use your armor (or things your wearing) in roleplay


4) no collar or you will be entitled to be called kittypet and live as a prisoner or kicked out.

5) you may use ood eye colors if your a prochey cat but only medicine cats and leaders make the prochey up but cant be of themselves all the time.

6) spikes are allowed , like tiny.


LEADER: stonestar , grey tom with light underbelly and cute blue eyes. 123uoy

DEPUTY : will be chosen by stonestar (DO NOT BEG OR YOU WILL NOT BE PICKED!)

MEDICINE CAT: NONE (you can ask in the comments)

MEDIC APPRENTICE : (same thing)


- (???) , ilovemypillow115

- oakfoot , scratch4winners

- (???), (???)



none but feel free to ask


saturday- sunday: mostly 6-3 mon-fri: 3-5


put in your comments this:

OC name: Gender: anatoy or no Rank: looks (if u don't know another way to say it): personilty: roleplay :

and that all!